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Resident Evil: Outbreak was inspired by Resident Evil: Infection by daxg2001. Resident Evil: Outbreak takes place in Dimension 185 of my multiverse and is an amalgamation of the Resident Evil's films and the Resident Evil's video games. Characters are present from both continuities, along with other characters from other similar franchises, and newly created characters.

Resident Evil: Outbreak is edited by Emily Thayer. I would like to thank mediumenjoyment for writing the initial sex scene in Chapter One.

Resident Evil:


Episode One -- Chapter One:

Monday, October 15, 2018 C.E.

Raccoon University,

Raccoon City,

Arklay Mountain, United States

In one of the abandoned buildings of the Raccoon University, Major Arthur Pendragon, a United States Marine Corps officer is hiding with a large number of survivors from the outbreak within the city. Arthur is one of two individuals who the T-virus doesn't kill, instead enhancing them. The only other person that had happened to is a woman known as Alice. After saving Alice and her small group of survivors, Arthur explained how and why he came to her rescue. A rogue cell within Umbrella Corporation used the T-virus to enhance Arthur but it was already too late to stop the outbreak within the city. By the time Arthur reached Raccoon City the outbreak was in full force, forcing Arthur to taking the leadership role over from Alice. She was more than happy to let Arthur assume the mantle since that allowed her to do what she is best at, which is killing the infected. Like Alice, Arthur had enhanced strength, resilience, agility, reflexes, and accelerated recovery. Arthur also had developed telekinesis. His enhancement also increased his physical mass and stamina, along with giving him greater intelligence. However, Arthur had also discovered that unknown to him Doctor Anna Bolt and Fiona Gold, who enhanced Arthur, also left him with what Doctor Gold defined as 'Alpha-male' characteristics which included protecting Alice and other women. Unfortunately because of the death of both doctors, Arthur hasn't been able to find anyone to cure the side-effect.

"Arthur," says Jill Valentine, walking up to him, wearing her tight-fitting blue top that goes down to her hips and her short black skirt. Her top hides her navy blue bra but also struggles to contain her very shapely breasts. Jill pushes her dark brown hair out of her face before she continues, "I was wondering what the plan is because we can't stay here much longer. Our supplies are running low. We're almost out of ammo."

"I'm planning on us leaving this city as soon as I find transport for everyone. As for the other issue I will be leading a team to locate more supplies and ammo, later today," replies Arthur, who was going to asking Jill to join him on the mission. Jill nods in understanding before turning around to leaves but stops when Arthur asks, "Jill is everything alright?"

"Some of the girls were talking," answers Jill, who was saved by Arthur when he came to rescue Alice, "They seem to think that you're immune to the T-virus and we were wondering if it can be..."

"I'm not technically immune, I don't think I am. The T-virus doesn't turn me into a zombie similar to Alice. It does make me my special ability but if I can transfer my resistance to you or anyone else the answer is I'm not sure..." explains Arthur, as it would seem that the T-virus only enhances what he already naturally possessed. Jill looks like she wants to ask something but Arthur continues, "...I will some need time to figure out how we can test your theory. If I'm able we will move forward then..."

"Sounds good," replies Jill, as Alice approaches. Jill like everyone else had noticed the changes in Alice's body, primarily her very small chest which gone from a 32A to a 34B literally overnight and seem to be getting larger. As Jill leaves, Alice approaches, wanting to speak with Arthur, "I found a possible location of good supplies and maybe a vehicle we can use as transportation. Arthur grins before he asks, "Where at?"

"There is an underground weapons facility formerly controlled by Umbrella Corporation but abandoned before the outbreak. It had weapons, food, ammo, and vehicles," replies Alice, hoping it's not too good to be true. The underground weapons facility is located in the southern half of Raccoon City. Arthur comments, "Alright but we go together since it very well could be a trap."

"Are you sure?" asks Alice, who wishes she got Arthur's superior intelligence. Arthur nods his head yes and explains, "I calculate a 38% chance of it being a trap and a 62% chance of taking losses because of the infected. There is only a 13% of success but that jumps to 45% if we go by ourselves but I will send Jill, Claire, Ada, Jessica, and Rachel to secure the fallback site."

