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Rescue Me


Dear reader, this story tells of the love between an able bodied girl and a disabled man. I did a little bit of research to see if these events could actually happen and I have concluded that they could... If for some reason my research has led me to improper conclusions, I hope that I won't offend anyone with the story that follows.


I met my husband Ben back in college. I had known him since freshman year and we were the best of friends. We did not get together until senior year because I had not been attracted to him in "that way". You see, Ben is handicapped and is bound to a wheelchair as a result of a childhood accident and though we got along famously I had never considered our friendship to be anything but that.

Then everything changed overnight. We had gone to one of these frat parties during our last semester at school. It was not our scene and we had never attended one until that night. However, I did not want to finish school without experiencing one such event at least once and I convinced Ben to come with me despite all his bitching and moaning.

The party was as wild as the ones you see in the movies. The frat house was full of people enjoying their youth and celebrating the last days of school when finals are done and the tension is finally released. I got in the spirits of things myself and participated in many of these silly drinking games.

As I never drank much, I got wasted rather quickly and loosened up more than usual. The music was booming and the vibrations were infectious. I was woozy and dizzy and started behaving atypically from my normal good girl behavior. I was standing in the middle of the dance floor surrounded by a throng of boys and girls and we were all moving into each other to the rhythm of the hypnotic music. It got really hot and I started peeling the layers of clothes I was wearing.

When a young man in the crowd noticed me, he directed the crowd to part and I was left alone in the center of a widening circle. I had slowly and sensuously removed my sweater that I was swirling it above my head swaying my hips in a very provocative way. I then removed my sneakers and kicked them to someone who was cheering me on in the crowd. I popped the first button of my jeans to a loud cheer. The boys in the room all centered in on the action as some of the girls stepped back disgusted by the show I was putting on.

You see, I am a dirty blond about 5'4 and slim. I am fairly skinny with curves in the right places. I am rather modest and only my past boyfriends or the people that have seen me in a bathing suit at the beach would know that I am rather hot. I don't usually wear make-up and never attract attention to myself. Yet, here I was in the middle of a room full of strangers about to pull my pants down while swaying my hips like a stripper.

I usually wear very baggy pants and when I released the second button of my jeans they started to ride down my hips. I was still hidden by the large loose shirt I was wearing and the crowd only grew wilder when they saw the top of my pants drop below the hem of my shirt. Soon, the pants were at my feet and the crowd went wild when my bare legs started showing just above my knees.

I kicked the pants away and started unbuttoning my large man's shirt. I teased the group surrounding me waiting for them to cheer me on as each button came undone. When the last was finally opened, I started playing with my shirt opening and closing it showing off the white sleeveless cotton shirt I was wearing underneath. A "wife-beater" they call it, and I always wear one over my bra.

I let my shirt fall to the ground as a roar erupted. I was now standing in my underwear in a room that had turned mostly male. The circle started getting smaller around me.

A flash of lucidity hit me and fear struck me as the horde stepped in. For a minute, my senses came back to me and I tried to cover up by putting my arms in front of me as I screamed for the swarm to step back. I remember feeling oppressed, disoriented and threatened. My heart was beating faster and my visibility was being obstructed by the multitude stepping in on me. I was trapped-in with nowhere else to go. The dizziness and wooziness turned into a swirl and a twirl and the room began spinning faster and faster around me.

Without warning, I started puking and the circle widened quickly. I was sick and the vomiting would not stop. The crowd thinned a bit and Ben finally came to the rescue. Earlier, while I was making a fool out of myself, he had frantically been trying to get to me but the crowd had prevented him from doing so. Some of the brothers who had invited us knew that he might put a stop to my striptease and they had forcibly kept him out of the circle. Using the panic as a diversion, he swiftly picked me up, sat me on his lap, and barreled his wheelchair out of the room and out of the frat house before the crazed-up boys got a chance to react.

To this day, I fear what might have happened that night if he had not been there.

So here we were. I was in my underwear covered with puke in the middle of campus at some god-awful time of the night. Yet, I felt safe in his arms. I had never been close to him physically in all the years we had been friends. He had just become my knight in shining armor and I melted into him on his lap trying to stay warm. The world had stopped spinning around me and I started relaxing. Eventually, all the emotions and the adrenaline rush dissipated and I passed out.

Ben attempted to wake me up when we got to his place but the alcohol had left me completely inebriated and unresponsive. I only have vague recollections of what happened next and I am only able to piece this together based on a few cloudy memories and the story that the man who would later become my husband has told me over the years.

