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Resolute Love


Author's note:

There seems to be two types who read 'LW', those who are fantasizing cuckolds, and those who value more traditional relations with their spouses. Cuckolds may enjoy parts, but I will warn them now that they won't be satisfied with this story because it wasn't written for them. This story has sex but it is not just a sex story.

This story is for the latter group. This man loves his wife. He will go through hell for her, he will go crazy for her, and because people die in my stories he will kill for her.

I had a hard time picking the genre for this story. This story has fantasy characters, namely two witches. This is a direct sequel to 'Dissolution of Love' and is based on characters introduced in 'The Champion's Companion 17'.

Ideally, I hope everyone reads and enjoys this, but I understand differences make us special as humans. Please enjoy, I am glad to share.


I looked out the window of their covered carriage. Despite almost a whole day's ride from the castle Redoubt of Lafaust we seemed to still be in the same grassy hills as we were hours ago when the sun came up.

Next to me, my beautiful wife Flarni drifted along in her fugue state. The specialty drugs she was on now were much longer lasting then the laudanum she normally consumed.

I tried to wake her. I don't like what it does to her no matter how much she insists. "Hey honey look at that." I tugged on her to look out at the fields of light snow that covered the fields. "The sun came out, spring is just a few weeks away honey."

Outside Lafaust, there was no snow. Here, just a half days ride west, it was a foot deep but patches were clear in places that sat in the sunlight of early spring.

Flarni had less of a reaction than normal and at least didn't push my hand away. For the hundredth time I noticed the looks we were getting from across the seat. Two women studied me and my wife with near naked hunger. Both were dark haired with pale blue eyes that seemed cloudy. One was tall and seemed mature if not matronly. She had straight glossy hair with silver streaks that weren't from age. She traveled near naked with only a tiny green robe and a grayish light blue cloak with a boar pelt over it. Her long pale leg stuck out to the thigh on her right side. It was shapely though very heavily muscled. I pegged her for an Amazon, hopefully this was a civilized savage.

The woman next to her was shorter and very motherly looking. She seemed slightly chubby with a dark tan. Though the two's eyes were identical their hair differed. The shorter one had hair that fell in wavy curls. She wore a figure hiding long floor length purple robe. I could see slits along the side that her hands would snake out of now and then.

As Flarni nodded off from reality again, I tried to break the ice with our fellow passengers. "Where are your destinations ladies?"

The shorter one moaned orgasmically as she breathed her reply. "Mavvus sir. But we may not make it that long."

"Oh, what is the problem?" I hoped it wasn't money. This could be a robbery and the tall one looked strong if not dangerous. I am not in that good of shape. It had been a few decades since my conscription.

"We don't need money." She said reading my mind it seemed. "We need some thing to keep us calm."

I sighed. Apparently, all the noblewomen were sedated now days.

"Well I can't offer you anything," I said trying to sound reasonable. I used the same tack and tone I usually try with Flarni. "I don't have anything with me, and besides that stuff cost a lot of money."

"Oh? What we want is free if you'll give it." Beside her, the tall woman's leg wafted open and I saw the definite crack of her familyline. It was puffy and almost instantly, the carriage smelled of aroused pussy.

I could feel my heart pulse. Flarni and I had not been as intimate. I still loved her but those cold nights were catching up. "I'm married I can't..."

Already the short one rolled off her seat onto her knees and pinned me. She seemed to taste my hesitation, my desire. I fought, but, my struggles and slaps were useless. My sensible words and curses were even less effective. Her hands scrambled nimbly across my pants and my cock came out. It wasn't big I'll admit, I was ashamed to see others when I bathed as a boy. I did have large balls though, and I was very proud of that.

Once she got my cock, she hungrily gobbled it. I was almost silenced by the treatment of her soft mouth. Her swirling tongue left no illusions to what it was asking for. I grew in her mouth. I didn't just harden, I grew. I felt the hardening even in the base of my cock. I felt like I grew several inches from her tugging.

The feelings of ascension lasted only a minute or so until a great grumbling arose from low in my abdomen and I felt myself empty out, and deflate. It seemed that the weeks of pitiful offerings of cum my hand reaped were multiplied by her soft lips. My body knew it had a partner and was eager to demonstrate its virility.