"What site?" Alice asks, knowing Arthur's enhanced brain had calculated the chances based on survival rates from previous encounters, skills of the team members and most importantly the density of the undead since a lower density of the undead means a higher rate of casualties since when there's a high density of the undead the group tends to order a quick retreat or simply run away while a lower density means they're more likely to be taken by surprise.

"I found us a site, so we can abandon the city, far southwest of the city on several uninhabited islands off the banks of the Trident River. It should give us a safe area to regroup while looking for other survivors before deciding on our next move," answers Arthur, who figured since the islands were protected lands that it shouldn't have any peoples since most of the refugees fled west to the nearly major city, Denver. The Trident River is a tributary of the Gunnison River, itself a tributary of the Colorado River. Raccoon City is located in the state of Colorado and Moffat County. Alice asks, "Arthur, are you sure?"

"I am but we will just need to find vehicles that can transport everyone," explains Arthur, who is surprised at how fast him and Alice have become close. Alice nods before saying, "Like I said before there should be several different types of vehicles at the abandoned underground weapons facility. It just depends on what you are looking for, fuel-friendly versus combat-oriented?"

"It all depends on what is available but let's not waste any more time talking," orders Arthur, as he walks back toward the main area that the small group of survivors had been using as a base.

Four Hours Later:

Abandoned Underground Weapons Facility,

Raccoon City,

Moffat Country, Colorado

Arthur, Jill, Marissa and Sienna are making their way through the abandoned underground weapons facility. Arthur had left Karena and Michaela at the entrance of where they came in, to keep an eye out while placing FOUR EYES high above in a nearby watch tower. FOUR EYES is the code name for Christine Yamata, who along with Karena LesProux, codenamed LUPO, and Michaela Schneider, codenamed BERTHA, are the half of the Wolfpack/Delta Team that survived being sent into the city to handle the T-virus outbreak. The Wolfpack was being overwhelmed by the infected and was only saved by the timely arrival of the Major.

"Alright Marissa and Sienna take the west wing. Jill and I will take the east wing," orders Arthur, who flipped Jill and Alice after the girls didn't think they should send both Arthur and Alice to the same place. If something happened to both of them, the group's chances of survival would decline. Arthur and Jill start down the eastern corridor, as Marissa and Sienna split off going down the western corridor. Following the corridor to the end there is an elevator, Jill says, "So I guess we are going down."

"It would seem so," replies Arthur, as the elevator doors open, Arthur spins his Special Tactics Assault Rifle around before stepping into the elevator. Jill joins Arthur just a second later. As the elevator doors close, Jill asks, "It is unusual that we haven't seen a soul but the power is working? I mean nothing!"

"The facility was abandoned before the outbreak," explains Arthur, as the elevator continues to descend, "They had time to get everyone out. But I don't know why they abandoned it..."

The elevator comes to a stop, then the doors open causing Arthur to step out of the elevator before scanning the room but there is nothing. Arthur motions for Jill to follow him, Jill steps through the elevator doors which close behind her and says, "Now, I'm starting to get bad feeling about this place."

"Marissa and Sienna have you found anything?" asks Arthur, over his AN/PRC-152 radio. It only takes a second for Sienna 'Party Girl' Fowler, to respond by saying, "We found the vehicle bay..."

"We also found the supplies," voices Marissa 'Tweed' Ronson, one of three Echo Six members who survived the outbreak. Like the Wolfpack they were rescued by Arthur and Alice. The other two are Party Girl and Caroline 'Willow' Floyd, who Arthur left in charge of those who stayed behind on the abandoned college campus.

"Excellent!" voices Arthur, before seeing the lab at the end of the corridor, "Supplies to the surface then check the vehicles."

"Roger, Roger," reply the ladies before ending the transmitter. Arthur approaches the lab, and after placing his hand on the hand's scanner the large metal doors open. Jill asks, "...are you sure we should go in there? I mean it could be..."

"It will be alright," answers Arthur, noticing that Jill is unusually fearful. Arthur steps through the doors with Jill a couple steps behind him. After Jill is through the metal doors close, as another set of metal doors open and Arthur moves through but he suddenly feel like something is wrong. As Jill passes through the second set of metal doors they shut behind her.

