tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRetribution Within the City

Retribution Within the City


This is her dream, her nightmare. Most nights the dream begins the same way and she wonders if it is a memory of a former life. The visions are too realistic to be coincidence or imagination. It is a long time ago. The Roman legions assigned to protect the city where she lives are in disarray. The Empire has been in decline for many years and the port city is coming under attack by powerful Eastern hoards. She knows that her serenity is in jeopardy and that the time of normal life draws short. As a council to the monarchs, Janine has many duties and she has fulfilled them well.

Because of her closeness to the rulers of the city she is very aware what the consequences to her, should the city be taken. Janine is one of the youngest councilors ever, and possesses a beauty that has been the target of animosity. Until now this animosity has manifested itself only as jealousy; if the city falls she could be identified as part of the ruling government to the invaders. She shudders to think of what could happen to her One morning she awakes to the sounds of rumbling and chaotic screaming. Her servant Gina is hysterical and Janine hears the fear in her servant's voice as Gina informs her that the Persians are attacking the city.

Gina attempts to move quickly away but Janine clutches her arm. Gina speaks again and adds to the fear in Janine's eyes by informing her that the Romans have abandoned the city. The city is defenseless! With this, the servant girl turns and flees down a corridor. "What should I do, There is no time for preparation" Janine thinks. Instead of the chiffon robes that normally adorn her body, she changes into parchment fabric. Parchment is not common garb for her but it may serve as a disguise. Even clothed in plain robes her beauty gives her away as an aristocrat, but she knows she must try something. Janine moves swiftly down the same corridor that Gina disappeared down moments ago.

As Janine enters the courtyard she sees to her horror that many of the male councilors have been killed and the females being rounded up by Persian soldiers. Abruptly she is grabbed by two of the soldiers. She can feel their brute power as they navigate her to the center of the yard. Resistance is impossible as they shuffle her next to numerous female servants. Their hands are tightly bound behind their backs and Janine sees that many of them have minor wounds from the harshness of the capture. Many of them are nude from the waist up, their coverings consist of soiled white parchment cloths held up by a string tied at the waist.

The clothes cover only the front with the sides and back exposed. Some of the servant girls are completely nude with their arms tied behind them. Janine sees Gina who is totally nude and bound in the same manner as the others. Her large breasts are accentuated by her bindings and her sex is exposed. Her beauty holds Janine's attention for a moment but the scene is quickly interrupted as her own parchment coverings are ripped away.

A soldier binds her hands behind her while another ties a string-supported cloth around her waist. Janine's hair has been well cared for and she worries that it may disclose her as a member of the council. The tight bindings are causing her breasts to jut out in a most provocative fashion and the parchment cloth does little to conceal her sex. The Persian soldiers are admiring her shapely legs and commenting how they rise perfectly to her firm, well- rounded ass. What little comfort she derives from being safe within a crowd of women is lost when the Persian commander states that they seek council members of the city government. For a moment there is silence. The Persian commander then approaches Lana, one of Janine's adversaries in council, and thrusts his sword under her neck. He warns that if council members aren't pointed out she will be killed.

Janine's pulse quickens as her heart begins to race. She attempts to hide behind one of the servant girls but to no avail. Lana nods in Janine's direction and blurts out in a panic "There! She is a monarch's council!"

Janine's heart sinks as the soldiers turn as one and look at her. They swiftly move towards her as their commander instructs them to take her to the arena. Two guards manhandle her from the courtyard. Fear grips her senses as it also heightens them. Janine is very aware that the arena is only a short distance from the courtyard.

The entourage quickly arrives at the arena. The guards show no compassion as they shuffle Janine in front of the Persian centurion. There are many other bound women, some nude, some nearly nude being lead into the open arena. "What will be done to me" she wonders. The answer comes quickly. The Persian centurion approaches reaching under her small covering and inserts his large fingers into her vagina while cupping her soft mound. To her shame, this arouses Janine, as does the centurion's announcement that Janine will be one of the "special" attractions. The centurion tells one of the guards that the prisoner has hair on her vagina and it is to be removed as part of the proceedings. He then lifts her skimpy cloth showing all in the area her pussy and they cheer their approval at her displayed femininity.

She is very afraid but somehow the centurion's touch along with her helplessness has created an unusual arousal within her. Fear has its grip upon her but there is also something else, something perversely pleasurable. The guards lead Janine into an arena filled with drunken Persian soldiers. She is alluring with her arms bound behind and naked breasts bouncing slightly as she walks. The flapping cloth reveals her legs and ass and allows glimpses of her sex. Other bound women are being made to sit on the ground as the guards instruct them to be silent and witness Persian retribution. The guards shove Janine toward a crucifix lying on the ground near two waiting attendants. Upon arriving at the crucifix one of the guards takes out his knife, cuts loose the string that holds Janine's parchment and it falls, exposing her completely. The forced exposure and restraint heightens an already pleasurable sensation within her.

