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Toni had been a freelance photographer for nearly three years, ever since walking out on her job as a photo journalist for a national newspaper because of some over-intrusive pictures she was asked to take. There were some aspects of a person's life that she considered should remain private, and so she began working for herself. Now, at the age of twenty-eight, she had the freedom to take whatever shots appealed to her, specializing mainly in landscape and the great outdoors, anything scenic and whimsical.

Her current project was a coffee table book based on the countryside of southwest England, and what she as looking for on this particular day was a shot of a derelict agricultural building of some kind, a barn would be good, or a stable, or even an old abandoned farmhouse, something with a bit of character, something moody. She didn't want anything too spooky, although she was looking for a bit of atmosphere, but just the right place was proving hard to find. So far she'd driven miles without finding what she wanted, and now time was marching on and she was worried that she would have to call a halt for the day.

Right now would be ideal if she could only find somewhere. With the sun low and the shadows long, and with the summer brightness mellowed by evening there would be a lot of potential. Golden light on red brick would be good, or a sunset through the broken walls of a long abandoned yard. Anything like that would give her something to work with and her photographer's eye could do the rest.

Then, just as she was about to give up for the day she spotted the ideal place, an old deserted farmhouse complete with derelict buildings, just what she was looking for. She pulled her car into a weed speckled, brick paved yard and parked.

Normally she would have at least made an attempt to obtain permission, but time was against her and she decided to risk being classed as a trespasser and just go ahead anyway. There was nobody in sight, except a tractor working the field behind the farm and even that was heading away from her, the bright red shirt of its driver receding into the distance.

She grabbed her camera bag and headed for the barns, looking with her photographer's eye for the most atmospheric, the one that would yield the 'stop them in their tracks' photo that would complete her book. Instinct told her to head for an old cowshed, with a broken pantiled roof and half door hanging at a crazy angle. The angle of the sun and the position of the holes in the roof, rafters crosshatched with laths would surely shine agreeably on something within.

But for some reason she found herself heading for the shed next door, an old workshop with a workbench down one side and a table pushed up against it in the middle. The bench was littered with the dirty detritus of long abandoned repairs, oil cans and paint tins were still stacked on shelves, but other than that the place was empty. She stood for a few moments looking in through the door, trying to see what had pulled her towards this particular spot, but there seemed nothing photogenic, nothing that leapt out at her as 'the' photo. She frowned and tried to remember what she was thinking when she was first directed to this place, to remember what it was that had triggered the impulse. She stepped through the door into the already cool interior, looking around, confused and feeling let down by an apparent failure of her professional eye.

There was nothing here, nothing that stood out except a couple of dirty rucksacks piled into one corner, and nothing except the girl standing in the corner, a pale dark haired girl in her late teens or early twenties, dressed in a white shift dress and gazing silently at Toni with sad brown eyes. At the time it didn't seem at all out of the ordinary that a girl should be standing alone in a tumbledown farmyard. It did later, when she had the time to mull over the events of the day in the bright light of hindsight, but right then it seemed the most natural thing in the world.

Nor did it seem unusual for the girl to walk silently across to her and put her arms around her, looking up with her lips parted for a kiss. Impelled forward by some force that she was unable to comprehend, heterosexual Toni allowed herself to be embraced, allowed her own arms to go around the girl, and lowered her own mouth to kiss that of another girl. Her mind was spinning, inside she was alarmed by what was happening, but her heart started to race, her legs turned to jelly and she felt a burst of adrenalin run through her from an unexpected sensation of pure pleasure. She had never kissed a girl before, nor ever wanted to, but now she wanted the kiss to last forever, and if it went further then she would welcome it, even though her conscious mind rebelled against the idea.

The passion of the kiss was hot, but the girl's lips were cool, almost to the point of being cold, and her hands felt cold through her thin blouse, but although it registered, once again Toni found nothing untoward in the fact. The girl had, after all, been standing in the damp shade of a derelict workshop. Toni kissed her back, parting her lips to allow the cool tongue to explore her mouth, whimpering softly with delight and then pressing her own tongue between the stranger's lips to return the pleasure.

