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Retail Therapy at its Best


(Note from the author -- Whilst this story follows on from Just Four Friends, I hope that it is complete enough to be enjoyed on its own. Please rate it and have fun!)


I gasped in shocked amusement as Anna held up a dress, well what loosely could be called a dress. Black PVC with straps, zips, buckles, chains and studs was not my normal attire; even the new 'me' hadn't gone this far. The laughter in her eyes and sly smile playing over her lips showed that Anna knew this was unrealistic, but a bet was a bet.

"I have to see you in this," she whispered, leaning into me, brushing the mound of my breast with her arm.

I still couldn't believe I was here. 8 months ago, all I cared about was my career. I was plain, frumpy and growing old before my time. It was amazing that my funny, vibrant, lifelong friends had wanted anything to do with me. Then I met James! He had opened my eyes, my life and my legs, but the crowning glory was the discovery that my 3 bosom buddies had spent the last 10 years being just that! Bosom buddies! They had been pleasuring each other quite regularly, just for fun, and now I had joined them. It had only been a couple of times so far, but it had been such fun each time, and James' reaction when I slowly told him each juicy detail meant it would carry on happening!

This shopping trip had been James' suggestion, no sorry, instruction, and he had been very clear on what he wanted. "Make sure you buy some sexy underwear, both of you, then come home and model it for me."

I had been nervous about entering the erotic clothing shop so Anna had suggested a game. "We'll both find the most outrageous thing for the other to try on. After that, normal lingerie will be easy. Bet I can find something you'll refuse to try?"

So the bet had been made. Whoever refused to step out of the changing cubicle first would have to model to James first. I'll admit I was dubious about my friend parading sexily in front of my man, but I was also intrigued about his reaction.

I had already selected two outfits for Anna to try; one was a (seemingly) tame nurse's uniform, the other a bra, suspenders and stockings ensemble containing red faux fur and crotchless knickers. She'd blanched a little at that one, as the shop was surprisingly busy and, despite her taste in partners and frequency, Anna was no exhibitionist. However she was determined to win the bet, hence the bondage dress that was now dangling luridly from her finger.

"I wouldn't even know how to put it on," I complained.

Her smile broadened. "I help!"

With a slow wink, she turned back to the rack and resumed searching for that one outfit that would definitely have me crumbling in submission.

I had already picked out Anna's two trials, my selection of underwear to model to James and a couple of outfits I genuinely wanted to try on. All Anna had was the bondage dress and a couple of dresses for herself. I was getting impatient. As I made my way towards the changing rooms at the back of the shop, I flicked through various outfits before one caught my eye, and I knew I had won the bet! A sheer, see-through, knee length dress with holes cut out for the breasts and front and back access. There was no way in the world Anna would come out of the changing cubicle wearing this little number. I quickly returned the lame nurse's outfit, hid the sheer dress under the other clothing and turned to see a smiling Anna making her way towards me.

"Got everything? Let's go!"

My confidence evaporated. What other monstrosity had she discovered?

Both changing cubicles were free, so we gave each other one 'bet' outfit and went inside. I locked my door and held up... a leopard-skin print jumpsuit -- this would leave NOTHING to the imagination and was going to ages to fit into.

"Hell Anna," I shouted, "I'm going to be here forever!"

A laugh drifted into the changing room. "At least I didn't give you the worst outfit to start with."

I felt a little ashamed. Had I gone too far with the sheer dress that I was yet to give her? The crotchless panties were the least of her problems and she didn't even know it. At least this jumpsuit and the bondage dress covered everything... or did it? I was now nearly naked, standing in only my thong, looking at this tacky Shania Twain rip-off and I realised that the neckline wasn't a neckline at all. I took it off the hangar and stepped into the legs. I pulled it up to my crotch and felt the seam pull into my pussy.

"Nice," I thought, "a tasteful camel-toe!"

A shout from Anna questioning my readiness made me stop, panting slightly. "Are you kidding?" I retaliated, "it'll be ages before I'm ready!"

I pulled the jumpsuit up and my fears were realised. The 'neckline' went down to my navel. I struggled my arms in, pulled it up to my shoulders and found it barely covered my nipples. I tucked them in and looked in the mirror. I took a deep breath. I HAD to do this.

"Ready?" I called. I turned to the door. "On three..." I unlocked the door.

