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I retired at 64. Life had been good to me; I had three lovely daughters and seven grandchildren, a husband who provided for me and a nice home. Oh, and there were my pet cats, who I adored. Only one area of my life was falling below expectations and that was in the bedroom department. Things had gone swimmingly at first with almost too much sex, but about ten years ago things had tailed off to a point where physical stimulation was non-existent. We had settled into a comfortable life and to be fair to my husband, he was still working. His days were long and started at what seemed like the middle of the night. Weekdays were spent trying to get enough sleep; weekends were spent catching up on sleep that was missed.

I, on the other hand, had the luxury of staying in bed until the streets were properly aired. I had remained faithful throughout our marriage, but always enjoyed sex. I had turned down chances of extra marital fun several times over the years and was once hit on by a lad many years my junior who pursued me for many months with various offers of short breaks to warm places and the promise of carefree sex. The nearest I got was a hurried kiss in the garden at a house party where I allowed him to fumble about in my knickers for a few minutes. We were both drunk.

It was during these early morning lay-ins after my husband had left for work that I would fantasise about sexual encounters and would often pleasure myself at the thoughts. My fantasies were all pretty ordinary. Mostly they centred on a chance meeting with an ex-boyfriend or an approach from an old friend. Sometimes it was people from the TV that I fancied.

I had also been given a good set of genes and now at 65 I was still in reasonable shape. Of course, some things had widened or sagged and lowered, but I was still able to compare with many women in their forties and still got the occasional admiring glance in the street.

It was during one of my morning fantasies that a memory popped into my head and my subconscious mind started to expand upon it. Some years earlier I had been lying on a beach in a bikini when I noticed a guy laying on a sun lounger looking across at me. He had a perfect view of the soles of my feet and right up past my navel, across my breasts to my face. I lay for quite some time squinting at him through half closed eyes, watching him watching me. As the afternoon wore on, he occasionally moved and shuffled about, but always laying on his front, never his back. Towards the end of the afternoon he produced a mobile phone and started looking at it, still in a prone position. It didn't occur to me until after we had left the beach that he may have been taking a photo or video. At first the idea had horrified me, but later that evening, with some of the local booze inside me, I began to think it quite flattering. I had fantasised about giving him a better view alongside my already asleep husband in bed that night.

By the following day it was all forgotten and the memory had not resurfaced until now. I imagined the feeling of the warm sun on my body and the intensity that the moment would have brought had I realised how interested my beach neighbour was. As I remembered and built an entire fantasy around this moment of my life, I brought myself to a very intense orgasm. I have always been multi-orgasmic, but I left it at the one for now and went into the bathroom to start my day.

I stood for a moment in front of the mirror and studied my naked body. I couldn't claim it was perfect, but it certainly was a lot better than many people's and they didn't mind going out in a bikini or bathing costume. I decided I was very lucky. I put off having a shower and instead washed my face and cleaned my teeth before going downstairs in a very thin and worn out towelling robe that I had owned for years.

I mentioned I was multi-orgasmic, but what I didn't say was that after the first time I am always left very horny. It is a nice feeling, so I am never in too much of a hurry to dispel it. So it was this particular morning that I found myself in the kitchen with the sun streaming through the windows and a nice tingling sensation all over my body.

I had only tied my robe loosely and as I set about clearing up from the night before it got in the way. Being in a sexy frame of mind, I decided to remove it and work naked. It felt wonderful being free. My breasts moving and gently swaying as I worked, air between my legs and no hindrance to my movements. It must have been a full hour later that I felt the urge to take a pee and without thinking set off towards the downstairs toilet. I mentioned that I was lucky with my life and had a nice house. A nice house that featured a downstairs toilet, just inside the front door, dedicated for the use of guests and housewives too lazy to walk back upstairs. As I walked down the hallway, deep in thought, I was suddenly aware of a movement ahead, outside the glass panelled entrance door. It was the postman. Initially I was horrified that I might have been seen, the glass panel was only slightly patterned and I started to turn and try to cover up. But then the fantasy popped back into my head and I realised that being admired wasn't such a bad thing after all. Instead of running away, I simply stopped and stood while the postman pushed the letters through the slot in the door and turned back down the front path.

