Every year there were a few. At one time it seemed an epidemic but thanks to new software, the ability to buy your papers and not be caught was diminishing. Clarence had taught English at Northwest State for eight years now and every year he would find a few papers that he had seen before. He knew the game and he would simply expel them from any class he ever taught.

Sometimes the college would throw them out too. It usually depended on who they were and how much Daddy would pay to keep them there. The name on the top of the paper surprised Professor Davis. Anja had been a good student, and participated well in the class. She seemed very bright, and he could not understand why she had purchased her last paper. He had warned the whole class at the beginning of the course. So, now there was only the confrontation before he had to send her packing. It seemed to bad, the courses was almost over and even without turning the paper in she would have passed without a problem.

The class was about to begin and he quickly gathered his things and headed down to the lecture hall. It was a small room as lecture halls went and he enjoyed the view of many the young female students in such close quarters. Clarence would really miss Anja’s lean toned legs. She rarely wore short skirts. However, the conservative cloths she wore did not hide the fact that she was really quite lovely. Her face had a soft gentle innocence and her body, although short, was well proportioned. More than once the good professor had been captivated by her small shapely ass as she left the room.

The students filed in and found there regular places. Anja was there in the second row on the aisle. She seemed a little unsure of herself, as she rummaged through her bag, getting things ready for the start of the class. It was spring and the early warm weather meant most of the young women had shed many cloths. Short skirts and tight tops seemed the rage these days.

Clarence thought back at when he started teaching and the baggy grunge look that had dominated the campus; this was much better although it sure makes it harder to keep you thoughts on Hemingway. It was this time of the year when he enjoyed Henry Millar and Anais Nin a little more. Anja wore a simple light sundress with a row of buttons the length of the dress. He started his class droning on about poetry and tempo or some such nonsense, but his eyes kept coming back to the guilty looking girl in the second row. He knew, she thought. He had to know or why would he be looking at me like that.

Oh my God! What am I going to do now? The fear of being caught at plagiarizing had tormented Anja for the last two days. She had been so busy chatting and downloading porn on the Internet, that the deadline for turning in the paper had crept up on her, and she had panicked. She could not exactly go to the Prof. and explain how she had been too horny and filled with lust to finish her work.

She had always had these nasty dirty thoughts, but recently the Internet had allowed her to explore them even more. She swore she could not get the smell of her own pussy off her fingers. It was insane, but she could not stop herself. She lived in constant fear of discovery and that only seemed to heighten the thrill. Her cloths and demeanor was carefully construed to hide the pervert lurking inside. Now, because of this paper, this Prof. was so close to finding out her dark secret.

He kept looking at her, his gray eyes boring into her, as if he could see her for what she was. He was a good looking man, not dressing or acting like most of the fossils that taught at the school. He was not even very old, the streaks of gray in his beard only added to his appeal. She had thought about him sexually, touching her, kissing her, and taking her body. She was getting excited. She felt the familiar tingle between her legs and shifted in her seat.

The light summer dress opened at the bottom where it buttoned up the front, she realized the bottom button was not done up and a lot of her bare leg became visible. Should she try to cover herself? She definitely had the attention of the professor and got a tingle from the realization. His eyes on her, undressing her. Why was she so obsessed with sex? Her whole body shivered. Did anyone else in the room notice her arousal, was she going to make it through the class?

She debated leaving going into the bathroom and masturbating herself to some sort of relief, but was afraid to move, lest it be obvious to everyone. Her thought process was not rational but what she felt was all that mattered to her. She could hear her heart pounding inside her chest and she knew he saw it, or was it her hard nipples poking through her light dress that captured his attention?

Clarence kept returning his gaze to Anja. She seemed flushed. Was it his imagination, or was she exuding this raw sexuality? He felt like and animal attacked to the female in heat. His lesson was coming out without any thought. His whole focus was on her. How could he toss her out of the class? He knew he wanted her. He needed her there. He had always had a full social life and women came and went in his life, but this seemed different.

He did not think about seducing and making love to her, rather, he had visions of him forcing himself on her, ordering her around, fucking her hard, and using her body without mercy. The feeling were so raw he had never thought like that. He was a modern caring sensitive man but now all he felt was raw lust. The curiously innocent young girl who seemed so sweet and gentile was filling him with all these nasty thoughts of raping her, dominating her, using her for his own pleasure. The class was finally over. Anja felt like she should sprint for the door, she felt like a wreck.

“Anja can you stay behind for a minute I think we should talk” He sounded innocent enough but she knew what was coming next. Her mind reeled, what would she do, her parents would go nuts she could not be thrown out of school. Anja had never had a problem at school and now the world seemed to be crashing in on her. So many people would be so disappointed.

“It’s about the paper you handed in” He was standing on the small platform next to his desk she was bellow one step down and he seemed even larger and more powerful standing over her. She felt small and she liked it, she wanted to be dominated by him she wanted to feel below him, at his mercy. “Come up here so I don’t have to talk so loud” She stepped up next to him, she tried to find her voice. “I’m so sorry I don’t know why I did it, please don’t expel me, I’ll never do it again, I can’t get expelled I’ll do anything, Please I’ll do extra credits work twice as hard I’m so sorry.”

