tagMatureRetirement Home Massage Therapy Ch. 04

Retirement Home Massage Therapy Ch. 04



My first day off at St. Ophelia Retirement Village dawned dark and wet and cold. I could hear that magic sound of rain spattering on my window.

Pulling the blankets up I tried to go back to sleep but I'm one of those people who can't help but get up and into the day. I rolled over and jerked off, had a shower, got dressed and went in search of breakfast.

The lovely Italian lady in the cafeteria made me bacon and eggs with orange juice, which I ate at the counter, as the place was pretty empty. I scoffed it down happily watching Sylvia's sexy round peasant body as she moved around the kitchen, serving my food, cleaning the bench or bending over to get something from a low cupboard. She chatted in her thick Italian accent and I ate. A good start to my Sunday.

It was the tight mint green tracksuit pants that first caught my eye, hugging her wide hips and sexy big ass like a second skin.

She walked past me through the cafeteria with her arms full of groceries, dodging tables and chairs, her large bum swaying and giggling provocatively. It protruded out behind her and seemed to be sucking the fabric down into the depths between her bottom cheeks... along with a pair of lacy white knickers that were clearly visible through the sheer fabric.

I followed her outside and found the amazing looking mature woman watching the torrential rain pour down.

She really had an astounding body. A perfect pear shape. Slim elegant ankles, shapely calves and curvy feminine thighs that splayed out to her wide hips. And that most heavenly ass.

Her top was a sporty looking white polo shirt with DEB emblazoned over her shoulders in large green capital letters.

"Waiting for a break in the downpour Deb?" I asked.

The beautiful creature that turned to face me was at first startled but then began to smile as she studied me. A big teasing simmering smile that made my heart skip a beat.

She was striking. Beautiful classic features with high aristocratic cheekbones and short dark red hair in an immaculately fashionable bob - the long fringe hanging down over her forehead and her glasses - big lenses with a silver frame.

"Now who could this handsome young man be who seems to know my name?" she said jokingly. "I'm sure I'd remember him..."

The dark sultry eyes that looked up at me reminded me of Mae West but her chin was firm and she had a wide sexy mouth.

"...oh my shirt," she laughed. "My granddaughter gave it to me for my birthday. It's never worked so well before"

Her laugh was easy and light and I was in love... again. So many beautiful women.

Though I couldn't be sure, I figured her to be about sixty-five or seventy. It was the frown lines on her forehead and ironically, deep laugh lines between her nose and chin that marked her as a grandmother. Her jowls sagged as well; she had to be late sixties.

She may have been old but her physique was that of a woman decades younger. The gym gear she was wearing wasn't just for show. This lady took care of herself. Her full round figure was tight.

"I'd be happy to hold those bags for you ma'am," I said. "They look pretty heavy."

The St. Ophelia Retirement Village crest on my breast pocket must have put her at ease.

"That is most gallant young man," she said. "They are starting to get heavy."

As she passed the bags to me I got my first proper look at her chest. The shirt she wore was low cut and exposed a deep cleavage, huge sagging breasts dotted with freckles and sunspots. There was a little silver locket on a chain nestled in the valley between those titanic tits and long fat nipples poking through the thin cotton material. I almost dropped her shopping.

"Careful now dear," she said with a big grin. "Don't drop it or you will be mortally embarrassed and I'll have no eggs."

We introduced each other, and chatted. Deb turned out to be Mrs. Debra Bluxum who had lost her husband ten years ago and had been living here in the village for three... she had children and grandchildren and so on...

A half an hour passed with us trading stories and still the weather persisted. If anything it was raining harder and getting colder. I caught Debra shivering.

"Lets go back inside Mrs. Bluxum," I suggested. "I'll buy us both a nice cup of tea..."

"...or maybe, if you don't mind getting wet, I can make you one at my place," she said appealingly, "I normally walk anyway... its not too far... it'll warm us up... please dear...?"

I didn't need to think about it. "I'd be happy to get wet with you ma'am," I said flashing her my most appealing boyish grin.

I folded the tops of the two bags over to keep the worst of the rain out and, cradling her shopping in each arm, followed her out into the downpour.

We were immediately soaked to the skin.

"Maybe this was not such a good idea?" I yelled over the pelting rain.