Had he seen me? I wasn't sure, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought he would not have. The light outside was bright and inside would not have been so visible due to it being much darker. I opened the toilet door and stood looking at myself in the mirror opposite. I was getting used to seeing my body and it was really not as bad as it might have been. Perhaps it would be enhanced by the removal of my pubic hair down below, which was a little untidy, but that was all. Two hours later I had showered, made a phone call and was on my way out of the door.

I pulled up outside BronzeNwax in the little customer car parking area and walked in. The surroundings were very tastefully decorated and featured tanning booths, a nail bar and other booths for the various beauty treatments on offer. I was greeted by an older lady who I assumed to be the owner and shown into one of the beauty booths. She covered the bed in fresh smelling clean towels and apologised that the lady originally assigned to do my treatment had gone home feeling unwell, but that she would personally see to me and that she wouldn't turn a customer away disappointed.

She told me to remove my skirt and to make myself comfortable on the bed, promising to return in a few minutes. As instructed I removed my skirt and laid back on what was a very comfortable bed indeed. It was not long before I found myself drifting away remembering the events of the day and feeling my horniness rising. I realised in the nick of time and pulled myself together. I wasn't here to be horny. That could come later.

Almost immediately the owner, who I now knew to be called Jane, returned and set about preparing for my waxing. She looked across towards the tops of my legs and asked what I wanted. Caught in a whim, I told her that I wanted to be completely bald, a totally smooth pussy and bum crack. She wasn't fazed or surprised at my request, but politely asked me to remove my bikini briefs to make access easier and to save them getting covered in wax. I had been waxed a few times before and knew what was to come. I was actually looking forward to experiencing the sharp pain in new places.

I lifted by back off of the bed and slid my panties slowly down my legs. Jane took them and carefully placed then with my skirt on the nearby chair where I had left it. She wheeled the trolley on which stood the pot of wax and her other materials next to the bed and took me by the ankles. As she pulled them apart so that my feet were on the very edge of the bed, I realised that I was exposed completely to her gaze. She didn't seem to notice but my heart rate increased and the familiar tingling resumed down below. I knew I was getting wet. Again, Jane was the very model of business like efficiency as she set about applying, then removing, liberal amounts of warm wax to my most intimate parts.

She was good; in fact she was very good as her swift movements removed wax and hair simultaneously and so quickly that I hardly felt a thing. She then asked me to roll on my tummy and continued the process of depilation around the back. Once that was complete, she asked me to turn on my back once more while she finished off along the sides of my vagina. It was a very thorough job and Jane took her time removing every last bit of fluff, all the while looking down at my very exposed pussy. The feeling of horniness returned and I found myself gazing into her eyes as she stared down at my totally exposed twat.

All too soon she looked up and announced that the waxing was over, but enquired as to whether I would like a moisturiser applied to relieve the soreness that was bound to follow. I replied that I would and she told me to roll over on my tummy once more so she could start with my bum crack. The moisturiser had been warmed perfectly and I was only dimly aware of it running down, over my anus and onto the lips of my vagina. Jane proceeded to slowly and gently massage the cream into my skin, and every so often, but not too often, running her fingers softly over the opening of my back passage causing bolts of excitement to course though me. She studiously avoided running her fingers over my lower lips, concentrating on the sides of my cheeks where the pubic hair had been removed from. Each run of her fingers caused me to become more and more aroused and once or twice I subconsciously thrust my behind up to meet her fingers. She showed no horror at this inappropriate movement but continued to work the soft slippery cream into my exposed, vulnerable and naked body.

I came to with a start as a voice very close to my ear whispered that I should roll over for my front to be done. I slowly rolled and Jane stared directly into my eyes. Did I detect a hint of excitement there, or was it me being overly aroused? I knew I was wet. Very wet in fact and probably opening like a flower bud at this extended assault on my sexual senses. I willingly rolled over.

