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This is an entirely fictional work.

(A special thanks to Helen, the mostly anonymous Literotica reader, who suggested the basic plot to me, along with some of the physical attributes of both the male and female characters in the story. I hope she sees this and responds back again so we can correspond about future stories.)

Helen still wasn't quite sure how things had ended up they way they did. How could this be? Here she was, a 54 year old grandmother, with an obvious 'baby bump'. How could she explain her condition to her husband, children, and grandchildren.

She had gone through menopause a couple of years ago and her husband had a vasectomy 25 years ago after their second child. This seemed too improbable to be true. These were some of the things that were going through her mind as she tried to recount what she had been through in what she had estimated to have occurred in only a few weeks.

From what she remembered, it seemed like it all started when she was walking back home from the drug store just one half mile from home. Helen had suffered a small cut on her finger cutting the lettuce for her salad for a late dinner and needed a box of Band-aids to cover the wound. She could have driven to the drug store but being the energy conscious person she was, she figured she could just as well walk the short distance.

There was a large park between her house and the drug store. During the day, it was filled with people, having a picnic lunch or kids playing with dogs and such. At night, everyone had gone back home and Helen found herself the only one on the park grounds. The edge of the park was ringed in trees and the center was well groomed grass, like a golf course fairway.

It was a clear night, bright stars but no moon. To Helen, the stars seemed even brighter than at any other time. Unnoticed by Helen, there was one star that was brighter than the others. Because it was to her back, she did not notice that this one star was becoming brighter by the second.

Helen was in the middle of the park when she realized she was surrounded by a bright light. She stopped to look around to see where the light was coming from. Realizing the light was coming from above, her flight instincts took over but she could not move. Her legs would just not move no matter how much her brain tried to get them to break into a dead run. The light became so intense, she had to shut her eyes to block it out. When she opened them again, she was not in the park.

Looking around, she became aware she was laying on some kind of examination table, in a room with about 5 humanoid looking forms. She also soon became aware she was totally naked and there was nothing she could do about it. Her instincts told her to flee, but her arms and legs just would obey her brain's commands. All she could do was watch as the figures around her would poke and prod her. At times she would see one of the figures take a blood sample. At other times, she would see she was being injected with some kind of fluids.

Looking to one side, she saw herself displayed on a large monitor. The image would flip back and forth from showing just her body to another that seemed to show her internal organs. She was wondering how this was possible.

As she watched, one of the figures seemed to dwell on her lower abdomen, specifically pointing out where her reproductive organs would be. At the same time, she felt some kind of probe enter her uterus all the way and just stop. Next, she felt like her insides were being tickled by some kind of tiny fingers. In one sense, Helen was terrified as to what was being done to her. In another sense, the stimulation of her sex was driving her crazy.

Helen was also aware of other things that were being done to her body. One of the beings had some kind of instrument that was being passed over her breasts. With each pass, she felt as if her breasts were becoming firmer, her nipples stiff. It was like when she was 21; before 2 kids and things had started to sag a bit.

Another device was passed over her legs a number of times and there was a definite feeling that her legs felt firmer, trimmer. A device was passed over her face and she felt her face tighten. Her body seemed like it was getting a 'makeover' and the delicious feeling that went with it overrode her fears about strange beings doing unknown things to her naked body. After what seemed like hours, a small device was placed on her forehead and she drifted off into unconsciousness.

When Helen awoke, she had no idea how much time had passed. Her vision took a little while to clear but when it did she found herself lying on a soft bed. She was still naked. It took a minute for her to figure out that her arms and legs would work again. This allowed her to sit up on the side of the bed so she could survey her surroundings.

The room she was in had no windows and what appeared to be a single door, closed of course. The room lighting seemed to be coming from everywhere. There were few furnishings; a few small bench seats, a small table, and another bed.

The initial confusion about where she was at and what happened to her suddenly took a back seat to what she saw on the other bed. It seemed to be another human form, naked as well, only much darker than her own cream colored skin. The color of this skin seemed to be more of a milk chocolate color than anything else. He was laying on his side, with his back to her.

"Oh God what tight buns" she thought, with a sigh.

The male form stirred, rolled over on his other side, and sat up on the edge of the bed like Helen. Like Helen, it took him a few minutes for his head to clear, survey his surroundings, and finally notice Helen.

When their eyes did lock, there was the mutually unsaid questions of "What happened? Where are we? Are you alright?"