She feels another guard reach behind her and cut loose the leather straps that bind her hands. The freedom is short lived as the guards and attendants push her down onto the crucifix. Her fear is intense but she senses the beginnings of pleasure. The attendants bind Janine's wrists with heavy leather strapping to the crucifix crossbeam. There is another crossbeam lower on the crucifix and the attendants bind her ankles to it with the same heavy leather, spreading and restraining her legs. Her pubic hair opens slightly to reveal the lips of her pussy. The guard's eyes shift from her attractive face and figure to the specific beauty of her breasts and spread sex.

Without hesitation, they raise the crucifix and secure it upright. The drunken crowd of soldiers react to the scene so enthusiastically that the centurion must remind his officers that their men are not to approach the crucified female. Janine is alone, bound to the wooden beams facing the soldiers. One of the attendants produces sharpened slate and as the centurion ordered, begins to shave the neatly trimmed hair from her pussy. He is somewhat gentle in this procedure and Janine is relieved. Soon the attendant has bared her sex and her feminine beauty is thoroughly on display.

She wonders what more they will do to her. Janine hangs for quite some time so that all can view the scene. Her breasts and freshly bared sex are glistening in the hot sunlight and the view has the soldiers very excited. She is able to see that more guards are entering the arena harshly escorting someone. It is Gina, the servant who alerted Janine earlier. Her hands are still bound tightly behind her back and she is completely nude. The guards shove the servant towards Janine's tethered and raised body. Her head is in perfect height position with Janine's vagina, which has been opened by the crossbeams. One of the attendants grabs the servant girl and pushes her head into Janine's opened sex.

Gina knows what is demanded and she willingly obliges. Her tongue begins to lap at the pussy before her, licking the bare labia aggressively and stoking the perverse pleasures Janine has felt since the centurion fingered her. Janine's bindings hold firm and she is unable to move in response to the pleasure. Strangely, the bindings serve to heighten her pleasure. For the moment, her fear has subsided as the tingling in her body begins to build. The entire scene is one of total eroticism and Janine is no longer aware of her persecution as she begins to focus totally on the treatment her vagina is receiving. She squirms within her restraints as Gina begins to more aggressively lick and suck on her clitoris. The leather restraints are now fully a part of Janine's pleasure as she begins to feel the waves of orgasm begin deep and build. She is very near to climaxing but the cruelty has only begun for her.

Just as she is about to cum one of the attendants pulls her servant's head away. Janine is left moving and bucking at emptiness, seeking to find the instrument of her pleasure. Her torment is interrupted when she hears the centurion command the attendants to nail a wooden sedile between her legs. The centurion extols "We'll watch this member of council work herself for our pleasure." The small cylindrical piece is quickly nailed in place and lubricated. Janine is barely able to move enough to slide her vagina up and back along its short length. Once again, the resulting scene is one of total arousal to the witnessing soldiers. They see an attractive woman straining at her bindings while grinding her sex across the tiny pole trying to achieve her release. She strokes up and back, faster and harder, while tugging at the straps.

Pushing and straining she approaches orgasm again as sexual tension has all soldiers ready to riot. Suddenly the centurion commands, "Cut her down, we're not through with this female!" Janine has again been to the brink of orgasm with no release. Her fear is very pronounced but her desire for release is as strong, and increasing.

At the command of the centurion, the attendants immediately remove the sedile from between Janine's legs. She is still working her pussy against it and straining at the bindings when it is taken. The small group around her and the centurion pause for a moment to admire their work. They watch her naked form slithering on the crossbeams as her hands and feet work slowly and seductively against the restraints. Her hips push outward and rotate in a quest to find the pleasure that was present only seconds before. Janine opens her eyes and sees the centurion motion his hand and the attendants begin to cut the leather straps holding her to the wooden cross.

An attendant places his hand on her soaking pussy and informs the centurion, "The female is ready." As the attendants take her arms, the fear within her returns. Immediately her hands are bound behind her again. The anxiety of the unknown and the sensation of intimate arousal have her senses at their peak. The wetness between her legs and the firming of her nipples give away her arousal to the men watching. The entourage escorts her to a stone altar that is near the escalating rows of seating filled with Persian soldiers. The altar is relatively smooth and has been carved with a main area and two angled legs, which form an inverted V at the base.

As they approach, Janine can see that there are leather straps at each end of the main body and straps on each end of the legs. As she reaches the altar, she notices a stone pedestal rising from the ground between the angled legs. It rises six inches and its surface is angled back toward the main slab as though someone could brace against it. Nearing the altar, Janine's anxieties rise and she begins to resist the bindings, causing her breasts to heave outward and gently bounce. The guards grab her arms as an attendant cuts the straps binding her wrists and she is swiftly placed on the altar. The attendants roughly spread her arms and bind them from shoulder to wrist on the main slab. The angle of the altar legs causes her to spread her legs wide as her legs are secured from ankle to thigh. She is unable to move except for a limited motion in her shoulders, chest, and hips. The centurion instructs Janine to attempt to close her legs and she instinctively attempts to obey, but it is of no use.