"One, two, three!" She called.

I opened my door at the same time as Anna and we stood there, grinning like schoolgirls.

"Step out then," dared Anna.

"You too," I answered. The balcony bra beautifully held her ample breasts, pushing them up to form an inviting cleavage. The red faux fur trailed down her flat stomach and the stockings and suspenders framed her legs and hips. Looking down, I realised the opening in her crotchless panties couldn't be seen. My face obviously displayed my disappointment and Anna giggled.

"Ha! It doesn't show. But those wonderful tits of yours are bursting out." I looked down to see my left nipple peeking out. I pushed it back in, stepped out, turned round and stepped back in. Anna burst out laughing.

"I've never seen you move so quick!"

I pointedly looked between her legs.

"Your turn. Move!"

She shuffled forward, making sure the opening remained closed, did a slow turn watching my face all the way before leaping back into her changing room. She burst out laughing again.

"That's not fair," I exclaimed.

"It's the deal -- out of the room and turn around. I did it! Come on, next outfit."

I reached behind the door for the sheer dress with only minor pangs of misgiving. Anna was holding out the bondage dress, so I grabbed it, threw her dress at her and slammed the door to my cubicle shut. I heard her squeal as she realised she'd been duped.

"You bitch!"

The thought crossed my mind again that I may have gone too far, but a giggle from the opposite cubicle put all those thoughts to rest.

I eyed the atrocity on the hangar before me. I had no clue how I was going to get it on, but then closer examination revealed that all the chains, belts and studs ended at a concealed zip under the right armpit.

I removed the jumpsuit, unzipped the dress, stepped in and zipped it up again. You could definitely call it a tight fit, but at least this one covered my boobs. I turned and looked in the mirror. "Wow!" I thought, "that's actually not bad." I went in and out at all the right places and the neckline really enhanced my 34DD cleavage.

I opened the door slightly and queried the readiness of my partner in sin. To my amazement, her door opened, although all I could see was her face as she peered into the opening.

"Get your stuff, and get over here! Now!"

Her eyes were smiling, belying the seriousness of her tone. I grabbed my gear, walked out into the corridor, did a twirl to complete my side of the bet and walked into her cubicle. I dumped my things on the chair, smiled at the bright red sign with gleaming white lettering -- "ONLY ONE OCCUPANT PER CUBICLE" -- and turned to look at Anna. She was wearing the dress. Her pert breasts poked out of the holes in the sheer material, her trimmed pussy was glistening and... I waggled a finger and she slowly turned. Oh yes, there was that cute arse of hers. I lowered my finger and ran a nail over each cheek as she turned. When she faced me again, she was grinning.

"Ok, you win!"

She leaned in and kissed me on the lips, parting them with her tongue, passion pouring as the chains covering my boobs crushed against her naked chest. I responded to her as she flicked her tongue into my mouth and her hands snaked up and around the back of my neck. I lightly ran my hands over the silky dress down her back as an urge overcame me. I pushed her back and leant down, taking one of her nipples in-between my teeth. She gasped as it hardened in my mouth and used her hand on the back of my neck to pull me into her. As I nuzzled her tit, the thought of James' instruction and reaction sent a shiver down to my womb. I knew his instruction to buy sexy underwear had been made in the hope that Anna and I would end up in this very situation, I was still unsure of my feelings but I knew I enjoyed the fervor and passion with which James rewarded me every time.

My playmate suddenly changed the pressure on the back of my neck and I found myself on my knees. I smiled inwardly. Very typical of feisty Anna. She lifted one leg and I was faced with her wet cunt, ripe for licking. I extended my tongue and ran it from hole to clit and was rewarded by a stifled squeal and shiver. I opened my mouth and took in her nub, rolling my tongue around it, sucking gently. Anna arched her back and pushed into my face. Her sweet smell filled my nostrils as I licked and nibbled her. Using two fingers I probed her hole as her juices started to flow. I pulled out my fingers, licked them clean and then gently forced them back deep into her pussy, relishing the feel of her muscles as they started to squeeze.

