tagMatureRetirement Home Massage Therapy Ch. 06

Retirement Home Massage Therapy Ch. 06


It was late by the time I'd seen my last client off and cleaned up. Humming happily to myself, I folded towels and restocked shelves thinking about what the evening might bring. It had been another excellent day at my dream job and it wasn't over yet.

Nurse Adams I had a date.

I locked up and walked out through the waiting room, up the stairs and out into the village grounds where the sun was going down.

Billowing cumulus clouds like cotton-wool were lit up in a blaze of gold and red that covered the horizon. I definitely needed a shower, I could smell the sex wafting off me, but the sunset mesmerized me. Sitting down on a park bench I decided to watch the show for a while.

A tiny figure in the distance caught my eye and I immediately recognized the nun stepping out of her office and coming towards me.

The fading sunshine was casting peculiar changing shadows over the twilight gardens making things difficult to make out but her smooth gliding walk was unmistakable.

The nuns' habit that The Reverend Mother always wore covered her legs right to the ground so her feet were hidden. Likewise she usually keeps her hands out of sight, choosing to tuck them inside her billowy sleeves - her left hand in the right sleeve and her right hand in the left. When she walks you can't see any limbs moving. She's like a store mannequin on wheels.

This outrageous fetish creature, sailing towards me through the twilight, was nothing like the amazing sexy woman I used to know. To me The Reverend Mother will always be Rhonda, the wonderful women who took my cherry when I was just a boy. I'll never get used to her dressed like a nun.

As she approached I looked in vain for a hint of the incredible body I used to know so well. It was hidden somewhere under that gunmetal-gray sack she always wore. Apart from the magnificent twin mountains made by her boobs, there was nothing.

"Hello Johnny," she said in that smarmy 'butter-wouldn't-melt-in-my-mouth' tone she had adopted - as though I'd never seen her naked. "I'm so pleased to have caught you."

I ostentatiously rearranged my cock. Just being in her presence was enough to make me hard. Pushing my big bulging tool into a more comfortable position she smiled smugly at the pulsing erection she'd caused. She may have been celibate but she was very much aware of the effect she has on me.

"I just wanted to tell you how excited I am that you and Nurse Adams are coming tonight. I've got so much new material... it will be such good fun."

That beautiful face I adored so much was flushed and excited, framed inside the oval opening of her coif - the white balaclava thing that nuns wear under their hood.

"Yes ma'am," I said smiling up at her, my huge cock pushing out the front of my thin white pants.

She sat down beside me, staring down at my crutch.

"It's no wonder the ladies all want you Johnny," she said softly, "I remember how good you made me feel ...when I required such things."

Her words shocked me. Since I'd started working at St. Ophelia Retirement Village, The Reverend Mother had avoided speaking about our shared past. This was the most intimate we had been since I was a child, fucking her when she was just Rhoda Flemming, the wife of a pathetic little weasel who had no idea how to please her. (See Ch.03)

To my horror I felt tears welling up in my eyes.

"Oh dear," she exclaimed in a mortified tone. "Don't do that Johnny dear..."

Sitting down she put her arms around me, pulling my head down onto her chest and patting me on the back. Sobbing like a schoolgirl into her magnificent breast, I was to embarrassed to enjoy it.

"There, there Johnny dear..." she said. "There, there..."

I was mortified.

"I'm so sorry Reverend Mother," I sobbed. "I just don't understand why we can't be together, like we used to be... I'd never tell anyone..."

I had not realized the depth of feeling I had bottled up.

"Dear, dear Johnny," she said consolingly. "I remember those times very fondly and nothing could replace those memories. It was a difficult decision for me to make but I feel that my chastity is important now. It's the price I pay for the work I... we are doing here..."

The irony of her response seemed lost on her so I just stayed quiet and after a minute or two I had pulled myself together.

She continued to allow me to nuzzle her cleavage though and I began to appreciate the swell of her tits and her wonderful combination of erotic smells; Pears Soap and sweat.

Exploiting her sympathy, I put my hand on her lap and snaked the other around her body and even this seemed okay. The patting on my back became a stroke and then a rub and she kissed the top of my head...

Suddenly she pushed me away and clambered to her feet, seriously shaken.

"Oh god, oh god," she panted. "You are a constant temptation to me Johnny."

