tagGroup SexReturn of Mrs. Aiyer Ch. 03

Return of Mrs. Aiyer Ch. 03


I was enjoying my time with Mrs. Aiyer. In the week that she had been in Delhi we met thrice & had a wonderful time. We were also doing the job designated & every time that we met we went to see couple of houses. We finally short listed three houses in Rajori Garden. Mrs. Aiyer sister was to see them & we fixed Saturday for finalizing the house.

On Friday I received call from her saying that her sister has taken the day off the next day & I should pick them in morning so that her sister can see the houses & finalize one of them. Next day I went to the transit guesthouse of the Bank & found Mrs. Aiyer & her Sister waiting form me at the gate.

I looked at Mrs. Aiyer’s sister. Mrs. Aiyer had told me that she is thirty-nine, but she appeared mush younger; sharp facial features with brown eyes, a sharp pointed nose and big lips. Her black hairs were going below her shoulder. She had a good height, almost reaching to 5’7’’. She was wearing a sky blue sari with a sleeveless blouse that showed off her shapely arms. The sari was worn just below the navel. Her boobs were fully developed. Her fleshy hips below her waist were also well projected as her sari was tied tightly around the ass enough to make her look even sexier. Mrs. Aiyer introduced us & both of them joined me in car.

We went to the selected houses, on way we chatted & our conversation was mostly centered on Delhi weather & traffic. Sudha (Mrs. Aiyer sister) selected one of the houses & thereafter we had a long conversation with the landlord. The rent was agreed & we paid a token advance with promise to come back next day so that agreement & other papers are processed.

Sudha was very happy as she wanted a house in a peaceful locality & she had got it. It was almost 1:00 & none of us taken our lunch. We decided to go to Mac Donald for a quick bite of burger before heading back. While we were eating Mrs. Aiyer said that she had never seen Taj Mahal & in this trip she would like to visit. I volunteered to be her escort, as I knew I would have more time to spend with her. I was mentally making plans of the time that I was going to spend with Mrs. Aiyer that Sudha announced that she too would join us.

Mrs. Aiyer & Sudha were traveling back coming Saturday & during week Sudha had no leave. She suggested that we should go the following day, which happened to be a Sunday.

Mrs. Aiyer was worried about Delhi fog as she was reading in newspaper every day. She asked me “if will I be able to drive early in morning with the poor visibility”. I too had my doubts so I suggested that we drive down now & stay over night in Agra & return by Sunday evening. It was agreed but the only problem was of lease agreement signing which was to be done on Sunday. I immediately called the property agent & asked him to postpone the same to Monday. He readily agreed. With all matters solved we went to Bank’s transit guesthouse & both of them packed a small bag for the journey.

Now it was my turn to get my set of clothes. Fortunately for me my wife was out of town but the problem was that in my neighborhood ever body knew Mrs. Aiyer & taking her in my car to my house was dangerous. I decided that I would buy one pair of undergarments on way & will survive on the set of clothes that I was wearing.

We started our journey from Delhi at around 2:30 in the evening & crossed Mathura at about 4:30 Pm. I was feeling tired after whole day of driving so we decided to stop at one of the restaurant just outside Mathura for tea & snacks.

The restaurant was under renovation so the motel was using the Bar as restaurant also. We all were feeling cold specially Sudha (it was her first time in Delhi). They wanted tea but I pressed upon them to take bacardi. My logic was that it would give them some relief from the chilling winter. Mrs. Aiyer agreed but it was difficult task for us to persuade Sudha. Finally Mrs. Aiyer prevailed on Sudha. I got two large bacardi with coke for them & whisky for myself. Sudha all the time was worried about taste as she had a feeling that liquor is sour.

The waiter placed our order on table & we started with our drinks. Sudha was surprised that this liquor was not sour but was sweet. Mrs. Aiyer was sitting next to me on sofa & Sudha opposite to us. While we were having drinks, Mrs. Aiyer body heat aroused me & I start taking advantage by touching her hand from under the table and seeing no protest or reaction from her, I slowly begin to gently squeeze her thighs. After a few minutes, She shifted a little on her seat so that I could touch her better. She was already really very aroused by then.

I then got hold of her hand & placed it on the front of my trouser & she begins to caress it slowly & move her hand up & down, enjoying it. At this point, I saw Sudha was smiling. I was nervous but as no protest was coming from Mrs. Aiyer I continued enjoying her touch.

I ordered for my second drink but they settled with the one they were having. After finishing our drinks I paid the bill & we proceeded towards Agra. By this time bacardi was showing effect on Sudha & Mrs. Aiyer & they both were happy that it was giving them strength to fight the cold. I called up Mugal Sheraton & booked two rooms for us.