Both Helen and the man stood up and approached each other. Not a word was spoken for the longest time. Helen was admiring this man that was only slightly taller than she with gentle face, muscular upper body, a six-pack for abs, and the thing that caught her most attention, his large ribbed cock.

Helen had never seen a naked black man before. She had fantasized a couple of times as to what it would be like to have sex with one. She had heard rumors that the average black male was much bigger than his white male counterpart. From what she could see in front of her, this surely confirmed it. He looked twice as big as her husband's less-than-average 5 inches, and thoughts of how something that big could fit in any woman, crossed her mind.

By the same token, the man was sizing up Helen. Here was this fantastic looking woman, obviously about 30 years older than his own 21 years of age. He was amazed to see such toned legs, tight ass, and firm breasts for a woman of her age. If he were to guess, he would estimate she was about 5'10", and measurements of 36D-28-36. He hadn't seen many naked white women before and this one really caught his eye.

The first words spoken by either of them came from him.

"My name is Jake. Do you have any idea where we are or what has happened to us?"

Jake's words were gentle and soothing. It was obvious he knew as little about their situation as she did.

Jake could see the tears start to well up in Helen's eyes and knew she needed someone to hold her and comfort her, even if she was a complete stranger.

Jake wrapped his strong arms around her and drew her body to his. Helen accepted his comforting arms and wrapped her arms around his body, laying her head on his shoulder, and lightly sobbed. As Jake softly stroked her short blonde hair, he began to reassure her that everything would be all right. They would find some way out of this.

Eventually, she stopped sobbing and pulled her face away to look into Jake's and look into his eyes for further re-assurance. It was then she became aware of Jake's hard cock, rubbing at her crotch.

Jake started to tell her that he was sorry but he couldn't help the condition his dick was in, but Helen put her finger to his lips to shush him and gave him a look that said she understood. Secretly, Helen was feeling a stirring in her loins and she didn't mind the hard, warm shaft that was trying to make its way between her closed legs.

Since she had gone through her 'change' a couple of years ago, it seemed like her desire for sex had diminished a lot. Her husband bill sensed this and the effect was like throwing a bucket of cold water on the whole relationship. Bill spent less and less time trying to do romantic things for her and their relationship became more like roommates than husband and wife.

Even though Helen knew she was in dire circumstances, her body was responding like a woman in heat. Not only did she long to be held and comforted, but she was beginning to feel she needed to be sexually wanted and used as well.

In her revere, her hands began to wander over Jake's back, starting from his shoulder blades and working down to those tight buns she had noticed earlier. Jake responded in kind, feeling the softness of her skin before gently squeezing her ass with both hands. Helen was lost in the feelings, giving Jake a light kiss, which soon turned into more passionate ones. All the while, Jakes cock grew firmer and firmer.

As Helen's hands roamed Jake's body, one had hand finally found his meaty shaft. Her touch was gentle, feeling the large knob, then working over the vein-ribbed shaft, until she felt his heavy balls.

"God, this felt so good."

She just knew she had to do more than touch it, she had to taste it as well.

Her lips trailed down Jake's chest, planting soft kisses all the way down until the hard knob of his shaft was just inches from her face. Helen's tongue instinctively darted out of her mouth and lightly flicked across the tip of Jake's cock, making him jump a little.

It tasted so good. She had to have more of it.

She began to plant kisses on the head of his cock and up and down his shaft; each time, causing Jake's cock to twitch with excitement. It was when Helen's lips closed over the head of his cock that he let out a moan. Never in his life had he experienced the feeling of a woman's lips on his cock. Not only was the feeling of Helen's lips on his cock the best he had ever felt but the contrast of his brown cock sliding into Helen's white mouth was indescribable.

Helen kept it up for 20 minutes. Just when he was about to shoot his load, Helen would slow down and keep him just barely on the brink. A lapse in Helen's concentration let Jake get past the point of no return and she found her mouth suddenly filled with Jake's cum. With her mouth filled with chocolate cock, the only thing she could do was swallow. Shot after shot of hot cum slipped down her throat.

As soon as Jake had recovered a few minutes, Helen was pushed back onto one of the beds where Jake spread her legs wide. Only pausing to take a quick admiring look, his mouth dove into her closely shaved pussy lips. Jake was determined to return the feeling and his eager tongue was making short work of her slit and clit. Within minutes, Helen was moaning and bucking her hips up and down. Even though Jake was not real experienced at oral, he was quickly learning and gaining experience.

