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After my first visit to BronzeNwax and my experience with Jane, the owner, I found myself daily wishing my pubic hair would grow so that I could have another go. When I finally thought that a visit would not be laughed at, I was to be disappointed. Jane was there, but she was not to do my waxing, it was another lady called Debbie. Debbie was very pleasant and thorough, but the entire procedure was conducted with consummate professionalism and without deviation from the service description in the salon brochure.

I was left highly disappointed. As I was leaving, I bumped into Jane arriving back from the wholesalers loaded with stock. She beamed at me and apologised profusely. It turned out that she had seen my booking and put herself down as therapist, but then got held up in traffic going to the wholesaler and had been forced to call the salon and get Debbie to do my waxing. Jane asked if I would like a coffee, to which I replied that I would, and she asked me to hold on a few moments and we could go to the café along the street where the coffee was less instant and far more satisfying.

As Jane emerged from the salon, we quickly fell into step as we walked towards the café. We exchanged small talk as we did and soon arrived into the steamy warmth of a well-known coffee chain outlet. We fell silent for a few moments while savouring the taste of our drinks. It was Jane who broke the silence.

'I have wanted to talk to you for a while now, but didn't want to call you or make a point of it'. My mind immediately thought that she was going to apologise for what happened at my last appointment. I thought I would head her off at the pass so to speak. 'Look, what happened that day, well, just to let you know, it wasn't a problem, well what I mean is it was lovely....' Jane raised her hand to stop me. 'That wasn't why I wanted to speak. Although, for the record, it was lovely and I hope we will do it again one day'. I sat puzzled. If that wasn't the reason she wanted to talk, what was? I didn't have long to wait for an answer.

'You have heard the saying that there is no such thing as a free lunch?' she enquired. I nodded, looking directly into her hazel eyes. There was a smile in there, but also a look of serious intent. I allowed her to continue. 'That day was a happy coincidence in one way' she purred, 'You recall that originally you were booked with someone else?' I nodded in agreement. Jane continued in a low, almost conspiratorial voice. 'Well, unfortunately Amanda, the therapist you were meant to see, is not going to be able to return to work for quite a while, she has undergone some quite serious surgery and it will take months to recover from that'. Again I nodded, wondering what this was leading to, surely not a job offer. I decided to allow Jane to finish without interrupting.

'I wondered if you would be interested in working for me part time to take up a small part of Amanda's workload.'

I almost coughed a mouthful of coffee all over Jane. I had been certain I wouldn't get a job offer from her; after all, I knew nothing about beauty therapies. I started to stammer an objection. 'I, I don't know anything about your business, I am not any kind of therapist, I would cover everyone in nail varnish or rip someone's skin off instead of unwanted hair'. Again Jane held he hand up to silence me. She was very effective. Jane continued her explanation.

'Amanda didn't just do waxing and beauty for me, she helped out in a little side-line I have going.' She paused to let her words sink in. I decided to stick to nodding rather than interrupt again by grabbing the stick at the wrong end. 'We cater for some 'special' clients offering discrete services to satisfy their spiritual needs as well as their physical ones.' I nodded again, although I didn't have a clue what she was talking about, but I really had no desire to make myself look foolish again. 'Are you with me so far?' Jane asked. I started to nod, then shook my head. I really had no idea.

'Let me put it this way' continued Jane after a moment's obvious consideration, 'You could get paid to do the sort of thing we did when I waxed you. Not the waxing though' she giggled. She leant back in her chair and regarded me with a smile. I wiggled uncomfortably for a good few moments before replying. 'You mean, well sex? With your customers?'

'Yes'. Just one word and then that look from her that I knew was reading every emotion running through me. I only wished I could. I decided to ask a bit more.

'With the women? In the salon?'

'No, not just women, men as well and no, not in the salon, we have a very well appointed apartment upstairs that we keep just for the purpose. '

'Oh my God, a brothel' I said, probably too loudly for mine, or Jane's privacy. A few customers looked around.

