tagFirst TimeReserved Jenny Finds Herself Ch. 01

Reserved Jenny Finds Herself Ch. 01


This first chapter sets the stage with a slower build and is more sensual than sexual. It builds up towards the end and the next few chapters are more explicit and sexual. This is my first story, so I welcome any of your feedback!


"What can I get you?"

"Umm. A shot. Anything. No, make it a Tequila."


I nod as I reach for the shot. I'm shaking like leaf? The liquid burns my throat. I've only drank Tequila one other night and that was almost 12 years ago. I check my watch. No, he isn't late, I'm early. Really early. I'm trying to relax and appear confident, but it's hard. No one else ever made me feel this way. I hardly know him other than a long weekend and some recent texts and phone calls over the past month. But seeing him in person after all this time. That's a lot of pressure. What if he isn't attracted to me? What if I'm not attracted to him? It's been 12 years and a lot has changed.

I remember that evening clearly. I was bored and ready to bail. Kat, my best friend since elementary school was throwing a graduation party at the beach near her school and had invited me. I didn't know anyone else, but she promised there would be great guys here. But her college friends all seemed the same: over-developed egos with unoriginal cringe-worthy pickup lines. Maybe I was too harsh on the guys who came up to me that night, but I just wasn't that interested in any of them. Or what they wanted. In fact, only one person caught my eye that night, but he was too busy dancing to even notice me.

I was still nursing my first long island iced tea when I noticed him walk by. I looked right at him and shook out my long blonde hair with my left hand, but he didn't notice. Why would he. I wasn't dressed like the others. My boobs were smaller and my outfit was far less revealing. I quickly finished my drink and ordered another, slowly sipping as I watched his broad shoulders glide across the dance floor. He did a good job keeping his frame and appeared comfortable during every song. I could see why the girls kept coming up to him. His long, dark ruffled hair no doubt helped too. My fingers ran through his locks until I felt the tap.

"Jennifer. Jennifer?" Kat was standing in front of me. "Wake up, Cinderella."

I pulled my hand out of my hair and laughed, my cheeks getting warm. Kathy's eyes followed mine.

"Who is he, Kat?"

"Mark. But don't get any ideas, Jen. He'd eat you alive. He is way more experienced than you."

"Everyone is way more experienced than me." It was true. Sure, I had fun and had fooled around, but I hadn't found anyone worthwhile and I was about to graduate."

"Did you ever fool around with them?"

"I wish, given the stories I've heard."

"How good could it be that good? It's just sex."

Kat laughed. Oh Jen, if only you knew. There's sex and then there is...I watched her eyes widen as she mimicked a soft orgasm building up.

I was watching Kat walk sexily across the floor when I felt another tap. I'm still not sure which surprised me more. That he came up to me, that I said yes, or what I allowed to happen later. I stood up and finished my second drink. Mark steadied my slightly tipsy frame as his hand enveloped my small hand and made me feel as though I was tethered to a rock. When we got to the dance floor, I felt his other hand pressing against my back and his hip pressing into my left hip.

"My, aren't we fast?"

"Just follow my lead." At that point I realized two things. He had an accent and this was a salsa, which I had never danced before. Although nervous at first, I soon forgot I was dancing and just followed his lead. When the song ended, I thanked him for a wonderful dance and turned to head back to the table.

"Jennifer?" His accent placed a stronger emphasis on the first syllable.

I turned back. "Yes?"

"I'd love to have another dance with you!"

I could feel strong stares from the other women, but I was emboldened by my second drink and didn't care about some old-fashioned etiquette demanding I share the only good dancer in the room.

"I think you've got others who want to dance."

He pulled your hand towards him. "But I want to dance with you."

We kept dancing as one song blended into yet another. Why me, I kept wondering. Maybe he has some weird librarian fetish or something.

"Because you are a great dancer."

My jaw dropped. Somehow I had shared my thoughts out loud.

"And no, I don't have a librarian fetish. When I saw you laugh and smile, I kept thinking how different you were from the others. So much more elegant and spirited. I wanted to meet you."

I felt a lot of things right then, including some feelings I hadn't felt before. Perhaps I shouldn't have finished that second drink. "Tell me more about yourself, Jennifer. I want to know everything"

For the next hour, we danced every song and I answered every question truthfully, sharing intimate information that I had only shared with Kathy. Instead of being self-conscious, I felt safe and alive at the same time. He even answered my probing risqué questions, but somehow I felt he was holding back.

His eyes grew wide. "You've never done a body shot?"

I felt embarrassed for the first time, but he pulled me closer and whispered three words that made me feel even more alive. "Tonight is different." As soon as the song ended, he led me to the bar. Two tequilas, salt and lime, please.

I watched his fingers moved towards my blouse. Normally I would have slapped the hand away, especially in a crowded room like we had that night. Somehow, though, it seemed normal. His touch was more sensual and he seemed so confident in his movements. Besides, he needed access to my neck, right.

"Tilt your head back" I can still remember the feel of his mouth lingering on my neck, followed by the sprinkle of salt. I felt flush. "Your turn, Jennifer."

I don't know if it was the crowd or the two strong drinks, but I decided to break out of my reserved self. I moved my body right into his and undid his second button. As my tongue work its way across his neck, I reached out for the lime, but it was gone. I turned to him and laughed. "You're sneaky, you know that."