I remember Ben trying to gently wake me up. I was still completely messed up and covered with my own vomit from head to toe. He wanted me to take a shower and had walked me to the bathroom. I think that he had left me to my own devices. I slipped and slid down to my ass still dressed in my soiled garments. Ben heard me fall, came in and attempted to get me to my feet a few times. When he saw that I was still unresponsive, he sat me in the shower and turned it on. Even the cold water would not wake me up. When he realized that I would not be able to do anything on my own, he finally decided to take over.

His shower was designed for his handicap. It was a big open space made for him to wheel one of his chairs under the stream of water. It reminded me of the showers that you see in some hospital rooms. He removed his clothes and got down to his boxers. My "knight" would not take advantage of me so he stayed modest for the shower. He then pulled me to my feet and gently placed me on his lap. We went under the stream of water together. I was still dressed with my soiled clothes and he tried to clean me that way. When he saw that he would not be able to clean me that way he timidly started undressing me.

I have made Ben tell me this next part a million times. It's been almost ten years since these events took place but whenever he recounts this tale I can still hear the emotion and excitement that he felt at the time. It is such a wonderful description of care and thoughtfulness, of love and passion that I get excited just thinking about it.

Ben fell in love with me at first sight, so goes the story. I never suspected a thing and he never showed any outward sign to me. He had fallen in love in the past to disastrous consequences and had decided, prior to ever meeting me, to keep these kinds of feelings hidden after a devastating heartbreak. For more than three years, he had lived by my side never telling me of his thoughts and desires convinced that I could never or would never show any interest in him. Honestly, I was completely oblivious to him in that regard. He was like a brother to me and I never even entertained the possibility. It just never had crossed my mind.

The night of the party, he had seen my reaction to the alcohol and when I started behaving out of character he started getting upset. He suspected that something was wrong and his suspicions turned out to be correct when he noticed that one of the frat boys was spiking the drinks of some other girls with a powder. He could not tell if it was ruffies, or ecstasy, or else, but he panicked when he realized that I probably had been drugged too during one of my drinking games. He valiantly fought to get to me and it was only when I started to get sick that he was able to grab me.

Here I was in his arms and, despite the fear and the worry, his heart was leaping with joy at the fact that I was so close to him. To love someone from afar and to finally feel them in close to your heart was a rejoicing experience. When he carried me home that night on his lap with my head slumped on his shoulder he was the happiest he had been in many years. He longed for physical contact with me no matter how brief it would be. At the time, he thought that the ride back to his apartment would be the one and only contact that he would have with me.

I was now on his lap for the second time that night. He had put me under the shower stream and had attempted to wash me through the clothes that were stained with the residual puke. When it became clear that the cloths would not get cleaned that way and that my body would remain dirty, he decided to undress me. When he reached that decision, his heart started leaping in his chess. Like a little boy waiting to unwrap a long awaited and anticipated present, he was about to discover my nude body for the first time.

He first started shampooing my hair very gently making sure that no remaining puke was left entwined in the strands. I was seated with my head resting on his strong shoulders. He then gently laid me on my back across his lap. My shoulders and thighs were supported by the armrests of his chair. He tells me that I was so out of it that night that my arms, head and feet were dangling off the edges of the chair. He was worried that I would breath in and that I might choke on the water falling down on us so he grabbed the showerhead to make sure that it would not happen.

He stared at me for a while before moving the warm stream of water across my body. He likes to say that I looked like Michelangelo's statue of the Pieta at that moment. I was like the Christ laid-out across Mary's lap... I was his goddess and he would tend to my care.

He gently pulled up the thin fabric of my white sleeveless shirt rolling it up my flat stomach and above my ribcage. He was very gentle and when it came to my breasts he pulled the shirt away from me so that his hands would not make contact with my skin. He did not want to fondle me and take advantage of me while I was unconscious. Removing that shirt with my head hanging back proved to be a bit tricky. He lifted my head with one hand while pulling the t-shirt over it with the other.

I was now down to my white cotton bra and panties. Both of these were also soiled with puke so he would have to remove them. He opened the front clasp of my bra using the tips of his finger like tweezers again trying to avoid as much contact with my tits as possible. When my breasts were released from there confinement they popped out and it was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. He stared at me for a long time and has even admitted to me that he wept thinking that this would be the only time that he would see me naked. He then gently removed my panties and kept on staring at me admiring the view while moving the showerhead over me so that the stream of hot water would keep me warm.

Was it minutes or hours that went by? He could not tell but eventually he grabbed the bar of soap and started lathering me. He told me that I started "Oohing" and "Aahing" under his touch as he kept on washing me. I was apparently enjoying his strokes and it got addictive for him to see me react to his touch in such a way. He told me that he probably washed and rinsed me ten times that night.

