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Finally, she returned, my beautiful Mistress, Jamie, she who dominates my thoughts, she after whom I lust despite my willful, wanton, stupid behavior. My erection grew yet more, precum dripped, the head of my swollen cock glistened. I lay strapped down on Mistress Jamie's bench. Mistress said nothing. Her coldness radiated with fury. Ironic, isn't it, cold, yet radiating. Mistress has that talent. Inside her trim, compact body is a furnace.

"Why do I bother with you?" she asked rhetorically. The question was rhetorical because it didn't need an answer, nor did I deserve to answer it, but also because I couldn't answer. The ball gag prevented me from doing much more than moaning. My breathing thundered in my ears.

"You perpetually disappoint me, yet I don't turn you out. You reject my training, my caresses, my care, and attention. Why, indeed," she continued. "You reject me, yet I keep you," Mistress said with a tone that mixed indifference and disappointment.

My sight was as limited as my speech. I was blindfolded. I could hear the Mistress pacing, the click of her heels sounding in her chamber. I could feel her presence. She has that effect on me. I want her to want me, to discipline me, to make me her pet. I don't deserve her, but hope that she sees something of worth in me.

Pain! Mistress affixed rubber coated clamps to my nipples. The sensation was electric. The pinch and then the pull as she tugged the chain connecting the clamps upward, the chill from the cold steel chain as she dropped it on my chest, all sent an electric, erotic shiver through my core. She still cared enough for me, cared enough about me to subject me to her ministrations.

Slap! Mistress's struck me with her leather clad hand. "Was she wearing her opera gloves," I wondered? Her arms were lightly muscled, wonderfully defined, and hard like coiled steel. One hand grasped my throat and she began choking me. With her other hand Mistress slapped me again. "Bitch!" she screamed at me. "Stupid whore! You fucking loser!" Mistress yelled. Slap! The choking stopped. I could breathe again.

"Did I frighten you, little one? Did Mistress frighten her little bear?" she asked. Mistress caressed my stinging cheek. My hard breathing slowed down. My erection continued raging.

Undoing the ball gag, Mistress put the spiked heel of her boot over my mouth. "Suck it" she commanded. "Lick it like the cock you want to suck, love it like the cock you love in your mouth, worship it as you worship my cock," she ordered. Mistress laughed mockingly at me as I worshipped her boot heel. "Now do the other" she said. I obeyed.

Dim light flooded my eyes as Mistress removed the blindfold. She was an image of beauty, power, and wisdom. Mistress Jamie, she who must be worshipped, stood behind and above me. I gazed longingly at the "V" where her legs joined her body. Mistress's waxed pussy was covered by snug-fitting, soft, red-leather booty shorts. Matching, red, thigh-high boots flowed down her shapely legs, terminating in three-inch spiked heels. Around her torso was a black, leather waist cincher. A red leather demi bra showcased her beautiful breasts. Buttery-soft, black leather opera gloves completed her ensemble.

Without speaking a word to me, not that I am worthy of it in the first place, Mistress sat on my face and smothered me with her lovely, firm ass. The smell of her perfume mixing with the aroma of leather was heady. I tried breathing, but couldn't. I had nearly passed out when she stood, reversed herself, and towered above me. What a visage of beauty and power. Hovering just above my face, Mistress slid her shorts to the side and revealed her shining, damp pussy. I wanted to badly to lick it and pleasure her. Mistress Jamie's pussy was a beauty to behold and taste, but she denied me this pleasure. Instead, Mistress dipped her right index inside her glistening cunt and slowly finger fucked herself. "Please," I thought, "let me taste you," but daren't speak. Sliding her finger out, Mistress licked it clean and then allowed me to lick her finger. It was followed by a slap. "You don't deserve me," she said.

I finally did awake. I shut Mistress Jamie out of my life last year. I was undeserving then and am still undeserving. I hope she'll forgive me and make me her pet once more. I want to worship her and taste her and please her.

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