I moved my fingers inside her and rubbed the small ridges of her 'G' spot. Her pussy started pulsing and quivering, juices flowing down my fingers as she started to cum. I withdrew my fingers, leant forward, clamped my mouth around her delicious pussy and milked her, my teeth working on her clit to lengthen the orgasm. Amazingly Anna managed to remain quiet as her orgasm flowed into my mouth, although her hold on my head and hair belied the intensity of feeling the exquisite pleasure. Soon enough she released her hold on me and, with a parting lick, I stood up. Her eyes were sparkling as she leant in and kissed me, obviously relishing the taste of her cunt juice on my tongue.

"Well," she gasped, "I know I've said it before, but it's worth saying again. I fucking love the new you, and where did you learn to lick a pussy like that?"

I laughed. "I'll admit all I do is think of what James does to me!"

I undid the zip of my bondage dress and stepped out of it. Anna looked at my bare breasts hungrily. I smiled, stepped back and held up my hands. "No you don't. I want to try on these clothes, and then get home to James. His cock is all I can think of right now!"

Anna laughed. "You'd better not take that off," pointing to my thong, "I can see how wet you are, you'll end up leaving a trail everywhere."

We both giggled as we tried on the other garments (minus the knickers). Eventually we pulled on our street clothes, paid for our selections and practically ran out of the shop.

As we fell through the front door at home, we were still laughing. James appeared from the kitchen and grinned at the pair of us.

"You girls have fun?" The laughed response made his eyes shine as he quickly deduced what must have happened. He kissed me lightly on the lips, then kissed me again as I opened my lips slightly. His eyes widened as his tongue encountered the lingering taste of Anna's juice.

"Mmm... nice!"

We all moved into the living room and Anna spied the bottle of wine James had chilling in the cooler bucket on the coffee table. As she filled the three accompanying glasses, James pushed into me from behind. I could feel that the thought of the actions behind the taste on my tongue had an immediate effect on my lover.

"So," he enquired as Anna passed out the golden nectar, "do you have outfits to demonstrate?"

"We do," I replied, "and Anna goes first."

She spluttered into her wine. "How d'you work that out?"

"You didn't fulfill your side of the bet!"

She gave me a look of distain, took a gulp of wine, picked up her bag of purchases and pointed to the stairs.

"At the top, turn left." I smiled as she stomped out of the room.

James pressed even harder into me and used his free hand to reach round and squeeze my breast.

"Fun afternoon then?" he whispered as he nibbled my ear. I reached a hand behind me and lightly brushed his engorged cock.

"It had its moments," I teased as I gently squeezed. He felt harder and bigger than I'd ever known him to be.

"Still feeling playful?" he asked. I let go and turned to look at him. Doubts, fears and misgivings flooded into my mind.

"What do you want to do? Do you want to fuck Anna?"

He smiled in reply. "God no woman, you're the only one I want to sink my cock into, but I love to watch her eat you!"

I couldn't help but smile as I was reassured. I could hear Anna's footsteps on the stairs and hastily kissed him. "I don't know how she'll feel about it; lets just see how it goes?"

Anna walked into the room, hesitantly. She'd found my dressing gown and had it wrapped tightly round her. My best friend looked positively scared. She looked at me and I smiled. At that, she raised her chin, opened the gown to give us no more than a three second glimpse of a PVC bra and panties. As she hugged herself to ensure the dressing gown was closed, I went over to her, glass of wine in hand. She gratefully took it and drained it in one movement.

"Let's both go and change?" I suggested, smiling back at James.

I was surprised, pleasantly surprised at my friend's hesitancy and nervousness. As we entered the bedroom she turned and hugged me. Now I was starting to get concerned.

"Hey. You ok?"

She drew back and looked at me. "You love him. He's your man. I don't want to get in the way, nor cause any problems, and if I go back down there I might just do that. He's hellishly sexy and I'm so turned on..." Her eyes were burning as the passion coursed through her veins. I smiled at her, pleased by her desire for James and touched by her concern for me.

"It's ok, we just need ground rules. I want to play as much as you do and James is probably wanking down stairs already. There's only rule; my pussy is the only one his cock fills!"

Anna's eyes widened. "You sure?" I nodded. She visibly relaxed and laughed. "I think we can honestly say your transformation is complete. The old Steph is really gone!"

We were still giggling as, two minutes later, we descended the stairs, suitably dressed, minus the dressing gown. Anna had slipped into a royal blue lace bra and thong. I had donned a purple balcony bra with matching thong and suspender belt. The obligatory stockings were topped with purple lace. Stockings were James' favourite; he had commented more than once that my shapely legs were made for stockings!

