Margaret Blake turned the key to her house in the East End of London. It was Friday evening and she was tired. It had been a long week at the supermarket where she worked on the till. She was thirty-eight, a single mother, with an eighteen year old son, Joey, who was unemployed. His main preoccupation was hanging around with Tony Spencer and his gang. They were a gang of five or six youths in their twenties that terrorised the shopkeepers and also ran drugs. This, she knew, would lead to trouble. Her fears came true in an unexpected way.

As soon as Margaret entered the house, she knew there was something wrong. She could smell cigarette smoke. It came from the living room. When she went in, she saw Tony Spencer sitting in the armchair puffing away.

"What the fuck are you doing in my house?"

"Hallo, Mrs. Blake, or is it Miss? I'm never quite sure."

"I asked you what you're doing in my house, get out."

Tony simply ignored her.

"Where's Joey?"

"I thought he was with you. He hasn't been here for several days."

"He's hiding somewhere and I want to know where."

Something in his voice chilled Margaret.

"Get out of here before I phone the police," and she reached for her handbag to retrieve her mobile phone. A hand suddenly grabbed her arm and another forced her handbag to the ground. She was held by two of the young men.

"Please, you've got to believe me, I don't know where he is," she whimpered.

Tony walked over to her.

"You are telling the truth, aren't you?"

"What's this all about?"

"It's about the five thousand pounds your precious son owes me."

Margaret was shocked.

"What? How?"

"He was carrying a 'shipment' for me. When he saw cops he panicked, dumped it and ran. I want my money."

"I haven't that sort of money. With what I earn I barely break even."

Tony nodded and one of the youths produced a knife, placing it to her throat. He began to open Margaret's blouse, button by button.

"Please, don't do this," she begged.

"You're not a bad looking woman, Margaret," as the last button was opened, revealing her plain black bra. He sliced through it with his knife, as if it were butter and the nipples of her medium breasts hardened as they made contact with the cold air.

"Please. I've told you all I know."

"I know you have, but I have to make an example. How do you think it would be on my reputation if I didn't?" and his mouth engulfed her right breast and he sucked enthusiastically. At the same time, Margaret felt the belt of her jeans opened and both they and her plain knickers were forced to the ground.

"Oh God. No, please," yelled Margaret.

"What neatly trimmed pussy," said another of the young men as he knelt and began to ravage her with his tongue. She felt something hard being pushed up her arse, obviously a hardened cock, and she was pounded mercilessly.

Tony, meanwhile, licked between her breasts and settled on her left breast, once again sucking and licking with vigour. Margaret closed her eyes, in a vain hope that somehow it would take away the pain of her ordeal. She could feel a burning sensation as hot cum exploded inside her arse, making her yell out.

The licking and sucking of her breasts stopped too, and the young man licking her pussy was pulled away by Tony. It was only a temporary reprieve, however, as Tony then drove his large, hardened cock deep inside her, making Margaret scream in pain.

Tony's rhythm was slow at first, but then gradually built with each movement. As much as she tried, Margaret was unable to stop her body reacting to Tony's movements and her love juices began to built. She was lost in the lust and began to moan deeply. Eventually, Tony came just as her juices flowed, leaving them both breathless.

At that moment, they were all startled by a mature sounding female voice from behind.

"What the hell are you doing to my daughter?"

It was a woman in her mid fifties, well dressed, large breasts and slim figure. Having pulled up and zipped his pants, Tony walked over to her and grabbed her by her hair, making her yell.

"Where's your precious grandson?"

"Mom?" screamed Margaret but she was pushed into a chair, with a knife at her throat.

"I don't know. I swear," responded the frightened woman.

"What's your name, granny?"

"Paula. Paula Jacobs. Please, I don't know where he is."

Tony began to feel under her skirt and rub her pussy through her knickers and tights.

"No, please."

"Amuse yourselves with mom," and Tony and two others dragged Paula upstairs to a bedroom and was she helpless as she heard her daughter's muffled screams. Paula tried to resist as they started to strip her but Tony punched her hard in her stomach and she was subdued. Her blouse, skirt, slip, bra and knickers ended up in a small pile on the floor. Tony held her down and one of the other gang members mounted her and forced her unwilling mouth to accept his cock.

