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It had been a real slow day at work and since it was the day before a holiday, there was hardly anyone around. I was able to finish up most of my work well before lunchtime and had decided to take a break. I disconnected my computer from the company network and was able to tag onto a local wireless network. The company has a pretty sophisticated porn blocking software so by going wireless I was able to slip in and out of some of my favorite porn sites. All I had to do was make sure no one walked in on me while I had the porn up on the monitor.

Anyway, I quickly slid though a few sites but there was nothing out of the ordinary. I had clicked out of one site when I remembered a site a Hispanic friend of mine recommended. Earlier that week I confided my weakness for Latino women, their hot, dark black hair, the olive tone of their skin, and the way many of them moved just drove me crazy. When he recommended I come with him to pick one up at his favorite club I confessed I was somewhat intimidated by them.

"Amigo, you just have to treat them the right way. They like a strong man, but they want to who can be soft and kind to them," he explained.

"Yeah I know, but damn whenever I am around them I simply freeze up. So all I can do is dream about them."

"Look Jim," he said, grabbing a piece of notebook paper, "go to this site. You watch enough of this hot action and you'll get over your shyness."

Anyway, remembering I had put the note in my wallet, I reached in and pulled out the note. Typing in the web address I found myself suddenly looking over a beautiful Latino woman, her long straight black hair cascaded down over her shoulders and neatly curled around her magnificent breasts. Her dark skin seemed so smooth and flawless as my eyes rolled down over her breasts to the dark areola and nipples. Tiny goose-bump like nubs circled her nipple and I imagined how it might feel to have my tongue... no, my cock slide over them.

Just sitting there looking over the picture I could feel my cock harden and I knew I needed relief. I quickly ran a print of the picture and then logged off of the site. Grabbing the picture, I quickly adjusted my erection in my pants and then walked quickly to the restroom. Fortunately the floor was basically empty with no one around, so I didn't have to worry about concealing the obvious bulge in my pants.

When I reached the restroom, I pushed open the door and went into the last stall, closing the door behind me. I leaned the picture up on the partition, tucking it into the small gap about the toilet paper holder. Gazing at the picture I unzipped my pants, let them fall to the floor and then sat down on the toilet. I began stroking myself as I dreamed of being with that beautiful woman.

Just moments later I heard a knock on the door and heard a woman with a Hispanic accent call out, "Cleaning crew is anyone in here?"

I didn't answer, instead I reached out to the partition door and unlatched it, letting it open part way. I then settled back on the toilet and began stroking again, this time more slowly as I listened to the woman come into the restroom and begin cleaning. She started on the sinks but after a short while she turned off the water and I guessed she was moving down to clean the toilets.

I could hear the cart squeak as she moved down the row of partitions. I quietly lifted my feet so she couldn't see that I was in there, at least until she opened the door, which she did in just seconds.

"Oh, I'm very sorry," she exclaimed turning to walk away.

"No, no, it's quite okay. It is my fault. Please, please won't you come back," I pleaded.

Much to my surprise I saw her face appear peeking around the door. She paused, first looking at my face then her eyes moved downward. Now I wasn't sure what to expect, my cock is not very large so I knew she could not be very impressed.

Strangely, as her eyes found my cock she smiled and said, "Rojo. You have red hair there."

I smiled and could feel my face heat up as I guess I blushed. "You like red hair."

"Yes, I have never seen it there on a man before."

"Do you like it?"

She nodded.

"Would you like to touch it?"

She bit her lip and then nodded.

I kind of leaned back on the toilet and pushed my hips forward while still sitting down. She moved closer and then kneeled down. Her fingers ran though my curls as she whispered, "So soft." After a few moments her hand moved over to my cock as she said, "This is so soft too. So soft and white."

"You haven't seen a white cock like this?"

"Not this close, only pictures."

"Do you like it?"

"I don't know, it's how you say... difference?"

"Different, is different good."

"Yes, I like it," she replied.

All the while we had been talking her hand had been moving slowly over my cock and as the pleasure increased I moaned a bit and she quickly saw what she was doing to me. Instead of stopping, she moved her head down and I watched pale white cock slide in between her dark lips, her pink tongue rolling over it. She sucked hard and slid her hand quickly up and down my shaft. It all happened so fast I saw my cock slide into her mouth and all I could do was lean back and enjoy.

In mere seconds I was overcome and I lifted my ass up some and came, spurting my cum into her willing mouth. She slowed her sucking and slowly licked up the last droplets of my cum before pulling away. She smiled and said, "You taste salty, salty but good."

She started to turn when I asked, "What do you taste like?"

"You want to taste?"

"Yes, please."

"But where?"

I got up, pulled up my pants and then said, "Do you have a key to lock the door?"

"Yes, but I am not suppose to during work hours."

"But no one is around, can't you lock it?" I pleaded.

"Okay," she said, grabbing a set of keys from her cart and sliding one in the lock.

As I heard the lock click, I grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up onto the counter. I unfastened her pants and as she reached down and lifted her ass off the counter I pulled them and her panties off. She opened her legs showing me her smooth, dark thighs that led up to a dark, black patch of beautiful curly pubic hair. I leaned down and moved my mouth to her thigh, running my tongue up as I breathed through my nose taking in her fragrance.

As I moved closer and closer to her pussy the earthy scent came over me and by the time my lips moved over her damp lips I was breathing hard. I gently worked my tongue back and forth, savoring the softness of her as my tongue wedged centimeter by centimeter deeper into her. I could feel and taste the wetness as I burrowed until I finally plunged my tongue deep into her pussy and was flooded with her sharp, tangy flavor.

I continued working my tongue in and out of her as I slipped my thumb into her pussy too, getting it wet. Then with my tongue still deep in her flavorful pussy, I moved my thumb up to her clit and gently pinched it between my thumb and index finger. Her wetness lubricated her tiny nub as my fingers slid over her.

I continued like that for some time, savoring her taste while my fingers diddled her clit, but finally, I could see she was getting closer as her hips began to move up and down. I moved my mouth upward, drawing my tongue up her slit until it found her tiny, sensitive nub. I began sucking on her clit while I moved my fingers down and burrowed into her pussy. She moaned loudly and then cried out, "I'm coming, I'm coming."

I shoved my fingers deep into her pussy as I stopped sucking her clit. I remained motionless as her pussy squeezed and released my fingers again and again. As the pulsations stopped, I gently removed my fingers as my mouth slipped down again and I lapped up the wetness around her pussy. I then stood up and helped her down from the bathroom counter.

"Did I taste good?" she asked.

"Wonderful," I replied.

"As good as a white woman?"

"Oh even better," I replied.

"You're just saying that."

"Well, I'll just say it was different, and that was very, very good."

"Yes different," she replied. She then grabbed her keys and unlocked the door.

"We're finished?"

"I must finish cleaning now."

I smiled, leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth, slipping my tongue into her mouth. She opened her mouth and used her tongue to toy with mine. As I stepped away she said, "That was different too, but nice."

"Yes, nice," I replied, walking back to my desk.

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