tagSci-Fi & FantasyRescue Mission Ch. 03

Rescue Mission Ch. 03


Jeff scratched his head as he stared at the bejeweled skull sitting on the makeshift pillow- a folded blanket at the end of his sleeping pallet. The skull was mounted on a small ebony base by a metallic rod that ran up through the middle of it. It contained the entire lower jaw, and was posed in an open-mouthed position, and something about its shape was subtly different than a human skull. Longer, wider from front to back or something- but the jewels and the carvings on it seemed to distort the dimensions to the eye a little.

"So let me get this straight." Jeff asked aloud. "You were once some sort of wizard-queen or something, until you pissed off this demi-god or something, and so he cursed you to eternal life as a disembodied skull. "

"Something like that," The voice in his head reminded him a little of Jessica Rabbit and he grinned at the thought. "A couple of minor details could stand correcting. For one thing, I was an empress, not some piddling queen. And not cursed to eternal life exactly, either 'Cuz this aint exactly living, stud."

Jeff shrugged. "Whatever. And now you're going to show me how to get the power to get us all out of here and off this island, and show me all kinds of stuff that'll make me a prince among men, etc, etc. And why exactly would you do all that, again?"

He almost felt the shrug get returned mentally. "Well, for one thing, there's not a whole lot else to do to pass the time. I can only communicate with my owner, and right now, that's you. And besides, you look like you're going to be a lot more fun than the last set of stuffy, fat old men who've had me lately."

"So why didn't Willsmith use you, then?" He asked. He had the feeling this was something like having a genie, and he remembered vividly that in most of the stories he'd read, the genies were usually at least latently resentful, if not downright malevolent.

"That limp-dicked idiot was too stupid to know what he had on his hands. He never even took me out of the box to see what he had. Too bad for him- I could have helped him out with his little problem with the demoness, among other things."

Jeff wasn't so sure if maybe Willsmith didn't have other reasons for not invoking the skull. Then again, maybe he was starting to get paranoid in this crazy-ass world of magic and mages. And who could blame him for that?

"OK- what do I call you, anyway?"

A dry mental sigh. "I went by a lot of names over the centuries I was alive. I always liked Maelithette EverBurning. Maelit of the hundred beds. Mael Sindrinker.' She sighed again. "Some of my favorite nicknames were the EverReady, Divine Harlot, or the Eternal Supplicant of Lust. I tell ya- there were whole cycles of myths about my skills in the bed-chamber, and a lot of it was based on fact. Ah, the good old days."

"Let's go with Maelit, then. I kind of like that." Jeff said. "So what can you do to help me? Can you show me how to use the rest of the stuff in the chest?"

"Pshaw. Those are toys. I can show you how to wield real power. How to control the minds of men- and women- and bend them to your own will and desires. How to have whatever you can want, whatever you can conceive, at the snap of a finger."

"OK- so show me something."

She sighed again, this time in exasperation. "You have to supply me with power first, wonder-boy. I haven't been in the presence of a serious orgasm in a couple of decades. I need some serious sex to start happening, and you jacking off is only enough to wake me up a little. Go out and bring a woman in here and bang the shit out of her, for D'bel's sake."

Jeff frowned. "You're like the third person I've met here who gets charged up by sex." He noted. "Not that I'm complaining or anything, mind you. But where can I get me some of that kind of magic?"

"Stick around, Stud-muffin. There's a lot of power on a lot of different levels involved with sex, and I know all the tricks to attune yourself to it. But first, I need to get more than this bare pulse of energy. Look- If you need help getting into somebody's skirts, I can help with that- but you have to get them close-at least inside the hut here. I can read most folks' surface thoughts, and even influence their emotions a little. But right now I'm so weak it's getting hard to even keep this little bit of communication up. So I'm going to shut down. Go get busy screwing something, dammit!"

Panicked shouts from outside brought Jeff hurrying out of his hut. A scrawny figure was sprinting into camp, obviously terrified.

"Giton! What's wrong?" Jeff called as his manservant came skidding to a halt in front of him, eyes wide with fear.

"Boats, Master. Canoes- cannibals! A half dozen of them."

A chill of fear went down Jeff's spine. "Are they coming ashore?"

Giton shook his head, breathing heavily, his eyes wide with near panic. "They're rowing out past the breakers, moving along the shore-line. Like they're looking for us."