On our way to hotel I bought a bottle of bacardi. The rooms provided to us were interconnected. It was almost 6:30 by the time we settled in the rooms. The effect of bacardi was no more on the two ladies. I offered them to have another drink to which they agreed without any problems.

I ran into my room and came back with bacardi bottle and three glasses. I found Sudha sitting on bed with Mrs. Aiyer nowhere in site. As I looked at Sudha she knew my question & said “in bathroom”. The room had a twin seat sofa & I settled on it placing glass & bacardi bottle on the table in front. Sudha bent to pick up the TV remote, as she leaned I had a clear view of the deep cleavage in between. I averted my eyes and poured drinks for each of us. After couple of minutes Mrs. Aiyer emerged from bathroom, she wore a white nighty, which was too tight for her. She was not wearing a bra as her nipples were clearly standing out. Seeing Mrs. Aiyer I developed a hard on immediately!

As Mrs. Aiyer came in, Sudha picked up her clothes & moved in bathroom for a change. I had the chance and as soon Sudha closed the door I got up & pulled Mrs. Aiyer & hugged her very tightly and kissed her full on her lips, pressing her boobs within my palms She never resisted. She only went on uttering some broken words in ecstasy “………ooooofffoooohhhhhh…….uuummmmhhh.. .. iiiiissssshhhhhhhh…… ….uuuuffffff … aaaahhhhh……….uuuuuffff………. …….uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh…….. uummmmmhhhhhaaaaa……..” and so on. I continued slowly caressed her boobs.

I pressed and rubbed her boobs from over her nighty, the nipples on the tips of her fleshy boobs had grown hard and pointed. Continuing my rubbing of her boobs I said “I was madly looking for such moments & could had a repeat of our first encounter but today Sudha is problem”.

Mrs. Aiyer said ""Don't worry,” “we are more than just sisters Naveen."

"Really," I laughed, as bulge in my trousers was more prominent now.

Mrs. Aiyer caressing my cock said, When I went back to Hyderabad, I missed you a lot. Almost same time Sudha was transferred to Hyderabad & she started staying with us. She too had been missing sex after her husband death. The circumstances brought us together & since then we both take care of each others needs.”

I was surprised & said, “ Do Sudha knows relationship between two of us”

Mrs. Aiyer said” YES” “we have a very close relationship now, we talk about anything and everything, including my tales with you”. “I have told her about your talented tongue & she always love to hear about it”.

“Have you kissed her pussy” ? I asked

“NO” ”Our enjoyment is confined to kissing, fondling with boobs & fingering each other”.

I said “You have been very mean to your sister” “Why you have denied her the pleasure till now”

Mrs. Aiyer smiled & said, “You can give her that”

“I would love but will she agree”? I said

"You've had a threesome before?" Mrs. Aiyer countered,

"Yes. It's been a while."

"Would you like another?" Mrs. Aiyer quizzed.

"That is completely up to you" I responded.

Smilingly she asked, "Will you be able to handle?"

I had Viagara tablet in my pocket, which I showed her & said, “I have some support”.

Mrs. Aiyer said, “OK”, “I will try to put you two together may be both of you can get want you want”.

I was too happy to hear those encouraging words. I had taken her both the boobs in my hands and was busy in fondling and pressing her protruding boobs arrested in the nighty, as our tounger fought each other. As she heard door opening sound she pushed me away & started combing her hairs.

I moved back to the sofa & Sudha came back. Mrs. Aiyer joined me on sofa. Sudha was wearing a skintight black slacks and a tight bright orange top. Her top was more revealing than concealing. There were deep low cuts on the back as well as front. They'd both were blessed with large set of boobs, but Sudha boobs were even bigger then Mrs. Aiyer. Sudha looked very inviting and sexy, all the curves & contours of her body were clearly visible. I must admit that she was maintaining her body very well. My eyes were fixed on her. Mrs. Aiyer broke my attention by almost shaking me by shoulders & whispered in my ear “You seem to have developed very strong liking for my sister.”

”Yes” “are you angry for that.” I whispered.

“No” she said smiling erotically.

Sudha looked at us mischievously & took her seat on the bed. I offered them drinks and toasted to new friendships and adventures, giving Mrs. Aiyer a little wink. Sudha didn't notice but she blushed a little in response & the evening progressed well. Soon the effect of the alcohol combined with the warm room temperature had us all fully relaxed. I extended my left leg so it was touching Mrs. Aiyer’s thigh, while Mrs. Aiyer had stretched her right hand behind my head & was messaging my hair gently. I asked if they were felling hungry. Sudha quickly said “yes” and we decided to order some snacks. The order came in about thirty minutes & by that time we had finished two drinks each.

