tagLesbian SexRest of the Night

Rest of the Night


Pulling her off of the floor, I gently stand her up. Her legs are weak with our orgasms, face shining with my cum. I pull her to me to kiss her, softly brushing my lips over hers. Kim sighs against my body, arms wrapping around my back. She deepens the kiss, pushing me back into the door. Hands like fire on my backside, squeezing hard, nails raking up. My hands in her hair now, pressing her breasts against mine.

"I never knew it could be like this, never knew I could cum like that."'

Pressing my mouth against hers once more shutting off further talk. My palm between our bodies I twist her taut nipple between my fingers, tightening my grip in her hair. Dark chocolate colored tresses running down my shoulders, teasing my sensitive skin.

"Would you like some margaritas now, Kim?"

Pushing her back a bit from me, look of passion ever present in her face. Moments pass before she registers the question. Eyes pop open to look in to mine, sigh escapes her partially parted lips.

"I guess so, if that is what you want to do."

"For now. There is some clothes in the dresser take your pick."

Walking in to the bedroom, I pull a pair of white thong panties from the drawer. Stepping in to them and pulling them up, I walk to the other side of the house. Heading for the kitchen, stopping by the radio to flip on some blues. Pulling the blender from under the sink, I plug it in the wall. Retrieving ice from the freezer, mix from the cupboard. Pouring the tequila as she walks in to the room. Hand slips a bit, splashing some Jose Cuervo on the counter.

She had chosen a more demure approach to her attire. Tight white camisole stretching over her large tanned breasts. The dark nipples could be seen through the light colored material. Sofie shorts barely covering her. Long tan legs going for miles, soft pink polish shining on her toes. Hair still wet and unruly flowing down her back, few strands licking the underside of her clothed breasts. Eyes finally crawling to her face, her eyes mirroring the same appreciation mine surely had to.

Turning away, swallowing the hard lump from my throat. I finish up the drinks, turning the blender on to crush and mix. Not looking directly at her, I could still see her form in my peripheral vision. Hands still a bit shaky, I manage to pour the concoction in to the short glasses. Topping them both with Grand Marnier, I hand her one. Eyes finally roaming over her body stopping at her pretty face. Feeling a bit taken aback at my body's reaction. I know it has been awhile, but my immediate readiness for this woman had me stunned. Usually pleasure lacks after the submission, with Kim I wanted to push her now. See how far I could get her in to my perverted mind.

"Would you like to go in to the living and chill out?"


Following her in to the living room, watching her ass swaying back in forth in my shorts. I think she was adding a little extra twist to turn me on. How quickly this shy little girl has turned in to a wanton woman. It amazed me how quickly she could accept a woman as her lover. This has certainly turned in to quite a night.

Sitting next to her on the couch, extra careful not to let any part of my body touch hers. I wanted her to make the first contact, for her to make the choice. I turn the television on, some cheesy sitcom on. Almost ignoring her, I enthrall myself in the show, laughing at the ignorant punch lines and slap stick comedy. I could see from the corner of my eye, that she was staring at me. Her eyes roaming over my body, lingering on my bare full breasts. I could feel my nipples tightening at her attention. Her eyes not leaving my body, yes flicking back and forth to my face. Maybe wondering if I still wanted her, not really sure. It did not take long to know what was on her mind though.

"So, um do you only date girls?"

"No, I actually prefer men, but woman are a nice change once and a while."

"Oh, so you have never been with a girl for more than one night?"

"I didn't say that, just haven't found one in a while I wanted for longer."

I was puzzled by her questioning, surely she wasn't suggesting me and her.

"Have you ever been with a woman Kim?"

"Heavens no." she says. Stopping herself from going further, realizing she was just with one. If someone had told her that she would be with a woman ever, she would have laughed. Would have said that was impossible, she wasn't even attracted to women.

I laugh a little at her embarrassment, getting up to refill our glasses. I walk slowly back in to the kitchen, feeling her eyes on me as I walked. This was going to be more fun than I thought.

Coming back in to the living room, I look up to see her staring at my bare breasts again.

"You like em huh?"

"What, uh I am sorry for staring. I just never seen someone so confident in their body before. I mean you are walking around here pretty naked and don't seem to mind."

"Of course, why would I mind. A woman's body is very beautiful. You have a very nice body, I don't know why you would want to hide it or be embarrassed of it."

Sitting back down, I take her hand in mine. Guiding her hand to one of my bare breast, squeezing it with her hand. Her other hand nows comes and fondles the other one. Closing my eyes to the pleasure, I can feel her soft hands on me. Turning me on, making my pussy flood with sweet nectar. I open my eyes as she is pressing her body against mine. Straddling me with her body, rubbing every delicious soft inch against mine.

