tagSci-Fi & FantasyRestocking The Glade Ch. 02

Restocking The Glade Ch. 02


Life had slowly become a challenge for Calliope. When she first began to feel unwell, she'd consulted a local priest. He'd used his limited magic to check her for disease but had been unable to discover anything untoward. He'd suggested she seek out an herb-wife. The witch had been able to identify the cause as a curse but, reluctantly, admitted that she lacked the power to remove it. Given that the priest hadn't even been able to spot the damn magic, she didn't expect he'd be of much use.

What Calliope needed was a wizard. Fortunately, she was on fairly friendly terms with one. The fact that he was probably among the most powerful magicians on the continent didn't hurt her chances either. It would cost a pretty penny, she had no doubt, but maybe he would give her a break. After all, she'd spent a considerable amount of money visiting his "glade" only a little under two weeks ago.

Calliope's mind drifted idly back to that afternoon. The longer the curse had lingered, the more powerful it had become, the more that tended to happen. Particularly if the thought involved sex!

She had known from a very young age that she was attracted to women rather than men. There was a beauty to the female form than the bulkier males simply couldn't match. And while there were cultures that didn't immediately disparage someone who preferred the company of the same gender, even those thought it better to indulge in such unusual desires in secret rather than in public, like more typical arrangements were allowed.

Like all adventurers, Calliope had often fantasized about a liaison with a nymph. She'd heard the rumors that someone maintained a pleasure garden full of them, for a not-so-modest fee. She'd been a little surprised to discover the stories were true. She'd been completely shocked to find out that a friendly acquaintance was the one who'd maintained it.

Bradrick had been more than delighted to provide her with a private corner of his glade for her discreet pleasure. He'd even offered her a discount, due to their friendship. As with most men, there'd been a veritable twinkle in his eyes at the prospect of a woman enjoying the virtues of his stock.

She'd been more than a little nervous about the conditions within the glade. When she first realized the rumors were true, she'd feared that the majestic beings were being kept in slavery to be used as objects by some evil fiend. That it was Bradrick forced her to reconsider her opinion of him. Thankfully, he'd explained that the walls around the glade were for their protection. Furthermore, he kept the area as natural as possible in an effort to make them feel more at home. As for the sex, they were nymphs, after all.

The blond haired nymph had awaited Calliope in a small area of the glade, walled off by hedges and secured with a gate. She'd seemed almost frantic when Calliope arrived. Her hands had begun to roam even before Calliope had been able to get her clothes off.

Fingers pinched at the mortal woman's nipples through the thin fabric of her shirt. Her knees had wobbled at the ticklish nips. Warmth began to pool deep within her even as electricity began to arc across her breasts.

Calliope took control, despite the skilled hands that began to massage her. She wanted more. For the money she'd spent, she wanted to savor every moment of the encounter with every sense. She held the beauty by the shoulders at arm's length. Even that didn't stop the immortal's ministrations, though it did confine them to her breasts.

The nymph was beautiful in a way even the elves couldn't boast. Her heart-shaped face beamed with a delight that couldn't possibly know distress. Large breasts heaved dramatically with each breath. Tiny nipples stood rock hard and practically begged to be sucked and played with.

Past her short, thin, waist, there was something unusual about her hips. It took Calliope a moment to recognize the difference. While wide enough to suggest good breeding material, and incite the instinctive reactions that went with it, they tapered down far more severely than other species. After a moment of thought, she suspected that the difference probably allowed the immortal sex-addict to handle much larger and longer men.

The sparks that began in Calliope's nipples had begun to fill her chest with warmth. Even as she appreciated the other woman's beauty, the sensation seemed to overflow from her breasts and spill directly between her own hips. Her body didn't want to contain such a fire. Everywhere her clothes rested against her flesh protested of confinement.

There's time enough for savoring later! Calliope decided. This wasn't like a typical brothel where the whore would turn her out the moment she got off. All that the nymph wanted was to pleasure and be pleasured. Eventually, the wire armband would begin to glow to inform her that her time was up, but that wouldn't be for hours.