Sudha was flicking through channels on the TV & selected MTV. We were on our third drink & were all feeling its effect. I could feel that both of them were a little tipsy, not drunk but enough to allow themselves to be happy and enjoy the moment. Music was having its effect on me too & I asked Mrs. Aiyer to dance with me. She refused & asked me to dance with Sudha. I asked Sudha & she got up from bed & we started dancing. Initially we were away from each other, but somewhere in the middle of the song she came in close to me. With trembling hands I circled here waist. She smelt really nice and looked at me with a sexy smile on her lips. Slowly we got closer to each other and my cock was hard. Her shapely boobs were peeping out of her deep low cut top. The neck of her sexy looking top was very widely cut & her boobs were looking as if they were struggling to come out jumping of her sexy top. As we were dancing, Mrs. Aiyer got up & reached for the light switches and put out all the lights in the room, except for a mild light from a lamp near the door, we were in almost full darkness.

I paid my attention to Mrs. Aiyer, she was just looking at us, sipping her drink.

"Come , let's dance together." I said to Mrs. Aiyer.

She gulped her drink & joined us. Seeing Mrs. Aiyer coming Sudha moved back & picked her drink & gulped in one shot. Mrs. Aiyer got in front of me and started rubbing into my rapidly hardening manhood. I placed my hand on her hips and pulled her into me as my right hand moved over her boobs. I ran my fingertips slowly around her nipples and pinched it hard. She moaned but it was barely audible over the music, but it was obvious she was enjoying it. Sudha came back & joined us & was behind Mrs. Aiyer & as my hand was on Mrs. Aiyer hips it brushed with Sudha’s crotch, I looked at her but she pretended to ignore me, but continued to rub her crotch over my hand. I kept on pinching Mrs. Aiyer's boobs, as my left hand was now pleasuring Sudha.

I'm need to use washroom," Mrs. Aiyer said, "you two keep on dancing."

So there we were. Left all alone together.

Mrs. Aiyer got up & silently went in to bathroom leaving us alone in room.

I looked straight into her eyes, she tried to step back a little. I knew it was now or never. I held her firmly from waist by my left hand & holding her hairs by my right hand gently forces her head back so that she was looking into my eyes. I looked down at her for a moment, then leaned forward and kissed her.

"NAVEEN! What are you doing?" she whispers.

I didn’t answer, pulling her closer; again I lustfully kiss her on the mouth.

Mrs. Aiyer walked into the room and Sudha jerked herself away from me. She looked at Mrs. Aiyer who had obviously seen what was going on. Sudha smiled sheepishly at Mrs. Aiyer. Mrs. Aiyer hugged Sudha and started feeling her and soon she was tongue-kissing Sudha. Sudha was whimpering with passion.

‘Naveen,’ Mrs. Aiyer said. ‘I want you to love my sister the way you love me”

Mrs. Aiyer reached over & stripped me of my shirt, unbuckled my belt she pulled down my pants and began to rub my cock through my undies. Grabbing the undies she slipped them down too and finally my dick sprang free. Wrapping her fingers around my cock she began to pull softly but firmly on it. Her touch was idyllic. She lowered her head towards me. I saw stars as she held the shaft and wrapped her lips around the tip, slowly lowering her mouth over it and lubricating it with her warm saliva. “Mmmm” she moaned as she lowered her lips and mouth right down over me and the vibrations reverberated right through my dick and rest of my body. Sudha had a surprise look in her eyes & she started looking towards TV. Mrs. Aiyer got up & turning to Sudha pushed her towards me & placed her hand on my cock.

Sudha appeared to be as nervous Sudha said. ‘I just don't know if I should do it!’

Mrs. Aiyer reached over & pulled Sudha’s top. She resisted but Mrs. Aiyer forcefully slide it over her head. At the same time, I reached down to undo her slacks & I slowly pushed them down over Sudha’s shapely hips.

Mrs. Aiyer kissed Sudha on lips & said, “I don’t want you do anything that you don’t want”. “It was your idea”. “He knows how to pleasure a woman and since you are my sister I want you to experience his expertise”. Saying this Mrs. Aiyer got up, picked her glass & moved to other room closing the door behind.

Sudha picked up the pillow & hiding behind it she sat on bed.