His finger called me forward. "You've got to finish with the lime. That's the way it's done, Jenny."

I opened my mouth and sucked on the lime. Then I pulled it from his lips and backed away. Things were moving way too fast and I needed to get out of here. As I headed out, he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the door. "Let's go. It's getting crowded."

His other hand held the brown bag that was sitting on top of the bar.

I wanted to explain that I wasn't just leaving the party, I was leaving him. I wanted to tell him this was moving too fast for me. But he had his arm wrapped around my back and I realized I didn't want to leave him just yet. He felt so warm and I wanted to try out these dangerous and reckless feelings.

Here I was, a virgin, following a man I had known less than 2 hours. We left the boardwalk and headed barefoot into the cool sand into a little cave. I don't know how he know about the little secluded spot, but it was perfect. I heard every wave crashing down and could feel the moon reflecting off of the water. Everything and everyone else seemed so far away.

"This time, you go first Jenny." I looked over as he opened the bag, revealing more tequila, salt and lime. I unbuttoned his shirt all the way and pushed him back across the sand. I poured the some salt and let my tongue trace a long arc across his abs. I took the lemon, squeezed several drops onto his stomach, tossed back the tequila and found my tongue making a wider arc this time as I watched the smile form on his lips.

He then lay his jacket on the ground and somehow removed my blouse and bra before I realized what was happening. Then he eased me back, careful to keep me off the sand. Instead of asking him to slow down, I pushed my breasts towards him. They are small, but guys love them because they respond so well to even the lightest touch. Mark had picked up on that and he was now moving his right hand right over the top of them as he poured a line of salt onto my right breast. As soon as he began his long arc of kisses around my breast my nipples got hard. He then continued to please me with his tongue, occasionally flicking my nipple.

Realizing the salt was long gone, he let go of my right breast and my left nipple became aroused for the first time. I watched the drops of lime fall, followed by drops of tequila which he slowly licked off. If anyone had painted this picture for me, I would have raised my eyebrows. But Mark had a way of doing things that was erotic and sensual and caused new noises to form in my throat.

It felt so good. If he had asked me to, I would have gotten on my knees and begged him not to stop. But he didn't. Instead, he kept kissing my neck and various parts of my body as his hands caressed my hips. I began frantically pulling at his belt. I didn't know what was going to happen, but everything felt so good and I wanted to feel his skin against my skin. He removed my skirt, leaving me in my white lace panties, which were becoming very wet. My body was warm and ready and...about to come. I grabbed his head and begged him not to stop as he looked up at my eyes and began to kiss me hard. His hands found my breasts again and I felt him hesitate. His face had a mischievous cat that ate the canary look, but I wasn't ready for games.

"Please. Don't stop." He pinched my nipple gently as he got on top of me. He was hard and he had positioned himself right between my legs. I whimpered and began to move my hips.

"Let yourself go, Jenny." His teeth lightly clamped on my left nipple I felt myself utter sounds I had never heard before. I slowly allowed myself to come back down and took a couple of deep breaths. Wow. I was still shaking a little.

"Oh my god, Mark. That was amazing."

I was on a mission, now. I pulled down his boxers and pulled him out and looked at it. I wasn't experienced, so I didn't have much to compare to. But at that moment he looked like the yummiest thing I had ever seen. I dragged my tongue around his head and looked up at him. I could tell by his eyes and the sounds he was making that I was doing something right. The idea that I, inexperienced Jennifer could make someone like this tremble made me even hornier. I took him into my mouth. As much as I could. I'm no expert, but I had read an article about this and had practiced enough to feel comfortable.

"Don't stop. Whatever you're doing is amazing." He grabbed my hair gently and began to match my rhythm, stroke for stroke. I was hungry for him and the sounds he was making left me know I was both in control and desired. He began stroking my legs. I tried not to get distracted as his fingers worked their way closer to me now very wet panties. Please, keep going, I pleaded silently. His fingers finally found their way inside my panties and I spread my legs to give him greater access. I almost came when I felt his thumb press against my clit and I pushed my hips against his finger that was now sliding inside of me.

I didn't need to tell him to be gentle, as he worked his way inside me slowly as though he could read my mind and feel my every nerve. "You're so tight. And wet." His breathing began to become more rapid.

I'm always too sensitive for a second one, but tonight felt different. I ground my hips into his finger as he placed a second finger inside of me. He started to shake and began to pull out of my mouth and withdraw his wet fingers. I grabbed his head and held hand in place. "No. I want you to make me come. Again. You can do whatever you want later."

I can still remember him pulsing right before he began squirting inside my mouth. I latched onto him and tasted it for the first time as I continued licking the top and sides before removing my mouth.

His thumb was now rubbing circles on my engorged clit and his two fingers pushed further inside of me. The slurping sound seemed to drown out the crashing waves. The rush came on faster but stronger and I felt my back arch. I don't know how long I made those embarrassing sounds, but strangely, I didn't care.

"Thank you, Mark. That was amazing". I lay on top of his chest, twirling my fingers in his chest hair as he kissed the top of my head. I didn't want this night to ever end, but I felt so tired.

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