Calliope drew the beauty closer and pushed down in the same motion. With a display of amazing grace, the nymph managed to take the direction easily and seemed to flow from standing at the limit of her arms to kneeling right in front of her. Another shift and the nymph's face pressed tight between her legs, her hands satisfyingly tangled in those blond locks.

The nymph needed no prompting beyond that. Her jaw began to work and press against Calliope's tender flower even as her hands gathered up the short skirt Calliope had chosen for her fun. The delicious massage eased for only a moment, when the nymph pulled her head back just enough to remove the obstruction.

Lips closed around Calliope's hot bud. They plucked at her and teased the folds aside. She moaned. Cool air brushed against her overly-sensitive mound before she was surrounded by the moist inferno of the nymph's mouth. Her body began to shake with need and anticipation. Her fingers curled in the nymph's hair and pulled her more forcefully against the miraculous jaw.

Teeth grazed against her bud as they peeled back the petals and held her completely exposed. She wanted to explode with just that contact. When the nymph's tongue darted forward and began to flick across, over, and around her, her entire body seized with euphoria.

It had been too long, Calliope realized. When she'd first heard the rumors, she'd stopped going to brothels. After all, most of those women weren't all that interested in passion. They just wanted to finish the assignation as quickly as possible. It didn't matter that she was a novelty, as a woman instead of a man. Besides, she knew it was going to be expensive and wanted as much money saved up as possible.

It was a good thing Bradrick had set up times for the sessions. As amazingly skilled as the nymphs were, any patron would have cum in minutes. Given the high cost of entry, and despite the euphoria that had begun to pulse through her body, it would almost have seemed a letdown to be in and out in less time than most people could eat a meal.

The pulses came faster and faster. Calliope wished she'd thought to lie down before she pressed the nymph against her groin. Now, with her body frozen in delight and her hands locked in place and forcing the very thing that kept her immobile, she was afraid she would collapse. The pressure within her core had grown to unbearable levels. The fact that a portion of her mind distracted her from completion, with the need to keep her balanced, drove her even higher than she'd ever felt herself taken before.

All at once, the world seemed to explode around her. The nymph's mouth latched mercilessly around Calliope. Her jaw pressed into nerves below and above the captive flesh to ignite the volatile pressure that had built well past the point of containment. She sucked in slightly and tugged on the enflamed pearl. A flick of her tongue struck the spot she had meticulously marked as the most sensitive.

Calliope collapsed to the ground. Her back arched. Her body shook constantly with the need to release the tension and energy the miraculous fey had built within her. Screams of joy erupted from her mouth to overpower those of even the most joyous nymphs throughout the glade. Her mind went white; unable to process anything beyond the sheer sensation caused by the woman whose head she still trapped against her flesh.

"My dear. I had wondered how long it might be until you returned to me."

The baritone voice cut through Calliope's lost musing. Her eyes struggled to focus on the here-and-now rather than that afternoon only a week or two before. It was hard. Her entire body seemed devoted to the pursuit of pleasure and the memory of those hours was without parallel. She had shared pleasure with the nymph, but more often the balance had favored the human woman.

Calliope shook her head with the vain hopes it would clear her mind. It didn't work. Liquid fire seemed to course through her veins. Her skin took exception to every subtle shift, whether it was a leaf, the wind, or even her clothes, and sent messages directly to her pounding groin. Even her nerves rebelled and demanded release.

Worse still, the inferno that had once been her core responded viscerally to the deep voice in a way that it never had before. Her muscles clenched and demanded to be invaded. They wanted to clutch and milk the bulge she couldn't take her eyes off of. She could almost feel the hot length as it forced her open and unloaded itself inside of her.

"Cursed..." Calliope managed to blurt out. She blushed at the fact that she couldn't tear her gaze away from the large form suggested beneath his robes. Thankfully, she was fairly certain she was feverish so the reddening should go unnoticed. "Please! Help me, Bradrick."

