tagCelebrities & Fan FictionReturn of the Kryptonians Pt. 01

Return of the Kryptonians Pt. 01


Superman lay in the healing pools of Themyscira's Temple to Hera. The Amazons hated when Diana brought one of her male colleagues to Paradise Island, but he had absorbed a massive amount of kryptonite radiation in their battle against Brainiac. With no time to get him all the way up to the Fortress of Solitude, he had to be brought here. The restorative magics of the Amazons would heal him. Thankfully, even without Superman, the rest of the Justice League had been able to defeat the alien supercomputer.

Clark leaned back in the milky white pool, the minerals seeping into his pores, infusing his body with magic and driving out the harmful effects of the alien radiation. As he lay there, he thought about how different the effects of the healing pool were from the solar chamber in the Fortress. It was as though it spoke to him, reassuring him. He was as vulnerable to magic as anyone, and he was always overwhelmed by its strength. The massive kryptonite ray had affected him more than he wanted to let on. The damage wasn't just physical; it had done something to his mind. He felt like thoughts had been downloaded directly into his brain, information that he couldn't help but know was inherently, unwaveringly correct.

He was a Kryptonian, one of the most evolutionarily advanced races in the entire galaxy. His species absorbed and processed radiation differently than any other. The radiation given off by fragments of his destroyed home planet, while lethal to humans after prolonged exposure, would kill him in a matter of minutes. The radiation from Earth's yellow sun strengthened him, expanding his powers and abilities until he was very nearly the most powerful being in the whole universe. He had been exposed to it since he was a infant, so unlike the occasional kryptonian survivor like his cousin Kara, his body actually functioned as a battery. He absorbed and stored solar energy, allowing him to access levels of power unmatched by any other being.

Yes, he was a Kryptonian, and as he lay in the magical bath, the new information swirling in his mind gave him new perspective. His biology was already incredibly advanced. He was (besides Kara) the last survivor of his planet. But did he have to be? His understanding expanded. His DNA was so strong, so pure, that if he mated with a non-Kryptonian and impregnated her, the baby would be Kryptonian.

It was something he had always understood on some level. It was why he and his wife Lois were so careful; there was no way her body could carry a Kryptonian baby. Or could it? He considered this new revelation. Of course it could! He didn't develop his powers for years, even under the direct influence of sunlight. A Kryptonian baby would thrive inside a non-Kryptonian host! He thought long and hard. He didn't have to be alone. He could bring about a new generation of Kryptonians!

But ... how? Lois was one woman. She couldn't carry an entire race, not in her limited human lifetime. No, if he were to do this, he would need more than just one mother. He would need as many as he could find. He would need every woman he knew to be impregnated by Kryptonian DNA. It seemed impossible.

Clark started to rise from the mineral bath, the magic waters dripping from his massive, powerful frame over his chest and down his thighs, his thick cock hardening ever so slowly. Why was it impossible? He was the strongest, most powerful man on earth. In the galaxy! His father had sent him to Earth to absorb the power of its sun and rule over its native people! It was his adopted parents that had raised him to serve mankind, and he had done so his entire life; but did serving and protecting mankind mean that he was not to rule them? He exhaled, feeling the power surging through him. The women of earth would bear a new Kryptonian race.

More and more information flooded his consciousness. Any woman impregnated by a Kryptonian would give herelf over to the father of the child. It was instinct; it was simply part of what it meant to BE Kryptonian. There would be no cycles, no period of decreased fertility when mating with a Kryptonian., It was impossible. The body of any woman he chose to breed with would biologically respond to him by bypassing her natural cycle and relenting, responding with the full force of her body's natural instinct to breed.

He climbed out of the pool, dripping wet but completely charged with purpose. He had to begin at once; he couldn't wait. He reached for his blue and red costume, pulling it up and over his body, his hard, throbbing cock straining against the alien fabric. He already knew where he would begin, and it wasn't far. She would be here on the island, having brought him here herself. It was time for Diana to achieve her greatest purpose.