"Shit." Jeff said. Other castaways were drawing closer, drawn by the scene, "OK, calm down. They don't know we're here, or they'd be all over us. Nobody has any fire going, they aren't going to spot us unless we do something stupid."

He looked around the group. Everyone in the small community was present except the pirate Mesthines, who had taken a fever from her wounds. He thought about the skull and glanced at the two women present. Both were highly fuckable- Ardenn was soft and voluptuous and Saetha was exotic and enticing, with her fire-orange hair, ashlander skin and flashing green eyes. If Maelit wasn't bullshitting, all he had to do was get either of them into the hut and she'd do the rest.

But Count Ules seemed to sense his interest, and Jeff saw him dig his fingers almost cruelly into the flesh of his cousin's arm and pull her closer. Well, that made the decision easier.

"We need to come up with a battle plan. Saetha- you're the best fighter amongst us. My hut in fifteen minutes?"

Fifteen minutes later Saetha knocked on the bamboo poles that framed the entrance to the hut and entered without waiting to be invited. She slowly took in the contents of the hut- the open chest and its various contents spread about the room.

"This one is a pirate through and through," noted Maelit silently inside Jeff's head. "She's thinking she could kill you right now and slip away with all this loot. If she decides to do that, I won't have time to warn you. I think she'll shift her weight onto her right foot before she makes her move."

"Um- how's Mesthines doing?" Jeff said quickly, hoping to get the pirate's mind off of mayhem.

Saetha shrugged casually, locking eyes with him. "You wanted to talk about how we'd fight if they came?"

Maelit chimed in again. "She's very worried about her lover. If it wasn't for her, this one would have left you all on your own right off the bat. Wow- she really doesn't like men- was this the only woman you could get in here? She's going to be something of a challenge." Maelit sounded like she was having fun.

"Look- I might be able to help her." Jeff said to the Ashlander. "I mean, I'm not much of a healer, but I might be able to come up with something..."

"For what price, wizard?" Her eyes flashed angrily. She reminded him of Grace Jones in those old Conan movies- wild and feral and dangerous. "I don't go in debt willingly, and never to your kind."

He spread his hands helplessly. "If we don't get out of here soon, the cannibals will find us sooner or later. Probably sooner."

She shrugged. "They might get you all, but they'll never catch me, not in the woods."

"They'll get Mesthines, though. You can't keep her safe." Jeff pointed out.

"Hey- you're pretty good at this." Maelit said in his head. "Ah-hah; she knows a little about magic- tell her you're a follower of D'bel, and she'll know exactly what you want her for- and I can see how she reacts."

He shrugged. "Look- I know you don't like me much. But we have to work together. I -- I'm a follower of D'bel. If there was any other way, I'd use it. But the Count keeps a close watch on his cousin and...."

She sneered. "So that's it? You want me to whore myself out for your magic." She tilted her head and stared at him steadily. He had a couple of aces in the hole- when the ship went down he was wearing a magic ring on each hand: the one on his left produced a powerful shock when he touched someone with it, and the other threw out a sledgehammer of force for a couple of dozen feet. He figured he could put her down if it came to it, and if she so much as leaned to her right...

Maelit crowed with delight inside his head. "She's going to do it. She doesn't trust you for shit, and she's sure you're going to backstab her in the end, but she knows its' her only chance to get her girl out alive. Whip that puppy out and tell that bitch to get on her knees!"

Jeff frowned. "Look, Saetha- I can't make you believe me, but I'll swear to you, on anything you want me to, that I'll do everything I can to get you all off this island and safe somewhere. "

She shrugged again. "Come on, don't drag this out. Let's get this over with." Without another word she began to disrobe. She glanced up at him as she struggled with her boots. "What are you waiting for?"

"Get a move on, idiot!" Maelit snarled in his head. "I need cum. Buckets and buckets, and keep it coming."

Saetha stood naked before him and he took in the sight. She was tall and lean, and her tits were surprisingly full, the only soft looking thing on her. He felt the stirrings in his loins, and he finally began undressing.

She glanced at his makeshift bed- an arrangement of palm fronds and blankets and shook her head in disgust. As his pants dropped to the floor and his manhood sprang free she pursed her lips and reached out a hand to stroke him.