She felt slim fingers tugging at her blouse, trying to pull it clear of her waistband, and she breathed in automatically to help, shivering slightly as the cool evening air and cooler hands found her skin even before the blouse was released, the hands running around under the material to stroke her back. It wasn't right, something in the back of her mind insisted it was wrong, but it felt so good.

Her own hands were flat against the girl's back, feeling the smoothness of her bare skin, The fact that the girl as now naked, that her simple dress had disappeared unaided didn't bother her, and nor did the two other girls who were now watching from the far end of the workshop. There was obviously something weird happening, her logical mind told her, but that didn't matter, it was too nice to matter and they weren't about to harm her.

The two new girls stepped forward, walking silently towards her, their clothes dissolving as they advanced so that by the time they had joined their friend and Toni in what amounted to a group hug, they too were completely naked.

Toni spread her arms to enfold the newcomers, smiling happily as she turned her face first one way and then the other to receive deep and ardent kisses from each of them in turn. Their hands had found their way into Toni's clothing, six cool gentle hands playing over her skin, going everywhere and anywhere, unhampered by clothing that had not been removed, touching her breasts, her nipples, the flat of her stomach, even the twin orbs of her bottom. One hand made it between her legs from the front, while another investigated her from behind, both finding her pussy and sliding inside her at the same time. She groaned and spread her knees awkwardly, trying to give the girls room that they clearly didn't need.

She was getting rapidly turned on, her nipples were hardening and her pussy was reacting to these double invasion by lubricating copiously. She didn't understand what was happening and nor did she care, she was in ecstasy, offering her mouth to any of the silent trio to kiss whenever they wanted to, surrendering to their magical touches, even draping her own arms over the shoulders of two of them so as not to hamper their explorations. But all the time, behind the pleasure she could detect darker undertones, not directed against her, but definitely present. What was happening had a purpose, and that purpose seemed simply to be to make her want a man inside her. It was, she thought, a shame that girls just don't have the necessary equipment, because her need to be fucked was growing by the moment. It was as if something inside her head was urging her on, making her want it, telling her that sex with a man was now the most important thing in her life. The fluttering caresses of these beautifully anonymous girls were fabulous, but they couldn't beat a good old fashioned fuck. God, how she ached for a cock. Never mind, the girls would make her come soon anyway, and that would relieve the pressure.

It was as if that thought was a trigger, as if giving her an orgasm was not the purpose, only to arouse her to the edge of desperate frustration, for at that point she became aware that the hands on her body were fading away, the mouth that was pressed against hers was becoming softer, until abruptly her arms that had been on shoulders fell to her sides and she was alone, her sexy companions gone without trace or explanation.

For several seconds she stood confused and panting, looking down at her undisturbed clothing, feeling her bullet nipples pushing against the inside of her bra and the wetness from her pussy on her briefs. It had not been a dream - she was sure it hadn't been a dream, if only because she was so turned on it was unreal. But she still wanted to fuck, no matter how she had got to that state, in fact she needed to fuck, she was desperate to have a man fuck her. That's it, said the voice in her mind, go and find yourself the man, find the man who wants to fuck you and bring him back here. Bring him back here to do it. The man with the red shirt.

She didn't understand, the implications of her own thoughts, if such they were, had escaped her. All her focus was on finding herself a cock. She stumbled out into the yard, looking around her almost frantically, searching for a man, any man. No, not any man, the man, the right man, the one who could satisfy everything. In the field the tractor was working steadily back down the rows, a haze of dust following it, the man in the red shirt looking over his shoulder at what he was doing.

He's the one I need, she thought. He's the one for today. Yes, he's the one, her mind agreed, he's the one, and he's the one we need. She stood out on the edge of the field and waved urgently at him through the gathering twilight, not knowing or caring what he looked like, how old he was, if he was married, or anything just so long as he wasn't gay. But somehow she already knew he wasn't, and she knew that he'd be more than willing to take her, but on his own terms. His arm rose in answer to her wave, but his machine carried on down the row, coming towards her all right but so damn slowly. Couldn't he see how frustrated she was, how much she was gagging for it.