My hips jumped and wiggled off the seat as the best outpouring I'd ever made washed into the woman's mouth. I had to eventually be restrained under her hands as she continued to slurp me, but then fell back into my seat exhausted. Flarni wasn't disturbed and didn't seem aware of the exchange as the woman raised off of my lap and backed over to sit down.

Slowly I fell into a deep well deserved rest feeling lethargic and cold. She left my cock out and the other woman stared at it hungrily. Perhaps I should have felt exposed, with the feeling of saliva drying on my cock. But no, I felt like Flarni would understand strangely.

I awoke still tired feeling quite drained. The smell of pussy had grown in the carriage's cabin. I heard movement and cracked open an eye. Across from me, the two dark haired women held my wife Flarni between themselves.

They had hiked up her nice riding dress to straddle the short woman, and brought her head down in the big woman's lap. From either end, the two undulated against her. Flarni lay rather limply as they pushed themselves along her body. What they were doing to her was hidden by her dress and their robes and cloaks. Flarni's straight blond hair fell out and down between fingers as the tall one used her mouth. Behind her, the short woman wriggled against her hips.

The movements were definitely sexual though Flarni's bunched skirts hid their contact. Oddly, I couldn't move or protest as my limp wife was used for these women's pleasure. The taller woman got a little rough and the bustier of my wife's dress was ripped to reveal the Flarni's delicate pale breast. She had been pregnant though had never breastfed. Her body had always popped back into a tight nubile shape and her precious teardrops jiggled lightly as she was raised between the two molesters, and pushed back so her breasts could be fed to the taller women who hunched over her.

As they played with her and I fought my body to move, I didn't notice the shadows that crossed over us from out the window. Indeed I actually thought them trees till I saw a rider out my window. Shouting outside the carriage got louder and louder. It sounded like an argument outside until it quieted and the carriage slowed to a halt.

Before it even stopped completely the door was thrown open and a grisly man poked his head in and smiled widely with what he saw. "Here we go. Got something prime." He turned to look out and shouted. "Got some prime women boys! They're hot already!"

Busy hands reached in and pulled the women and me out. I was tugged around the front into the light covering of snow on the road in front of the horses. I couldn't see the women but I saw the crew. The bandits had murdered them. They tugged me up to the front closer to the horses only a few feet away, and knocked me down to kneel while they decided my life. I heard and watched as the bunch crawled around like ants on the long carriage reporting what they found.

There didn't seem to be more than six or so that I could see. They all looked dirty and haggard. I'm not a horseman, but their horses looked scruffy and poorly looked after. I was kept kneeling there as they lost interest in me, then finally I caught a glimpse of the women. A larger group of perhaps ten men had them down across from the carriage. I watched as they pushed the women into the center of their circle. I noted with relief that my beloved Flarni wasn't among the crowd of these dirty rough looking men.

The men waved huge cocks around as they jockeyed into position around and behind the two poor women. They were quick to plunge themselves into the tall woman. She was bent over standing as a man fucked her from behind into her padded hips and another darker one shoved his huge thick cock into her mouth gagging her. Her large breasts had been released and swayed openly from a loose short robe that didn't even cover her ass the way she was bent. They seemed to take perverse pleasure in fucking her roughly, and slapping her ass to keep it jiggling. The men's balls were large like mine and thudded heavily against the woman as they fucked her harder than what an alley whore would put up with.

The smaller woman on her knees seemed very active as she reached out and grabbed men's cocks and pulled them to her. She bobbed over them and used her mouth quickly as a circle formed around her. She took their rods with ease and bounced along as her hands moved in a blur like a weaver. Men stepped in filling the gaps as their fellows dropped in an orgasmic faint around them from her touch. I couldn't disagree that they must have been tired from the best cock smoking I can personally attest to. Below them, the short woman continued to move without panic from one cock to the other.