"Come in. Come in, my dear Calliope." A hand on her shoulder helped to guide her through the door of his manor. She didn't notice the rooms he directed her through. She couldn't focus beyond the fact that each word he spoke caused her body to clench with fresh demands. What he probably thought were soothing placations were a fresh torment to her curse-ridden body.

Finally, Calliope sank as she was guided to sit somewhere soft and inviting. Bradrick's hand remained on her shoulder while he stood before her. She thought he asked her what was wrong but all she noticed was the bulge right before her eyes. Inches away! If she closed the distance, took it in her mouth, maybe he would have mercy on her and cool her fevered body with his seed.

The hand shifted from her shoulder. A single finger slipped under her chin and, with more than a little effort, guided her face upwards. Her eyes continued to dart back down to the object of her need but the change made it a little easier to focus on something else.

Bradrick, his expression vaguely amused, smiled down and repeated his question. "What can I do for you today, Calliope?"

She resisted the first thing that sprung to mind. She was not attracted to him, despite what her body demanded. He wasn't bad looking, but it was clear that it had been quite a few years since the man had adventured himself. Even if she'd never been attracted to men, at least there were some whose bodies she could respect, in an analytic kind of way.

"I've been cursed." She managed to get out. That was the real reason she was there. She didn't want to give in to the curse. She wanted it gone!

"I know." Bradrick said simply. The admission surprised Calliope so greatly that he managed to draw her full attention, despite the way his manhood jumped beneath his robe.

"A priest, herb-witch...neither could break it. It's too strong. I need your help."

His hand shifted from her chin to cup the side of her face. His skin was blessedly cool! Calliope didn't know if that factor of the curse was because he was male or simply a comparison between his healthy touch and her fevered flesh. In the end, it didn't matter. She couldn't help but lean against the minor relief.

Bradrick stepped back and tore the sole respite from her. She leaned forward at his retreat to the very edge of her soft seat. When she couldn't advance any farther the connection broke. The backlash of heat ripped through her body and redoubled the aches and tension.

"I'm sorry, my dear. I have always liked you. You're brave and daring. Unfortunately, I never foresaw your proclivities. If I had, I might have found a manner in which I could warn you away from my little enterprise."

Bradrick's comments didn't make any sense to her. The fog that shrouded her mind was likely to blame. Unfortunately, her confusion made it even more difficult to pay attention to him. The longer he spoke nonsensically, the harder it was to ignore his manhood.

Thankfully, Bradrick seemed to understand her problem and found a different way to distract her from the member that her body insisted it needed while her mind reviled against. His arms had slipped from the robe and the open front allowed it to fall back and expose his chest. While he might have developed a bit of a gut, he still showed signs of the muscles he must once have had.

"You see, Calliope, while I did collect my nymphs, they weren't exactly from the wild." There was such a thing as captive-bred nymphs? Obviously aware of the direction of her thoughts, he continued on with both his explanation and removal of clothing. Her heart began to race when his hands reached for the knot of his belt.

"You see, the curse I created was designed to be delivered by means of a small dart. It works perfectly. Enough time elapses between delivery and the onset of first symptoms that the two have never been linked. It helps, of course, that symptoms begin small and don't grow large enough to be noticed for a few days. By that point, the poor intendeds think it merely a matter of the time since they have last relieved themselves."

Calliope nodded at the calm words. Whatever it was he was talking about, he clearly understood it perfectly. Since it involved a curse of some sort, it obviously meant he was the right person to approach to deal with her problem.

None of that mattered much, however. His hands moved with a maddeningly slow precision as he worked the knot free on the belt. Finally, it came untangled. For a moment, her breath froze within her while he simply held it in place. He let go and the belt fell to the floor. The front of his robe parted slightly to reveal a hint of purplish flesh and a gasp escaped at last. The remainder of his robe fell to the floor to reveal the object of her desire.

"What I never considered was that I patterned the curse after vampirism and lycanthropy. Both are communicable states. None of the partners of my original test subjects were similarly infected. I had feared they might transform into satyrs, or something similar, but they remained pristinely untouched."

