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I have had a thing for older women since I was a small child, even when I was really young I remember getting extra dirty just so my babysitter would give me baths. Nothing was beyond my young imagination to get naked in front of them, or have them touch me. I never outgrew that stage, in fact I would think it had the opposite effect, I become even more

obsessed with older women. So much so that I even Volunteered my time at Retirement Villages, until I became of age to get full time work at one. After a few years I worked my way into to management.

I met quite a few of the older ladies daughters there and had more than a few affairs with some of them. I was always extra nice to the old women at the homes just to get in good with the daughters who were still a good 20 years or more older than I was. And I was not above using any ploy to get some pussy from them. Grief always worked well, hit em and get em while they are down is a favorite saying of mine. You would be surprised at how many older women are looking for sex with a younger man with no strings, just pure unadulterated wild sex.

Many having been in tired marriages for years, yearned for the attentions of a good looking younger man who said the right things at the right times. Someone who knew the pain they were going through and had a good heart, or so they thought. Let them think what they wanted, I got more than my fair share of pussy, and not ugly ass women either. Not all are beautiful, but these days the women take better care of themselves, and many are even finer than younger women.

I have had women from the homes from the age of 35 to 74 and none were a disappointment to me. If I got paid for the sex I got, I could retire from working. But then I wouldn't have all the fun I have.

Some of my most memorable experiences have been at work believe it or not, there is nothing like taking advantage of a women during a hard time with the loss of a loved ones memory or motor skills and having to move them to a home, or come to visit them and they don't know who you are day to day. Sure it sounds sick or mean, but they don't do anything they don't want to or need to. So don't be mad at me for knowing a good thing and taking advantage of it. At least we all know it isn't love or one another using each other for more than sex. It is a Win-Win situation for us both, I get pussy and they get to feel needed and wanted for awhile.

One in particular that sticks out in my mind is Mrs. Jarrell, She is 57 years old with salt and pepper hair, a nice body even though she is a little larger. She is one hot fuck for an older woman, and has no inhibitions at all when it comes to sex. I love to suck and bite her large nipples, almost as much as she loves me to do it. She sometimes comes to the home just to fuck and not visit her mother. I never turn her down, She can suck a cock like no ones business and loves to take it in the ass, most women like it slow and easy when getting fucked in the ass, but not her. She wants it fast and hard, She likes to feel the pain and I don't mind giving it to her the way she wants it.

She always wears the sexiest under garments for a woman her age, matching colors and very sheer. And she doesn't shave or trim her pussy hair. You could make a good warm winter blanket from all the pubic hair that woman has.

And she squirts when she comes, every time! She makes love to my cock when she sucks me off, and I love to titty fuck her huge tits. Her large nipples are made for pinching and pulling, she even loves for me to slap them. One of these

days we need to meet in a hotel for a night out and just go wild, until then I will take her anywhere I can get her.

I remember the first time we ever had sex, she came into my office upset about the treatment she thought her Mother should be getting. (And she was getting it, Like Mother, Like Daughter I hoped!) I had already gotten a couple of blow jobs

from her Mother. What can I say" When I walk into a old woman's room and she takes me for her husband because she can't remember who I am, can I help it if I talk them into fucking or sucking me off? And believe me there is nothing

better than a head job from a woman who has no teeth. Ruffles aren't the only thing that has ridges!

I did my best to explain how we treated all of our residents and her Mother was no exception to our rules. Mrs. Jarrell finally calmed down and apologized for her intrusion and confusion of the entire situation. Then she broke down crying. My perfect opening I thought to myself. I went to her side and gave her a tissue for her tears, and comforted her. Always talking in a smooth monotone voice, the most relaxing voice I have, as I put my arm around her shoulder and let her get her pain out.

"I feel like such a fool." She told me, "I have so many things going on in my life right now and with Mother in the shape she is in now, it just overwhelmed me. I'm so sorry."

"That is why I am here Mrs. Jarrell, You take all the time you

need to compose yourself. We take wonderful care of all our guests, your Mother could not be in better or caring hands." I gave her shoulder a soft squeeze as I spoke to her.