Finally, I saw that my poor wife was on her knees being used roughly in a separate group of leaders. I wasn't to happy that they picked her out because the men that had her were the largest and roughest I'd seen. A man held her head and used her face on his cock. Passively she was used as he rubbed himself all around. The big boss walked over to her. I could tell because he was bigger, blacker, and older. He also looked around with an air of control before he zeroed in on my wife. He meandered over and stroked his giant black meat as he watched her blonde head getting wagged around by the man at her face. His hard cock was a foot long and started leaking before he pushed away the other man.

He pushed her into a low prostrated position that she naturally slumped into. He kicked back the hem of her dress and exposed her pale soft white ass like a bar wench. With a thump, he fell onto his knees around her. His knees straddled hers as she sat low under him, and his belly cover most of her back. He pulled her bottom up so he could push in his length.

I watched it as he pushed into her ass. For a moment, my supine wife didn't react as he tried to buggered her with his huge lengthy cock. Once the head popped in she screeched. "Garec!!"

I almost teared up hearing her call my name. I was never sure where or when she went during her lucid states, but I was heart warmed by the knowledge I was there with her.

The big black brute fucked her fiercely reveling in her tightness I'm sure, and jammed his whole length into her mercilessly. He kept Flarni mostly still as he fucked into her. It wasn't hard she was heavily dosed and would'nt be active till much later in the day. His massive arms came down like columns around her. She bucked uselessly against him from his own momentum as she was taken by his impaling rod.

"Witch! Witch!" I was started by panicked calls. Looking over I saw an odd sight that was both puzzling and horrific.

In the place of the short dusky brunette stood a smaller blond woman. She looked around with an odd grin and was short and voluptuous, perhaps only five feet tall. She wore what appeared to be black Safi leather from neck to toe. Her hair, face, and mouth were coated with sperm from the men around her. The passed out men lay in a circle around her.

She was accused by three frantic men with their pants down. The men were yelling in a panic about her killing people. I looked closer at the men at her feet and noticed that no one would lay so still without pants in the snow for too long. The men she had been taking were laying eerily still. I got an immediate sinking feeling that there was a monster, or something among us.

I looked to Flarni and was relieved the man was taking notice and quit his abuse.

The two men by the tall women moved in to investigate. As soon as they pushed their victim away and walked toward the woman, the Amazon had a short sword out and swung for their backs.

The men both fell with little noise as she sliced across their necks from behind. The blonde woman advanced then sped into a sprint before jumping up and onto the three men who had started to flee for the horses. As she landed on the first man, a thin slightly curved sword grew from thin air into her hands and she cut away the man's life as he fell back into his friends. The tall black haired woman jumped into the pile and when the women stood and walked away the men were crumpled and slaughtered with looks of surprise still on their faces.

The pair paced along and came up to me. They were unabashed in their nude bloody appearances. They advanced on the big man who stood before my wife. He had gotten an ax in his large hands. Next to him, it seemed a hatchet, I would have had to use both hands if I had wielded it.

"Stop! I got money, lots of money!" He shouted. The two women barely paused as they continued forward. "Don't you cunts want money?"

The man moved first and swung for the tall one. He seemed to move at half speed as he brought his weapon down. In the time it took for him to take a chop and utterly miss, she casually stepped out of the way as the small one finished with her slash behind him.

He fell without any more than a single gout of blood spewing forth as his knees hit the ground, though it was obvious he had been sliced deeply.

The two women seemed to have a silent conversation of what to do next. Their eyes fell on me, and my wife. The tall woman stepped to untie me, and the other seemed to shift becoming taller, thinner, and lighter with darker waist length black hair.

The instant the tall one moved back, I ran in and grabbed Flarni. I ran as far as we could in the snow tumbling over banks and getting exhausted with every step. I pulled Flarni to a hiding spot behind a dip in the earth. It was foolish, but I wanted my life back. I knew that bandits like these would be followed by all manner of cavalry and adventures. These women were nothing but trouble. They killed a man by sucking his cock. They nearly killed me!

It didn't take too long for the two to follow my frenzied flight. The shorter woman took one look at us before she turned and left the taller woman to deal with us. She stalked off moving much more easily in the snow and collected the scattered horses.