Her tongue crept out to wet her lips. The slight salty tang that greeted her might have been the sheen of perspiration caused by her fever but she could almost imagine it to be the taste of his solid flesh. Her nipples ached as a cool breeze played across them. She managed to glance down in surprise, but only for a moment. Of course she had taken off her shirt. She was too damned hot! Besides, if he was naked and ready for her, and the lust that twitched as it pointed directly at her revealed he was more than ready, then she should be as well.

"It never dawned on me to test women as well. I could have hired a whore and explained it as a fetish, a desire to watch two women together. I would have then realized that, like the bite of a vampire or werewolf, the curse could be passed on.

"You, my dear Calliope, are becoming a Nymph."

The statement was plain enough to draw her gaze up to meet his. The fire in his eyes should have angered her, or maybe frightened her. A small part of her mind reviled from the thought of what he wanted to do to her. Unfortunately, the minor thought was pushed aside by the unquenchable demands of her body.

His hand reached out as he closed on her. Unaware, her chest thrust forward to meet the contact. She groaned in satisfaction. First one hand, then the next, cupped her flaming breasts with a soothing touch. Even the soft pressure that began to squeeze and rub her seemed to send icy current across her stressed nerves.

The whispered voice within her head suggested that she should fight, that he'd just admitted to being the cause of all her troubles. Wherever that voice came from, it had grown softer already and Callio...Cal...and she ignored it. Those cool, soft, hands promised all she needed. When they began to guide her backwards, never ceasing the wonderful massage, she yielded to lie back on the bed.

She wanted more than just the hands. She wanted that juicy, thick, length inside of her. Between her legs was best, either way, she wasn't picky, but within her mouth would do in a pinch. Her body screamed that it needed release but she knew that would come eventually if she drank him down.

The bed he'd set her down on was sinfully comfortable. A cloud enveloped her back. Her legs dangled off the edge at the knees but that didn't bother her. In order to continue the delightful fondling, he'd pressed his body between her knees. The hard shaft taunted her, just out of reach.

She whimpered when one of the hands left her breast. It wasn't until he reached for the waistband of her pants that she felt better about the loss. She couldn't figure out why she had those on anyway, especially when they were so confining. It would be difficult for anyone to sate their lusts, or her own for that matter, with them in the way!

Bradrick was a bit rough when he managed to pull off her pants. She didn't mind. He didn't seem to be the type who was excited by that kind of thing but even if he was it would be one more thing she could do to please him. Besides, the force he used had pulled her butt to the very edge of the bed.

His hands had fallen away from her when he leaned back to remove her offensive clothing. Although impatient for him, her body didn't mind too much. He'd removed the final impediment and remained faithfully between her legs. It could only be a matter of moments, after all. When he rose on his knees, his body pushed her legs apart and she was thoroughly aware of how her core twitched and wept for him to do more. Her hands reached feebly for him but he pushed them aside.

"I don't think I'll need to play any more games with you." Bradrick admitted with a feral grin. "I can see you're already desperate enough for me. Besides, I can't have you being too insatiable where you're going."

She didn't care what he was saying. All that mattered was the way his hips shifted forward slowly, inexorably, towards her. The tip of that hard shaft should have been burning up but it felt cool against her fevered flesh. There was no question why her body so greedily grasped at it and almost pulled it farther inside. The only question was why had she always resisted such treats before!

The length was a cool balm inside of her. With her nerves so taut, the slow glide of his body into hers became a drawn out musical note. She felt like a violin beneath his masterful bow. The methodical advance and retreat of his passion struck a chord within her.

Her back arched with sudden excitement. She was beyond ready for him. She needed him to push her over that cliff and let her float forever on the orchestration of his movements. His hands once more found her breasts and began a massage in time with the rhythmic waltz of his hips. The added sensation merged the demand that had built up in the three separate points of her body into one unbearable need. He conducted her moans and screams of pleasure with each press of his palm and twitch of his thumb.

She felt the crescendo burst within her core. He allowed the cadenza her voice created to wander and linger, uninterrupted by his very soft grunts. Her body joyed so fiercely at the final fulfillment of her need that it seemed to glow, even as the first throws of heaven wracked her.

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