The torrent spilled out of her. She wanted to have some relief, felt like she needed some release. She would do anything. Clarence heard this and his mind reeled at the possibilities. He had never fooled around with a student and had never thought he would really go through with such an unethical act. However, ethics had very little meaning to him right now. His body had taken over, driven by his intense lust for the sexy young minx. What was he thinking?

All he wanted to do was throw her across the desk and fuck her hard. The bulge in his pants seemed to be growing. He shifted on his feet trying to ease his growing discomfort. The boxers he wore allowed it to grow down his leg, he could feel its heat against his thigh. “I think I should punish you, to start. You will still owe me big time, however. Do you understand?" His innuendo was obvious and with all the sexual tension in the room, Anja still could not believe what she was hearing.

“What was the punishment?” She regretted her own words as soon as they left her mouth. What was he going to do to her? Fear began to creep over her as he stared down at her; he was looking for her answer, waiting for her to give herself to him. “Yes, I’ll do what you say, I’ll do anything if you don’t expell me. You just can’t tell anyone” she hung her head as she said the words. She wanted this but was so fearful of being found out. She suddenly felt very relieved. She needed this and although she felt humiliated at giving herself to him, she was incredibly excited at the prospect.

“Put your hand on the edge of the desk and bend over, we’ll start with your punishment” Professor Davies lifted her dress exposing her small round bottom. His hands pulled down her panties leaving them around her ankles. Anja felt so exposed; up on stage bent over the desk, anyone could walk in and see her humiliation. The whole thing was having an incredible effect between her legs, she could feel the liquid seeping out, dripping down her legs. What would he think? He would know what a nasty pervert she really was. What kind of girl actually enjoyed being used like this, to be vulnerable to this large domineering man?

She lost track of how many times he hit her tender bottom but by the time he quit her bottom burned and she knew that he now owned her. She had never felt so much pain and excitement at the same time. She fell to her knees whimpering “thank you, I’ll do anything you want”. The words came out of her without thought as if she was just thinking aloud letting the obvious be known. Anja looked up at him and saw him unbuckle his belt; he reached down inside his pant and carefully withdrew his incredibly hard shaft. It seemed so big! Was he actually going to use it on her small body? Could her body take it all and not be split in half?

“Suck it” was all he said. Anja had seen pictures and read accounts but never actually held a cock in her hands let alone put it in her mouth but she knew she had no choice and reached up to touch it. It twitched in her small hand and she brought it to her lips kissing it. Her tongue licked up and down it’s length finally she worked up her courage to put the engorged purple head into her mouth. She struggled with the size but tried to work more and more of it into her.

She thought of the where she was. It would have been bad enough if someone had seen her get spanked, but what if they walked in now as she struggled to suck this huge cock in her mouth. Clarence could not believe she was actually down on her knees, his cock imbedded in her delicate little mouth. He looked down at his charge. She was his now and he wanted to use her everyway possible. He grabbed her soft blonde hair and pulled her to him, forcing more into her mouth. She gagged; he knew she would but he never let up.

“You better learn to breathe through your nose and relax your throat if you want to survive this” he growled almost cruelly. She was trying to do as he said but it seemed too much. Slowly it became easier and she felt it slide against her throat. He could see it enter her throat, bulging out and his head feeling the sweet friction of her tight throat. He was fucking her mouth now his hands holding her head by her soft blonde hair as his hips moved back and forth using her tiny mouth as his little fucking machine. He was going to cum, he felt it building, not yet, he thought and pulled out of her leaving her kneeling in front of him, gasping, swaying from the sudden release of his grip. “Get up and bend over that desk” he ordered.

Anja was glad for his orders; they released her she was so hot she needed to be fucked so badly. He pushed her all the way down on the desk her body pushed against the papers on the desk. He pushed himself into her without warning his entire cock buried deep inside he sopping cunt. She is so young and tight, Clarence thought, he would explode right away. He held it still, feeling her muscles clamp down on him, grip and release. His cock twitched and throbbed in response. “You’re a horny little slut aren’t you, you actually want to be forced to fuck me don’t you”

He knew her truth. She quivered at his words “Yes please fuck me, fuck me hard” He pulled back slowly, completely withdrawing before he slammed back into her. Over and over her repeated this process increasing his pace until he was slamming into her with such force she hung onto the edge of the desk trying to keep from being hurled off. Anja had never cum without touching her clit but the force of his body on top of her pushing her into the desk was enough, almost without warning, her whole body erupted a powerful orgasm.

The grip on his cock seemed impossibly tight. Clarence felt her cum and exploded deep inside her pumping his seed into her belly, yelling out, slapping her little red ass, overpowered by the intensity. He walked out and left her like that bent over his desk trying to get her breath back. He would use her again but now he had another class waiting for him. He looked back “I’ll see you in class tomorrow” he said with a grin on his face.

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