For Helen, she couldn't remember having felt this good for a long time, her husband Bill wasn't much into oral and he only licked her pussy once, right after they were married. It didn't take long for Helen to reach the point of 'no return'. Jake felt Helen grab his black hair in a death grip and drive his head into her sopping pussy. A split second later, Helen let out a scream and started filling Jake's mouth with her juices. When the last spurt of female juices ended, Helen let go of his hair and dropped back onto the bed.

Jake was grinning from ear to ear. This woman was incredible for her age. He'd been with a couple of women before but never one this responsive, and Jake was going to see how far she could go. With Helen's pussy well lubricated, Jake figured it would be fairly easy to slip into a pussy that had been opened up good from years of having been fucked.

Grabbing Helen's legs, Jake spread her legs up and out, and moved in to where the head of his 9" cock was lined up perfectly with Helen's pussy lips. Slowly and steadily, Jake began pushing his cock into her waiting pussy; that is until he felt resistance. It was the same feeling he had with the first girl he'd ever had sex with. It was also her first time. That night, they both lost their virginity.

Helen began to wonder, "Besides all the other enhancements the alien beings had made to her body, could this have been one of them? Could her virginity have been restored?"

The first time she lost her virginity, it was in high school in the back seat of a car. Back then, the boyfriend wasn't very experienced. His cock broke her 'cherry' in two quick thrusts and in two more, coated her insides with cum. Once the boyfriend shot his load in her, he quickly withdrew, leaving her frustrated and unsatisfied.

While the man she finally married was better in bed than the boyfriend, there was still no real 'fireworks'. He was a good provider but the sex was ho hum.

Helen was determined to make the most of the huge cock that was partially in her pussy now.

Grabbing Jake's ass, she pulled as hard as she could, shoving his cock past the newly re-made barrier. Like before, there was some initial pain but the ensuing pleasure was worth every bit of it. With Jake having shot his load once already, he was better prepared to last much longer this time around.

Jake couldn't believe how tight Helen was for her age. He could tell that the size of his cock was bigger than before and the load of cum he shot into her mouth was more than usual.

"Could the alien beings that had captured him, also given this woman some 'enhancements' as well?"

Whatever it was, this woman was as tight as an 18 yr old virgin and just as horny. Even with the extra juices Helen had shot into his mouth, it seemed like she was so tight, it was hard for his cock to move inside her. Within a few minutes, Helen's pussy relaxed enough for Jake to get into a rhythm of sliding in and out of her 'new' pussy. With her childbearing years ending years ago, Helen relaxed and enjoyed the pleasure that was overwhelming her. There was no need to worry about getting pregnant.

For Helen, the sex right now was better than she'd ever experienced. She hit another orgasm within ten minutes and her pussy muscles squeezed hard on Jake's cock when she came. Jake had planned to make it last longer but Helen's vice grip on his cock caused him to fire his load into her womb. It was another 5 minutes before her pussy let go of his cock enough to pull out.

To his surprise, his cock was still rock hard and Helen seemed to be wanting more or it.

He'd always heard that women loved 'doggie' and Jake figured now was the best time to try it.

Flipping her over and pulling her ass up so she was on her knees, Jake was greeted to another great view of her pussy. Not wanting to waste another minute, Jake plunged into her from behind and his milk chocolate colored cock was soon plowing into her white pussy at a steady pace. He found he could pump his cock into her and reach under her and tweak either her nips or clit at the same time, eliciting even more of a response from her.

By now, both Jake and Helen were sweating profusely; their vocal responses were reduced to moans and grunts. After 20 minutes, Jake drove in hard and stayed in. Sensing his nearness, Helen's pussy clamped down on his cock sending both of them into a massive climax, with Jake grunting loudly as each shot of cum shot through his cock, and Helen screaming in delight. Jake finally fell on top of Helen, his cock still pulsing and pumping cum into her womb.

Unknown to Jake and Helen, their 'performance' was being displayed on large monitors in the viewing room. As Jake and Helen finally drifted into blissful sleep, the viewing room broke into applause and there were smiles all around. The modifications to both human subjects seemed to have gone better than expected.

The alien forms had studied human anatomy for a long time but this was the first time they had witnessed human mating habits. This would provide useful information for some time to come.

When Helen awoke, Jake was gone.

That was 5 days ago and here she was, sitting on the edge of her bed, locked up in a room that was not her own, contemplating what had transpired in the recent past. To top it off there was a baby that was quickly growing in her stomach.

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