tagFetishReplaced Ch. 01

Replaced Ch. 01


I winced a little as I pulled the last of my things from the topmost dresser drawer and placed it into the stuffed cardboard box. I hadn't expected to feel sentimental about a dresser. Now it was all set for Vince when he arrived. I carried the last box to the basement bedroom that would be my new room. The old dresser in my new 'maid room' had been painted a delicate light pink. It actually looked kind of stylish despite my mediocre painting abilities. I got to work making sure everything was in order. I knew Vince would enjoy touring the new space, and I wanted to be sure he approved.

"Maid, the kids need lunch!"

I scampered up the stairs. Kate was already getting accustomed to the idea of having a domestic servant. Fourteen months ago it was all a fun little fantasy as she messaged with Vince from bed. Then his visits became a regular thing, and the idea started becoming a little less far-fetched.

This new chapter though was going to be a leap I was getting more and more nervous about. The girls loved him, and already thought of him as an uncle more or less, but now he would be living with us. Or maybe we would be living with him. Kate loved thinking of him as a masculine, dominant head of the house. It was a role I had never satisfactorily filled for her.

We had an official story we would tell acquaintances, that he was renting from us while he adjusted to living in the area, and the kids had already repeated it to their friends.

I turned on the range to start making grilled cheese for the impatient six and four year olds.

"Is the bedroom all ready for him?" Kay asked, looking at something on her phone.

"Yes Miss."

I had started referring to her as Miss a few months prior at Vince's command, and it seemed to have a psychological effect on all four of us. The kids hadn't started calling me Maid yet, but I assumed that was probably inevitable with Kate and Vince both referring to me that way.

Kate smiled. "Oh good, I'm going to send him a photo or two."

She went into the Master bedroom and locked the door behind her. Vince was going to be getting some nudes along with shots of my emptied out half of the closet, dresser and bathroom. I accidentally burned my finger on the griddle and jumped back to focusing on making lunch.


My neck was still sore from the hour I had spent the previous night with my face buried in Kate's pussy as she messaged with Vince. I stood awkwardly now on the porch as Kate and the two girls ran to greet Vince as he stepped out of the car. The sinking feeling that had been pulsing for the past few weeks now settled into an uncomfortable permanence in my gut. His confidence, his swagger as Kate jumped to kiss him on the cheek...

"Maid...the bags."

"Yes Sir."

The command was almost a relief. I could stop thinking about the emasculation of the situation and focus on serving. I knew how to do that.

The rest of his things would arrive later on the moving truck, but even so it took a long time to carry in everything from the car. I took load after load, quietly walking past the living room where Vince and the girls were catching up to go place his belongings into what used to be my bedroom.

Finally it was all in, and I got another taste of supreme sissy awkwardness as I stepped into the living room, head bowed slightly. It wasn't clear how this was going to work. I decided to go sit on the sofa adjacent to where Vince was sitting with my family. As I started to sit Vince gave me a stare that I knew meant "no". I caught myself and stood back up, backing away slightly. Kate giggled, catching what had just happened. "So mean" she clucked with a smile.

It got meaner.

"Maid, when you are waiting for instructions you will stand quietly and out of the way."

He had never been so direct with me in front of the kids. I swallowed awkwardly, blushing badly.

"Yes Sir."

He let me stand there for a few minutes and went back to talking with Kate and the girls. The idea of lunch came up.

Kate threw out the first idea. "How about Chinese?" The idea was met with unbridled excitement from the kids.

"Sure...why not." Vince chuckled. The kids ran to get their shoes on. He turned to me. "While we're gone you should have plenty of time to unpack my bags and get everything set up in my room. And the moving company should be here in an hour or two, so give them whatever help they need."

While they were gone? I groaned softly. I was hungry too.

He stood up, pulling Kate with him.

I just stood in stunned silence as they went out the door. Vince grabbed her ass and grinned. Her round little bottom looked so delicious through the satin floral pattern of her dress as he possessively grabbed what was now his.

I watched out the window as their car pulled away. I was suddenly so unbelievably horny. The image of Vince's hand firmly gripping my wife's backside was burned into my brain. I went into the bedroom and unzipped my pants. The whirlwind of emotions whipping through my mind weren't all pleasant, but they were definitely making my penis do it's absolutely best to break out of it's little plastic cage. I squeezed the sides and desperately stroked as I had done so many times before. It was just as depressing and frustrating as usual. I dreamed of Kate's soft pussy as I instead felt the familiar unpleasant pinch of hard plastic on skin. I knew it wouldn't end well, but I kept trying anyway, squeezing my thighs around it now and humping the air. I imagined myself on top of her, thrusting over and over into her as her blonde curls bounced on the bed below me, her breath against my ear.

It was folly. The cage did it's job. I eventually gave up, dejected and now behind on my work.

I zipped up my pants and opened the first of Vince's bags. Shirts. I organized them by type, laying them out on the bed and deciding how to organize them. The buttoned shirts needed ironing, so I ran to get the ironing board. Fuck, this was going to take a long fucking time.

As I finally hung the last shirt in what used to be my closet, I realized that I would be hanging these shirts in just the same way over and over for the foreseeable future. I moaned in dejected self pity.

That was just the buttoned shirts. I still had to organize the other shirts, the pants, the underwear and socks, the toiletries. I wanted to cry, but I was interrupted by the doorbell. Fuck, the movers.

The leader of the three man crew held the clipboard and shook his head. "Sorry Sir, need to have the signature of the owner of these belongings before I can unload."

I bit my lip. Should have lied right away and said I was Vince. Now it was too late. "Hey, could I call him?" I started dialing before he could respond. I handed him the phone as the other end started ringing.

The man listened, protested a little, and then was apparently won over. He gave a little chuckle as he handed me back the phone. "All right, we're good here." He paused for a second. "Says you're his maid."

I blushed. "Umm, well yes kind of."

He shook his head and got his crew started.

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by Anonymous

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by ToddHoffman05/16/18

Awesome Story!

Love how the story gets right to the action. Hope we see many more chapters, very well done!

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by Anonymous05/12/18


Love the story just the way it is. Look forward to hopefully many more chapters. Ultimate humiliation being replaced by an alpha male and being turned into a servant. Not only for your wife and lover,more...

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by Zephyr3305/11/18

couple good parts

high points: when she locked the door & then later when he grabbed her ass

favorited to make sure I see where this goes

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by becontree2001uk05/10/18

My only criticism would be that it needs a starting point - some back story how the fantasy turned into reality. Looking foward to part 2.

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by Anonymous05/10/18

Different direction

I think this would be better if you take the story to a "REVEVGE" type story as we do not see many like that. You know -- revenge of the Cuck.

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