Finally the tractor coughed to a halt and he climbed down looking at her curiously. He was handsome enough in a rough red faced farmer kind of way, heavily built, a couple of decades older than Toni, his brown hair heavily shot with grey. He was smiling a confident, chauvinistic smile as he came towards her, hands thrust into his jeans pockets.

'You know this is private land I suppose?' He asked her calmly. 'What is it that you're after?

'A good strong man like you would be a good start.' She played up to his macho man demeanour, instinctively knowing that he'd go for it.'

He cocked his head on one side. 'And just what do you want a strong man for?'

'Now, what do you think?' She raised an eyebrow and thrust one hip forward provocatively.

'Like that is it?' His grin was getting broader by the minute.

'Very much.' She answered, answering his smile with one of her own.

It was against her nature to act so provocatively with a stranger, or with anyone for that matter. But then it was against her nature to feel so damn randy. She supposed she had those three girls to thank for that. She drew a deep breath, the memory of those wandering hands so recently touching her was only increasing her frustration, even though she didn't have a clue where they had come from, or where they had gone so mysteriously. That was a puzzle for later, right now the answer to her disappointment stood in front of her. He was the right man for it; she knew he was the right man, though she wasn't sure exactly what 'it' was. Her mind was carrying fragments of dark thoughts, but she couldn't make a whole picture out of them. All she knew for sure was that this man would fuck her like she'd never been fucked before, and that was what she wanted. She'd wanted it ever since the strange girls had planted the idea in her mind, along with the knowledge that it had to be this man, and no other.

'Well, I suppose we'd better see what we can do about that then, hadn't we?'

He came forward and grabbed her, his arms encircling her and his mouth suddenly covering hers, forcing her lips apart for his tongue to force its way between them. She couldn't help but respond, pushing herself against him and letting her tongue fence with his.

'My, you really do need a man, don't you?' He was surprised at her fervour. 'Come on in here and we'll soon sort you out.'

He gripped her by one arm and almost frogmarched her into the workshop, pulling her along although she'd not shown any sign of reluctance. She had no idea why, but somehow she'd known that this is where he'd bring her. At least it was still reasonably dry, unlike some of the deserted buildings.

'Lets get rid of some of those fancy clothes, we don't want them in the way, now do we?'

He didn't give her the chance to unfasten anything, his hands reached out and tore her blouse open, buttons popping across the floor. A surge of adrenalin and lust shot through her, and she stood breathing heavily and faced him, as if defying him to do more.

'Come on, let's get a look at those boobies.'

Again his hands came out, pushing her bra up and letting her breasts fall free, her hard nipples catching painfully on the underwire as it went past. He grabbed at them, squeezing and mauling them, making her wince at his rough handling.

'So, you don't like it too rough then?' He grinned at her pained expression.

'Not too much.' She confirmed, wondering about the little voice in her head that was telling her it would get much more intense yet. 'But you can fuck me if you don't hurt me.'

'I can fuck you anyway, and I'm going to. Just don't try and spoil my fun if you don't want to get hurt. After all.' He reminded her. 'You called me over.'

Even through the haze of lust that had enveloped her she could sense a note of menace in his voice, a note even more threatening than his words. She shivered, partly from arousal and partly from fear, although she wouldn't have liked to have separated them. He gripped each nipple between finger and thumb and pulled her to him squeezing and twisting until she cried out with pain. His kiss this time was almost predatory, but she responded just the same, her control given over to the voice in her head that kept telling her to go on, to let him believe he was in control. 'Funny' she thought on another rather frightened level, because he is.

He stepped back a pace and looked at her, eyeing up her breasts and then letting his gaze wander down, fixing on her skirt where it covered her pussy. She knew what he was thinking and what he wanted, and so she reached down and undid her belt, unfastening her skirt and letting it fall to the floor. He watched her and nodded, indicating her briefs with the wave of a hand.

'And those.'

