tagSci-Fi & FantasyRescue Mission Ch. 04

Rescue Mission Ch. 04


The sounds of battle resounded through the little village of huts- the shrill screams and war-cries of the cannibals intermingling with the dull, mindless roars of rage from the zombies.

Saetha and Giton stood at the door of Jeff's hut, where the last few remaining survivors of the shipwreck had taken a last stand. "Looks like Ules is getting more powerful- he can make a zombie out of a corpse almost as soon as it falls now- but the natives are hacking them apart so fast that this could still go either way." The Ashlander pirate noted with a professional detachment.

Whichever party won the battle outside, it wasn't likely to go well for the four people in the hut. Saetha had already killed a pair of cannibals and bashed in the head of a zombie as each came through rents in the hut, but for the most part both sides were concentrating on each other for the moment.

In the meantime, in the midst of all this hell, Jeff was receiving a superb blow job in the middle of the hut.

"Gods dammit all to hell, Maelit." Jeff silently shouted inside his head. "Find us a way out of here NOW!"

The carven and decorated skull that was his telepathic mentor and confidant sighed mentally with exasperation inside his skull. She was currently using her arcane powers to sort through the dozens of magical items strewn about the room, trying to divine what their properties were and if they could help in the current situation.

In Jeff's opinion, she lacked any real sense of urgency, and was much more interested in having sexual acts going on around her than actually helping. He wondered if she actually needed it like she said, or if she just wanted some way to have some sort of control over him.

Still, she had undeniably been a help so far. "I'm trying, wonder-boy." She projected. "I think I'm sensing something that might help. Come all over blondies' face and I might just have it."

The other pirate was on her knees, blonde head bobbing back and forth on Jeff's jutting rod. He couldn't help but admire her talent and her focus on getting the job done- she was good enough to have him approaching orgasm despite the imminent danger and the general havoc going on around them.

Mesthines was literally just off her sick-bed, too, still pale and weak. But as soon as Saetha told her about D'bel and what needed to be done for Jeff to get power- which was the story as far as the Ashlander knew it- she had walked over and dropped in front of him without another word.

She reached underneath now and gently stroked his nutsack with long fingernails as her other hand traced a line up the crevasse of his ass-cheeks. Her head began pistoning back and forth like a machine, and her soft lips brushed the length of his manhood, while her tongue laved his cock with warm wetness. He felt his toes curl up in pleasure, and when she suddenly grabbed both ass-cheeks fiercely and planted her lips all the way against the base of his cock, shoving him deep down her throat he felt himself go over the edge, and he spurted deep into her throat.

"On her face! Pull out and get her face. Yes- like that- all in her hair and everything!" Maelit crowed in delight inside his head.

His knees shuddered with the force of his orgasm. Since he'd come into possession of the disembodied skull-queen, his orgasms felt much more intense, and produced a ton of cum. He could also swear he was a little larger than ever, and there was absolutely no doubt that he could get harder faster and stay that way longer than ever before.

But he was quickly distracted when the whole hut shook as a cannibal came crashing through the flimsy reed walls,

"Maelit!" He shouted it out loud this time, as Saetha instantly pierced the attacker with her spear. As he writhed in agony on the blade, scrawny little Giton came up from behind and whacked his head with a heavy club, ending his screaming

"Ok, ok. Geez, give a girl a chance to swallow, for crying out loud. Hmm...There's a sash- it looks like a thick band of green canvas. Spread it out and say the words I put in your head and you've got yourself a nice little flying carpet."

"No shit? Will it carry all of us?"

"Well, the bigger you make it, the slower it is, and the less range. Better it's just you -- and maybe that blonde cock-sucker, too. Yeah, we're going to need her."

Jeff shook his head. He'd like to think the skull was joking, but he knew better. He picked up the green cloth and spread it out. "Giton- get everything packed in the chest- quickly. We're getting out of here. "

A few minutes later they were ready to go. The carpet was expanded to its maximum size: about the size of a queen-sized bed, and he sat cross-legged in fine Arabian Nights style at its front as it wallowed sluggishly into the air. He sat Maelit's skull in his lap and heard her make a contented purring sound as he did so. They eased slowly up through the rent walls of the hut and into the afternoon sky.