Reluctantly, he came to the realization that the shower was over. He brought me to his bedroom and dried me with a bath towel as I lay on his lap. He then grabbed one of his t-shirts and dressed me with it. He was amused to see that it was so big on me that it looked like I was wearing a nightgown. He carried me over to his bed and laid me to sleep next to him.

I woke up during the night or early dawn disoriented and still in the fog and grogginess of the drugs that had been given to me. My head hurt and I was at a total loss to figure out where I was. I finally understood when I found Ben sound asleep next to me. My head was resting on his chest. I discovered that night how muscular he was. I would later understand that it was the result of the disproportionate upper body strength that he had to develop to move his body around.

I started caressing him while he slept. His breathing was slow and steady and reassured me in the darkness. Bits and pieces of the previous night's events came back to me. I remembered the rescue and the sensation of feeling safe in his arms. I raised my head slowly and stared at him with the moonlight showing me the contour of his face. "My knight in shining armor!" I thought and smiled.

I had been stroking his chest through his t-shirt while holding-up my head with my other hand. During one long stroke, my hand went further down that I had meant for it to go. I was shocked to discover a huge erection under the sheets.

I had not realized that a man in a wheelchair could get a hard-on and if I had not been under the influence of the drugs I probably would have shied away from that discovery. However, I was hot and I don't think that I had ever been as horny as I was at that moment. Lust coursed through me at the touch of this man's sexual organ.

I slowly raised the sheet that was covering us and saw his cock poking through his boxer shorts. I had been with very few men in college and none of them could compare in size. Despite my inexperience, I knew that Ben's tool was huge and it beaconed me to touch it.

I saw my hand reach out and caress the soft skin of his shaft before I realized what I was doing. Was it the ecstasy coursing through me? I felt like a spectator watching the action on the sideline as my fingers gently wrapped around the hot flesh extending beyond the fabric. My head slowly moved down his abdomen and got near to his pulsating member. As I got closer to him, I could smell his scent. I was hypnotized and before I knew it my cool lips were making contact with his shaft. I could feel the rhythm of his heart with my lips and savored the moment as I grabbed the thin skin of his sex with my mouth as I started to suck on it. I nibbled on the length on his shaft and I tasted him from the base up to the huge gland of his sex. I then opened my mouth wide to take him into me.

Until that night, oral sex had never been much of an attraction to me but I was on autopilot at that point and I could not stop. It's true that I was intoxicated by the drugs, and probably not behaving like my usual self. But at that moment, I felt a hunger I had not known until then. The excitement propelled me to his erect rod and I wanted to feed on it. I could not get much past the huge head of his dick into my small mouth so I started licking him like a lollypop and sucking him like an ice cream. I wanted to lather him with my saliva.

One of my hands had traveled south to my hot, liquid, sopping and seething pussy while I was tending to Ben. It had been done without my awareness but it probably resulted in me getting hotter and wetter by the minute. I was a hot mess and my thighs were icky with my juices while Ben's sex was wet with my spit.

Somehow, I ended up lifting up the t-shirt that he had dressed me with earlier and I straddled him. I was naked and on fire crouching over him. My labia were distended at the entrance of my love canal by the head of his sex. I held his shaft between my two hands as I started lowering myself on him feeling as if I was going to be split in two.

For a brief moment, I thought that despite all the lubrication I would not be able to make it. I was transfixed and short of breath. A lump had formed in my throat and the fever and the heat traveling through me reached new levels. I was hyperventilating at the edge of an orgasm building up in my loins. I did not want to come yet but the excitement of trying to insert this mighty penis was an aphrodisiac driving me insane with desire. The pleasure was escalating beyond anything I had ever experienced.

As I was about to pull myself up for a breather, his strong hands grabbed my hips and pulled me down in one swift motion. "Aaaah!" was all I could say as I reached a first orgasm on the way down.

"Are you raping me?" came out of Ben's mouth as he lifted my petite body the length of his shaft. "Oooh!" is the only thing I could answer as my orgasm was prolonged by his actions. I was so light in his hands that he kept on moving me up and down his shaft prolonging the longest orgasm I had known until that day. I had become the extension of his penis. I was his fuck-toy. He was masturbating his huge dick with my tiny body. As my orgasm lingered on I felt his sex getting hotter and larger within. He started panting heavily his breath becoming fast and labored. When he finally erupted within me, he released me on his shaft as I was impaled for the final wave of our mutual pleasure. I then collapsed on his chest trying to find my breath.

That was the beginning of our love story. It really is also the beginning of a great lust story. But that tale is for another day...

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