'Keep your voice down' hissed Jane 'Not a brothel. In fact, it is not used every day and it certainly isn't packed with people 24/7'

'Sorry' I muttered, 'It was just such a, well a shock really. I had no idea that sort of thing went on locally'

'I am sure you would be very surprised if you made your mind up to investigate. But don't, I have a feeling that you might upset a few people if you did that'.

Well, that was me put in my place. I sat in a state of shock for a while. I had no idea what to say, but Jane came, once again, to my rescue. 'Finish your drink and I will show you.'

And so it was, with those words, that I got my first look into a place where money changed hands for sex and the idea aroused me quite unexpectedly. The apartment was indeed very respectable. It was nicely decorated and in fact, very homely. There were two bedrooms, a lounge and kitchen. Shower room equipped with a two person shower and toilet. Jane was obviously quite proud of the property and talked about it enthusiastically, but without mentioning too much about the events which took place there. The guided tour over, Jane sat me down on one of the comfortable sofas in the lounge.

'So, what do you think?' she asked. I took some time to consider my reply.

'I don't know if I could do it' I started, 'don't get me wrong, I am not against the idea, but what if I don't like the person, or I am come across as revolted by them?'

'Firstly all of our clients are known to us through the salon before they ever get to experience this side of the business. Secondly, you can refuse anyone at any time. We also never rush our customers. They book an hour or two, but we always allow them to freshen up without taking that time from the total. And anyway, if they run a few minutes over we don't complain. They leave thinking they have had excellent service wanting to book another visit and you never have to deal with a dirty client'.

She sat back, gazing at me, obviously wondering how I would react. It took me a few minutes to consider everything she had said and, after obtaining further assurance that no weirds were catered for and that, in the unlikely event that I wasn't happy, I could still turn someone away, I agreed to consider it. I gave her my mobile number and prepared to leave thinking that all this was in the future and I would have a cooling off period.

I was wrong. Having ascertained my willingness to at least give it a try, Jane revealed that she had a customer already lined up. He was a regular of Amanda's, but had been let down when Amanda was taken ill and Jane had not been able to step in as she was already seeing a regular client at their home. Customer service was very much at the forefront of her thinking and she was clearly keen to avoid disappointment. The client in question was a young guy in his twenties called Michael. Michael was a regular tanning booth user and visited Amanda about every couple of weeks. He paid £150 per hour, of which I would get to keep £100. Michael was hoping to visit that afternoon.

Unable to make any more objections, I agreed to give it a try and rushed off home to get changed and prepare myself. I had agreed to be in the salon when Michael arrived for a tanning session prior to his 'upstairs' appointment. That way I would not get my first sight of him as he walked into the apartment. I dressed as recommended in a matching lace bra and panties, suspenders and dark stockings, topped off with a business-like dress of dark blue and cream. Satisfied that I had done the best job possible, I made my way back to the salon with a few minutes to spare.

When Michael arrived, I was very surprised. I had been told he was in his twenties, but he really didn't look more than a teenager. His skin would have been reasonably dark anyway, but was deeply tanned due to his regular use of the sunbeds. Having observed him arrive, I waited until he had gone into the tanning booth before making my way upstairs to wait for him. I couldn't help wondering why a guy like him would make use of this kind of service. He was obviously good looking and I was sure he could easily have found himself some action free of charge. Then again, Jane had told me that some people preferred the certainly of booking ahead and also of not having to worry about emotional considerations with a partner.

I was still pondering this when I heard a soft knock at the door. I quickly went out and opened it. Sure enough, Michael was there waiting. 'Hello Michael' I said, 'Come on in; would you like a drink?' I put on my best smile. 'Yes please', he replied, 'some lemon squash would be nice'. I told him I knew he liked to use the shower and left him to it while I went and searched out the squash. The kitchen was well stocked and in no time I had made two glasses of lemon and took them into the lounge. I had just sat down when I heard Michael calling that there were no towels. Black mark number one. I had forgotten to get them out as requested. Apparently Amanda also took charge of the daily chores and nobody had yet been appointed to take over those responsibilities.

