Replacing My Cum Bucket

byBobby T©

Thankfully, the next morning my mom was up and gone before I got out of bed and I had some time to do a proper job of cleaning up my room. Let me tell you…cum is a lot harder to clean up when it dries out!

I took the binoculars off the tripod and stashed everything in my closet. I thought that if I had half a brain, I would give the peeping Tom stuff a break for a while. I started to freak myself out as I imagined Mrs. Smith knocking on our door and complaining to mom about my behaviour. Shit!

Thankfully, today was Friday and I had a light load of classes. My day at school went by in a blur and I’m sure I didn’t learn much because I was so preoccupied with my predicament. There wasn’t anything I could do. I just had to wait it out to see what happened and face the music

Friday evening finally arrived and during an abnormally quiet dinner with mom, she asked if anything was wrong. I was really on edge because I thought the doorbell would ring at any moment and Mrs. Smith would be there to tell my mom that I was a dirty little pervert.

“You seem awfully quiet tonight, is something the matter baby?”

“No mom. Everything is fine.”

“You know you can tell me if something is wrong.”

“I know mom, thanks. But really, everything is fine.”

“I’ve just never seen you this quiet before. It looks like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.”

“Naw. Just the usual growing up stuff I guess.”

“I suppose that if you had a father, this is where he would come in handy, I’m sorry you had to miss out on the good old father and son chats and I’m sorry I never remarried baby. Please be open and honest with me. Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I don’t know what a growing boy goes through. Remember, your mom is a doctor and there isn’t much I haven’t seen or heard before.”

“I know mom. I am always really honest with you about pretty much everything. This time though, I am just too embarrassed to talk about it, and maybe a little freaked out.”

Shit! I let it slip that something was bugging me and that maybe something had happened. How was I going to weasel out of this one?

“Nonsense. What a load of rubbish! There isn’t anything you should be so embarrassed about that you can’t tell your good old mom.”

“You’re not ‘old’ mom.”

“You are a charmer, aren’t you? Now, tell your mom what’s got you so embarrassed that you can’t talk about it.”

“I’m not sure where to start.”

“How about from the beginning?”

Maybe, just maybe, this was a chance to get mom on my side. At the very least and with any luck, I would be able to create a believable excuse for my behaviour. I had pretty much convinced myself that Mrs. Smith was going to rat me out to mom. Even if she didn’t, it would feel better to get this off my chest. And, taking a proactive approach to this might be a lot less painful than putting my mom through hell if Mrs. Smith knocked on our door to accuse me of being a scum sucking perv.

“Gee mom, I’m trying to figure out where to start. This is really embarrassing for me so I hope you’ll cut me a bit of slack. I’ve never talked to anyone about personal stuff before and it’s not something that comes easily to me.”

“Well then, I’m not going to rush you. You tell me when you are good and ready. I’ll tell you what, I’ll make you a promise right here and now that I won’t over react or get upset by whatever you tell me. I’ll just pretend you are one of my patients and we’ll deal with this in a professional manner. How’s that sound?”

“It sounds a little weird mom. I mean, you might be a doctor and everything but you’re still my mom.”

“Not for the next little while I’m not young man. For as long as it takes to help you get this thing off your chest, I’ll be Doctor Moore and you’ll be my patient. How does that sound?”

“It still sounds a little weird mom but I’ll give it a try if you want me to.”

“Then that’s what we’ll do. Now you go finish up your homework while I take care of the dishes. When we’re finished, we’ll have a little chat in my office and then maybe we can watch a movie together or something.”

“Sounds great mom, thanks.”

“Now run along and do your homework. I’ll give you a call when I’ve finished up in here.”

“Okay mom. I love you.”

“I love you too baby.”

Thankfully, I didn’t really have much homework tonight. It was just as well because there was no way I was going to be able to concentrate anyway. All I could think about was how much I should tell mom? How should I tell her? What should I say? How would she react if I told her the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Should I tell her about watching Mrs. Smith undress? Should I tell her about my fascination with Mrs. Smith’s big tits? More importantly, should I tell her that Mrs. Smith might have seen me watching her? Shit, fuck, piss! I could be fucked big time here!