A small chime emerged from deep within the crystalline supercomputers of the Fortress of Solitude. When the Eradicator had attempted to rebuild Krypton by destroying the Earth, Superman mistakenly thought him destroyed but he had secured himself deep within the Fortress's mainframe. From here he monitored Kal-El's bio-signatures, keeping track of his charge in hopes that one day he would admit that his love for humanity was misplaced! That his true purpose was to bring back his homeworld.

He detected the alien gene-virus as soon as it infected Kal-El within the alien despot Brainiac's ship. It was similar to one of Kryptonian origin, but it was something slightly different. Who knew what its effect would be... especially when Kal willingly submerged himself into a pool of the unknown energy the humans called 'magic'. The Eradicator watched as Kal's body changed, his reproductive drive expanding exponentially. Kryptonians obviously had advanced reproductive biology, but it seemed as though Clark was suddenly in the throes of something akin to a breeding frenzy...

The hidden Kryptonian subroutine chimed in something akin to delight. The son of Jor-El could do it. He could re-create the Kryptonian race by breeding with practically any other species. Only his misguided love of the humans had prevented him. If he was suddenly lost to his own mating drive then there was no telling how many new Kryptonian offspring he might have. The women he bred would be utterly devoted to him and to his children. This could actually be it. This could be the return of Krypton!


Diana lay in her bedchambers in the palace of Themyscira. She had once been banished when she had chosen to leave to enter man's world, but had since earned the right to return to her people. She was their princess, after all, and while she would rather take her quarters below with the other Amazonian soldiers, they insisted that she roomed within the palace with her mother. She had changed from her armor, the costume of the hero the people of man's world called Wonder Woman, and instead wore a white grecian dress with gold clasps, her long curly black hair done up simply as she read. Her times back on her island home were rare, she was needed alongside the Justice League, and in the Themysciran embassy where she served as her people's ambassador to man's world. She cherished these moments, even if they only came during emergencies, like Clark's injury.

She sighed, leaning her head back into her pillow. Clark. She considered herself a worldly woman, having traveled everywhere both as a warrior and as an ambassador of peace. She had her share of small romances, notably with her poor departed Steve Trevor, as well as with a few of her Amazon sisters when she had been growing up here. She did not consider herself incomplete without a mate. She was strong, and powerful. Happy. Yet, sometimes, there were men that seemed even to her to be out of reach, and that vexed her. Bruce, of course... he had no powers, but he was brilliant and mysterious, and while he might be a little crazy he was also the greatest tactician she had ever met, and as a woman trained from the moment she was formed from clay in the art of battle, that aroused her in ways that were completely foreign to her. However, Bruce had been horribly hurt by the deaths of his parents, and he had never really recovered. In many ways, he really was still a 10 year old, raging at the universe for not fitting into his narrow understanding of right and wrong. He was exciting and dangerous, but he would never be a viable mate.

Clark. Clark's powers were innate. They were a part of him, like his ability to breathe. He was one of the only people more powerful even than her. Yet with all his strength, he was a gentle man, with a gentle spirit, and a gentle heart. He listened. He loved. He was alive with compassion, and this spoke to every part of her, not just the parts that thrived on danger. It awakened something in her that longed to be part of something larger than herself. Of course, it was never going to be with Clark. He was devoted to Lois, and that was best for everyone. She represented something vital for him, his love for Lois was his love for all of humanity. Diana could never represent the world for him the way Lois could. He would forever be just out of reach.

There was a single knock in the massive double doors at the end of her wide chamber. She stood, the breeze tugging softly at her dress. Her chambers were open to the island air, a wide circular pavilion lined with marble pillars looking out over the beautiful city. The lounge chair where she was in the center of the pavilion. She walked toward the door, and grabbed the wide ring in the middle, pulling it open. Standing before her was the man she had just been considering. Clark's hair was still wet, and he seemed as though he was breathing just slightly heavier than usual, but still, there was no mistaking him. His broad, powerful form radiated strength so effortlessly. She took a small breath herself, containing her body's visceral reaction to him, before smiling warmly at him. "Clark, I'm surprised to see you so soon! Please, come in!" She said, stepping back, allowing him entry.

He stepped in, his eyes not leaving hers, his hand closing around the edge of the door, and with no effort at all his pushed the massive stone object back into place. The way he looked at her gave her pause... she'd never seen him like this before.