She looked up at me, her blue eyes brimming with tears and mine dropped to the valley between her large breasts. She caught me staring and suddenly smiled, she knew I liked what I saw, and she seemed to enjoy me looking. Since I was standing next to her, her face was at my crotch level, Mrs. Darrell looked directly at my cock and her hand reached out and touched me. I usually have to make the first move, but she knew what she needed today, it was not an arm around her shoulder, it was a hard cock between her legs.

I watched as she unzipped my pants, then worked my now hardening cock out. I felt her warm fingers as they wrapped around my cock and she jerked it off a few minutes before she put it in her hot mouth. I was glad I had a standing rule,

No one, under no circumstances, came in my office without being announced first. So I knew we would not be disturbed as I watched her red lipstick leave circles on my cock. She knew how to please a man with her mouth, that is usually

a good sign they know how to fuck like a whore too.

She drug her teeth over the head of my cock as she pulled her mouth free and then resumed her oral manipulations, her hands were busy also as she pulled on my skin and balls. Mrs. Jarrell obviously enjoyed sucking cock from the noises she made as it hit the back of her throat, the vibrations of it sending waves of pleasure through my lower extremities.

She then stood up and removed her light dress, exposing her sexy under garments, a sheer corset along with the garters and hosiery she wore, the thick salt and peppered pubes shoving out the sides of her thin panties along her inner thighs about 3"s down her legs. She slowed only a moment as she removed her panties then stood over me as I sat on my couch and lowered her eager vagina down on

my now throbbing and spit slick cock.

Her hands held me and aimed it right to her sweet honey spot as she lowered herself down on me. Her eyes closed in sweet ecstacy as she filled her warm cavity with my cock.

"Oh yes, you feel so good inside me. Ahh, yeah baby, fill me up with your beautiful cock." She mumbled as her hips started working up and down on me. She was already exceptionally wet and had no trouble getting me inside her with one downward shove.

I grabbed two hand fulls of soft breast and pulled them towards me as she began to move quicker on my hard cock. I gave each thick tipped nipple a hard squeeze and she gasped from the pressure I applied to them. Her hands went to my shoulders and held herself steady as she worked her inner muscles on me, her neatly cared for hair dropping on my face and her perfume filled my nostrils as she ground her hips on my crotch. Her clit rubbing my pubic hair with each stroke she made, her eyes closed as she felt me fill her vaginal cavity with my thick penis. I let her do the work

since it seemed she knew what she needed to climax,

Mrs. Jarrells hand dropped to her pussy and she manipulated her clit between her fingertips, her breath coming in shallow puffs as she got closer to her orgasm and her head fell on my shoulder. I felt the hot breath as it hit my neck and then her tongue as it ran down my neck to my shoulder, her lips nibbling on me as she fucked me faster

to bring her orgasm to the edge before slowing down to tease herself.

I was deeply enjoying her sexual experience and the way her pussy gripped the end of my dick as she pulled nearly out off me. With one final hard shove she rammed her pussy down on me and came, she sat on me, her pussy quivering as she came, her muscles working my cock. I let her have her orgasm and held my own back, I wanted more than what I had received so far. And knew she would want to give it to

me as soon as she caught her second wind.

I wasn't wrong, she regained her composure and raised off me then looked at my cock as it still throbbed in its own desire to come. I put my hand on the back of her neck and gave her a slight bit of pressure in the right direction. She took the hint and my cock in her mouth, her mouth working its magic on me, and her hand assisting me to feel the most out of this I could.

I knew I was fixing to come, I let her know and she stopped sucking me then looked up at me with a wicked smile, then resumed sucking my cock. I shot a thick load into her hot mouth as she swallowed me down again. She kept sucking until I had stopped jerking in her mouth then she stood up and dressed, as if this was an every day occurrence

for her. Just the way I liked it, fast hard fucking then no regrets and no Bull Shit.

As I walked her to the front door, the staff watched as I shook her hand goodbye and she thanked me for my kindness and understanding about her concern for her Mother's

welfare here. Then she turned and walked away, you could never tell she had just been fucked like a whore or sucked me off twice. Yeah, She has class!