Instead of doing my homework, I killed some time in my bedroom by surfing a few porn websites that feature large breasted women. I must have tits on the brain right now. I closed down the web browser and went into one of my personal folders that contained hundreds of jpegs of large breasted beauties that I had copied off some of the big tit websites. It suddenly dawned on me that in addition to all the women having huge tits, the other common denominator in all the pictures I had saved was that the women were older, perhaps in their 30’s or 40’s, about the same age as Mrs. Smith, and my mom for that matter.

Also, I noticed that I seemed to save and collect more pictures in which the big tit “model” was leaning over or bending over in a way that made their huge tits hang down. Man did that turn me on! There was no way I could count the number of times I had blown my load gazing onto the computer’s monitor and fixing my lusty gaze on a pair of big hanging tits. I had to use my (very good) imagination to try and guess what it might feel like to cup and feel a big pair of hanging tits.

Mom called me from down the hall where she kept a home office, “Okay Mike, I’m ready if you are.”

Great, just fucking great! Way to go Mike! Looking at all those big tit shots had given me a giant boner. Fuck!

“Be right there mom.” I yelled back.

I got out of my chair and walked around my room for a minute willing my cock to get soft. Shit! There was a big wet spot on the front of my sweat pants where the clear pre-cum had leaked out of my piss-slit. Fuck! Just fucking perfect!

I quickly got out of the sweat pants, used a paper towel to wipe the glistening fluid off the end of my dick, pumped another dollop of precum out and wiped it off too. I got into a baggy pair of shorts and pulled my oversized Vancouver Canucks hockey jersey down to cover my crotch. My cock was still half-hard but the hockey jersey hid and covered my “problem” up pretty good. I figured that as soon as I got into mom’s office and started yacking with her, I would lose my chubber and everything would be okay.

I walked down the hall and could feel my big dick swinging back and forth under my baggy shorts. Shit, I should have put on some underwear. Too late now! I went into her office and thankfully, mom was focused on some of the paperwork on her desk.

I quickly slid into a chair and arranged my hockey jersey to hide my bulge.

“Hi mom, I guess I’m as ready as I’m ever going to be.”

“Hi baby, why don’t you get us a couple of Cokes and have a seat for a minute. It’ll just take me a few minutes to finish this paperwork off.”

“Sure mom.”

I had to admit, my mom was pretty cool. I was lucky to have her as my mom. Not only did she spoil me rotten, she always made time for me regardless of her busy schedule. And, I had to admit that lately, I had been trying to catch a glimpse of her big breasts because I was dying to satisfy my curiosity about who had the bigger tits, mom or Mrs. Smith. It had never really dawned on me that my mom was a babe. I mean hey, she’s my mom dude. But, ever since I had been trying to check her tits out to see how big they really were, I had begun to notice how fine she is. I wondered why she had never remarried, or even dated for that matter. Granted, she was married to her job and I guess there wouldn’t be much time for dating with the hours she puts in at the clinic. It made me feel a little sorry for her that she was missing out on so much.

Mom snapped me out of my thoughts as she closed a file drawer and sat back to take a swig from the glass of Coke I handed her.

“So, how is my patient?”

“Aw mom, you’re making fun of me.”

“No I’m not. I just thought it might be easier for you to tell me what’s on your mind if you didn’t see me as your mom. Remember, we’re going to role play for awhile.”

“I guess you’re right. So, how does this work Doctor?”

“Well, why don’t you start from the beginning? What’s on your mind Michael?”

Michael? She never calls me Michael. Must be part of the role-play.

“I’m not really sure where to start mom, er Doctor but I have a bit of a problem that seems to have gotten out of hand recently.”

“What kind of problem Michael?”

“Well, it’s kind of a personal problem.”

“That’s all right Michael, after all, I am your Doctor and you should feel comfortable telling me anything. Is this problem a physical problem or something else?”

“I’m not really sure how to answer that. I guess you could say that it’s a physical problem that has turned into a bit of a problem with the way I think about certain things.”

“Well, if it all starts with a physical problem, you are in good hands. So tell me, what kind of physical problem could a strapping young man like you could have? You look perfectly normal to me. Better than normal if you ask me. Most young men would feel lucky to be in the same shape you are in.”

“It’s what you can’t see that is the problem.”