"Suck, you bitch," yelled Tony, "Or I'll beat you to pulp."

A terrified Paula conformed and began to suck the huge organ. At the same time she felt a huge cock enter her pussy and began rhythmically push in and out. Tony sucked on the woman's huge breasts with relish.

Paula's head was systematically bobbed up and down as she continued to suck hard. The pounding of her pussy too, took on a rhythm; even Tony's licking and sucking of her breasts were systematic. As the rhythms picked up pace, Paula became absorbed in her own lust. The tingling of her nipples excited her. The cock drilling her pussy caused her juices to gather with speed and her sucking the huge dick was an added bonus for her. She not had sex for many years since her husband had left her and although she had been forced to do this, she did not want it to end.

Eventually her mouth was flooded as the cum flowed wildly and at almost the same time, hot cum erupted inside her pussy and juiced flowed as if to meet them, creating a sensation of joy she had not had for years. Paula was brought back to reality when Tony spoke to her.

"Well, for an old woman, you are quite a fuck. I think you even enjoyed it. Let's get her downstairs and see what the others are up to," and Paula was dragged, naked down to the living room.

At the same time as her mother was dragged to the bedroom, Margaret Blake, naked, dazed and exhausted, was forced to her knees. Another huge cock was forced into her mouth, stifling her protests and she was forced to give hand jobs to the two remaining youths. Gradually she developed a rhythm with both her hands and mouth. "Mmmm" was all she could utter.

When the youths came in her hands, they quickly rubbed it onto her naked breasts and her head was yanked back, forcing her to swallow the cum in her mouth. She fell, exhausted, to the ground. Almost at that moment, Tony and the others appeared and a naked Paula Jacobs was thrown down beside her naked daughter. They huddled each other in shame or embarrassment.

"You two could do with a wash."

The youths laughed. Tony nodded and the nude women were dragged to the shower and hurled into it. The women screamed as jets of hot, steamy hit them.

"Nothing like two naked birds having a shower, eh Benny?"

"No, except if we join them."

They all laughed.

"Well, we haven't time for that. Good thought though. You got away lightly this time ladies. Tell that bastard that if he doesn't come up with the five thousand, you'll be having more than just sex," and they all left the house.

When they got outside, Benny spoke. "Tony, what if they go to the police?"

"They won't. Not without implicating that little wimp."


Two days later, Tony Spencer received a phone call from a friend. Joey Blake had been seen on the other side of town. Judging by the description of the woman he was staying with, Tony deduced it was Frances Portman, Margaret Blake's sister and therefore Joey's aunt. Frances Portman was tall, slender woman with long black hair. She owned a successful hairdressers. Of these sisters, Tony thought Frances was the more sexy, dressing in skirts and blouses, seldom in pants. She was a tease.

The following day he got the gang together and drove in his van to Frances' house. Her car was in the drive, so Tony knew she was there. He signalled two of the gang to work their way around the back. Tony calmly walked up to the door and rang the bell. The door was opened by Frances Portman. Realising who it was, she tried to close it and yelled at Joey to run but it was too late. Tony jammed the door with his foot and pushed it in and Joey ran out of the back, into the arms of the two youths waiting for him. Both he and his aunt were herded into the living room.

"Ok. Let's not get excited," said Tony, admiring Frances Portman standing there in her skirt, blouse and knee high black boots.

"You bastard. I'll call the police."

Tony picked up the receiver and handed it to her.

"Be my guest. Before you do though you better ask yourself are you prepared to send this little bastard down?"

Frances hesitated and Tony replaced the receiver.

"I thought not," he responded with a grin.

"Look Tony, I'm sorry about the shipment..."

"Fuck the shipment. I want the five thousand you cost me."

"I- I don't have that sort of money," stuttered Joey in shock.

"I can get you the money," said Frances.

"That's good. Let's go."

"I can't get it now. The bank is closed but I can get it first thing in the morning."

"Well it looks like we have a whole night to kill. Boys, keep your eyes on the fugitive here. You come with me," pointing to Frances.

The others sniggered, realising what was about to happen.

Joey leapt to his feet yelling, "You bastard," as he launched himself at Tony Spencer. Two of the gang caught him and proceeded to punch him hard.

"No, Joey, don't. It's ok," said his aunt.

