"Drake, I need you to take me." Bethany embraced me and then rolled me over so I would be on top. She looked at me with a smile and a nod. "Do it."

I began to thrust into Bethany with reckless abandon. She writhed underneath me as she kept glancing out the window. I pounded with a fury into her tight hole, sweat glistening over both our bodies. My grunts became animalistic and her wails were now piercing. I knew I was close.

"C'mon baby, give it to me." She cried out.

I felt her pussy contract over my manhood begging for my release and a wave of pleasure flood my cock. I tensed up and met her orgasm with one of my own. I shot like a geyser inside this beautiful woman who lies before me. I cradled her lovingly as we held on to each other in the aftermath of our union.

"That was unbelievable." Bethany nibbled on my ear. "Are you ready for number two?"

"Of course." I smiled as the last of my ejaculation flowed into her. For my first time, I thought I did fairly well.

All of a sudden, I was at the orphanage again and it was Halloween. Sister Mary Patrick was going over today's lesson when she decides it's time for lunch. When she opened the door this time, there was a woman in her late thirties with long black hair with one heck of a tan. And then the door shut.

Two hours later, Sister Mary Patrick returned with a duffle bag looking none too happy. She explained that I was adopted, this time by Kimberly Dover, maiden name Lewis.

The whole flight to Miami and drive to her house, Kimberly wouldn't shut up. She ranted about my ugliness and was genuinely mean about just being seen with me in public. In her eyes, I was truly repulsive. I've heard it all before, but damn was her tongue sharp as a knife.

"I don't know why I did what I did but I want you out of my fucking house immediately!" Kimberly's hands were on her hips and her eyes showed defiance. What a bitch.

Oh well. I didn't speak a word as I opened the door to let Bethany in, the sunset in the distance making her more gorgeous than ever and then I grabbed Kimberly. Bethany gave her speech and I disposed of Kimberly. Bethany kneeled and looked up. "Three more Elizabeth."

This time, I must say, there was a little satisfaction in her death. I twisted so hard, I almost popped her head off like a pimple. Oops. I still performed last rites on the body as I transported her body to her bed.

This time, I mauled Bethany, catching her off guard. I knew the time and sunset was upon us. I kissed her passionately and after a moment's hesitation, she melted in my arms and opened her mouth. Our tongues danced together, doing their best thumb wrestling imitation as we discarded each other's attire. My hands went to her womanhood and hers went to my rod. No foreplay was needed as she was soaking wet and I was iron. I moved my hands to her back and kneaded her fine ass. I then cupped them and lifted Bethany in the air. She let out a surprised yelp as I buried into her in one motion. Her slender legs then encompassed my waist. I guided us to the nearest wall and hammered into her with an intensity of thrusts, each one more forceful than the last. Her head fell back against the wall and she made a series of guttural sounds through gritted teeth. The foundation of the house shook as I took Bethany and she enjoyed every minute of it. I began a contradiction. As I rammed her channel, I began to gently kiss her neck. I moved gingerly down her body, delicately placing soft suctions on her skin. When I arrived at her breasts, I grazed all around, light as a feather, continuing the seduction of her flesh. When I finally reached the nipple, I flicked it with my tongue. I then pulled hard at them and it sent a shockwave through her body. I was surprised her high pitch scream didn't break a window. Bethany spasmed in my arms and I unloaded into her simultaneously. We glistened in sweat as the sun was fading behind us.

"That was wonderful Drake." Bethany was barely audible. "I love you."

"And I love you too." I echoed her sentiments as we held onto each other, not wanting to let go of this moment.

As the last of my seed headed down Bethany's tunnel, I was at the orphanage on Halloween again. The next two to go were Bret Walcott from Houston and Harold Putnam from Des Moines. I actually felt bad for Harold. He seemed to be a good person. After each, Bethany acknowledged Elizabeth again and then we had sex.

I was at the orphanage again and it was still Halloween. The last one and it will all be over. This time when Sister Mary Patrick left to get lunch, no one was at the door. Peculiar. I was expecting Mother Superior to be there with the fifth person.

Sister Mary Patrick arrived back with lunch and some news. "I've decided to give you a wonderful birthday present Drake." Her smile was ear to ear as she set a plate of food next to me.

"And what's that?" I asked more perplexed about not seeing the fifth person than I was interested in her present.

"I'm going to adopt you!" Sister Mary Patrick exclaimed as she hugged me.

I froze. This can't be. She's the fifth person. She is one of only two people I love and the other... The door opened and Bethany walked in.

Sister Mary Patrick turned at the creaking the door made. "Who are you and what business do you have here?"

I stood and put my hands on the nun's shoulders. "I'll handle this; just sit down for a minute Sister Mary Patrick." She did as I faced Bethany. "I can't do this. Not to her."

"I'm sorry Drake, but she's the last descendant of Mary Warren. The fifth person who accused Elizabeth Howe of crimes she didn't commit. Even though she was a witch, she didn't harm a soul. We took care of all the other accusers' descendants who condemned my ancestor to death. Abigail Williams, Mercy Lewis, Ann Putnam, and Mary Walcott's families suffered their fates for what happened in Salem all those years ago and now it's time for Mary Warren's descendant to undergo hers." Bethany pleaded.

"Bethany, I love you and I appreciate you telling me I'm a dhampir and unlocking my vampire power to distort and manipulate time and I am forever in your debt, but I can't do this. Not to her." I was sympathetic and adamant at the same time.

"Listen to me Drake, Elizabeth's soul can't be free if she is allowed to live." Bethany pointed at my surrogate mother. "And it has to be done at sunset."

Out the window, the sun has nearly completed its descent in the horizon and darkness began permeating the sky. The air grew icy cold. I was just about to speak when a white specter appeared above us, hovering.

"Oh my God," gasped the voice from behind me. I looked over my shoulder and saw that Sister Mary Patrick fainted on my bed. I somehow knew she is all right. I brought my full attention back to the situation unfolding in front of me.

"Bethany, wait." The specter spoke. The voice was high pitched and it drew out every word. I wasn't afraid, but I wasn't exactly prepared for the vision in front of me. Was I nervous? Excited?

Bethany was neither as she cocked her neck to be face to face with whatever is floating above us. "Elizabeth, what shall I do? Do I take action myself?"

"Why do you feel this is necessary?"

"For your spirit to be able to rest so you can begin the process of reincarnation." Bethany was surprised at the question.

"Why do you feel I'm not at rest?" I'm stunned that a drawing out every word, high-pitched voice can feel so calming. "We've only met once when you were just a small child. Did I give you the impression I was not at peace?"

"No, but you haven't moved on yet. Something had to be keeping you, forcing you to stay in this realm." Bethany stated with conviction.

"My dear child, still so young, still so much to learn. I choose to stay to look after my family. I am happy and I now want you to be happy." The specter looked directly at me. "Take that young man and make him your partner. You both love each other and he has proven he will do much for you." My gaze went to Bethany, and she smiled her smile at me and I melted again. "But the two of you need to do good together to purge your souls of their darkness for the acts you've committed."

"But wise ancestor, how do we accomplish such a task?" Bethany asked curiously.

"By doing what he was born to do. Together I see the two of you becoming the fiercest vampire hunters the world has ever known. A witch and a dhampir, what incredible combined powers you possess. You two can change the world."

And so it came to be.

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