A cry went up from the combatants in the village as the fugitives slowly rose into the air. It was Jeff's first view of the battlefield, and it was a grisly sight. To kill a zombie you had to essentially decapitate it, or at least destroy the brain- although dismemberment was a viable alternative. The whole village was a mass of blood and limbs, and the battle still raged on. There were at least three times as many natives as there were zombies, but the odds changed every time a cannibal went down.

Jeff spotted Count Ules in a makeshift tree-stand, chanting and gesturing, and a black beam of force arced forth from his hands to animate another fallen cannibal on the ground below. The Count spared a glance up at the carpet and Jeff's blood froze at the madness and rage in the face.

"Flee, you cowards. My servants will hunt you down wherever you go. I will have my vengeance!"

"Whatever!" Jeff yelled back, having failed to come up with anything wittier. A cannibal's spear whizzed by- surprisingly close- and he quickly focused his attention back on getting the carpet higher. The island quickly fell behind them as they headed directly out to sea, away from the carnage.

The chest was right behind him on the carpet, and the other occupants were spaced around it, clutching onto it for support. The carpet wasn't quite stable, and every once in a while it would sort of wobble in the air. Jeff figured they were about a hundred feet up and going hardly a little faster than a walk, or at best a slow jog, and that was as high and fast as he could coax it to go.

"Is this all she's got?" He asked mentally.

"Look- I didn't build it." Maelit sniffed. "Get rid of some ballast if you want to go faster."

He turned to the dark elf. "Which way?"

Her green eyes were surprisingly full of fear- something he'd never seen in them before. She nodded generally South East, clutching tightly to the chest in the middle of the carpet with both hands.

Mesthines, on the other hand, was enjoying the trip, and laughed aloud in pleasure. Her face and hair was still coated with some of his dried semen, and he wondered at how it could make her look so good. He felt his cock shift at the thought, and Maelit purred again in his head.

They travelled all day without spotting a ship or any signs of humanity- just sea birds and schools of fish and pods of whales and dolphins. As evening approached, they saw a fair sized island slightly to the South of their course. It had a distinctive set of forested hills with high, red cliffs.

"I know where we are." Mesthines said, the wind swirling her blonde curls about. "We've stopped here for water, and to divide loot up before. There's a stream on the South side that runs down to the shore, and there'll be wood for a fire. Maybe we can catch some lobsters or crabs or something, and I think there are wild pigs here, too."

They eventually came in for a rather clumsy landing on a stretch of white, sandy beach not far from the promised stream, and in short order had a decent little camp set up, with a fire roaring and field-expedient pots made from woven leaves to boil the lobster that Saetha dove for."

After the meal they washed up in the stream, which was clear and cold, and within minutes the two pirates were entwined in a passionate embrace. They were oblivious to the men in the stream as they began to fondle and caress each other, the dark, bruise-colored skin of the Ashlander constrasting with the sun-bronzed tan of the blonde.

Saetha was lean and hard-bodied- whereas Mesthines was lusciously full-figured, with a set of full, heavy tits that Saetha buried her face in eagerly.

"Get closer" urged Maelit. "The elf is a man-hater, but the blonde loves cock- she'll spread those long legs for you in a heartbeat. Tell them you need to charge up again."

Jeff scowled as he leaned back against a rock, feet floating lazily in the water. "Let them be for a minute. Mesthines' has been sick- let them be alone with each other for awhile."

"Don't come off all high and mighty with me." The voice cooed in his head. "You're the one with a raging hard on while you're watching them stroke each other. At least let the little gay-boy come over and stroke you off. Look at him; he's dying over your man-meat."

Jeff glanced at Giton, who was indeed staring at his exposed manhood, and quickly dropped his hips deeper into the water to hide his erection.

"You really have to get over this prudishness." Maelit lectured. "It doesn't make you less of a man to let another one get you off. Just keep your eyes on the tits and ass over there and imagine you're in there with them."

"How about you just shut the fuck up for a little while?" Jeff grunted.

The pirates' were giggling and laughing like young girls and whispering to each other as they caressed, and they both looked over at him and smiled. Saetha crooked a finger towards him and beckoned.

"Yeah, baby; party time!" Maelit exulted.