"Hello, Arthur..." says a voice, causing Arthur to aim his weapon in the direction he thinks the voice came from. Arthur is greeted by a little girl, "...I'm the Blue Queen. I was created to assist you by Doctor Bolt and Gold, but the Red Queen found out and trapped me within the lab, and that is why this facility was abandoned..."

Arthur and Jill exchange concerned looks, as the Blue Queen continues, "...there is also the fact that Jill was just exposed..."

"Exposed to what?" asks Jill, though she already knows what the Blue Queen is referring to. The Blue Queen turns and looks at Jill before continuing, "The T-virus, now there is an antivirus but..."

"Where is the antivirus?" asks Arthur, while the Blue Queen just faces Arthur, and explains, "The only existing antivirus is you."

"Me?" asks Arthur, very surprised because he knew he was bonded with the T-virus similar to Alice but he didn't know he also carried the antivirus to cure someone who is infected. Jill says, "I get the feeling there is a 'but' coming? Side effects..."

"I have a better question," voices Arthur, "How do we get the antivirus out of my body? Is it in my blood because I'm Type A..."

"Unfortunately, it is not in your blood. It is in your semen and the only known way to transfer the antivirus is through sex. It also can only be transfer to women as Doctors didn't have time to perfect it so it could be transferred to anyone and there is the..."

"Arthur you will need to have sex with me!" says Jill, not wanting to wait to get the antivirus. But the Blue Queen continues, "...the side-effect is that once you have sex with that woman she will belong only to you. You have already seen this with Alice and the other changes, like the increased bust size."

"What do you mean by 'belong only to Arthur?'" asks Jill, as that statement just threw ice water on her. The Blue Queen continues, "It is simple. Doctor Gold left him with what she defined as the Alpha-male characteristics, including protecting women, even at the cost of men's lives, but like some animals, the Alpha-male will be shared by the women of his 'pack.' The antivirus in his semen will bond you to him. You will obey him, you will desire him, and your body will change to pleasure him..."

"Like Alice's bust size increasing," comments Jill, wondering if the trade-off is worth it or not. The Blue Queen nods her head before continuing, "Correct but this is only your choice, Jill."

"So I can either become a monster or some concubine?" asks Jill.

"That is not much of a choice," voices Arthur, who genuinely feels sorry for Jill but there is one thing he doesn't understand, "Blue Queen can you please tell me, how did Jill got infected?"

"The Red Queen released a gas version of t-virus in case you came looking for me. The other two women are not currently infected but there is also the possibly that once the other women in your group become aware that you carried the antivirus they will have sex with you in order not to become infected," explains the Blue Queen. Jill is debating her options when Arthur asks, "So do you know about the other changes in my body?"

"What change?" asks Jill, as Blue Queen voices, "Just show her."

Arthur sighs as he places his weapon and other equipment down on the ground before reluctantly pulling down his pants and boxers. Jill is stunned but at the same time highly aroused. Arthur is fully erect not only with the hardest, longest and thickest cock she had ever seen, but Arthur possessed two gigantic cocks along with four massive balls. Arthur explains, "You see the t-virus bonded with me, had this side-effect. I was always above average before but now I have two cocks with an endless supply of semen."

If she had any doubts before they're gone now, as she walks over...as the room is lit by the light of dim, empty monitors by the time that Jill crosses the room to make first contact with Arthur. The Blue Queen's presence is notably absent, but the hesitation from Jill before was also apparently gone.

"Well, I guess we need to do this, so I can get the cure..." Jill says, drawing out her words, her eyes fixated on Arthur's pair of dripping cocks. She is certainly impressed, and Arthur knows how to handle her desire and gives her a confident answer, picking his chin up.

"Right. For the cure," He says shortly, a smirk developing on his face. It is nice for him that this was the only method of transfer, the most effective one and therefore the first one that the scientists implemented. Jill looks just as excited about it as he is, a shine in her eyes, tension in her hands as she places them on each of his hips and slowly moves herself to her knees in front of him, one side of her face illuminated by the hanging light in the room, darkness surrounding them otherwise.