We slowly pushed open the living room door to be greeted by a glorious slight of my sexy lover lying on the sofa. He'd removed his jeans and rucked up his rugby shirt as he smoothly and deftly ran his hand up and down his naked, erect, beautiful cock. Anna drew a sharp breath.

"Oh my! Now that is a gorgeous sight to behold."

"My thoughts exactly," returned James as he looked us both up and down. His eyes lingered on my stocking tops as he added, "nice, very nice indeed."

The action of James' hand on his engorged member made my pussy quiver with desire and I took the few steps to the sofa. As I sank to my knees James placed his hand on the back of my head and gently guided me to my target. An appreciative moan escaped his lips as mine wrapped around his knob end. I used my tongue to lightly tease his hole, out of which seeped a little delicious pre-cum. The pressure on the back of my neck increased slightly and I opened my mouth to take in as much of him as I could. I relaxed my muscles a little as he reached the back of my throat and felt him grab a handful of hair as I started to work my mouth up and down his length. A second moan of pleasure escaped him as I sucked.

Suddenly I felt a small pair of hands tugging at my thong. As it was slipped over my arse, Anna kissed each cheek and I lifted my knees until the garment was removed and discarded. A finger ran up my inner thigh until she reached round and teasingly tweaked my clit. With her other hand she eased my legs apart and I realised she was now lying on the floor with her head between my legs. A couple of cushions ensured that her lips and tongue made the perfect connection with my quivering pussy. As I settled into my rhythm on James' cock, so did Anna's tongue on my cunt.

The feel of her attention to my clit and hole joined with the taste and feel of the large cock in my mouth and very soon my mind was reeling; I didn't know which sensation to concentrate on; it was becoming exquisitely torturous.

Slowly James eased the pressure on the back of my neck and I released his cock from my mouth. I looked at him and he motioned towards Anna lying prone on the floor. Feeling the change in my position, she stopped nibbling my clit; I immediately ached for her to continue. James pushed me round and I realised what he intended. So did Anna. She slid off the cushions and gripped my legs as I knelt over her head. I leant forward and trailed my tongue down her stomach following the strip of pubic hair that guided me towards her seeping hole. Licking me out had obviously increased her feeling of horniness!

She pulled me back down onto her face and resumed nibbling my clit. I returned the favour and inwardly smiled at her grateful gasp into my pussy. As I parted her pussy lips with my tongue, she followed my actions. I loved the mirroring; her mouth on my pussy, my mouth on hers; my tongue in her hole, her tongue in mine. I glanced up to see James smoothly stroking his cock as he watched my best friend and I eat each other out. The look on his face was of absolute joy and pleasure as though all his birthdays had come at once!

Soon I could sense Anna's impending orgasm and knew my own was not too far out of reach, but I had to have James' cock inside me. I looked up at him. "Fuck me James," was the only invitation he needed. Anna stopped licking me and started to move out the way until I grabbed her thigh. "And where'd you think you're going?"

"Oh, I thought I'd leave you two to it."

"I don't think so," grinned James, "three is definitely not a crowd right now. On the sofa!"

Returning the grin, Anna laid on the sofa, one leg bent at the knee, the other trailing on the floor, giving me perfect access to her awaiting cunt. James knelt behind me and placed the tip of his cock against my pussy lips. My own wetness mingled with Anna's saliva ensured that, with the gentlest of pressure, he smoothly entered me. He continued to push in all the way, till his balls grazed my clit. I let out a long contented sigh. He felt so good inside me, filling me perfectly. He quickly settled into a steady rhythm. I knew it wouldn't be too long before he would be ready to cum, especially as he had a perfect view as I leant forward slightly to resume my licking and sucking of my best friend's heavenly pussy. As I sharpened my tongue and thrust it in and out of her hot hole, I matched James' cock, thrusting and out of mine, perfectly synchronized.

As my tongue began tire I felt the now familiar feelings begin to build again in my womb. I glanced at Anna and saw that she had removed her bra and was frantically tweaking her nipples, a clear indication that she was nearing her peak. To save any painful accidents during my orgasm, I replaced my tongue with two fingers, easily sliding them in and out of her, upturned to connect with that wonderful pleasure spot, and used my other hand to rhythmically caress her swollen nub. Her hips started to buck and rise as she neared her crescendo.

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