Debra was laughing. Her immaculate red hair was plastered down over her face. I must have looked equally bedraggled.

She leant up close and giggling into my ear, "It's only water," she laughed.

I was immediately conscious of her magnificent boobs pressed against my arm. Her rain soaked top had become translucent and the her big nipples, made harder by the cold, grazed my skin and sent little electric shocks straight to my cock.

It was if she was naked - a model at a mature age wet t-shirt contest. Water cascaded down her full boobs like a waterfall into the deep valley between.

For the most part we walked in a silence. I marched behind her down that long wet avenue through the pouring rain, watching her magnificent tight Lycra ass doing the Mambo.

A wet half-mile later we arrived at a little cottage positioned under a big leafy elm tree that would shade the whole place in summer. It was a bit like a fairytale gingerbread house. White clapboard cladding and roses in the garden. A pair of square old fashioned windows spilt out a warm inviting glow and between them a sturdy looking timber door.

We scurried past the white picket fence, up the stone flagged pathway and then Mrs. Bluxum was ringing the bell and rapping against the little frosted glass insert.

The door finally opened and we bustled through into a cozy timber lined hallway, both dripping water on the dark floorboards.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Debra slammed the door against the rain pelting in after us and I turned to see who had let us in.

The young girl who stood there absolutely beautiful.

She was wearing nothing but a very short white satin nightdress that clung to her ripe adolescent body in the most breathtaking way. The young woman's large perky breasts seemed too big for her frame. They pushed up proudly through the semi-transparent fabric of her skimpy nightie like they were trying to escape.

It was a body that was so much more mature then her age.

"Johnny," said my Debra fondly, "I'd like you to meet Amanda, my most beautiful granddaughter."

That wasn't just a proud grandmother talking.

Two thin shoulder straps were all that held up her tremendous boobs, two little triangles of fabric forming a sort of makeshift bra. The dark splash of her areola was visible through the sheer fabric and framed the same big sensitive looking nipples that her grandmother had.

It was so short I could see the dark patch of pubic hair at the intersection of long tanned athletic legs.

"Oh nan," she said in a fond tone, looking at me with her big innocent eyes. "You have to stop saying things like that..."

"It's only true dear," said Debra matter-of-factly.

The girls long curly black hair was mussed and tangled as if she'd just got her out of bed and framed a face that could model or act if it chose to. Her dark blue eyes contrasted wonderfully with full red lips that she held slightly apart in a perpetual pout. A firm chin, high cheekbones... she looked so much like her grandmother I had to comment.

"You hardly need to introduce us ma'am, I'd have been a fool not to recognize it," I said earnestly. "You could be twins..."

They were the same build, the same height, the same wide hips and big breasts. Their features and expressions were identical.

They were cut from the same cloth - just much younger and much older versions.

On the other hand, age was showing on Mrs. Bluxum's face and she was plumper and moved slower. Amanda had that easy, smooth limbed grace and physical beauty reserved for the young.

Debra and Amanda glowed happily at the compliment. They were both happy to be compared and looked at each other with big smiles. These two obviously loved each other a lot.

"She's home from school today," said Debra in that patient, condescending tone that grandmother's reserve for granddaughters, "because you're feeling unwell aren't you dear?"

"I am sick nanna," Amanda insisted staging a cough or two. "Mom says I probably have a chill..."

"Well thank you for dragging yourself out of your death bed to let us in dear," said Debra with mock sarcasm. "Now be a good girl and find our guest something to change into."

Amanda looked at me shyly. "He's too big nanna," she said resting her head on her nan's shoulder. "I don't think we have anything that'll fit him."

"Nonsense child," said Debra, fondly kissing the top of her granddaughter's head. "You're robe will do in a pinch. Go a get it and a towel and put it in on the lounge. Johnny you'll be happy with that won't you dear?"

I could only say yes. "I don't want to be any problem Mrs. Bluxum..."

"No bother, no bother at all."

Amanda turned and disappeared through the door behind her, the bedroom of this little cottage.

I knew these little bungalows were not big homes. Through the front door to the left was that one bedroom and to the right a cozy little living room. At the end of this hall would be the kitchen and that was just about it. A laundry out the back and a garden.