"Clark? Are you alright?"

He didn't respond, not at first. He reached out, took her hand and began to cross the room, heading toward the lounge sitting in the middle of the pavilion.

"Clark? What are you doing?" She said, the muscles in her arms starting to tighten. She resisted, if only for a moment... there weren't many moments when she found it necessary to test her strength against his, but they did come on occasion and she was always overwhelmed by the amount of power he could summon. If he was ever truly challenged, he had the strength in him to do practically anything. She'd seen him adjust the orbits of planets. Still, he didn't exert that much force all the time. He usually carried himself more as a very strong, mortal man... but that wasn't what was happening now. Her efforts to pull herself back from him were completely ineffective. It was like pulling against gravity. He was taking her into the room, to the lounge, and even all the strength granted to her by the goddesses could do nothing to even slow him down.

"Clark, please, are you well? You're frightening me..."

He led her right to the lounge, and looked into her eyes again, and for a moment, she felt something flutter inside her. He wasn't angry, wasn't threatening... more than anything, he looked hungry. Her free hand rose to her exposed collarbone, suddenly very aware of just how very little she was wearing.. The diaphanous fabric of her dress fluttering in the breeze flowing through her chambers. She felt her chest rising and falling under his gaze, her body responding to him. There had never been a time, not in her long life, when someone looked at her in that way, and she felt vulnerable. It was scary, it was exciting... it throbbed deep within her.

He reached up, and took her by her naked shoulders, moving her before him, lowering her to the lounge. She looked up at him, at his broadness, at his strength, at his towering awesome presence. He hadn't said a word, but she knew what he wanted, and she knew she was desperate to give it to him. Still a lingering doubt...

"What... about Lois..." she said softly, her hands resting at her sides at she looked up at him.

He exhaled, his hands going to the top of his belt, pushing his costume down, and then straightening, his newly exposed cock rigid and firm, pointing up at her, making her tremble. She had been with men, of course, but they had almost always been human. Clark's cock was something different. It was thick, powerfully thick, impossibly thick, tapering to a narrower base, but swelling so widely she had to wonder how a human woman like Lois could ever have it inside her. She couldn't guess at it's length, but it was nearly the length of her forearm. The color was just slightly darker than his white skin, as though the blood pumping through its dilated vasculature raged beneath the muscle. It stood upward, curving slightly higher, making her think of the obelisks the Amazons prayed to. Her mouth opened softly, in awe...

"She will understand." He said simply, standing with his hands at his sides, letting the might of his cock overwhelm her. She nodded softly, and reached up, touching the underside of his cock with the fingertips of both hands, kissing his thick, swollen, beautiful head. He was glorious, a gift to the planet, to humanity...

But right now, he was a gift for her and her alone.

His hands came forward, taking hold of the fabric of her grecian dress, and yanked with only the barest effort, stripping away her clothes, leaving her completely bare to him. He could see her nakedness even when she was clothed, she knew, but he had always chosen to give the people around him their dignity. This was not about seeing her naked, she thought as he laid her back across the lounge, his hands finding her breasts, sending sheer delight through her as the pads of his fingers found her nipples. This was about him claiming her. She knew she had always been his for the taking. The one man on all the planet who seemed uninteresting in exerting himself in ownership over her was finally doing just that, and she was ready, eager, alive with want for him...

Her legs parted, her knees coming up to her sides as he leaned over her, his powerful Kryptonian cock aiming at her soft, tremblingly ready womanhood. She felt him pressing the head against her, and drew a deep breath to hold, knowing what was about to come. He worked himself into her, finding her... and then with a single push, his entire cock was inside her. She groaned, having never felt so completely overwhelmed in her life, her arms wrapping around him, her legs clutching eagerly, wanting to draw him deeper, to feel the majesty of him inside her.

"Great Hera..." she muttered as he held himself deep inside, harder and thicker and unwavering, the raw power of him threatening to overwhelm her.

"I am going to give you a baby, Diana." he said simply, filling her.

She exhaled a shuddering breath at the idea. Could it be done? The Amazons didn't have children, but they also didn't age, and she had grown from childhood to adulthood. Slowly, she felt herself nodding, eager for him to pour himself into her. "Yes... yes Clark... any... anything you want..."

