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At the beginning of every year, millions of people around the world make a list of New Year's resolutions, and every year they say to themselves that this time they are going to fulfill them all. And of course most of them never fulfill anything on that list, and others manage to do a few of them and forget the rest. But there are those few rare special people who have the will power and motivation to do them all. My wife Betty is one of those rare few. Every year, Betty, like me and millions of others make those resolutions filled with outlandish promises to ourselves. We usually just forget about them after a few weeks, six at the most, but something happened one day in December 1997. Betty was cleaning out her desk when she found her list of resolutions that she made at the beginning of that year. After reading what she wrote she saw that out of her 25 resolutions she only fulfilled one promise, eating Indian food, and half of one which was to lose 10lbs. Needless to say she was greatly disappointed in herself. She remembered how much she worked on making that list and how excited she was to go about to achieve them all.

So at the beginning of year 1998, she made another list of 25 things she'd like to do by the end of that year. Some of them were from the old list that she really wanted to do. Now of course I thought she was going to give up after a month like I did, but to my amazement she just kept on going. She ate at 10 separate foreign restaurants, took French lessons, and watched 50 movies that she always wanted to see, took karate classes, and planted trees in a park, sky diving, and she even got something that I enjoyed, breast implants. She went from a B to a full C. It took some time for some of her friends and coworkers to get used to that change, but I took advantage of them whenever I can.

Those were some of the things that she was willing to tell people that she was doing, there were other things on that list that she only shared with me. For example she always wanted to dance at a strip club. I was skeptical at first but she promised that it was just for one night and she wouldn't give any lap dances or anything. She had an old college friend, Amy, who was now a dancer at a club in another state and she arranged it for one night. So Betty and I went to a few strip clubs and she studied how the dancers stripped, talked, what they wore, and so on.

Finally, in December of that year, she felt ready to make her dancing debut, so to speak, and went to stay at her stripper friend's apartment for a weekend. There, she gave Betty a few more pointers and we went to the club she worked at. I sat at the bar with more than 200 one dollar bills in my pocket. I saw Amy dance first; she was incredibly hot, long black hair, blue eyes, great ass and big tits. Afterwards Betty came on stage, everybody was hollering at her. She wore black dress, high heels, and her blonde hair was tied up in a bun. She worked the poles like a professional. She took off her dress and was wearing a bikini underneath; and when she undid her hair bun and let her long blonde hair fall down everyone was in an uproar. Finally, she took off her top and out came her new C cup tits and that's when people really got crazy. She got off stage and went around the bar to collect dollar bills from the customers. I allowed her to let men touch her tits when giving her the money, but that was as far as I was willing to go. The men seemed aggravated to when she refused to do lap dances, but they still wanted to talk to her and give her money. She danced three more times that night before we all went home.

The night before we left Amy's apartment Betty got to fulfill one more resolution that I had absolutely no problem to letting her do, which was to make out with another woman; and Amy was more than happy to help out with. It wasn't sex, she just wanted to see what it was like to make out with a woman and suck on each others tits, and maybe touch each others pussy's but that was it. Betty didn't want me to be in the same room because she wanted to do this on her own, but I really wanted to watch, so Amy came up with a compromise which was for me to hide in the closet. I wouldn't be there in the room, but I still got to watch. So there they were, laying on Amy's bed both wearing nothing but panties and just kissing and touching each others pussy's and sucking on each others tits for two straight hours. Amy took more of the lead since she has had more lesbian experiences and knew what to do. But Betty was a quick learner and managed to take over a few times on her own. I think they both knew that I was jacking off in the closet from the small noises that I was making.

When they were done they laid there for a couple of minutes whispering to each other and looking over at me in the closet. They got off the bed, walked over to me and opened the closet and found me standing there with my pants down and holding my dick. They both grabbed me and threw me out of the closet and on to the bed. Amy then got down on her knees and knelt between my legs. I looked up at Betty to ask what was going on.

"It's Ok, honey. Let her do what she has to do."

I smiled at her and said, "You are the best wife ever."

Amy grabbed a bottle of lotion from the nightstand and lathered up her hands. She grabbed my cock with one hand and gently started rubbing the shaft up and down. Every time her hand went to the top she flicked the tip of my cock with her thumb. She grabbed my balls with her other hand and gently massaged them both. Betty knelt down behind Amy and started rubbing her back and looking up at me with a lustful stare. Amy began to tighten her grip on my cock and jerk me off faster. Betty pressed her body to Amy's back; as she began kissing Amy's shoulder and neck, she reached around her body and started massaging her tits. And as she did this I swear my cock got harder and maybe even a little bit bigger.

