tagSci-Fi & FantasyRepopulation Pt. 03

Repopulation Pt. 03


Prologue: The story so far...the USA and almost every other country in the world has been subjected to a short nuclear war, destroying most civilised life. 19 year old Allie Cooke was a student nurse before the war, and in the shattered remains of Omaha has been tending to the wounded, the sick and the mad. On New Years Day she is kidnapped and brought to a place where she meets a mutant, and a half-naked female prisoner. Bound and gagged, Allie lies at the mercy of an evil she is yet to truly understand.

Chapter 4

As the fetid form of what could only be described as a deformed freak went to grab for Allie's bra, obviously intending to tear it away from her perky breasts, the door swung open once more. Another shaft of the same incandescent light briefly illuminated the room before another person stormed in, the form of the second person merging with Allie's tormentor to darken much of the space.

"Not now Jones! Stop...or else." The voice that issued from the new presence in the room was masculine, fashioned along the lines of well-ingrained authority. Whoever this man was, his command had an instant effect. Jones, the misshapen molester withdrew his hand as if he had stuck it in boiling oil. He took a shuffling step back and cowered as the second man walked over to Allie. Betty, the other female prisoner sharing the room with Allie cried inconsolably, with despair in her voice deeper than before. All Allie could do was lie there and stare up at the ill-lit figure who loomed over her.

"I trust you weren't hurt by Corporal Jones here Miss Cooke?" The voice seemed calm; solicitous, even. "He can be rather over-eager to make friends," at which point the stranger softly laughed at his own joke "but please don't hold it against him. The war...well it left Corporal Jones not just with physical scars." With a wave of his hand the second man indicated the burnt, twisted and scabbed body of the corporal. He then reached down and removed the gag from Allie's mouth, and as he did this she took in a great breath and coughed for some seconds. Then she tried to focus on who it was that was addressing her. Questions flooded her mind, and it was difficult to coalesce them into any logical speech.

"Who...what am I...who...why am I here? Where am I? Why am I tied...."

The cool detached voice spoke again. "Please, don't concern yourself with the where and who for now Miss Cooke.."

"How do you know my name?" Allie asked feeling somewhat pissed off that the voice refused to recognize her legitimate need for answers.

"Oh, well let's just say we've been keeping tabs on you Miss Cooke. As one of the most eligible and healthy survivors left in this community, it was necessary to make sure we knew who you were and what you offered us."

"What do you mean? And who the fuck is 'we'?" Allie spat this question out with pent up anger. Her situation was driving her crazy, and it didn't help that the bare breasted woman pinned down near her kept sobbing.

"Language Miss Cooke. Please...just because we are in somewhat unique circumstances doesn't mean we should abandon all forms of civilized behaviour." Allie almost gagged on this almost delusionary statement. She was being lectured by a complete stranger who had some part in her being tied up and lying only in her underwear on a mattress whilst a topless woman lay near, pinioned and weeping. All the while a leering, mutant soldier stared at her with obvious carnal intent. The thin veneer of civilization was a joke when the young nurse considered the situation.

"Now you must forgive the lack of refinement in our facilities here, but this is the best my organization could arrange at both short notice and in the general chaos Omaha has descended to. At this point you can call me Sir, and as your stay with us lengthens you'll learn more about our policies and procedures. But in the interim...well let's see what develops hmm?"

If Allie was petrified inside, she tried to retain some outer courage and dignity, as she demanded her release. "Let me go you bastards. Let me go...I have friends at the hospital, in the local council. I have patients that need my help..."

"Allie...you don't mind me calling you Allie," the voice asked rhetorically then spoke again "consider your former friends irrelevant, and your work at the hospital is unnecessary. I...or should I say we, have higher and greater plans for you now. They require sacrifice, devotion and dare I say pain...but believe me when I say you will come to understand why you are here and what good you will do. Maybe Lieutenant Hawkins' example scares you, or discourages you?" The unnamed man standing over Allie nodded at the crying prisoner near Allie. "She was too headstrong, hence her punishment. Cooperate Allie and the likes of Corporal Jones will never make you submit like his 'friend' Betty.

When the man who styled himself as Sir said this, the deformed soldier dragged himself over to the pegged officer. His voice hissed as he drew nearer.

"Lieutenant Betty...you look upset." The mutant bent down and stroked the tears away from her face. His cruelly twisted mouth dribbled a droplet of drool as his stump and finger traced a line under Betty's chin. "I'm soooo sorry...let me kiss you all better."

Allie roiled inside with disgust and couldn't suppress an intake of breath as she watched the mutant Corporal Jones latch his deformed mouth on the right breast of her fellow captive. Lieutenant Betty Hawkins squealed with shock, but a look from the commanding presence of 'Sir' silenced her almost immediately. Allie saw this and whilst she wanted to protest at Betty's molestation she decided that perhaps discretion was the better part of valor.

"Lieutenant Betty," drawled Jones as he disengaged his lips from her nipple "I'm so glad you left the air force to come and join us here. Help us start a new life, a new society...just like He wants." Jones twisted his bald and scarred head towards 'Sir' and nodded with respect. "Sir wants us to start a new America, a better world. You and your new friend Allie are going to help aren't you."

"What the fuck is this freak's delusion?" Allie asked herself silently. She felt lost, vulnerable, and most of all scared. The pain of her bindings, the embarrassment of only being in her bra and panties, the cold air and the thin lumpy mattress underneath her all combined to exaggerate the weird terror bubbling up inside. Staring at Jones and the bare-breasted army officer, Allie shook her head and closed her eyes, trying to shut out the nightmare.

'Sir' walked over to where Betty was being again assaulted by the warped lips and mind of his minion Corporal Jones. "I think our new guest could do with an object lesson Corporal. Why don't you show Miss Cooke what we have planned for her, and you can use the Lieutenant her as your 'model'...so to speak." Jones grunted his assent, and with a leering grin began to climb on top of his victim. Allie's eyes opened when she heard Betty's cry of alarm, and even though there was minimal light in the room she saw the monster slide between the legs of the female lieutenant.

'Sir' returned to a place closer to Allie and kneeled down so his mouth was near Allie's right ear. "What you are about to see is something glorious...dare I say spiritual. Corporal Jones and the fair Lieutenant are already acquainted, and by my reckoning the mixture of their respective gene pools will bring forth a new generation of warriors. Even now our plans to repopulate have a solid beginning thanks to Corporal Jones and the willing sacrifice of Betty Hawkins. And you my dear young lady," the strange commanding voice of 'Sir' paused as he licked his lips "will share in this glorious task." A turn of his head, and the order was given.

"Jones...undo Lieutenant Betty's pants and see if pleasuring her eases the pain of carrying your child in her womb."

Allie's jaw dropped; she was in a madhouse and she was very, very afraid.

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