Another memorable woman is Ms. Addison, a woman of 47, married 22 years and her Father was a resident at our Home for 9 years before passing away. She never wanted penetration, she was more into masturbation and oral sex. She loved to watch me as I spurt my thick load in her hands, then lick them clean sexily as I watched her slutty

behavior with a twinkle in her eyes.

And she could jack a man off like a Pro, She made me come so fast at times, I was in shock as it happened. But she never complained nor did I, and I liked the way she kept

her pubic hair trimmed neat and short, her darker outer pussy lips showing the glistening dew as I leaned down to lick it off them.

Her short stubby clit, was always eager for my tongue to caress it tenderly, or have my tongue slide in deeply between the pretty pussy lips and taste her flowing nectar as she ground my face on her wetness. Mrs. Addison was the first woman that ever deep throated me, not a beautiful woman, but most definitely a beautiful blow job. I was sorry

her dad passed knowing I would not see her again. The way she worked her mouth should be patented, no other woman had ever done the things to me with their mouths that Mrs. Addison did.

Just the feeling of her swallowing as my cock was stuck down her hot throat was worth the price of admission alone. And to hear her as she came just from sucking my cock, I

never knew it could turn a woman on so much, when she sucked me, she would not even have to touch herself and she came, some times more than once as she sucked me off.

She always thanked me for the pleasure we both received during her visits, even thought it should have been me thanking her for the extreme pleasure I had received from her talented mouth! I would miss her a lot.

Mrs. King, now this one was something else, we actually did meet many times at a Hotel on the weekends, her husband didn't seem to care what she did, and being married for 37 years, I could understand that. She was nearing 60 years old and one horny older woman, she never got enough of anything we tried. And we tried a lot! Succeeded at most of it too.

The first time I remember meeting her was the day after her Mother had a stroke, she came in terribly upset ,close to a breakdown in fact. Her shoulders shook as I explained the best I could what had happened and where we had sent her Mother for emergency care. I helped her to her car and as she sat in her dress flew up in a stiff breeze, her panties showed all her glory, and it took a minute before she actually made an attempt to cover herself back up.

I never missed a beat as I stared at her thick legs, slightly open, her white panties showing her trimmed bush. I squatted down beside her as if to comfort her, when in actuality, I was just getting a closer view. Her eyes stayed glued to her steering wheel as I talked about nothing, just trying to calm her down.

Seeing she was really upset I took the hem of her skirt and pulled it down over her legs, and left my hand on her thigh. I gave it a slight squeeze and said I should go back inside. She thanked me and drove off. I wasn't sure if I had done the right thing with her, but it was too late now.

A couple of days later Mrs. King showed up at my office, I welcomed her inside and showed her to my couch, asking if she needed any refreshments then sat beside her at a comfortable distance.

"I came in to thank you for what you did for my Mother, Her Dr. Says she should be able to return here within the month if all goes well." She said, her eyes on the floor.

"Well Mrs. King, that is our job here, and we do take it seriously. We want all of our residents to live a long comfortable life in our care."

"Glenda, Please call me Glenda." She told me.

"Well if you insist then Glenda it is." and I smiled at her, her eyes lifted and a smile crossed her lips as she did. "Is there anything I can do for you today Glenda?"

When I said that her eyes returned to the floor, as if she was ashamed to ask. "You can ask me anything Glenda, I don't mind. In fact I prefer honesty, so if there is something about your Mothers care or anything you want to know, then please just ask me."

"Well, they other day, uh when you walked me to my car, and uh, well when you pulled my dress down. I thought I felt you squeeze my leg as you did. And now, uh, well I was wondering why you did."

"Ahhh! I see, well Glenda, Your dress was well above societies acceptable level, and I saw that your mind was on your Mother, If I squeezed your leg, please don't take my intentions wrong." I knew I had fucked up, I thought to myself.

"Oh, I uh, I thought, well, I had hoped it was more than that. I know it's a foolish thought, You being a young man and I'm sure your wife is beautiful. I just had a flashing thought pass through is all." She looked at the floor again.

"Well Glenda, for one, I am not married, and two, I would like to hear your thought."