"Put those bags in the kitchen," said Mrs. Bluxum reaching up and rubbing my shoulders, "and see if you can't get the fire going - warm the place up a bit..."

The beautiful old woman held my upper arms and, leaning in close, kissed me quickly on the cheek. "... and thank you for walking me home dear boy," she said flashing me that big wide smile.

"I'm going to have a nice hot shower," she said, pressing her big breasts up against me, "and then I'm going to make you that nice cup of tea I promised."

Debra Bluxum kissed me once more, quickly on the lips, and then followed Amanda into the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I wondered down the hall in a happy horny haze, past framed pictures on the walls, display cases and cabinets filled with the little knickknack's you'd expect your grandmother to have - to the neat little kitchen. I put the groceries on the bench and even did my best to put things away for her, dripping water on the worn linoleum floor as I went.

I found the fireplace in the old woman's parlor opposite her bedroom. The light from a little table lamp cast a warm light around the place, the same lovely inviting glow I'd seen when I was outside in the rain.

The wallpapered walls were dotted here and there with old-fashioned black and white photographs in fancy frames. Mostly dead people I guessed.

Apart from a tall cabinet against the back wall the room was predominantly filled by a comfy looking Chesterfield lounge that faced the big open fireplace. On the floor between was a thick white wool rug, big enough for two, invitingly stretched out on the dark stained timber.

I looked through the little window at the cold gray day outside. Still pouring rain and then a flash of lightning with thunder in the distance.

The antique mantle clock above the fireplace was crowded around with more photos. Photographs of family and friends. Debra getting married. Several of Debra and Amanda arm in arm, hugging and so on, a teenage Debra with friends at the beach (looking just like her granddaughter), and Debra in a white one piece swimsuit taken fairly recently by the look. What a terrific body.

There was still a little warmth coming from the big open fireplace and, sure enough, when I blew on the gray coals there was the glow of embers. I added dry twigs from the wood box and coaxed it back to life and soon a little flame appeared. I carefully added bigger sticks until it caught.

When I had it ragging I went looking for something to change into.

The white satin robe I'd been promised was hanging over the back of the lounge along with a big fluffy white towel next to it.

I undid a few buttons of my shirt and then peeled the soaking wet piece of cotton up over my head, dropping it with a plop on the hearth. My pants followed and I toweled off my naked body in front of the fire.

The little kimono gown Amanda had left me was way too small, not to mention made for a teenage girl.

The sleeves finished just past my elbows and it was more like a shirt in length. It gaped over my chest like I was a hairless Tom Jones and, worst of all, my dick poked out the front like a tree branch.

That was how Mrs. Bluxum found me - wearing that silly feminine robe that was way too short and kneeling in front of the fire, my big dick hanging down between my knees like an extra leg.

She shuffled into the room carefully balancing drinks on a silver tray and politely ignored my desperate fumbling as I tried to cover myself. Unless you have one as big you can't really imagine how it can get in the way sometimes.

"I'm so sorry Mrs. Bluxum," I exclaimed. "The gown is just so short..."

"Don't be silly Johnny," she replied. "Amanda and I don't get gentleman callers but I've certainly seen a penis or two in my time"

"No ma'am... yes ma'am... I just don't want to offend..."

"I've got us a nice hot cup of tea Johnny," she said, ignoring my embarrassment. "Just the thing for a miserable cold day."

The sweet old woman carefully placed the tray on the little side table next to the lounge chair and then sat. I plonked down cross-legged in front of her, my bare ass on the thick wool rug.

She was dressed much more conservatively now.

The tight green sweat pants had been replaced with a long floral maxi-skirt, billowy and loose. It fell well down below her knees only showing her ankles and bare feet. On top was a modest brown woolen cardigan for the cold and under that what looked like a pretty white blouse. A string of large white pearls finished the ensemble perfectly. She could have been going to church.

Her outfit was so modest it made me feel all the more exposed and vulnerable. The little girly gown didn't cover much. I was more or less naked from the waist down for god's sake.

"The Reverend Mother always says that 'our bodies and our urges are perfectly natural, nothing to be ashamed of...' " continued Mrs. Bluxum as she poured dark steaming liquid into coffee cups. " '...and we should just relax and enjoy ourselves for our physical and mental health'... here you are dear..."