The moisturising cream again gave the slightest possible touch as is meandered down my pubis and ran between my legs. I looked up at Jane. She was staring directly at my exposed pussy. She moved alongside the bed and I opened my legs as far as they would go, ending up with my heels together and knees as flat as I could get them.

Jane took another step and I felt her mons pushing against my knee. Again without speaking, she proceeded to massage the cream all over my lower stomach, working her way lower and lower to what was my now throbbing pussy. Gently and hardly perceptible, she worked her way around until her fingers slipped gently alongside my now swollen lips. Several short caresses followed and then a long caress which took her fingers right down and over my anus down to the table. The next movement was the slowest of all as she brought her hand back up and over my perineum, pausing for a few seconds before continuing and allowing her finger to run directly up my opening. Filled with the need for relief, I pushed back and allowed her finger to enter me.

She stood frozen for a moment. Such a long moment that I thought I had totally misjudged the situation. Finally she gave another push and slid her finger in even further. My own lubrication together with the moisturiser meant she found no resistance and she quickly added another finger opening my warm wet pussy even further. She pushed her mound against my knee once more, and then moved to her left to lean against my hand which was gripping the edge of the bed. I looked up to see her gazing directly into my eyes. She gave a small nod, encouraging me to feel her. I moved the back of my hand across the top of her leg until I could graze my nails gently across her upper thigh and place my palm flat on her lower hip. The material of her dust coat was thin and cool to the touch, but I could feel the heat of her body radiating through. The hem was mid-thigh, below which was a pair of nicely tanned bare legs. Jane had obviously been taking advantage of the tanning facilities in her salon. I moved my hand down until I touched the wonderfully smooth skin.

For what seemed like hours I allowed myself to just enjoy the sensation of feeling her leg under my palm. Jane slowly pulled her fingers back so that they were out of my pussy and ran then around my now prominent clit. She lingered for a while with the lightest of touches until, in a single movement, she slid them back inside me and moved back and to the side so that my hand was now resting on the inner thigh of her other leg.

I moved my hand upwards until it came to rest against the thin cotton of her panties. Deliberately slowly with her left hand, Jane reached down and placed her hand over mine, pushing it against her excited sex. Quickly I found the edges of her gusset and worked my way inside. Her pussy was fully ready for an insertion and I quickly slid two fingers into her. She reached up with her now free hand and started un-popping the fasteners on her coat, quickly opening it and discarding it on the floor. Her eyes were now aflame with desire as she removed her fingers from my pussy and bent down to push my top upwards revealing my bra. Urgently she scooped the bra over my titties and exposed them to her gaze. Suddenly her mouth was firmly clamped to my left nipple and she was sucking as hard as she could. He finger returned to my pussy and squishing noises started to be heard as my wetness built in anticipation of my second orgasm of the day.

As the waves built inside me I felt her trembling and pressing down onto my hand which was still working away at her agitated cunt. Within seconds we both started to cum, trembling as we did so, knowing we would be heard if we allowed the intensity of orgasm to be voiced. As the trembling subsided, she rested her body on mine. Gently we kissed, allowing our tongues to slowly explore the out reaches of each other's lips. I knew it wouldn't be too long before I tasted her other lips as she tasted mine. But that would be for another day.

I didn't replace my underwear as I drove home, preferring instead to allow the cool air to pass over my tingling pussy, aware that anyone walking past the car when I stopped at traffic signals would be able to see my current state of undress. This added to my excitement and meant that by the time I got home I was feeling hornier than ever. I was anticipating a late, light lunch when I opened the front door and walked into a large puddle stretching all the way down the hallway and into the kitchen. As I approached the kitchen door I heard running water coming from the direction of the sink. Quickly I went to the cupboard alongside and turned off the water valve as I had been shown. The water stopped, but left me standing in a sizeable lake that had previously been my kitchen floor.