Jeff waded across the stream into their open arms, and was greeted by a fierce kiss on the lips from the dark elf, who twined her hand in his hair and fairly raped his mouth with her tongue. "I owe you, wizard. It seems so far that you are the rarest of things- a trustworthy wizard, and a man at that. You saved my partners life, and we've decided to pay you back a little."

"She's still half-considering marooning you here and taking all your loot." Maelit noted inside his head. "But at least she isn't thinking of slitting your throat anymore."

Jeff vowed to keep the activation words to the carpet to himself, but the thought quickly fled as the blonde took her turn kissing him. The contrast between her and the dark elf continued even to their kisses: this was soft and warm and sensual.

A hand reached down to grip his turgid manhood and began stroking. He reached out and with each hand grabbed a tit, and the thought struck him that overall, life was good since he came to this crazy world.

They ended up on the carpet, with Maelit's skull atop the chest grinning down at them. Mesthines squirmed atop the Ashlander and buried her face between her legs, wiggling her ass enticingly. Jeff took the hint and moved in quickly from behind. He eased his mushroom-head between her puffy cunt lips and groaned as her wetness sucked him in. He began a slow, steady pace, pounding her pussy with the length of his rod. She ground against him and rotated her hips while Saetha moaned in delight at her ministrations.

As her moans increased, Jeff felt his own need quicken, and he began driving harder and faster, shifting his hips on each stroke to come in from a different angle. He grabbed her hips as he felt her pussy begin to contract around his shaft in orgasm, and at the other end the dark-elf screamed out her own coming to the gathering night. Jeff let loose with a torrent of come, and he heard Maelit sigh blissfully in his head as he fell to the carpet beside the pirates.

Saetha caught his eye and motioned with a nod to the side. Giton stood at the edge of the little clearing like a lost puppy, stroking his cock slowly. Saetha raised an eyebrow in question, and Jeff paused, shaking his head slightly. Why did every woman on this world want him to turn switch-hitter?

"You want to let the little guy come on in?" Mesthines whispered. " At least he can clean up after you, or something?".

Saetha snorted in suppressed laughter and dipped a hand down to the blondes' cunt. "There's ought to be enough man-juice there to satisfy him." She turned her head to the servant. "Boy! Get over here."

Giton half-ran forward, his face full of mixed emotions. Saetha pointed. "I intend to dine on that pussy several times tonight, and I don't like the taste of man. Get it clean and keep it clean every time this barbarian messes it back up."

In the blink of an eye the man-servant was at work. Mesthines cooed delightedly. "Ooh- he's very energetic. And his moustache tickles!"

Jeff was worried that when Giton was done cleaning there he'd try to clean his cock next, so he reached out and pulled the dark-elf on top of him.

Her green eyes glittered as she grinned down at him. "I'm not fully converted to man-meat yet, wizard. But one more ride for old times sake might do the trick."

She eased herself down his still rock-hard pole until she was fully impaled, then sat there a minute with her eyes closed before beginning to slowly manipulate her hips. Mesthines pushed the servant away and came over to begin sucking on her tits, and Jeff watched as the dark-elf smiled and arched her back.

He tapped the globes of Mesthines ass and she obligingly shifted over to place her over his face. He concentrated on the engorged clit and soft, inviting hole in front of him, letting the Ashlander choose her own pace on his cock.

He licked and sucked and ate Mesthines to several shuddering orgasms before he heard the dark elf start to go over the edge. She was a very vocal lover, and as she began half-moaning, half-shrieking Jeff felt a warm tongue bathing his balls and the base of his rod.

Since he still had Mesthines' pussy planted on his face, he knew who it had to be, but at this point there wasn't much he could do about it- his own come was boiling up out of him as Saetha planted her feet squarely on the ground to either side of him and began bouncing up and down on his rod like a pogo stick, screaming like a banshee as she came repeatedly.

She kept riding him as he came in surge after surge of come, creating loud, squishy noises and bathing his nutsack in overflow, which was quickly cleaned off.

Finally Saetha ground down to a shuddering halt and collapsed against the blonde, who rolled her off Jeff's rod and onto the carpet. She pointed an imperious finger at the servant, who was obviously at the brink of plunging his mouth onto Jeff's cum-coated wand. Jeff wasn't sure what he would have done, but he was spared finding out when the blonde pirate came to his rescue.