I couldn't help but feel nervous as the tall one walked over with all I'd seen. "Who are you?" I gasped while trying to stand tall covering Flarni.

"Calm down. We are friends. We are on our way to Mavvus like you." She moved along to the side trying to be non-threatening. "Would you like to continue your journey with us?"

"I think we should report this." I sputtered. "Bandits are never this far in Menthino. Looking at them, they seemed dirty and haggard. They likely were driven to desperation."

"You know of them?" She asked eyeing me again with more consideration.

I had to take a step back to really look at her. She still stood exposed, her short green robe was open and her breasts and pussy were quite visible. She seemed to invite my eyes and seemed completely unconcerned. "I am an official with the court, I demand to know who you are." I said trying to sound as confident and fearsome as possible. She didn't need to know I was just moved to working in records as a scribe.

"I am Metacari, and she is Mara." She indicated the shape shifter who by now had rounded up several horses. "We are going to Mavvus. You will be safe if you come with us. The horses have food. It will be enough for us as we travel."

"My wife..." I didn't know what to say. 'My wife is an addict with special needs I provide and will become dizzy on a horse?' "I will handle my wife but I must get her medicine..." I hate using that word. Flarni started it years ago much to my annoyance, and now I sound just as enfeebled. I gently got Flarni moving again and we moved back to the rode and the carriage.

Unsettlingly, 'Metacari' walked back over to the carriage following us. "Good come along. We can travel much faster now." She eyed me as she said this and I didn't like the look.

I found and snatched up our luggage. I noted that ours was the only luggage in the carriage. I got my wife out of the cold snow, and I found a blanket for her to stand on. I realized then that one of her slippers was gone. After a quick search, I found it under the snow. I also found a book. It seemed like the property of the bandits so I wanted to keep it in hopes of helping find out how this group got so deep into the lands and remained on the loose.

I grabbed a horse and hurried back over to Flarni. She was in as presentable a shape as she could manage. Her ripped dress threatened to fall off from many rips and holes. She looked like waif, so vulnerable to the treacherous world that threatened her soft fragile body.

"Here let's change. Did you bring another riding dress?" Of course she didn't answer, so I looked and found her favorite dress, a woolen grey plush dress that she snuggled in when she was in our lounge. It reminded me of Lafaust, hopefully we could return soon.

"Well we can at least take this back with us huh Flarni?" I tried to get a smile.

We went through our clothing ritual. I pulled up and off her dress and dropped the other one on. He gazed at her as she hugged herself and remembered the feel of familiar clean clothes.

"Thank you..." She whispered quietly. She warmed me with those words.

I pulled her close and gave her a hug. The freshness of her hair and the mint she chewed sometimes for fresh breath soothed me. I felt for a moment like this was a dream, or we were in the gardens of a friend's estate. Anywhere but in the wilds in the company of two female somethings that kill men much too easily. The moment passed as I released her, but the feeling of connection remained. I helped her up onto the horse and looked up at her.

I patted her warm leg. She didn't need to know my back hurt from lifting her and I could hardly imagine climbing up myself. "We'll make it, you and me Flarni, we'll get out of this place and back to the city."

One of the women cleared their throats behind me. "We should be able to move now. Is there anything else?" The tall woman 'Metacari' asked.

"No I suppose not. You said we have food?" I asked nervously.

"Indeed here in these bags is the collection from the other horses." Metacari hefted a stuffed pair of saddlebags. "Here carry it on your horse just in case we separate."

I stepped forward and caught the heavy bags gingerly so Flarni wouldn't get hit. "Okay thanks. How far do you think we'll get today?"

"The sun will set soon. We will simply stop at a place off the road that is clear of snow. Tomorrow we will travel early and rest in town."

"Okay makes good sense." I replied as I fixed up the bags and tied them down.

I didn't want too, but I got up onto the saddle behind Flarni. Old habits kicked in as I remembered the felt of riding, and I led the horse back around to a trot. Behind me, the other women followed. It seemed they were awkward in the saddle. Metacari rode stiffly while the other woman 'Mara' looked plainly worried and uncomfortable with the ride. I was frankly glad they were unfamiliar with riding.

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