A strong arousal grows in her as she helplessly strains against her bindings. The feeling of cold stone against her naked back, the bindings on her limbs, and the hot gazes of the soldiers on her open sex have Janine reeling with sensation. Excitement and fright combine as he realizes that the soldiers were becoming uncontrollable with drunken lust over her vulnerable body. She couldn't fathom what she was being forced to do, and was ashamed that the barbaric approval of the crowd had perversely aroused her. The sexual energy caused Janine's breathing to quicken and her breasts began to rise and fall most seductively. She was an intensely erotic sight as her helplessly spread hands and feet began to pull at the restraints while her naked body glistened in the midday sun.

The centurion standing between Janine's legs motioned, and two nude slave girls approached the altar. One of them begins to slowly lap at Janine's pussy. The other slave then mounts the altar and straddles the captive's face lowering her sex onto the mouth below. At first, Janine does not respond but the tremendous sensation inside her own pussy compels her to lick the slaves waiting sex. She tastes the juices as they pour forth from the hairless slit above her. Janine's efforts sucking the slave's vagina become more pronounced as once again she begins to feel the deep sensation of approaching orgasm build within her. The resulting spectacle witnessed by the crowd of soldiers is one they will never forget and their silence pays tribute to the helpless eroticism and desire that the captive is displaying. The three females begin to work at a feverish pace upon the altar for many minutes. Then, as Janine nears orgasm the centurion commands the attendants to remove the slave girls. Once again, she has been denied the release that she desperately seeks.

As the slave girls retreat Janine is writhing at her bindings as her sex pushes up and around seeking something, anything to fill the void. Her arms and legs tug at the straps as she undulates. The sensation of thorough arousal coupled with her fear is overwhelming. Janine is helpless under the sexual torture. She hears the centurion once again issue a command and suddenly two male slaves face her tethered form. They are nude and instinctively Janine looks towards their manhood. She is startled by the enormity of their hard cocks; each possesses prominent length with the thickness of a stallion. They have attractive faces but show no emotion. The metal bands around their large upper arms serve to show their overall power and virility. One of the slaves climbs onto the altar and straddles Janine's face as did the slave woman moments before. He is on his knees, balls resting on her tits, the head of his massive cock already touching her soft lips. She wonders if her mouth will be able to withstand his onslaught.

The other slave is rubbing the massive head of his member up and down on her bared pussy. She can sense the energy against her vagina as she can feel that his cock is diamond hard. A hot pleasurable feeling returns as she feels the restraints which bind her to the altar, allowing these two hard fuck poles to ravish her in any way and at any pace they choose.

The slave's cock taps against her mouth and the centurion commands her to open and perform, but she doesn't immediately comply. Then suddenly, the second massive cock plunges into her vagina with a fury that splits her pussy apart. The slave doesn't give her time to get used to his hard pole; he thrusts completely in upon penetration until she can feel the slave's pubis pressing against hers. Janine gasps and opens her mouth and immediately the other slave jams his instrument in. She begins to gag on the enormous tool but her throat opens slightly, allowing his violent in-out thrusts to develop a rhythm she finds nearly tolerable. Her awareness then switches to the slave fucking her cunt with long, occupying strokes. It takes longer than she has ever experienced for his cock to make a complete in-out penetration due to its mass and length. She senses the cock changing positions in her pussy and detects that the slave is mounting the pedestal positioned between her bound legs. Bracing himself, he fucks her so deep and fast that she feels she is being impaled while the restraints are functioning to keep her completely helpless.

The scene presented to the soldiers is much to their sexual liking. They remain awe-struck and silent before the show being provided. The two slaves fuck and fuck as Janine's body writhes in conjunction with her straining at the leather straps. The two slaves fuck her so hard that it seems their enormous cocks should touch somewhere in the middle of her body. Suddenly the penis in her mouth swells and erupts, spewing cum into her stretched mouth. The slave pumps so much seed into Janine her mouth overflows, and it runs down the sides of her face.

The slave penetrating her vagina is pounding away with his inhuman tool and Janine begins to meet his thrusts. The sexual sensation begins to build deep within her, growing more intense, while this masterpiece cock penetrates in and out, again and again. The enormous intruder enters completely then withdraws to where the head is barely in her slit then penetrates again completely. It is the most thorough fucking ever witnessed by the soldiers. The wave of energy inside Janine has built to the point of no return and she cums, gushing on the enormous fuck pole. Seconds later the slave fires his sperm into her with great force, the hot cum feeling molten and thick within her. He then withdraws immediately as Janine squirms in restraint upon the altar. The soldiers inspect her cum filled pussy as ounce after ounce of the slave's seed oozes out of her vagina, flowing over her ass and collecting on the altar. Janine had finally achieved release. She had also been wildly raped for the mere pleasure of the conquering soldiers. Helplessly bound to the altar, she could only wonder what these barbarians would subject her to next.

To Be Continued...

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