Amy looked up at me with this huge smile on her face. Without any warning she just took my cock and shoved it all in her mouth. My jaw dropped open and my eyes felt like they were going to pop out of their sockets. Amy started pumping my cock into her mouth. Her lips were tightened firmly around the shaft and every time she put it all in her mouth her tongue lathered my cock and made ridges to increase the sensation. Betty grabbed Amy's hair and guided her head as she was sucking me off.

"Yeah, that's it you little whore, suck my husband's cock," Betty said to her with a sinister grin on her face. "Come on, you could do better than that, bitch. Work that cock!"

Betty smacked Amy's ass really hard and gave it a nice hard grab. Amy started to suck me off faster and with more intensity. She deep-throated me a few times, so deep that at one point I swear my cocked touched her larynx. My cock began to stiffen and I knew that I was about to blow real soon. Amy knew and pulled my cock out of her mouth.

"He's almost ready," Amy said to Betty.

"Good," said Betty.

"What the hell are you two talking about?" I asked. "Come on, let's finish."

"Oh we'll finish," said Betty.

They both pushed me back farther on the bed and pinned me down. Betty got on top of me and grabbed my cock with both hands.

"Number 25," she said.

"Say what?" I asked.

"Number 25 on my list is to get pregnant. I'm ovulating right now. Don't you want to have a child?"

"Yes, but why go through all this trouble."

"Because number 24 is to become sexually uninhibited, and I figured that I can kill two birds with one stone."

She took cock and guided it right into her pussy and started grinding herself on top of me. Out of all the times Betty and I fucked, her pussy has never been this hot and wet, she was more excited then I am. Her hands were on my chest as she was bouncing on my cock, I enjoyed watching her tits jiggle around as she fucked me. Amy was behind Betty and began nibbling on her neck. She placed her hands on Betty's hips and slowly moved them upward to her tits and grabbed them both in her hands. She began massaging Betty's tits and twisting her nipples between her fingers.

"Come on, baby, give it to me," Betty ordered. "Shoot your hot cum inside of me; let me feel it rush through me.

"Yeah, fill her up with your cum," Amy said while looking at me with her dark eyes. "Then fill me up as well."

I couldn't hold on much longer and I shot a huge fountain of cum straight into Betty's pussy. Betty stopped fucking me right then, she felt the cum rushing through her and commented on how incredible it feels. I shot cum into her before, but I guess now she feels it because she was about to get pregnant.

Betty gave Amy a big kiss then got off me and laid down beside me. She grabbed her legs and pulled them up to her chest. I saw this before on TV, it was supposed to increase chances of conception. But right then Amy took advantage of her position and knelt down at Betty's pussy and started rubbing Betty's clit.

She then put her face into Betty's pussy and began eating her out. I got behind Amy and began rubbing her ass. I looked at Betty who was now moaning, she gave me a nod signaling that it was OK to fuck Amy. My cock was just about hard again and I just shoved it into Amy's pussy. This caused her to jump up in surprise; she laughed it off and went back to licking my wife's pussy. I started pumping my cock into her slowly then began to pick up the pace. I went faster and harder, so much that Amy could no longer concentrate on licking Betty's pussy so she just began fingering her pussy. They were both grunting and yelling dirty things at each other and at me. I reached down and gathered every last ounce of strength and forced myself to pound Amy's pussy harder and faster then ever before. Amy looked back at me; her mouth was wide open and was squealing like a pig, and her face was all read with sweat pouring down from her forehead.

I was ready to cum again so I pulled out of Amy and started jacking off. Amy got on her back and told me to cum on her tits. Betty moved around and got between Amy's legs and was now licking her pussy. I held back from shooting my cum and instead got on top of Amy. I placed my cock between her tits and she instinctively grabbed her tits and just squeezed them around my cock. I began fucking her tits, it felt great having those soft mounds of flesh pressed around my cock. I looked back at Betty, she was doing a great job licking Amy's pussy, not as well as Amy was doing it to her because it was her first time, but she was still doing very well for a first timer.

It wasn't long before I started shooting my cum all over Amy's tits. Betty stopped licking Amy's pussy and went to lick up the cum from her tits and swallowing it, and she was even kind enough to scoop up the some of the cum with her fingers to feed it to Amy. They started kissing each other like professional lesbian lovers than they both took turns kissing me just as passionately.

We all slept in the same bed, still naked and holding each other. When I woke up the next morning I found Betty sucking off my morning erection and Amy licking her pussy. After we all showered together and then ate breakfast, Betty and I packed up our things to leave. While we waited for the cab to come, I jacked off to the sight of Betty and Amy making out with each other one more time. The cab came and we left to the airport.

Betty never made another long list of resolutions, it wasted too much of her time, especially now with taking care of our daughter. Amy visits us every now and then, sometimes our daughter wondered why whenever she visits she always slept in the same bed as her mother and I.


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