She turned on her heal and, without another word, glided back the way she'd come.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Nurse Adams and I had been invited to the Showreel Evening.

Once a month The Reverend Mother invited a select group of her followers to her chambers to preview new videos she had acquired before they were made available to the rest of the horny village population.

She had already put hundreds on the village's video server. Residents who have the access key can watch them on the dedicated cable channel. Lots of the old women living here watch them now and more are adding their own videos all the time. Mostly it's footage The Reverend Mother is responsible for. She has hidden cameras all over the place.

After a long hot shower I dressed in crisp clean scrubs - the short sleeve white cotton shirt and loose white cotton yoga pants that I always wear.

I knocked on the nurse's door at eight o'clock and was invited in while she finished getting ready.

It was no surprise to see she was wearing the same pale blue nurses uniform she always wore. It was much too short and tight for her hefty round body. The course blue linen clung tightly across her big bum.

As always, it was done chastely up under her chin - but the little white buttons were stretched to breaking point over her colossal round boobs. The white lace of her bra and tantalizing glimpses of flesh were plainly visible through the gaping spaces between the buttons.

She always wore this getup, right down to the 1950's style nurses cap perched at a jaunty angle on her burnt blonde hair and the big white nametag - ADAMS, in large black capitals.

The only compromise she'd made for our evening together were her shoes.

Where I wore my sensible soft canvas runners, the nurse was tottering around in a pair of black patent leather pumps with a high blocky heel. Even standing at her front door she looked wobbly.

I followed her inside as she sashayed uncomfortably across her lounge room holding her arms out for balance. She was obviously unused to high heels. Her big round ass stuck out, swaying back and fourth in time with her steps.

Without even realizing it the old whore was doing it to me again. My cock was getting hard as I followed that amazing fat bum into her little bathroom.

Standing close behind her, I watched her plucking her eyebrows in the reflection of the bathroom mirror.

"You look good without makeup nurse," I said, noting her striking features usually hidden behind thick face paint and vivid red lipstick.

"I have no need for your stupid unsolicited compliments boy," she said in that pompous English accent she had. "You know nothing about it."

"I'm just saying you wear that shit too thick nurse," I persisted. "You're beautiful without it."

She ignored me but I could see by her reflection in the bathroom mirror that she enjoyed the flattery.

The thick pancake makeup went on anyway. Then she plastered her lips and a good part of her mouth with that fire engine red lipstick. Either she thought it looked good or she figured it made her lips look fuller. It actually made her look more like a clown then anything else.

Old-fashioned tortoise-shell glasses finished the ensemble.

"Well?" she asked, looking for my reaction.

She looked like a cheap whore dressed in some clothes she'd found in a dumpster.

"I just don't understand why you want to look like that," I said, grinding my cock against her huge ass.

"You seem to like it boy..."

The nurse leant forward over her washbasin and pushed her huge ass back against me. Before I knew what I was doing I was humping her skirt along the deep cleft made by her mammoth bum cheeks.

I couldn't resist putting my hands on her, running them down her flanks, over her plump wide hips and taking the weight of her huge fleshy ass. She pushed back against me with a purr of satisfaction humping her big round booty against my crutch.

"Mmmmm ... oooh yesss," she hissed, "Do it boy... put it in and do me quick or we'll be late."

In a heartbeat I had her skirt up over her bum and around her waist. Nurse Adams spread her legs and I pushed aside the gusset of her silky white panties.

I ran my hand over the damp junction of her meaty thighs and combed through her thick curly pubic hair rubbing her clit and fucking her pussy. Three fingers slid easily into her sodden cunt.

She always seemed to be like this.

"You are such a fucking whore," I said as I teased her wet gash.

"Mmmm... Oh dear god... I wasn't... always.. " she sighed. "You m... made meee like thissss..."

Groaning in anticipation I undid the drawstring on my pants and my huge erection popped out. I nuzzled it between her prominent pussy lips for a moment and then, in a single movement, slid into her. The lovely old slut cried out happily.

I pounded her hard, holding her huge panty clad ass cheeks in each hand, my balls slapping against her. She pushed her ass back hard against my huge cock, her hands pressed against the mirror for purchase.

"Oh fuck, oh fuuck, do me boy..." "you like that slut mmmm..."