I grabbed a couple of towels and made my way to the shower room where Michael was waiting, looking through the gap in the slightly open door. It suddenly struck me as ludicrous, considering what we had arranged to do, that he should try to protect his modestly. I decided he must be a naturally shy person. It was at that point I heard a voice offering to dry him and realised it was me. He smiled and said he would like that very much. I stepped through the opening door and turned to face him holding a towel out, the other one tucked under my arm.

His body was wonderful. Quite smooth and tanned and with a sizeable penis hanging below a small patch of dark pubic hair. His torso was defined and lean, without being muscular, all in all very nice. I wondered why he would be interested in a 65 year old woman, but he hadn't run away at the sight of me. I had also been told that Amanda was only a couple of years younger than me and carrying a few extra pounds.

I turned Michael around and started at his shoulders, working my way down his back, over his tight bum and down each leg. My hand brushed against his balls a couple of times and I felt myself getting more aroused at the thought of their contents being emptied in a short while. I wondered if he would want me to take it over my body, or swallow it, or something else. This was going to be a whole new experience if I hadn't realised it before.

I turned Michael around and worked my way down again, this time starting by gently rubbing his face and neck, before that hard chest and finally down to his mid portion. I carefully dried between his legs and felt the heavy weight of his cock alongside my wrist. I dried that next, gently teasing it and feeling the first stirrings of an erection beginning to appear. From my kneeling position I looked up at him and he was smiling down. I kissed him gently right on the end of his cock and I saw his eyes close, an almost pained look spreading over his features. Slowly I placed my lips over the end of his wonderful appendage and very gently gave a tentative suck. I probed the eye with the tip of my tongue and felt Michael stiffen bodily as well as sexually. I hadn't stopped looking up at him and saw him open his eyes slowly as I took another suck, a little harder this time, together with more tongue probing into is opening. He leant down and placed his hands on my shoulders and asked if we could go and sit down.

As we walked into the lounge, he beckoned me to sit at the right hand end of the large sofa. As I did so he wrapped the spare towel around his waist and lay down on his back, resting his head in the crook of my arm which was supported by the sofa's own arm. He closed his eyes and I held him.

After a few seconds, he opened his eyes and reached up to run a finger from my cheek down the front of my neck to the topmost button of my dress. I had chosen one which buttoned down the full length of the front. Skilfully Michael began to open them one at a time, gradually working his way down as far as my stomach. When he had gone as far down as possible, he carefully slid the two sides of the dress front aside exposing my lace bra covered tits. The lace was very fine and my areolas were clearly visible through the fabric. My hard nipples were very obvious too and I noticed a look of approval spreading over his face.

He reached up once more and hooked the thin material in his finger before pulling it down to expose my right tit which was inches from his face. He took the nipple in his mouth and started to suck. Harder and harder he sucked, until a considerable part of my breast was in his mouth. My arousal rose with every pull of suction and my nipples grew increasingly more erect with every passing moment. He seemed content, so I left him to suckle for a while and settled back to enjoy the sensation. I could feel myself getting wet down below and slipped my legs apart as far as I could without dislodging Michael from his position cradled in my lap.

I knew that the purpose was to give the customer the experience they desired, but I felt I should be doing something. I ran my hand over his washboard stomach, experimentally moving up and down, each time stopping closer to the spot where I knew I would find the end of his hard cock. Eventually I slipped my hand under the towel and allowed my fingers to fold around it. It was solid and pulsing with each beat of Michael's heart. In a half dreaming state I began to run my hand up and down whilst keeping it held in my fist. I could feel the solid mass as I pulled the skin over the meat of his shaft. I was aware that there were the beginnings of a dry humping action from Michael's pelvis and allowed him to dictate the pace.

The afternoon would, I am sure, have continued at this drowsy pace had it not been for Michael disengaging from my nipple. I looked down. He was studying me intensely. 'Let me see you' he said. 'Let me see your naked body exposed to me'.