She was not quick enough. The conflict inside her head made her hesitate just those few seconds, the few seconds that caused him to reach out, grab the waistband of her briefs and tear them from her, the sudden unexpected force and the jolt when the nylon of her briefs gave way sending her sprawling on the dirty workshop floor. He threw the remains of her underwear away and stood over her. She rolled onto her back and spread her legs, showing herself to him and inviting him to take her, part of her mind rebelling at the action, but the other, unfamiliar part urging her on, increasing her arousal, reminding her how much she needed him to fuck her.

'Get up.'

She climbed to her feet and stood in front of him, the torn blouse and displaced bra her only clothing, and watched warily as he undid his fly. He fiddled inside his clothing bending a little to ease his cock from its hiding place, and then straightened, his long uncircumcised cock standing proud between his fingers.

'This is what you want, isn't it. You want it bad, don't you?'

She nodded, licking her lips. She couldn't deny it, she was desperate to be fucked and looking at that rigid weapon only increased her need. But still, something in her mind wasn't happy. She just didn't do this sort of thing. How did she know everything would be all right, how did she know he wouldn't hurt her, or worse, murder her?

Because we'll make sure he doesn't, another part of her mind answered. Unexpectedly her brain dropped into gear. We? Who are we? Suddenly she knew the answer and everything dropped into place. We are the three girls, aren't you, she asked herself, mixing her pronouns as she thought it through. You're ghosts and you've got yourself inside my head, haven't you?

'Yes.' The voice was clear now, as if whispering in her ear. 'We know you want him, and we'll be here to protect you.'

'But it was you who made me want him, wasn't it?' She thought the question.

'Yes. We need you to do it with him.'

'But why? What....' Her mental conversation was rudely interrupted by a hand clamping itself around her wrist.

'I'm talking to you.' He said angrily. 'Do as you're told when I talk to you.'

She looked at him blankly, trying to remember what he'd said while at the same time trying to come to terms with the girls inside her head.

'Get on there.'

He sent her reeling over to the table, grabbing her legs as she clambered up and spun her around and roughly arranging her until she lay on her back and he stood between her widespread feet. She loved the way he just took what he wanted. Her pussy was on fire, throbbing for his cock.

He shuffled forward, pulling her to him and guiding his cock to her entrance, thrusting inside her hard and deep. There was no finesse; he just plunged repeatedly into her, pulling right back and then ramming himself in as hard and fast as he could.

She didn't complain, she didn't want to complain, this hard merciless fucking was just what she needed, just what the three girls had primed her to want. All of a sudden she remembered her question, why had they wanted her to let him fuck her? His hammering abruptly faded into the background and it was as if someone had pressed the video play button in her mind.

In her mind she saw the workshop, and the table she was sprawled on. But this time the person on the table was a girl she recognised as the smallest of her three ghostly companions, and she was struggling with a man, the man who was at that very moment thrusting between her legs. In her vision he had one had holding the girl down by her neck while the other groped between her legs, pushing her skirt out of the way and pulling at her panties. Her screams were silent inside Toni's head, but it was only too clear what was happening.

As soon as she grasped the meaning the vision shifted to show her a patch of bare earth, darker than the rest, at the back of the workshop. The vision flashed back to the table, where a second of the girls, totally naked, was thrashing about under his weight. A second patch of dark earth was displayed. Toni felt herself go cold. The message was all too clear. 'You will bring us justice and we will help,' the voice in her head told her matter-of-factly. Her arousal disappeared like snow in a furnace and she lay cold and frightened under his sexual onslaught.

He was gathering himself for a climax, his face was reddening and his movements were becoming erratic, but, more worrying, he now brought a hand across and placed it across Toni's mouth, pressing down hard so that she could only breathe through her nose. She began to panic, sure that when the moment he came he would kill her too. Her hand reached out scrabbling over the surface of the table, looking for something, anything that would help. But all too clearly she remembered that he had swept the top clear when he 'arranged' her on it. But still she scrabbled, hoping against hope that he had missed something. His movements now were becoming more urgent and his hand moved from her mouth to her throat, tightening, squeezing, cutting off her air.

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