I knew how to drive a mop, so getting rid of most of the water would not be an issue, but I needed the plumbing sorted quickly for washing, showering and cooking. I briefly contemplated phoning my husband, but short of telling me to phone a plumber, I wasn't sure what he could do, and in any case, it would be better to not disturb him at work.

In days gone by, it would have been a job for Yellow Pages, but I have found that recommended people are better, so I quickly went upstairs and logged on to Facebook.

In no time at all I had found a few local plumbers who seemed highly recommended, so I chose one and called the mobile number on the page. The call was answered in two rings by a man who was obviously in a vehicle of some kind judging by the background noise. He seemed very pleasant and was certainly helpful and keen. It turned out that he was on the way to the plumber's merchant for materials needed for an installation. He said that he would drop those off back at the job for his assistant, then come over and have a look. I busied myself with the mopping up and was just about finished when, within the hour, the doorbell rang.

At this point, anyone reading this would probably be expecting me to say that I answered the door to a 6ft tall Adonis who took my breath away and swept me off of my feet. Reality rarely delivers the desires of fantasy, so you won't be surprised to hear that I was greeted by an average height, late fifties with a slight beer belly, ordinary kind of man who, if you saw him in a supermarket, you would have said looks like a plumber, or a carpenter, or electrician. In other words, he was a totally normal, average guy. He did have a lovely smile though and it was contagious too, as I found myself beaming back at him. He introduced himself as Dave and I beckoned him in and showed him through to the kitchen. Still smiling, he quickly assessed the situation and told me that a joint had given way. He said I was lucky because it had obviously not been running too long before I got home. My mind drifted to what I was doing when it had failed. Oh Heaven!

Dave went off to the van to get a replacement joint and I put the kettle on. It was then, as I sat down on a kitchen chair, that I remembered I wasn't wearing any underwear and I was still wearing my jacket. I quickly ran upstairs to change then thought better of it. Although not an Adonis, Dave seemed very nice; perhaps I might allow him to catch a glimpse. That would be sexy. I removed my jacket and then on a whim, took off my top and bra before replacing my top and making my way downstairs. Dave was back in the kitchen having let himself in and was preparing to slide into the cupboard containing the offending pipe.

'I have put the kettle on, would you like a drink' I asked.

'Yes please, a coffee would be very nice'

'Do you take sugar Dave?'

He looked at me with an impish look on his face before replying. 'No thanks, I am sweet enough'

Before I knew what was happening, I had told him that I was sure that he was. I got another huge grin. I busied myself with the coffee making and Dave wiggled into the cupboard armed with a spanner, torch and spare part. I finished making the drinks and sat down at the table where I had a good view of Dave contorting his body to get the desired angle on his job. Just under that denim, I thought, lurks a beast of unknown proportions and ferocity. Dave decided to converse from his workplace. I slightly muffled, strained and raised voice emanating from the cupboard.

'I hope this didn't ruin your plans for the day' he said 'or is it just a chores day?'

For the second time in moments my mouth was racing ahead of my brain. 'No, I had been to the beauty parlour this morning; I was only out for an hour or two'.

'Do you own the place then?' Dave shot back, 'surely a woman as attractive as you don't need the services of a parlour?'

He was smooth, no doubt there. 'Oh smooth Dave, that was cheekily smooth. As a matter of fact, I was getting waxed'.

Dave emerged from the cupboard with the old pipe joint in his hand. He grinned at me 'I bet I am not as smooth as you are after your waxing!'

I felt my face redden despite myself, but I also felt my nipples harden against the fabric of my top. I knew they would be clearly visible to Dave as he sat on the floor directly in front of me. I thought for a minute, it was now or never. 'You tell me' I said, slowly opening my legs wide and revealing my pussy to another person for the second time that day. Dave sat motionless for a moment, before moving ever so slightly closer and staring brazenly at the area between my inner thighs. 'Well, it certainly looks smooth' he said without altering his gaze, 'But of course looks can be deceiving'.

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