"Oh I couldn't tell you, it's the thought of a foolish woman."

"Please tell me Glenda." I said as I took her chin in my hand and forced her to look at me.

"I thought perhaps, that I had uh, well I was hoping that seeing me like that, and I know the view you had, well, I thought perhaps that I had excited you in a sexual way. I'm sorry, I should have never came here today." And she rose to leave.

"Glenda, sit down." I told her, "In fact, you did excite me, looking at your thighs and your panties did excite me. It would have excited any man."

A smile came across her face as her eyes brightened. I could tell she was desperate for some sort of acknowledgment of any sort. So I placed my hand on her knee once again, this time with her full knowledge of what I was doing. Glenda leaned over and kissed me as my hand slid up under her dress, I reached her panties and slid them to one side, then inserted my finger between her full pussy lips.

She sighed deeply as her hips pushed forward to accept my intruding finger, I felt her legs open wider to give me free access to her. As I finger fucked her hot hole her fingers went to my hard on, and she expertly unzipped my pants then I watched as her head lowered into my lap. I felt her hot breath as it sifted around my cock and balls as they came into view and the open air.

Glenda tentatively kissed my cock's head then licked my pee hole before engulfing it between her hot lips. Once she got going she was one hot cock sucking older woman, I could not understand her husband not taking advantage of it, but so much the better for me I thought as I fucked her face. I reached her breast and gave it a hard squeeze, very nice tits I thought as her mouth worked over my hard on and her hand jerks on it.

I let her suck me a few minutes then laid her on her back on the couch, I slid her panties down and put them in my pocket. I dove right into her gash, driving my tongue deep into her before she had a chance to think about it. Man she smelled sweet, and tasted so good as Licked her from her clit to her asshole. She almost jumped off the couch when I stuck my tongue in her ass, then her hands forced my face in deep as I could get.

I looked up and saw her hand go to her pussy as she began to rub it furiously. I could feel her legs tighten on my head and knew it would only be a moment before she came. I stopped licking her and she cried out "No, Don't stop. Please don't stop yet."

I ignored her and rose up to stick my cock in her waiting pussy, She took my dick in her hand and guided me inside her hot pussy. I held nothing back as I filled her with one shove, her eyes rolled back in her head as she opened her legs even further to give me room. I didn't need her help since my hands were on her knees holding them wide so I could watch my cock as it slid inside her then watch as her pussy lips clung to it as I pulled back out. I told her to play with her pussy, which she did, and began to fuck her in earnest, seeing her tits bounce as she humped me on my couch.

Her head rolling side to side as she came, and then came again. I loved to watch her face when she came, it was like she had fallen in love with the thought of fucking just for sex, not love, but only lust. Her finger worked on her clit as I fucked her hard and fast, I felt I was going to cum soon and told her.

"Now Glenda, fuck me hard Now! I want to cum in your face Glenda, I want you to suck it when I cum."

"Yes, come for me, give me all of it, fuck my mouth when you cum, let me suck it out." Her face flushed with the excitement of the thought of being such a nasty whore for me. I felt it cumming and stood up, Glenda never hesitated as she took all of my cock deep inside her hot ready mouth. Her hand and face worked in unison as I pumped my thick load in her face. I watched as she swallowed every thick drop of my spunk.

My knees got weak so I held the top of her head as I felt the last of my spasms and she sucked it harder to not miss one drop of it. When she had finished sucking it. She took it lovingly in her hand and kissed it all over, murmuring to it as if it heard her words. Her hand squeezed out one last drop and I watched as her tongue took it and smeared t on the head of my dick then took it once again in her hot mouth and sucked it clean for me.

She stood up then gave me a light kiss and said she should go now. I zipped up and walked her to her car, when we got to it, she wrote down her cell phone # and told me to call her at anytime day or night, she would meet me.

I asked about her husband, she just smiled and said, "I can always say Mom needs me there, he never want's to go with me, and I can stay as long as I want."

I was standing by her car window and her hand slid out then grabbed my cock, gave it a light squeeze, smiled at me and drove off. I was not going to lose that number!

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