I smiled at him as he lifted his torso away allowing me to rise. Brazenly I stood directly before him and started unbuttoning the rest of the dress front. I left my breast hanging out of my bra as I did so, urging him to stare. Stare he did, never wavering for a moment, constantly drinking in the sight of me as I slid the dress from my shoulders and let it drop to the floor. I reached behind with both hands and unclasped my bra, letting that too drop to the floor. My tits hung free and the nipples stood hard against the softness of them. Next to go were the lacy panties. In unclipped my suspenders and released the waistband of my knickers. I took my time doing this and again as I slid them down my thighs before letting them too join the rest of my clothing on the floor.

When he spoke, it was in a hoarse whisper. 'Let me see that beautiful pussy'. I couldn't resist a request like that and walked as seductively as I could to him and took his hand. As he stood, I twisted him around so that his back was towards me and I was able to push myself into him. I guided him to the bedroom where I once more span him around and softly pushed him onto his back on the bed. He pulled himself up on his elbows and slid upwards so that he was laid lengthways in the centre. I climbed on and knelt by his head for a moment before lifting my leg over him and moving to a position where my pussy was directly over his face. 'Is this what you want?' I asked, opening up my wetness with both hands, splaying myself open to his view. He merely nodded in reply, so I once again seized the initiative. I was damned sure I was going to enjoy this as well.

'Look how wet I am Michael, look at my wet cunt all excited and open for you'. Michael's eyes closed again momentarily. I pressed my advantage. 'I am ready for you Michael, ready for your tongue to explore my sopping wet inner depths'.

I lowered myself onto his face and was rewarded with his eager probing tongue. I began to gyrate on his face, encouraging him to push deeper and deeper. He was just coming up for air when, without warning, I moved forward and placed my puckered asshole right over his mouth. Again I felt his tongue probing, pushing, wanting to invade me. I alternated a few times between offering him my soaking wet pussy pleasures and my tight rear to explore. I could feel I was going to orgasm quite soon and I had two choices. One of them involved stopping and I wasn't about to do that. Without much consideration I lifted myself from his face, slipped backwards, grabbed his cock and pulled it vertical before lowering myself over it.

'Time to slide this into my wet, willing, slut of a cunt' I said. His cock jerked in my hand. I knew I had found the level. 'Fuck me Michael' I whispered, 'Fuck my slutty cunt and make me whimper'. I stared to lower myself down on him. He was incredibly hard and felt like a rolling pin as hid full length disappeared into my vulnerable body. He thrust against me. I pushed back. Soon we were both pumping for all we were worth. With a single movement and without disengaging, Michael rolled us both over and started to thrust into me from the missionary position. As his cock drove in, I felt my orgasm rising. I thought I had better warn him. 'I am about to cum Michael' I said. 'Fuck me as hard as you want while I tremble on the end of your beautiful hard cock'.

After a minute of thrusting, the waves started to engulf me and I felt my pussy walls contracting at the first shock of orgasm. Stronger and stronger as each wave built until the moment of final tumultuous relief began to flood over me. Michael groaned as he continued to thrust, then I felt his own orgasm in its first throws. 'Yes Michael cum for me. Fill my wet cunt with your spunk, shoot it into me Michael, and fuck me and spunk in me'

He started to pump as I orgasmed hard. It seemed like he was ejaculating for ever. Eventually it stopped and I felt him collapse down onto me. I kissed him before holding his head next to mine. I could feel his cock deflating inside me when I suddenly came to my senses. I had neglected to put a condom onto his cock in all the excitement. Of course there was no danger of me getting pregnant; that had passed away many years earlier. But I had broken a house rule that had been carefully and deliberately pointed out to me. No unprotected sex. I decided not to say anything to Michael. We lay there for a few minutes before Michael said it was time for him to leave. I heard the door close as he left, but didn't bother to get up, preferring to lay there for a few moments to regain my breath.

It cannot have been more than a couple of minutes before I heard the door opening once again. I quickly looked around for something to cover myself. I was on top of the bed covers and was just trying to move myself enough to get some duvet out from under me when Jane walked in. My struggle meant that my legs were wide open and facing her as she entered. 'Oh fuck' I thought as she looked down on me. No chance of not saying anything to her. Jane sat on the end of the bed, turned slightly sideways and regarded me for a few moments.

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