Grabbing the bottom of her camisole, lifting it high on her. I take her perky tit in my mouth, sucking then biting gently. With her moan I bite harder, soothing her pain with light licks of my tongue. Taking more in to my mouth, greedily sucking hard. Hand snaking around to grab her tight ass, pulling her in to me. I lift my pelvic, taunting her wet pussy. Grinding in to her until her breath was coming in short gasps. My fingers going between us, I rub hard on her clit. Faster until her body starts to shudder.

"Would you like to cum, Kim?"


"What do you say then?"

I stop all movement of my hands, she whimpers. Mouth coming off her breast, I pull back to look at her. Kim's face is a cross between pleasure and pain. I grab her hair with my other hand, low by the base of the neck. Twisting her neck to the side.

"What do you say then?"


Instantly my hands resume their fast hard rub. Pulling back slowly on her hair, head bending back with spine arching. Pushing my hand past the shorts waistband, fingers finding her engorged wet hole. Slipping two fingers inside of her gripping the front wall, taking my thumb to continue ministrations on her hard nub. She starts to climax hard on my hand. Shaking my arm hard, hearing her cry out as her body convulses. Taking my fingers out, sliding my hand out of her shorts. Other hand releasing her hair, letting her sit back up. Full lips still moving, face flushed.

"Very hot."

Her head jerks, eyes popping open immediately. Taking a minute to focus looking deep in to my green eyes. Cupping my face she kisses me softly.

"Would you like some more?"


Pushing her off of me, waiting till her feet were set to stand. Grabbing up my drink, finishing it as I walk back in to the bedroom. Setting the glass on the hall table as I go, looking behind me to see her following. I smile to myself.

"Lay down honey."

Watching her lower her body on to the bed, chest heavy making my breasts feel weighed down. I reach up to rub one nipple, twisting rather roughly on the tip. It responds immediately, tightening to a hard knot.

Coming up to the bed, I grab her ankles and pull her to the edge of the bed. Tugging until her calves hang over the edge, dangling. The look on her face one of surprise, I lay my hand on her stomach for a moment, finding it trembling. Gripping the bottom of her camisole pulling it up, she lifts her body from the bed. Allowing the material to pass over her head and shoulders. Continuing up and off, casting the shirt to the side. Hands going to her shoulders to press her down in to the mattress, mouth finding her already very hard nipples.

Kim rears up a bit against my restraint, pushing her breast harder against my mouth. Tongue swirling around her buds, moving to the neglected one to repeat. Mouth trailing down her stomach, licking snakes in the middle ridge. Her body jerking, I bit her hard on her side. Her gasp fills my ears, wettening my pussy. How sweet the sound hanging in the air. Releasing her shoulders I wrap my arms around her thighs. Hooking a finger on each side of waistband, removing her shorts. Pulling them down her gorgeous long legs, depositing them on the floor by my feet.

Admiring her naked form in front of me, skin soft and supple, begging to be touch. Body of a true goddess, rounded curves made for seduction and pleasure. Knee pushing against her thighs, opening them up further to my perusal. Hands touch her moist center. Lightly tracing the outline of the folds, flicking her clit sharply making her squirm.

Bending down to suckle her pussy, tongue darting in and out of her sweetness. Hand coming up to enter fingers in side of her tight hole, I nip the clit tip with my teeth. She jumps, only achieving to further press in to my mouth. Hand on ass guiding her closer, fingers pumping in and out. Head coming up to see her face. Eyes closed, muscles tensed, face flushed with red out lining the edges. Continuing to penetrate with fingers, I take my other hand to move it to her enflamed nub. She starts to climax, crying out, shoulders coming up off the bed.

"Keep your eyes close sweet heart, I have a surprise for you."

I didn't wait for an answer, she was in no condition to have a conversation. I walk away from the bed, going to the closet. Going in to my toy chest, I pull out my strap on. Sliding the harness up, snapping the clasps. Positioning a thick 7 inch dildo in the slot. I look behind me to see if her eyes were still closed and yes she was listening, obeying. Her eagerness to please was like fire in my blood. Propelling me to her again, between her silken thighs. When the head of the dildo comes to rub the opening of her weeping core, her eyes flew open. Head coming up to see what was about to penetrate her. Holding her gaze I ram the dildo in fully to the hilt, relishing in the scream that passed her lips.

"Close your eyes Kim."