“Oh, I see. Well, I’m sure it’s nothing to be worried about and I’ll bet you are worried over nothing.”

“Gee, I don’t know mom, er Doctor. Ever since I was about twelve or thirteen I have become more and more embarrassed by my body.”

“I think I know where this is going. Are you trying to tell me you are ashamed because you have a what you think is a very small penis?”

“Not really Doctor, it …..”

“Shush. The best way to get to the bottom of this is to have a look. Why don’t you come over here and lower your shorts and let the Doctor have a look.”


“Don’t ‘mom’ me young man. I am a doctor after all and I have looked after you all of your life. By the end of this little discussion, you and I are going to get to the bottom of this. Remember, over the years I have seen hundreds, probably thousands of naked men and women. You are not going to be able to convince me that you are any different than anybody else. I’ve seen them all son.”

“Geeze mom, I don’t think it would be a good idea if I drop my shorts in front of you. I would probably die of embarrassment.”

“Nonsense, I saw you naked for years when you were growing up. I even bathed you every night when you were small. I’ve seen you naked hundreds of times and I can assure you, there was nothing unusual about your body whenever I looked at it.”

“My body has changed a bit mom.”

“It couldn’t have changed that much, now drop those shorts and let me have a look.”

“Only if you promise that you won’t make fun of me.”

“I take from your reluctance that you have been teased about something. Should I assume that other kids have made fun of you in the past? Is that why you are so shy about your body?”

“Yes mom, that is exactly why.”

“I see. Do you trust me Michael?”

“You know I do mom.”

“Alright then, lets have a look at you and we’ll see what it is that you think is a big problem.” (Bad choice of words mom!)

I was pretty sure mom thought I had an extremely small penis and that having such a small dick was the root of the problem (so to speak). I wasn’t sure what her reaction would be when she saw that being small wasn’t my problem.

“Okay mom, but you have to promise not to make fun of me or laugh or anything.”

“Shame on you for thinking that I would ever laugh at a patient or my own son for heaven’s sake. Now come over here and drop those shorts and let the good doctor have a look.”

I got up and slowly walked over towards where my mom was sitting in her chair. I leaned back and sat on the edge of her desk right in front of her and then just kind of froze up.

“I can’t do it mom.”

“Well then, if you can’t do it, I’ll just have to do it for you then won’t I?”

She tipped her glasses down off the top of her head and put them on properly. I guess to make this more clinical or perhaps just out of habit, she reached over to a side table and snapped on a pair of latex gloves. She lifted my hockey jersey and asked me to hold it out of the way. One thing was for sure. I didn’t have to worry about having a boner right now. My dick had shrivelled to as small as it had ever been. Fear will do that to you. There was so much material from the jersey all bunched up in my hands that thankfully, I couldn’t see what she was doing as I felt her grab the waistband of my shorts.

“This isn’t going to hurt a bit and will be over before you know it. Just trust your mom okay Michael?”

“Okay mom.” I said in a squeaky voice.

She tugged down my shorts very slowly and I knew that my cock would start to come into view any second. I actually closed my eyes out of the embarrassment I was feeling. She tugged my shorts a bit more until part of my cock came into view. Because it was so soft, it just hung straight down between my spread legs.

“Well young man, so far everything looks perfectly normal.”

Then she lowered my shorts some more and I guess more of my cock was coming into view.

“Oh my!”


“I’ve got to be honest with you son. Based on the way you were acting, I thought I was going to find that you have a smaller than average penis. I haven’t even finished uncovering your penis yet and from what I can see so far, your penis is not small at all. In fact, you’ve got more flaccid cock, er penis showing already than most men have when they have an erection. As a matter of fact, so far, I’ve uncovered about seven inches of your penis with more to go and it is still very flaccid, er soft. Without going any further, I can tell you that your penis, even when flaccid, I mean soft, is longer and thicker than most men’s penises are when they have an erection. You do get erections don’t you Michael?”

“Um, yes mom.”

“Good. Then lets get this examination over with so we can go watch the movie. I’m going to remove your shorts the rest of the way now and I would like you to step out of them, okay son?”

“Okay mom, you’re the doctor.”

“That’s my boy. Now, here we go. Maybe you should just take off that shirt. It’s just getting in the way.”