"Apparently you're hung a lot better than the menfolk of her people." Maelit noted. "She's still faintly considering taking you out, by the way." Maelit said as the Ashlander dropped to her knees and engulfed his burgeoning manhood within her mouth.

"Great." He noted with trepidation. But a few bobs of her head and he was flying at full staff despite his unease. She wasn't an incredible fellatrix, but she was surprisingly energetic, and her hands stroked his thighs and buttocks as she serviced him. He'd had worse and still loved it.

"Tell her to stick her finger up your ass!" Maelit panted with excitement.

"Shut the hell up." He muttered beneath his breath. He moaned aloud as she worked his tool- she was only able to take about half his length, but her lips were soft and her tongue flitted around his head at the top of each stroke in a most pleasing manner.

"Oh, shit. I'm already almost there." He said -- worried that she would get upset if he came in her mouth. Instead she grabbed his nutsack softly in one hand and wrapped the other around the base of his cock firmly and doubled the speed of her bobbing.

He came hard, and his knees went weak as jets of semen poured down her throat. She kept milking him until he stopped spurting, and rose to her feet. She wiped her lips with the back of her hand as she faced him. "Is that enough?" She asked.

"Not even!" Screamed Maelit. "Hell, she was even digging that a little. She wouldn't mind if you ate her out. You ever taste dark elf pussy?"

He smiled at the comment and surprisingly enough Saetha returned the gesture. He reached out and grabbed her by the shoulder to pull her close. He kissed her mouth, tasting himself on her tongue. One hand cupped a firm tit and the other reached around to cup her tight little ass. He was still hard enough to cut diamonds- he wondered if that was because it had been awhile or if Maelit had something to do with that.

He scooped her up, amazed at how light she was, and lifter her high in the air. "Grab the ceiling poles." He said, and she did, taking most of her weight off him. He then lifted her in front of him and stuck his head between her legs, like a backwards piggy-back ride. Her muff was exposed to his mouth, and he inhaled her deeply. He dipped a tongue into her slit and he felt her legs quiver around his ears.

She had an vaguely citrus-like tang, and he lapped at her cunt lips eagerly before tracing his tongue up to her clit, which was surrounded by a circular ridge he'd never encountered on a woman before. He licked his way around the circle and she moaned.

"Oh, the little bitch likes that!" Maelit croaked. "Her girlfriend sucks the whole mess into her mouth and works with her with her tongue. Yes- like that. Bite her just a little. Mmm- she's grooving on that."

She was- she was writhing on his shoulders and moaning so loudly that he knew the rest of the camp could probably hear what was going on clearly. Not that he gave a fuck at the moment. He alternated between her clit and her pussy, lapping at her juices, which were flowing freely, sometimes guided by the gleeful voice inside his head that showed him just exactly what she liked.

He dug his fingers hard into the globes of her ass and growled as he shook his head back and forth against her mound. "She's about to come!" Maelit announced.

He hardly needed the warning- she shrieked like a banshee and squirted cum-juices like a man, bathing his chin. She let go of the ceiling poles and collapsed forward, cradling his head as she moaned and humped against his mouth.

When she stopped he lifted her off and placed her on the ground, then swiftly turned her around and bent her over. His cock found her engorged lips like a heat-seeking missile, and he plunged into her with an animal growl of lust. He held himself inside her and she ground herself hard against him. She reached forward and placed her hands against the top of the chest and he began rogering her vigorously. She grunted in time with him, and their sweat mingled as they worked themselves furiously against each other. Maelit was humming happily in his head, and he felt himself getting close again.

He grabbed Saetha's hips and lifted her off the ground with the force of his thrusts, and she began contracting around his cock as she came again, and that was plenty to send his own seed flying. They collapsed against the wooden chest, and lay against each other, panting.

He nuzzled her long, pointy ears and she arched her back in pleasure. "This isn't half as bad as I thought it'd be." She murmured, and Maelit giggled wickedly inside Jeff's head.

"That'd be because of me!" Maelit exulted. "Hell, between the two of us, we might have turned her life around! Next time she captures a ship she might rape a crewman or two before she throws them overboard with a slit throat."

"Let's give that shitty little bed of yours a try." The Ashlander said in a sultry voice, and a few moments later Jeff was sucking and kissing her tits while one hand gently caressed an ear as the other flitted around her pussy.