"That's enough for now lads. Remember, he's no good to us dead."

They all laughed.

When they reached the bedroom Tony sat on the bed. He observed his prey, dressed in her work attire of white blouse, red knee length skirt with black leather boots that, combined with her skirt almost but not quite hid her tight covered legs.

"You know, I've always thought were sexy. You really know how to tease a man. Always wearing those skirts. Making sure we see your sexy legs, even lowering buttons on your blouse just enough to let us see your tits."

"That's not true," protested Frances.

"Oh please. We all know you fucked Jack Lesley, the assistant bank manager for the cash to start up your business. It's a well known fact, so don't bother denying it.

Frances couldn't deny it. She had fucked him and she had got the money. His wife left him when she found out and he, himself was forced to resign. Frances was forced to pay back the money at an exorbitant rate to keep the bank happy. It almost broke her.

"Look. I told you I'll get the money. Surely that's enough for you?"

"Like I told your sister. I have to make an example, otherwise people might not tow the line."

"You, you fucked Margaret?" stuttered Frances, in shock.

"Yeah. She's not a bad fuck either. In fact, I think she really enjoyed it."

"You sick fuck."

"Look. We're not here to pass judgement on me. Your wimp of a nephew is downstairs and one word from me and he'll be pulverised by the others and believe me, they are only too keen to do the job."

"What do you want, Spencer?"

"I thought that's obvious. Why do you think we're in the bedroom?"

"Alright. Let's get this over with."

"Not so fast, Frances. Lift your skirt."

Reluctantly, she did so. Tony put his hand to the rim of her tights and pulled them down, along with her plain white knickers, to her knees.

"Wow. You keep a nice neat pussy. I always knew I'd get to eat it some day," and he knelt and began to lick and suck at intervals.

Despite her disgust, Frances began to feel a certain pleasure in this gentle probing of her pussy, although she desperately hid it from him. It took a lot of will power to subdue a moan. To her disappointment Tony suddenly stopped.

"Well, enough of that. Get your clothes off. I've always wanted to see you naked and remember, tease me as you tease your lovers."

Humiliated and angry, Frances knew she had no choice. She went over to the music centre, pressed a button and slow sensuous began to play. She moved with the music, in an expert fashion.

'She has clearly had done this before, probably even for Leslie himself,' thought Tony. She discarded her blouse, skirt and boots in the same teasing manner, at the same time smiling as if to please a new lover. She turned her back as she unsnapped her bra and slowly rolled her tights and knickers down. Pausing for a few seconds, she wiggled her shapely arse. When she turned to face Tony he was already naked and his hard on was huge. Tony pushed her on to the bed and climbed on top. He kissed her deeply and began to move down her luscious body, finally settling on his fetish, her enormous breasts. As with her sister, Tony sucked and licked with a crazed sexual energy. Frances couldn't take it any more as she finally exhaled a moan and then another.

"Oooooh," she moaned in a slow sensual tone.

Tony pushed his huge rod into her waiting pussy. The slowly building rhythm suited both. As the speed picked up, the excitement also built in both of them. Their breathing became deeper with each stroke. Their bodies moved in tandem and their body heat created lust that neither were willing or able to pull back from.

Frances could feel that Tony was close to climax and her own orgasm was almost upon her. Finally, an eruption of cum and her own juices made them both gasp for air, as if it were their last. For a few moments both 'lovers' remained motionless, catching their breath. Finally, Tony spoke. "I always knew you were a good fuck. I just didn't realise how good."

He got out of the bed and began to dress. Frances was about to do the same.

"Where do you think you're going? You've got five more of us to service yet. Like I said. We've got a whole night to kill."

"What? Please, no."

Hey listen. Don't blame me, blame it on your wimpy nephew."

Tony walked into the living room. "Ok Benny. You're next, and remember, don't take all night." Everyone else laughed.

"You're Aunt is a great fuck, wimp. No wonder you like hanging out here. How often have you fucked her?"

It was too much for Joey. He sprang at Tony, missing him as he ducked. Tony punched him hard in his stomach and delivered an almost knock out blow to Joey's jaw and he crashed on his back, disorientated.

"Never lead with your right wimp. It leaves you too open."