I start a very slow deep rhythm, rubbing her clit gently with my hand. Dragging completely out to plummet in just as slow and easy. Her moans were low and steady, turning out to be quite a noisy little bitch. Neglecting her clit I grab her hips with both my hands. Burying into her hard, slamming her faster now. Over and over bringing her to orgasm, watching her body convulse with each. Never stopping speed or intensity, stringing one climax in to another. Kim was pushing up against me, begging to stop. Whimpering she could not take no more, I pull her legs together. Lifting her thighs up in to the air high, allowing the strap-on to delve deeper. I bring her to one last orgasm. Sliding out quickly, legs released to come crashing to the bed's edge. Walking away, her body still jerking, eyes squeezed shut.

"Are you okay dear?"

Only response was her short gasps of breath in the air. I walk back to the bathroom, releasing the harness, setting it aside. Stopping to grab the two headed long pink toy, placing it on the bedside table. Body tingling as I reach the bed and her sprawled body. Eyes finally flutter open with my voice.

"Sit up Kim."

Climbing on to the bed beside her still in the white thong. When she turns to look at me, I pull her forward. Her sweat slicked body crushing against mine as I drag her higher. Lips in reach I capture them roughly. Hands in her long dark locks, luxuriating in the feel of nipple on nipple, breasts smashed against soft breasts. Groaning in my mouth, she grinds herself against me, dampening my panties causing them to stick to my soaked pussy. Her mouth releasing mine to move down my neck, stopping to nip my shoulder muscle. Tongue swirling down my chest, finally fastening on to my rock hard nipple. I cry out, the actions sending electric sparks, south to my engorged folds.

Moving to the next one, no longer able to take this slow torture, I guide her mouth where it needs to be. Kim hesitates for a moments inches above me, taking the choice away I press her head in to me. Tongue darting in and out of my hole, hot breath on my sensitive nub. So close to losing it, I raise my ass, causing her hot tongue deeper. Cumming hard in her mouth, holding her head still to taste it all. Dropping my ass back down to the mattress, breaking contact.

Sitting up a bit, grabbing the pink two header from side table. Her face showing a quality of shock and intrigue.

"Would you like to know what you do with this?"

"Oh yes," voice coming without a second of pause.

"Very good, sit up and spread your legs then."

I press the thick dildo inside of her, leaving it at least 6 inches inside I tell her to squeeze it, don't let it slip.

Climbing on the bed in front of her, I spread my legs, setting them on top of hers. Scooting my wet clit closer to her. Taking the other side of the "cock" inserting it in to me as well. Grabbing the middle, gripping it. I start to fuck both of us, pumping in to her and out of me. Her hand comes up to cup my breast, thumbs caressing the one nipple. My body on fire, I quicken the pace. Tuning out her cries, I focus on her thrown back head. Eyes trailing her neck, heaving chest. Sliding down her stomach and hips, settle to where she was being penetrated. Clear slime leaving strings with each withdrawal, the sight leaving me so close to the edge. Arm aching with the speed, body starting to tense, muscles knotting. I release hard against the dildo, our cum seeping down to my hand from both directions. Roaring in my ears dying down, her grunts return to me. Eyes slipping to her face, obviously very close I ram her a few more times. Consequently making myself climax rapidly. Too sensitive to continue, I slide myself away from the pliable hard penis,leaving her there with it still protruding from her.

"When you are done, please put that in the bathroom for me hun by the other."

In the kitchen I remove a couple waters from the fridge, drinking several gulps catching my breath. Gently rubbing myself with a cool wash cloth, wiping away all the remnants of our love away.

I call a cab while I am in there, one being minutes away I set the phone down.

Returning to the bedroom, opening the closet I pull out an old outfit long forgotten. Pressing it to chest, I tell her I am tired and ready for bed.

"Take this with you, wear it tomorrow with no under clothes."

Eyes widening further as she sees the length of the skirt and the color and material of the thin white three quarter sleeve button up shirt.

"White knee highs and hair down. If you want more of what I did tonight you will listen, understood?"


Coming to her I twist her nipple, releasing to kiss her softly. Whispering in her ear, "Give the driver something nice to look at."

Turning my back, I lay down on the bed. Covering myself up I hear her walk out of the room, door shutting not long after that.

I sat there in the dark room replaying the evening. Wondering how her sweaty hot body feels in the small shorts and camisole she had put back on. The cool night air running up her legs and against her still cum stained twat. How she would feel to have the cabbies eyes on her hard nipples, very visible through the camisole's material. Her dark nipples not able to hide from his rear view mirror. I can honestly say, I really hoped she wore what she was told tomorrow. Her reward was bound to be fabulous, such a big warehouse to get lost in at work.

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