I tentatively lifted the shirt over my head and put it down on her desk. I suddenly felt very naked and very exposed. I could now see however, what my mom was up to and as I looked down, I noticed a lot of cleavage as the front of her blouse fell way because she was leaning forward a bit. The site of the top of her lush breasts was beautiful and I had to look away because I was afraid of getting a boner. I don’t care whether she’s my mom or not, tits are tits and she has big creamy ones!”

Mom leaned down to strip my shorts the rest of the way off and in horror, I saw and felt more and more of my cock coming into view. My quick glance at her cleavage had done a little damage and my cock had started to fill out a little bit. Just as the head of my cock came into view, she yanked my shorts down to the floor and the head of my dick kind of popped up a bit and almost hit her in the face. Shit!

Mom had a weird look on her face and I could see a thin line of perspiration forming on her upper lip. Her voice was a little shaky but I could see she was trying to maintain her composure as a professional.

“Okay son, step out of these shorts, spread your legs a bit and let me have a look at you.”

I did as asked and was mortified that my mom was looking right at my cock. No, not looking, staring intently would be more accurate. Thankfully, I didn’t pop a boner. I guess I was still a little freaked out. Maybe a lot freaked out. My cock hung thick and heavy between my legs and although it was still soft, it hung down between my legs like a large salami.

Mom leaned back in her chair a bit and just stared at my cock. All of a sudden she let out a little gasp and said, “Oh my Lord!”

“What wrong mom, what do you see?”

“Michael, there is not a thing wrong with anything I’ve seen so far. In all honesty, I have to tell you that I thought I was going to find that your penis hadn’t grow along with the rest of your body and that you were worried about having a small penis. What I’m looking at isn’t small. In fact, you have the most magnificent, er I mean largest penis I have ever seen. And it is still soft for heaven’s sake. The reason I gasped is because I finally looked past your large penis and got a glimpse of your balls, er I mean testicles and I have to tell you, they are also larger than any I have ever seen.”

“I’m sorry mom.” I didn’t know what to say. “Now you can see why all the guys make fun of me.”

“Believe me, you have nothing to be sorry about young man. If anyone was making fun of you because of the size of your penis, I can assure you it’s because they are envious. I’m going to finish examining you and then you and I are going to have a little chat. Just because you are much larger than normal doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with your equipment. I think the chat we should have will be partly about the good old birds and the bees story but in your case, I am also going to talk to you about the responsibility you have because you are so well endowed. My lord, I just can’t get over how big you are.”

“You mean it’s not really a bad thing to have such a large penis mom?”

“No son, it’s not. I’m sure it won’t be long before you realize just how lucky you are. You have been given a very rare gift and as I mentioned, we are going to have to talk about the responsibilities that go with owning such a big cock, er penis. Sorry, I didn’t mean to be vulgar.”

“It’s okay mom, penis sounds kind of lame. I like the word cock better if it’s okay with you.”

“Yes it is. As a matter of fact, cock is the perfect word when it comes to something that big. You don’t mind if I examine your large testicles too do you son?”

“No, not at all. We’ve gone this far; we might as well do this right, finish up and get this over with. I really appreciate the way you are dealing with this mom, you’re great.”

“Why thank you Michael. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to have to lift your cock out of the way so I can get a better look at those huge testicles of yours. Are you okay with that Michael?”

“Sure mom.” Suddenly, I was very okay with it! It would be so cool if mom actually liked my big cock, or at the very least, didn’t think I was a freak. I was still wondering how to move this conversation into a discussion about Mrs. Smith and the fact that I might be called a peeping tom pervert!

“Spread your legs farther apart for me please son.”

I did as asked and as my legs spread apart, I could feel my ball sack start to swing freely. It always felt good to let my big balls swing in the open like that.

Mom gently gripped my cock with one gloved hand and sort of lifted it and swung it to one side. She held it off to the side with one hand and began to cup my balls with the other. I could feel her hand softly squeezing my cock as she held it and felt so good that I was getting worried that I would get a hardon.

“My goodness, each one of your testicles just about fills my entire hand.”

“Is that a bad thing?” I said sounding concerned.

“No Michael, not at all.”

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