All the gang filed up the stairs, one by one and each had their own sexual fantasy fulfilled by Frances Portman. By the time the last was finished it was almost eight in the morning. Tony turned to Joey.

"Well wimp, you didn't answer my question. How often have you fucked her?"

"Never. She's my aunt."

"Never?" responded Tony in a mock tone of surprise. "We'll have to remedy that." He went up to the bedroom. Frances was lying there, totally exhausted. He threw her a dressing gown. "Put it on and get downstairs."

Frances did as she was told. She was shocked to see Joey all bruised.

"He had a little accident," smiled Tony. "He tells me you two never fucked before. Well that's about to change."

"Oh no. Please. Don't do this," begged Frances Portman but it was to no avail as Tony ripped open the front of her gown revealing to Joey her bodily nakedness for the very first time.

"Hey look. The wimp's turned on," yelled one of the gang.

"Unfortunately we don't time for you to get your full jollies wimp," said Tony as he forced Frances over the coffee table, lifting the hem of her gown and exposing her naked arse to her nephew.

"Ok wimp. Start fucking her arse."

"No. I wont do it," screamed Joey.

He was punched several times. Frances cried out.

"Joey. Please, do what they want. Just close your eyes and pretend I'm someone else."

"Listen to your sexy aunt wimp. Just close your eyes and pretend she's your girlfriend."

Joey placed his hands on Frances' bare hips and gently inserted his hardened dick into her arse. He began to push in and out slowly. The others began to shout and clap.

"In, out, in out," they taunted, each taunt increased in speed, as did Joey's rhythm.

For Frances, this was something new and she certainly never even dream of being arse fucked by her young nephew. The sensation of this pounding made her tingle. She closed her eyes and bit her lip, hoping to hide any sign of sexual pleasure. The burning sensation of Joey's hot cum flowing into her arse made her exclaim a subdued moan and Joey was left breathless.

"Well wimp. You finally did it. You fucked your aunt." They all laughed.

Tony grabbed Frances by the arm. "Come on you little whore. We've got a date at the bank. Get cleaned up and dressed."

In the shower, Frances scrubbed and scrubbed like she never did before. She enjoyed sex enormously but this was different. She had been violated in every way possible. Even her own nephew had been forced to fuck her arse. Although she wouldn't openly admit it, She had rather enjoyed breaking that taboo, although she would much prefer to have done so on her terms. She went to her bedroom covered in a large bath towel, only to see Tony Spencer sitting on the bed.

"Can I at least have some privacy while I change?"

"Just get fucking dressed," responded Tony, in a not too sympathetic manner.

As she took her tights, Tony pulled them from her hand. "You wont need them, any way, I don't have all day."

Finally the they came down the stairs and Tony turned to one of the gang.

"Benny, keep an eye on the wimp. We won't be long. They both left house.

"Give me the keys to your car and then get in the passenger side," demanded Tony. He drove to the bank car park.

"Give me your knickers."


Tony put his hand under her skirt.

"All right, all right," protested Frances and eased them down and handed them to him. Tony sniffed them and smiled. They both got out of the car. Frances felt naked as she felt a cold puff of air drift up her skirt. Tony grabbed her by the arm just before they reached the door. "Remember. No funny stuff or the wimp gets it and you won't come out of it smelling of roses either, trust me."

After signing the withdrawal slip, the cashier put the fresh notes neatly into an envelope and both Frances and Tony left and drove back to her house.

"Ok boys. We've got what we came for. As I told your mother wimp, you got away lightly this time. Next time it wont be so 'pleasurable'." He put a sarcastic emphasis on the last word and all of the gang laughed.

Once again anger raged in Joey and he hurled himself at Tony. Two of the gang caught him and held. Tony proceeded to punch him without mercy.

"No. Please," screamed Frances as she tried to stop him but was held by another gang member. Tony finally stopped and Joey fell in agony to the ground, gasping for air. Frances was released and went to her nephew's aid, holding him like a caring mother. She looked up in anger at Tony.

"You fucking bastards."

Tony bent over and put his hand to her chin.

"Yeah. You're probably right. We are that. But like I said before, you're a good fuck. We'll probably have to do this again sometime, and if I know the wimp, and I do, we will. We'll see ourselves out. Come on boys," and they left the house, filing into the van and driving away, left Frances cradling her stricken nephew.

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