"Don't you ever go down?" Saetha asked as her own hand found his still rigid pole and began softly stroking it. He explored her body with his mouth and hands for what seemed like hours, and finally she pushed him down on his back and mounted him. She moved her body in strong, rhythmic arches that soon had them both gasping with pleasure.

He lost count of how often they fucked, but at some point they both fell asleep. He woke when the Ashlander shook him on the shoulder. A glance thru the copious cracks in the shelter showed that it was night outside.

Saetha was glaring at him. "You have to be getting somewhere by now. My cunt is sore, my asshole is sore, my tits are sore and I think I have lock-jaw. I feel like I've been through a fortnight with an imperial torturer. And you still can't do anything to break Mesthine's fever? She can't last long like this."

Jeff hung his head. "I'm sorry. Not yet- I told you I wasn't much of a healer. But go sit with her- I'm going to try to come up with something. I'll be there as quick as I can."

"You'd damned well better." She warned as she stalked away. They had come to know each other- you couldn't help but considering what they'd been up to, and Jeff genuinely had come to genuinely like the dark pirate, and thought maybe she felt the same.

Still, he had no doubt that if Mesthine died, Saetha would try to kill him...

"The glorious fucking machine is finally awake!" Maelit exulted when he touched the skull lightly. Kind of like an on/off switch, he noticed. "Hey- where's your mount? You need to get to fucking, big boy!"

He shook his head, even though she couldn't possibly see it. "Not now. You need to come up with a few solutions, right away."

He could almost feel her pouting. "But I need cum. You've only just started to charge me up. Get that bitch back in here and bend her over that chest again. Or throw her ankles over your shoulders and pound her into submission. I love it when you make her start babbling incoherently."

"No more fucking until you come up with something." He said sternly. "Besides- you find a way to get the other girl healthy and we can have a real orgy in here."

"Hey- yeah. And that'd be an improvement- this half-way stuff is just leaving me hungry for more. Hmm...." Maelit was silent for several long moments, then she perked up. "That white wand has something restorative about it. The one in the brown case. Bring it here next to me."

Jeff did so. "Take it out and hold it in your right hand." He did- it was only about six inches long and about as wide as a fountain pen. It was bone or ivory, and faint scratching wound around it.

"OK," Maelit said. "Get your meat out and stroke yourself with your left hand and stick the thing in my mouth like it was a cock. Move it in and out at the rhythm that you pump your cock."

Puzzled, he followed her instructions. As he did so, he looked around at some of the other objects that came from the chest. If he had to do this with all of them it was going to get interesting when it came time to learn what the heavy-looking hammer or that black crystal ball could do...

He gradually hardened under his self-ministrations, and Maelit stayed silent for the entire while.

"Hey- you getting anywhere?" he finally prodded.

"Shh. Keep stroking. Let me know when you're close to coming."

He frowned and concentrated on pleasuring himself. He thought about some of the athletics of the past night, and of the lithe, hard body and wickedly passionate instincts of the pirate he'd been fucking. Maelit had told him she was developing a real enjoyment in giving head, and the relative power it gave her over him. She was definitely developing her own little tricks- she was now able to take almost all of him down her throat without gagging, and her tongue was a wonder .

"OK- I'm getting close." He panted.

"Give it to me, baby." Maelit urged. "Spill your come right onto my forehead. Don't stop fucking my mouth with the wand. There you go. Almost there.....come on.....come on.....yessssss! Spurt on me, baby. Give me everything you got."

Like always, his cum disappeared on contact with her skull, and he felt the tingle in the base of his skull that he was coming to regard as something akin to Maelit's own orgasm that accompanied his.

"Ah, that's better. Yeah- yeah; this thing has healing properties. I'll stick the control words in your head- just concentrate on the symbols- the one that looks like a sun is for wounds, the one with the winged snake is for diseases. Sounds like your little pirate princess might need both. It also can provide warmth and light and even keep away some minor types of undead, too. Kind of a handy little toy, really, if you like those sorts of things. So go get the cunt better so she can come over here and be a pivot girl."

Jeff shook his head in wonder as he stepped out of the hut.

He heard the drums as he was halfway across the hearing. They weren't anything new- they'd been present nearly every night. But these sounded close- very close. He ran the rest of the way to Saetha's hut, and she was coming out the door, makeshift spear in hand.

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