Return of The Vile Gamer Ch. 2


The two men stood staring at each other a moment, Chuck panting with his anger and exertion, then his eyes landed on the butt of the gun on Eric's hip. I hadn't even noticed it yet. Before Eric could react, Chuck seized the revolver from Eric's holster and in a flash had it pointed at my head.

"Chuck!! NO!! What the fuck are you DOING??" Eric sounded frightened now. I, however, was beyond frightened. If you've never had a gun pointed at you, there's no way to understand the pure horror...the sick awareness that you're only one jerk of a finger away from death.

Ignoring Eric's frantic protests, Chuck began speaking to me in a low, deceptively soft voice which did nothing to conceal the menace.

"Did you know Eric here is a real cop? Did you know that Heather?...Oh, of course not. How could you know that? Well he is. One of New York's Finest...aren't you Eric?"

I felt some surprise at the information. When Eric was revealed to be Chuck's friend and rape-partner, I'd assumed the cop outfit was fake..all part of my surprise. So Chuck had made friends with a real cop with a rape fantasy over the internet, and had used his considerable writing skills to tell him all about me, his real life victim, then in a burst of friendship and generosity invited him along on his next adventure with me. What a guy. It was all very interesting, but at the moment I had much more to worry about.

"Shut up Chuck!" By Eric's uncomfortable reaction to Chuck's revelation, it appeared to be true.

"Oh don't worry! She's not gonna tell anybody...are you little Heather?"

Fearing he planned to silence me forever as it was, I shook my head slightly...terrified of making a wrong move.

"Anyway...that means this is a real gun...believe me?" I nodded yes, crying harder.

"Tell me why I shouldn't I blow you to Hell right now you cunt!"

He seemed to want an answer, so I attempted to speak, but my words were barely audible in my extreme fright.

"I'm...I...I'm s-s-sorry...Ohgod...oh please..." was about all I could manage.

"Oh...are you now?"


"Not as sorry as you're going to be, slut"

Eric was wide-eyed and fidgeting uncomfortably during this exchange. This was obviously not going the way he'd been expecting. I knew the feeling.

"Ah God...Chuck...pal...come on man! Don't do something's not worth it!"

"She's not worth it!" Chuck sneered, then turned his sarcasm onto his partner. "Whatcha gonna do if I blow this bitch away huh? Arrest me??" Now that things were going his way again, Chuck was the one laughing.

"Kind of off your beat aren't you officer? Coming all this way to help me rape some're up to your neck in this,.. partner!"

While taunting Eric, Chuck had been moving the barrel of the gun over my face. I was scared to even he softly caresed my trembling lips with the cold steel, caressing them as gently as a lover's fingertip would. Suddenly his other hand gripped a handful of my hair and pulled my head back, simultaneously pushing the gun at my lips harder...hurting them.

"Suck on this you whore"

Omigod...I couldn't believe he expected me to open my mouth so he could stick a gun in there! How could I?

I fixed my eyes on his...trying to plead with him to not do this to me, but the only noise I could make was soft high-pitched wail. More tears filled my eyes when I saw not a hint of mercy in his. I glanced at Eric quickly, but saw no help there...he looked uneasy, but despite his nicer-guy role in this sick game of good-rapist/ bad -rapist, I saw something in his eyes that frightened me almost as much as the hatred in Chuck's...fascination, and excitement. He wanted to see this! He was perhaps scared too, in a way, but he wanted to see me suck his gun barrel. For him, this was a fantasy, and I was nothing to him...not a person at all in that context. Even if Chuck indeed killed me...maybe he would hate that to happen (especially before he could get more than a squeeze of my breast), but ultimately he knew Chuck was right...there'd be nothing he could do about it without bringing trouble on himself.

"P-p-please...I can't."..I whispered.

"Do it Bitch,"...I heard a click as he cocked the gun, "or I decorate the fuckin walls with your useless brains!"

That did it. With a gasping sob, I parted my lips somehow and felt the cold hard steel of the weapon being pushed into my mouth. The metallic oily taste was like death itself to me. Chuck's grip on my hair tightened as he started moving the gun in and out; pushing it harder and further inside each time, building speed. My mind couldn't let go of the knowledge that the gun was cocked, and any wrong move on his part or mine would be the end of me...I was so sure it would go off, I didn't bother praying that it wouldn't...I only prayed that I wouldn't feel it.

"Mmmm...Do a good job and maybe I'll fuck you with it later," he crooned.

"Ohhhh...Oh..god," Eric moaned almost reverently. My eyes, wild with fright flew to him briefly. I was dismayed, but not really surprised to see his hand almost absently stroking the noticeable bulge in his uniform pants.

"That's it whore..suck it...," Chuck's voice was tense, "How do you like it? How does it feel to suck Death's dick?"

All I could do was hold still, keep my mouth open, and pray he would tire of this deadly game soon.

Noticing Eric's obvious excitement, he snickered a bit.

"Ok...I guess Death can wait a little while. Looks like my friend here wants to take his place." With that he pulled the gun from my mouth to my shuddery sigh of relief. Keeping his grip on my hair, he pulled me forward out of the chair, till I fell on the floor to my knees.

"Go ahead pal...she's all yours."

Eric wasted no time. Unzipping as he approached me, his large erection was soon free and he immediately put it to my lips. Chuck was behind me, one fist still full of my hair, his other hand put the gun to my temple.

"Suck him good, you your fucking life depends on it."

Eric was pushing himself into my mouth...filling it. I was sucking hard, making my tongue flutter along the underside of his cock, causing him to moan and gasp.

" yeaaah," his hands were caressing my face while he pumped in and out at a controlled, but increasing pace while Chuck held me firmly in place by the hair, the gun still to my head.

Suddenly pulling out, Eric addressed his new partner in a voice choked with lust.

"Chuck...let's get her on the bed," he was panting, his tone urgent, "Man, I'm dying to fuck her."

Chuck released my hair by flinging me aside, causing me to land on my side painfully. Since my wrists were still cuffed behind me and my ankles still tied together, I had no balance and no way to stop myself from falling.

"No," he said to Eric, "Pull your pants back up. I have a better idea."


Chuck handed Eric's gun back to him when he was zipped again. I lay on the floor, wondering what fresh hell Chuck had in store for me now.

"You mind telling me why I've pulled my pants back up?"

"We're taking this bitch for a little ride," Chuck relplied, "I'll drive."

He'd picked something up off the table and was now approaching me with it, his expression grim,."..but first.."

"Oh NOOOO!!" I wailed when I saw that he'd found the stun gun and was coming toward me with it.

"Oh yeah...let's see how you like it!"

I was instinctively trying to scoot away from his approach, but of course I knew it was hopeless. Before being hit with a jolt of pain that tore through my body and sent me into unconsciousness, my last coherent thought about being zapped with my own stun gun was that perhaps I had that one coming...

To Be Continued...

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