tagSci-Fi & FantasyRescue Mission Ch. 01

Rescue Mission Ch. 01


Jeff leaned back, hands folded behind his head as the dwarf rather lazily lapped at his cock. Her hair was short and so black it was almost bluish, and her skin was distinctly grey, her body thick and muscular. Her name was Zakria, and he thought she looked sort of like a broken-nosed Sally Fields, but on the body of a pro-wrestler that got smushed down in a vise to about 4 feet tall. She wasn't beautiful, but she was definitely cuter than hell and distinctly feminine despite her physique. Even her tits were so firm and densely muscled that he wasn't sure she could feel it when he pinched and squeezed them. He had fucked her good and hard a short while ago and she was only gradually beginning to ready him for a second go, with no particular hurry or urgency.

As she worked on his tool, he reflected on the prospect of returning home. It had taken a couple of months to get a decent enough forged deed to sell the Willsmith estate, but doing so had resulted in more than enough gold to pay for the spell to send him home.

He had made the down payment already, and the wizard was doing the necessary research. In another couple of weeks or so he'd be home. It seemed like he'd been gone for years, but he realized it had only been a few months: not much would have changed. There'd be a new Super bowl champ, and Baseball season should be well under way.

He'd need to find a new job, he figured, but that was no big deal, and his roommate had probably boxed his stuff up and booted him out, but he had a little stash in his bank accounts and would be fine. He didn't have any close family to worry about him, but wondered if his friends would have reported him as a missing person, and what kind of story he should come up with to explain his absence.

But there were definitely things he would miss about this place, he figured. Sex was definitely a hell of a lot more open and available here than it was back home- he'd had as much quality pussy in the last few months as he'd had in his whole adult life back in his world.

Like the little piece of work who was now squatting over his erect cock, her face poised with a look of pure lust as his head parted her dark, purplish nether lips. She grunted deeply as she slowly eased all the way down on him, and began shoveling her hips in a figure eight motion. He reached up and stroked her tits. She was a moaner, and he liked that- and she was plenty wet, and he liked that too. After a surprisingly short time, she began babbling rapidly in a strange language, and when she came her pussy pulsated and gripped him feverishly, although he was no-where near close to coming again himself.

Zakria paused for a moment in apparent exhaustion, slumped over on his chest, then began to sluggishly ride him again as she leaned forward against his chest.

His mind returned to his musings as she slowly writhed on his pole. He would definitely miss the magic almost as much as the sex: he still had several chests of magic items that had come from Fergus Willsmith's sanctum sanctorum- only a few of which he had figured out and began to use, but the wizard sending him back had said that any magic on his person could alter the spell, possibly dangerously so. He would only be able to take the clothes on his back with him.

This truly sucked, because for the first time in his life he was a wealthy man, and a man of some local reputation, at that. Formidable men, professional killers and hired swordsmen treated him with the respect due of a veteran adventurer, although his reputation was mostly from word of mouth, and largely unearned.

Hell, if he'd of known he was going to have to essentially give everything away before he left, he would have given Bette and Elvira bigger shares of the estate sale. As it was, they had enough to deck themselves out as ladies of some means and buy passage on a ship to Bette's island home, where they planned to open a hostel.

His musing was cut short as the dwarf began working her way slowly back towards a faster pace, grunting softly like a boar hog rooting in the dirt.

They had met in McDonalds- a place he just had to visit when he heard the symbol on the sign was a pair of golden arches. But the current owner had no clue what the original builder – aptly named McDonald- had meant by the sign, or what it meant in another world. But it was Jeff's kind of place- wide open, with loud, magically amplified music that approached rock n' roll and a loud and rowdy mix of customers.

Jeff had watched as a bearded male dwarf half his size but with at least half again as much body mass and muscle began shouting at and berating a female of his race. The woman was not cowed in the least, but did not raise her hand or voice in response even when the male began shoving her towards the door.

But Jeff caught a single almost pleading glance from her and all his chivalrous instincts instantly rose to the fore. Without another thought he reached out and placed his left hand on the male dwarf's shoulder from behind and spoke a word of activation. The ring on his hand sent a charge of magical force into the dwarf. Jeff had used a full charge of the ring- which he figured was enough to practically kill a normal man and the very minimum he would even think of using against this short mountain of muscle.