Our banter, mixed and ugly, was as much a part of our chemistry as anything else. Mutual distaste is a major turn on.

My seed squirted into her for the third time that day.

"God I love your cock..." she panted as I fell back against the doorjamb, gasping for breath.

I pulled my pants up from around my knees and tucked my cock back inside. Then I gallantly helped the nurse, straighten her skirt as she retouched her makeup and brushed her bleached blonde hair into some sort of order.

It seemed the least I could do.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


It was early evening when we walked through the beautiful grounds of the village. On an impulse I tried to take the old hags hand and to my surprise she linked her arm through mine instead. Maybe she just needed help balancing in her new high heels but we walked arm in arm like people who actually liked each other.

The Reverend Mother's chambers were part of the original old stone chapel. The eighteenth century building was an imposing structure, a reminder of a time when religion was all-powerful and the priests and nuns were the policemen.

Stepping through the massive front doors of the old church we walked down the aisle, our steps echoing on the cold stone flagging. Past the worn timber benches with their kneeling cushions, and the high arched windows with leaded glass depictions of Moses with his Ten Commandments. All those 'shalt nots'.

The only light came from the guttering candles on the pulpit. They cast a flickering eerie light off the old dark wood that was polished to a warm glow by the knees and asses of devout parishioners.

It was easy to imagine a meek and frightened congregation filing down this aisle on a Sunday morning, sitting in these pews to listen to a sermon about why they were all going to hell.

We followed the muffled sound of Latin music and people talking, down a dark hallway to the side of the alter and found a stout timber door with light coming out underneath. The nurse and I smiled nervously one other. For once I was glad to have her company. Neither of us really knew what to expect.

Taking a deep breath I opened the door and we were immediately assailed by the music and the shouted conversation of women trying to be heard over each other.

The Reverend Mother's little lounge room was full to overflowing with beautiful partially naked women jamb-packed in there like sardines in a tin. Everywhere I looked were desirable woman, chatting and laughing. As we moved inside the heaving surging crowd of big buxom females immediately encircled us. It was impossible to move without touching someone lovely big bum...

I was trying really hard to appear cool but I knew my lecherous cock, with a mind of its own, was already tenting out the front of my loose white yoga pants.

They were all wearing sleepwear like teenage girls at a pajama party or sexy lingerie ensembles more suited to vogue models then plump old women. There were revealing sheer or transparent nighties in all the colors of the rainbow, pantyhose with frilly garter belts, whalebone corsets and lacy bras with pretty clips and bows.

Great big tits of all shapes and sizes were busting out everywhere. Large turgid nipples were poking through thin transparent fabrics, thick round legs, big bums and plump bellies were causing hemlines to ride up plump cellulite thighs...

...and the fragrances. The mixture of all those ripe bodies, with all with their separate perfumes was making the most amazing aroma cocktail.

Amanda, Debra Bluxum's stunning granddaughter was the first to notice us. Her beautiful models face, framed by her thick waves of glossy black hair, lit up when she saw me. (See Ch.05)

"Oh it's you Johnny..." she gasped happily. "Nan said you'd come..."

The gorgeous young brunette was wearing her full school uniform, from the Prefect badge pined to her busty left tit to the short white socks in black school shoes.

She wore her white blouse completely unbuttoned down the front but tied in a knot around her bare midriff. Her majestic big tits were all but spilling out. She'd shortened the dress as well. Instead of below her knees, the school's pleated red and blue tartan skirt had been cut short like a miniskirt and she wore it high up on her hips. If she had sneezed I'd have seen her knickers.

She would have been expelled immediately.

Amanda was holding up a large silver serving tray above the crowd, balancing tall flutes of champagne - a tricky operation for a professional waitress let alone an overexcited schoolgirl.

"I so hoped you'd come Johnny," she said looking at me with eyes like limpid pools... "I think about you all the time..." she whispered.

I caught the nurse rolling her eyes but the horny teenager wasn't the only one. As it become apparent we were there, more and more women were looking at me with shameless lust.

Many of them were regular clients of mine. Others, like the legendary Brenda-Lee, I'd never actually met. I only knew the plump blonde cleaning lady by her videos. She was the subject of many late night jerk-off sessions, watching her orgasm on her big silver vibrator.