Without another word, Jill lets her head close the gap, her wide tongue coming out and taking in the bottom head, Arthur's second manhood on top lining up over her face, plump head bumping at the bridge of her nose. She breathed in deeply, taking his musk, each of her hands fondling one pair of his balls, both warm and filled with hot seed for her.

Her whole body shared the tension of her hands at first, as she was unsure of what to do, how to handle the two monsters pressing themselves on her. For the sake of getting the cure, Jill knows that she has to prepare it for what's next. In her mind, there's nothing wrong with keeping up the work with her tongue, its edges wrapping around the lower dick, wetting it. In the safety of this room, Jill readies herself to do what she needs to do to be cured.

Before she can get too comfortable, Arthur takes over, his alpha nature making him quick to assume the lead of the situation. To follow through with that, he raises his arms first, stripping off his shirt, before quickly dropping his hands back down. One rubs innocently at her shoulder, first, while the other gets tangled in the mess of brown hair at the back of her neck, watching his cock rub against her forehead, while the other is pushing into her throat with help from his hips.

Jill stays as strong as she can, still coughing and gagging when the pressure becomes too much to bear. Arthur keeps her head up for his own use, bringing his hips forward and forcing her spit out. The slimy mess sticks to her chin, and to Arthur's balls, dripping from there between them on the floor.

With Arthur's hands on her head, Jill's ready hands drop eagerly to her small black skirt. She slides open her belt buckle, the plastic smacking against the concrete as it clashes with the floor, bouncing away after she tosses it aside. The silence after it stops moving is quickly replaced by her grunting moans, as she is forced to take Arthur's massive rod. Arthur shares in verbal expression of their mutual pleasure, both smiling down at her, and grunting along with the work that both are doing to ensure a proper transfer. It may be about the cure for Jill, but Arthur has to admit that it just felt good for her warm mouth to perform for him.

"That's enough," Arthur speaks up after another moment, pulling away and letting the saliva drip to her face, a string still connecting her plump lips to the big cock that she just sucked.

"The other one?" Jill asks, eyes already on it. She clearly wants to, now that the first is done.

Arthur, having some sympathy, lowers its head and holds it at its base, offering his second plump head into her mouth. Jill takes it in obediently, looking up with soft eyes and already working it deeper, letting the shaft penetrate her all over again, this one still dry. Her mouth takes care of that quickly, its copious saliva being drizzled over the soft, patient flesh of Arthur's throbbing cock.

"Sure. You'll have to take both anyway, so you might as well," voices Arthur, bringing it up, sure that Jill already knows. Still, her eyes widen at the thought, just because of the size of both dripping cocks hanging in front of her face.

"Really? How is that going to work?" It doesn't take long after she asks for her to figure it out herself.

"Looks like you already know," Arthur chuckles, rubbing his rough hand along the back of Jill's neck, taking her smooth hair between his fingers.

"Are they going to fit?"

"We'll make it work, don't you think?" Arthur replies. Jill just nods and eases her head away from his crotch, pulling her knees out from underneath her. She's a bit of a mess, but she takes the time to rest herself back on her rear, hands pulling away at her small skirt and taking it off of her body, her pink panties quickly following suit and ending up off both of her feet, underneath Arthur.

After that, Arthur picked her back up, his free hand working at her hips to turn her around, his bottom cock rubbing between her cheeks and leaving some of her saliva there. The easiest lubricant they were going to find here, and she needed to get the cure. His precum added to the lubricant as well, making his cocks slide against her skin with ease.

It was soon time to do more than just rubbing up against her, though. Arthur stands behind her at the ready, admiring her patience, and the way that she's presenting to him. Her legs are long and stiff, and her wide hips are still trapped in his grasp. Not easy to escape from, not that she's trying. Instead, he easily lowers his cock heads, bringing a hand back to gently ease each one in, both thick heads being accepted by their relative holes. The bottom one has a much easier time with it, his head sinking into her without a problem. In her ass, though, the progress is slow. It's clear that the tighter hole will set the pace for the two of them, and not only that, Arthur will have to wait it out and let Jill adjust for his girth.

He can feel it as she does, though, the unforgiving ring of her ass finally giving way for him to advance, both of his shafts making smooth entry after giving Jill some time. She uses that time to reach back and hold both of Arthur's toned forearms, her sweaty hands keeping a strong hold.

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