The dwarf stiffened as if he'd been sucker-punched, but didn't look more than lightly stunned. Stepping around to face him, Jeff produced a black cloth about the size of a handkerchief. He quickly draped it over the dwarf's bushily bearded face and used a different word. The dwarf dropped to the floor, already snoring.

The female flashed him a dazzling, delighted smile. "My hero! Now we better get the hell out of here before he wakes up." She had a deep, gravelly voice, and when she grabbed his arm and steered him towards the door, he had as little chance of not going along as a leaf in a stream.

"Don't worry- he should be asleep for hours..." he was saying as the door closed behind him. They heard a bull-like roar from inside "WHERE IS SHE?"

"Oh, shit! Run for it" She yelled, and they were off, eventually ending up at his room in the posh Empire Hotel.

She began the chanting again as her pace quickened atop his shaft, and this time he felt the fire in his own loins rise. He reached out and grabbed her around her surprisingly narrow waist and lifted her up. She was surprisingly heavy, but he was a strong man, and he was able to flip her up and over onto her back. She spread her short legs wide as he began plowing into her with long, strong strokes. Her chanting rose and fell with his thrusts, and as he came closer he began to speed up, faster and faster until at last his hips were pistoning like a rabbits, and his own moans began to mesh with hers.

When he came this time he gasped in shock. What felt like a knot of thickened flesh was running up and down his cock in waves- part of his brain immediately pictured Popeye's forearm after he swallowed his spinach and the muscle went up and down it. Zakria yelped aloud, proving she felt it too, and she began another sequence of orgasms instantly.

Whatever was happening kept Jeff coming and coming and coming, impossibly long and impossibly intense, until he finally just threw himself off her, panting beside her in the bed. The pulsing stopped the instant he left the folds of her cunt. Zakria flopped her arms feebly and curled up into a fetal position, a satisfied smile on her face as she recovered.

Eventually, she propped herself up next to him, her startlingly blue eyes twinkling as she grinned down at him. "Wow, that was intense. I was starting to think the spell would never work on you."

"That was a spell? I thought maybe just all dwarf chicks had magic puss's!"

Zakria laughed. "Well, I like to think mine is a little more magic than everyone else', sure. And I had to show you I can throw a few spells around, too. It normally doesn't act like that, though- it usually makes humans come right away, and a lot of times they lock up like a dog in heat, so you have to throw water on them and everything. They even howl sometimes- it's supposed to be a joke. But this effect was better- way better."

"Well, I'd like to have that one cast on me again. Not for a while, though."

They lounged about until they both agreed they were famished.

"So who was that in the bar? Your husband? Are we going to need to sneak out of here?" Jeff asked as they dressed, and he carefully selected a few items of various lethality to secrete about his person.

She frowned. "That was my brother. He thinks it's shameful and an embarrassment to the family name that I'm out here in human society. He's a stick in the mud: I'm never going back home. Nothing there but stunty little men with tiny dicks and body odor that would stun a bloodhound."

"If we run into him, is it going to get ugly?" He held the big revolver in its shoulder holster conspicuously in front of him, as if debating whether to put it on or not.

"If he's still drunk, maybe. Not to the point where he'd probably kill one of us. Not on purpose, anyway. He's not so bad when he's sober, and I tend to push his buttons a lot of the time on purpose, so it's partly my fault. But I can handle him, if it comes right to it. It'd embarrass him most to death, but if I had to stop him, I could. You shouldn't need that thing, but bring it if it makes you feel better."

He shrugged and tossed it back into one of the several chests in the room. He wore the hand-cannon only occasionally now, as he had found plenty of nearly as useful weapons amongst Willsmith's magic items, and most of them didn't leave the victims in gruesome piles of bloody meat, with everyone else in the vicinity's eyes and ears stinging besides. Still, when it came down to hammer time, there was no denying its brutal effectiveness.

He magically sealed the door behind them with a blue feather from his pouch as they left to dissuade burglary, and they made their way to the hotel dining room.

As they ordered their meal, they became aware of a buzz going around the dining room. "What's going on?" Jeff asked the waiter.

"Word just came in that pirates took the Lusitan Empress. A boat with a handful of survivors came in to the docks just a while ago."

"Are you okay?" Zakria asked, looking at Jeff's pale face in concern.

Jeff nodded dumbly. Elvira and Bette had sailed on the Lusitan Empress less than a week ago. He rose quickly. "I have to get down to the docks."

(to be continued)

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