"You. Get to work- there's another pussy that needs cleaning." She reached out and grabbed the servant's hair and pulled him close, whispering something fiercely in his ear. He nodded and gulped and quickly went to work between the dark-elfs' legs.

Mesthines purred as she lay alongside Jeff. "A girl could get used to this. I love Saetha dearly, but a hard cock is sure good to have around. And my goodness- you are still hard! Funny- you don't look eighteen years old..."

He lost count of the times he came that night.

He awoke when he felt the net fall over him. It was a little past dawn, and he was still naked, wrapped in his blanket, and somehow the skull was trapped in the net with him, pulled tightly against his side.

He was lifted smoothly off the ground feet first, and as he dangled, he saw both pirates struggling in a similar net. There was no sign of Giton.

Jeff stared at his captor from upside down. It was a red-headed woman- as thickly muscled as a pro wrestler and easily ten feet tall. She was clad only in a large animal skin- it looked like an entire bulls' hide.

The attire was something out of the Flintstones- it went over one shoulder, exposing one massive tit, and barely reached down to cover her pubic area. It was cinched at the waist by a length of thick rope. She carried a huge spear in one hand and held the net up high with the other, easily dangling him off the ground as her single eye surveyed him with interest.

Another Cyclops that could have been her twin except for her dark hair held the pirates up at arms length for the same sort of inspection with the same ease.

"I'm hungry." The one holding the women said in a deep, guttural voice. "We could eat one of them now and just tell Celeyth we only found two of 'em."

"Ya idgit. Celeyth's already seen 'em- she sent us here for them, remember? Let's get them to her- maybe she'll give us one to play with."

The one carrying Jeff scooped up the chest, and they were off, leaving the carpet lying in the clearing.

The trip through the forest was nightmarish. The Cyclops threw their prizes over their shoulders like sacks of grain, and Jeff bounced around upside down the whole trip. He caught glimpses of Saetha and Mesthines once in while, and they looked like they were having no more luck than he was with the thick, heavy net holding them.

Their captors took them through a cave in one of the red cliff faces, and suddenly they were out of the forest and in a settlement of white stone buildings and smooth pavement, with marble statuary of warriors and fantastic beasts in various stages of battle and fornication- sometimes seemingly at the same time.

A marble fountain dominated the center courtyard formed by the buildings. Jeff was silently cursing himself for not scouting the whole island from the air before camping for the night. Now they were prisoners, and potential foodstuffs.

"Relax, wonder-boy." Maelit said in his skull. "They were bluffing about eating you. Trying to put a scare into the lot of you. One of them even thinks you're kind of cute."

They were carried into a large, temple-like building, its open doors flanked by huge marble lions that reminded Jeff of something outside a library, somehow. The interior was lit by a layer of large windows across the entire top, essentially leaving the inside open to the elements.

"Hail, Celeyth. We bring thee gifts." The two Cyclops chanted in near-harmony. The slung the nets forward, and Jeff went skidding across the floor, colliding with the women and bruising his hip badly against the jeweled skull.

"Quickly: say the word I put into your head, and place me around your neck as you get up." Maelit said.

Puzzled and somewhat stunned, Jeff said the word, and the pressure of the skull vanished against his side.

"Rise in the presence of Celeyth." An imperious female voice said in crashing tones.

Shakily, Jeff pushed himself out of the net and halfway to his feet. He felt something in his fist and saw a silver chain in his hand, from which hung a small, jeweled skull. "Maelit?" he thought aloud. The jewels in the eyes seemed to flash, but no answer came, and he slipped the chain over his neck as smoothly as possible as he rose the rest of the way up, hoping the motion wasn't too obvious.

He stared at the creature before him. If the Cyclops' were huge, this woman was gigantic: even sitting on her carven throne she towered over everyone, and he guessed she would have to be nearly fifteen feet tall.

She looked for all the world like a female Satyr on a titanic scale, except that her legs were those of a tiger, striped and padded, with white fur lining the inside of her thighs and trailing up her naked torso in a fine pale triangle to her belly button.

She was utterly naked, and was muscular on an entirely different level than the Cyclops: where they were massive, she was lithely muscled. Her tits were inhumanly perfect, better than any silicon set Jeff had ever seen, like something out of a comic book. Even sitting perfectly still she emanated strength, grace and power.

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