Or Sylvia, the busty Italian cafeteria lady. I'd fantasized about her as well. She and I had flirted shamelessly but I never knew she was 'in the know'. But there she was, in all her voluptuous beauty, wearing an all but transparent black lace nightie. She was looking at me like she wanted to fuck right there and then.

I knew that her tits were big. The buttons on her cafeteria uniform were always undone to let lecherous boys like me get a glimpse of her mammoth cleavage. For the first time though, I could really see them properly, her mammoth boobs, only thinly veiled behind the sheer black silk. They were so big and protruding that they lifted the hem up much higher then it technically should have been. The delicate Italian lace barely covered her huge ass at all and her pussy was almost completely exposed.

She seemed totally unconcerned that I could see her thick mat of black curly pubic hair.

Seeing me studying her Sylvia turned toward us with a big sultry smile. I suddenly felt a little breathless...

"Hi Mrs Espetola," said Amanda turning to the big woman. "May I offer you another?"

"Oooo yezz' 'Manda," said Sylvia in her thick peasant accent. "Itsa making me very crazy..."

Her agreeable fat round face was flushed and excited as she picked up a glass of champagne. The magnificent rubenesque woman seemed totally drunk.

"Sheez a so ssexy girl," said Sylvia languidly referring to Amanda. "You think so Johnny?"

"Yes ma'am" I managed, watching Sylvia run her hand over the teens bum.

The schoolgirl didn't seem to mind the inebriated woman touching her and when Sylvia's hand found its way between her legs, Amanda gasped happily and almost dropped the tray of drinks.

"Izn't Amanda haz sucha sexy azzzz nurze?"

Nurse Adams nodded dumbly, unable to speak as the woman rubbed the girls cunt. Yes, I thought, Amanda does have a very sexy ass.

"You try this one nurze?" asked Sylvia. "She likes zit a lot..."

Sylvia stepped aside and the nurse immediately took her place, her hand under the schoolgirl's short skirt. The teeny sex-kitten almost purred.

Holding the tray of drinks steady was clearly pretty difficult. The champagne teetered and tottered but Amanda closed her eyes and held on - standing like a statue with her athletic legs slightly apart so Nurse Adams could rub her.

Even as I started imagining how this erotic scene would play out, demanding hands were pulling me away. Nurse Adams, Amanda and Sylvia were soon lost in the crowd and I was surrounded by the heaving pulsing mass of plump mature women, all swaying to the sultry Samba music and rubbing their hot sweaty bodies up against me.

They all appeared to be really drunk and the sexy music was whipping them into a frenzy. Inquisitive hands shamelessly fondled me - spanking and pinching my ass, kissing me or wanting to dance. Then someone was holding my erection through my loose cotton pants...

I'm sure they'd have dragged me down onto the carpet if it hadn't been for Emma Watson. (See Ch.01)

"Here's my sexy movie star," she yelled forcing herself through the throng

Mrs. Watson always looked amazing. The old woman was caught in a 50's time warp. Everything this eccentric woman wore was styled from that era.

Tonight she had packed her lovely big boobs into a massive bullet bra that stuck out of her chest like big ice cream cones.

The bizarre device was like a midriff top - a thick band of elasticized material around her middle. It was a deep midnight blue and inlaid with pearls in concentric circles that wound round and round the big pointy cones. At the tip was one big pearl on each tit like a nipple.

In between, Mrs. Watson's belly was bare. Her sexy round tummy hung over the waist of a dark blue petticoat a little bit, like a belly-dancer.

She had pearls on everything. A pearl choker around her neck and large pearl earrings and around her waist was a long chain of pearls, attached under her belly button with an exotic pearl studded broach.

White high heels and beige ankle high hose finished this stunning outfit perfectly. With her Mary Tyler Moore bob of silver gray/gold hair, she almost seemed to glow.

"You look amazing Mrs. Watson," I yelled over the load room.

"I have a special present for you Johnny," she yelled back, pushing something into the palm of my hand.

When I looked I found a little blue pill with a heart pressed into the surface.

Putting her arm around my neck she kissed me firmly on the lips, a long lingering passionate kiss. She smelt like Chanel, Lilly-of-the-valley.

"Let's get this party started Johnny dear," she whispered in my ear.

I knew what the pill was straight away. MDMA or Ecstasy was a drug you'd more likely find at a dance party. Not in a room full of middle aged women.

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