When she leant down to pass me my drink her top gapped open. The glorious old woman had neglected to wear a bra.

The titillating glimpse of her huge torpedo tits hanging down like cows udders, the fat long nipples on the end just begging to be sucked, made my cock pop up between my crossed legs like a jack-in-the-box.

She couldn't have failed to have seen it but, being the classy lady she was ignored it and sank back luxuriously into the deep overstuffed lounge with a big contented sigh.

"Isn't the fire lovely on a day like this?" she continued. "Feels lovely on my legs." Lifting the hem of her long dress up over her knees she exposed her long shapely legs to the heat of the fire.

To my delight I found I was sitting in the perfect spot to look up between her thighs. She lay back comfortably against the overstuffed lounge cushions, sipping her drink, cradling it on her belly.

"I was just thinking that very same thing Mrs. Bluxum," I said finally ...and meant it. With the rain coming down in buckets outside and I could thing of no place I would rather be then in this wonderful woman's parlor, the warm fire on my back and a clear view up this sexy old ladies dress.

She was wearing light colored underwear of some sort - a pattern I couldn't quite make out. It was more then enough to keep my huge cock standing up like a tent poll.

"Try your drink Johnny dear," she suggested finishing hers.

Debra laughed at the expression as I took a sip. It wasn't tea or maybe it was tea with something seriously alcoholic added. Whatever it was it tasted excellent. Sweet and potent.

"Earl Grey and bourbon. That'll warm you up darling boy." She burped and giggled.

"Mmmm, yum, that's really good Mrs. Bluxum." I drank it all off in one big long swallow.

She laughed at my exuberance and refilled our cups. "Let's drink this one off as well Johnny," she giggled conspiratorially.

We quaffed it all and Debra refilled our mugs again. And then a third time.

We chatted and drank, laughing at how drunk we were getting - happy together in this cozy little den.

After the fifth mug the potent drink had really released our inhibitions. Mrs. Bluxum had become disheveled. She slouched back on the comfortable cushions, her skirt bunched up midway to her crutch and her knees spread as wide apart as the hem would allow.

There were pale blue veins sketched over her pale white inner thighs and I could saw her knickers more clearly. The pattern was definitely pink on white... dots? ...or flowers?

Debra didn't seem to mind me leaning in close. In fact she was almost spread eagled with her ass hanging over the edge of the lounge cushion. She sipped her drink demurely with my head almost between her knees.

I was so very horny and the booze was making me light headed. Rubbing my cock felt so good... With a start I realized I was rubbing myself and Debra was watching me with that simmering sexy grin of hers.

"Is it getting a bit warm in here now Johnny?" she slurred...

With some difficulty she sat herself up on the edge of the lounge and began undoing the big wooden buttons of her cardigan. "I think I can do without this now..."

With a little flourish she threw the cardigan over her shoulder. Her breasts filled her blouse like bowling balls in a grocery bag, big hard nipples poking through the thin fabric.

Before I could stop I heard myself groaning in appreciation.

My response seemed to please her. With a big tipsy grin she began undoing the buttons of her blouse.

Each button exposed more swelling hot flesh. Her humongous tits were beginning to spill out.

She stopped with only a couple more to go and leant forward over me, her elbows on her knees. The huge mammaries hung down inches from my popping eyes, straining the white cotton to breaking point.

"Mmm, yes. That's a lot better," she said, fanning herself with her hand as though she'd stripped off because she was having a flush.

The dear old bird happily watched me jerking off, looking my nearly naked body up and down like a piece of meat in a butchers window.

"Johnny dear..." she began in a slightly slurred voice, "I just have to say how fetching you look down there on my rug..."

I looked up at her perched on the edge of the lounge chair. She had a slightly befuddled look on her face but she was licking her lips, staring at my erection like she was about to jump on it.

She took a big gulp of her drink and put the empty cup aside and then, while I watched her hungrily, started stripping off.

Her dress was the first thing. Leaning back against the lounge she lifted her ass up off the big soft cushions and started shimmying her skirt down. The elastic waist expanding out over her wide hips and down her thighs.

"Can you imagine how often I've sat here fantasizing that a handsome boy like you was sitting just where you're sitting?" she said in a trembling voice, "looking up between my legs ...wanting me?"

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