He lifted himself ever so slightly, her arms sliding from around his neck to leave her hands resting on his powerful chest. He still wore the top of his costume, the cape draped over them from behind, the S-symbol raised from the fabric under her fingers. His family crest, she thought. Kryptonian for 'hope'. He would make more of his family inside her womb. Her body would become a vessel to grow the House of El. She shuddered as his cock withdrew slowly, the thickening of his shaft working at her strained opening... She looked up at him, tears trickling from her eyes...

And he began to fuck her.

Her world spiraled out of control. Her mind, her body, her heart, it all coalesced into a vortex where there was nothing but him, and his cock. She felt her entire being centering on him, belonging to him, and she knew in ways foreign to her that her body was making itself ready for him, and for his seed. She would be pregnant. She would carry the heir to Krypton. She would bring about the return of his people, and she would do everything in her power to see to it that he could continue making more children.

It went on and on, her body a tribute to him, a prayer, an offering of devotion. She orgasmed over and over, cresting again and again until the pleasure took on its own meaning. She had seen gods and goddesses, but she had never truly seen Clark. He was the center of her world, and she knew she was devoted forever...

She had no idea how long he claimed her, and didn't care. It was darker in her chamber, but it hardly mattered. Nothing mattered, save the feeling of his cock and the way it plunged into her and made her soar. Suddenly, in what felt like the culmination of her whole life, he thrust himself deep in her and gave a small throaty growl. She felt him throb inside her... and then...

It was forceful. It erupted with a violence and volume that staggered her, and she was super human. She felt it swelling and swelling inside her, finding depths of her never touched; secret, needful places that came to life as his alien semen flooded her body. She knew not how, but she could feel the egg released by her body absorbing his sperm, taking root in her uterus. She knew she was pregnant with his child.

He held himself inside her, watching her gasp for breath and shiver. He withdrew slowly and stood, towering over her, his cock still twitching and making tiny little spurts, his cum arcing over her body to leave long trails along her naked skin. She squirmed, feeling everything he had done to her. He watched her for a long time, smiling softly.

"I will need to take the rest of your sisters, Diana." he said softly, pulling his costume up again.

She gasped softly, her body overwhelmed. The waves crashed on the shore of the island far below, and island filled with immortal warriors, warriors that remembered their own imprisonment at the hands of Hercules. They had never submitted, not for millennia.

But they had never known a man like Clark.

She closed her eyes. "You should begin with my mother."


Diana ducked behind her shield, deflecting the arrows fired at her. She twirled, her sword arm extended as she leapt through the air, slicing the bow wielded by her sister. Artemis hurled the shattered weapon as she threw herself out of the way, landing on one knee, her dual blades already drawn, her long red ponytail trailing away from her. Diana used the moment to turn her attention to Nubia who roared as she charged her little sister, spear brandished lethally... Diana turned herself with a speed far beyond human, catching the speartip against the flat of her blade, knocking it aside to step inside Nubia's reach, driving her knee against the dark-skinned Amazon's breastplate, forcing her back, just within the range of Diana's swinging shield strike forcing her to give ground just in time for Diana to parry Artemis's flying double-bladed attack.

She had held off most of her sisters, leaving only the two greatest warriors on the island. Behind her, on Themyscira's royal throne, she could see Clark sitting proudly, gripping her mother's naked hips as she sat astride him, looking out at the battle, His cock sliding up inside the Queen's agelessly beautiful body.

Hypolita had of course resisted. When he entered her throne room he violated every law of the Amazons. Men were forbidden to set foot on the island, he was only here as an allowance to the Island's princess. This, though, was a sacred place. She had ordered him out at once, but he was far too powerful for even her elite guard. Within moments they were cast aside, and he had her mother, regal and beautiful, in his arms. She had taken lovers in her long life, but had not been with a man since Hercules. Soon, however, even she was unable to withstand his might. She was stripped of her regal gown, and sucked his magnificent cock on her knees as he sat on her throne. Then she climbed onto his body for him to enter her, and to claim her. Diana could see the abandon in her eyes. She was Queen in name only now, she and everything she had was his.

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