I moved to bed & gently parted her thighs. Positioning between her legs I pulled the pillow from her & leaning over taking her right nipple into my mouth. I sucked hard keeping her nipple in my mouth. I could feel it stretch and I bit down gently with my teeth and continued to pull.

NO, NAVEEN, NO......PLEASE don't ....... Noooooooooooooooooo....." & she tried to push me back

Resisting her push I moved to her left boobs & sucked again squeezing it between my teeth. I pulled up and she moaned. At the same time I grabbed the other boob in my right hand and massaged it working this nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

"NAVEEN, I DON'T want to do this." Sudha almost whispered. Her protest was not as strong as earlier.

I move my right hand down to her pussy & my finger slides between her lips and very gently massages it. Moan escapes Sudha’s lips.



As her body tensed I slide another finger up into her.

"Oooohhhhhhhhhh .................. Please don't ............... Naveen, please ......... please…………..."

From her resistance I knew she liked it now. I slowly slide my finger in and out...in and out....in and out...., She spread her legs wider and her hips rotate forward and backward in rhythm with my finger.

"Oooooooohhhhhhhh ........"

I knew I had her, as she lay there panting, I pulled her up & our lips melted together as if they were becoming one. I wanted to slide my tongue in her mouth, first she resisted but then she parted her lips and allowed my tongue deep inside her. I licked her mouth, she didn’t kiss back but she was not stopping me either. As I was sucking and licking inside her mouth our tongue met, & then she licked my tongue back & we started to deeply kiss each other.

Sudha was moanig loudly & her legs were moving, I broke the kiss and looked down to see that Mrs. Aiyer was now finger fucking Sudha. As she continued to finger fuck Sudha, Mrs. Aiyer moved up & biting by ear lobe whispered in my ear, “Enjoy her darling, give her the same pleasure that you given me”.

Not the one to miss I pushed Sudha on her back & I looked at her closely, she was looking very pretty. Her boobs were excellently shaped with large light black nipples. Her nipples were hard and pointing towards the ceiling. She had clean shaved pussy, it was a sight to watch.

I let my tongue touch her ear & traced her ear with my tongue. Sudha moaned softly. I gently sucked her ear lob into my mouth. I toyed with it with my tongue. I then began tracing her long beautiful neck with my tongue. I dragged my tongue down her neck to her shoulder. She rolled her head over so that I could drag my tongue up the other side of her neck. As I caress her ears and neck with my tongue, she was grinding herself against me really hard.

I slowly moved to her boobs & licked and sucked them…she closed her eyes and was moaning. I sucked her for nearly 20 minutes & she yelled and moaned. As I was pleasuring Sudha boobs Mrs. Aiyer was fingering her. I asked Mrs. Aiyer to move out (I wanted to give her 100% pleasure & Mrs. Aiyer fingering will bring her to climax fast).

Mrs. Aiyer would not know what was in my mind & she was angry, I could see that from her face. Leaving Sudha I pulled Mrs. Aiyer to Sudha side & moved my lips to her boobs.

As I was now busy treating Mrs. Aiyer Boobs I looked up from corners of my eye to find their tongues dancing together.

Leaving Mrs. Aiyer I moved down & knelt in front of Sudha. My tongue was trembling for the contact with her pussy. I lifted her legs & kissed her outer lips, She moaned “….uuufffff.. ..aaaahhhhh… … …yyyooouuuuu ….” and closed her eyes in excitement.

Trickle of juice was oozing out from her pussy. I dipped my head and licked the juice. She almost cried OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH & pushed her pussy against my face. I circled it with my lips and gently sucked, keeping my tongue still.

"Yes, oh yesssssssssssssssss” She moaned loudly

Her hands grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her. The flow of her juices was getting thicker and trickling down her arse cheeks and on to the bed. I continued with the action while Sudha's legs moved more strongly. I plunged my tongue deep inside her hot, sweet cunt. I pressed my lips to her so I could get my tongue as deep as possible inside her delicious tunnel, then I slowly fucked her with my tongue, drawing it in and out of her as I drank in her flowing pussy juice.

A minute of this and her pussy and her legs were thrashing about above me and she was now calling on me to suck on her hard. My body jerked as I felt soft lips pulling at my cock. I looked down & found Mrs. Aiyer had positioned herself on her back, her neck below Sudha’s legs and face between my legs. She was now pulling my balls into her mouth. The sensation was unbelievable and I swirled my tongue inside Sudha pussy, licking up her juices. I licked at her furiously while she humped on my face. I slipped a finger inside her and stroking her g-spot brought her to her long awaited climax. She screamed in delight as she clamped her thighs around my head and bucked hard against my face, and then she relaxed on the bed.

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