tagNonConsent/ReluctanceReturn of The Vile Gamer Ch. 3

Return of The Vile Gamer Ch. 3


When consciousness returned to me I found myself face-down in a small dark place, unable to move my arms or legs. I could hear the hum of a car motor, and had a sense of being sped along. After a few moments of disoriented confusion, I soon realized the handcuffs had been exchanged for ropes, and that I was hog-tied. The next thing to register was that I was gagged--something silky (probably my panties) was stuffed into my mouth and lengths of electrical or duct tape was holding them in place. I figured out the dark place I was in was the trunk of a car.

I was being sped to some new torment and all I could do was lay there feeling the vibrations of the motor, and praying I'd live through whatever was about to happen. I could hear the distant voices of my captors, talking and occasionally laughing from the front of the car. It was so strange...while in this tiny speeding prison, gagged and tied the way I was, I had the most powerful feeling of deja-vu....as if I'd been here before.

* * * * *

"Ok, here's the rules," Chuck was saying to Eric, whose initial protests had been quieted by his raging hard-on over what was happening to me now.

"We can do whatever we want to her, whatever hurts, just no pushing. Whoever makes her fall wins."

"What if she doesn't fall? Do we just play till she does?"

"Oh she will...eventually. But just in case she doesn't, whoever makes her scream the loudest through her gag wins."

I listened in horror as I stood there shivering in the autumn breeze, my jeans having been removed from me while unconscious. All I had on now was the black teddy, the front still shoved down, my breasts still exposed.

We were deep in some woods. I have no idea where, but it appeared we were isolated. The small campfire burning nearby and a few lanterns were the only lights. Other than that, total darkness surrounded us. I mention being chilly, but that was the least of my worries, nor was it the cause of most of my shivering. Did I say I was standing? That's not quite accurate. What I was really doing was balancing precariously on top of one of those stepladders that unfold and have only a few rungs. It wasn't very steady on the uneven ground. Those things tend to be shaky anyway, and this one was doubly so. Balancing on the jittering ladder was made even harder by the fact that I was forced to stand on tiptoes. Hard as it was to keep steady, I somehow managed, for you see, my very life was in the balance because of the noose tightly knotted around my neck. The other end was thrown over a sturdy limb above me twice, then tied securely to a lower limb close to the bottom of the tree we all stood under.

The men who had brought me here were standing maybe three feet below me, discussing the rules of Chuck's new game--a game where the object was making me fall from my ladder. I was sure it wouldn't take much, and my terror was extreme.

Upon releasing me from the trunk, they had freed my feet and pulled me toward the tree they had already prepared. My wrists were still bound tightly behind me. My screams of terror, although gagged, had risen to an impressive level while they dragged me to the tree, where I saw the ladder and the noose. The end had been thrown over the branch only once at that point, and the entire rope dangled loosely, waiting for me.

The sight of the noose filled me with so much terror I hysterically refused to climb the ladder and struggled with every bit of strength I could muster. It took both of them to even get me near it. My frantic struggles only made them have to work harder, but they got me there. Both of them combined were way stronger than me, even if I hadn't been bound. Chuck threw the noose around my neck while Eric held me; a task I didn't make easy for him because of my kicking and thrashing. However, once the rope was tightened around my throat, and Chuck started pulling the other end, it was either climb the damn ladder or choke then and there. Eric guided me up the few rungs, then held me steady at the top till Chuck was able to throw the end over the branch once more and pull out the slack. He pulled till I was forced to stand on my tiptoes--I suppose he thought being able to stand on the bottoms of my feet would be too easy for me. I was also forced to stop fighting and screaming, to stay calm and concentrate all my will on keeping my balance.

So here I stood...on top of that rickety, shaking stepladder, half naked, shivering with cold and absolute terror...my wrists tied behind me, still gagged...my heels unable to touch the shaking, uneven structure that was the only thing keeping me alive. And they were talking about making me scream....making me fall.

I now understood the extent of Chuck's fury at having been outsmarted by me initially. I saw he meant it when he'd shouted that he would kill me. And Eric, the cop from New York who'd foiled my revenge had also sealed my fate. He had nothing against me personally--in fact he seemed to like me. But he had a rape fantasy he'd come to fulfill, and thanks to Chuck, he was discovering an even darker side to himself. Seeing me at the edge of death, helpless, bound, scared beyond comprehension, was exciting him more than he probably would have admitted, even to himself. To Chuck it was personal, and I was a bitch who was going to pay. To Eric it was a fantasy, and I was merely a body--a non-person.

This meant of course, that I was going to hang. I knew when I lost my precarious footing on this ladder there wouldn't be much of a fall, so I would strangle slowly. But first I was going to be the object of some terrible game that could have come straight from a macabre carnival in Hell....I could almost hear a demonic barker shouting "HURT THE BITCH AND MAKE HER FALL....MAKE HER HANG AND WIN IT ALL!!!"

I was going to hang...ohgod, oh yes indeed....but first I was going to suffer...

I watched helplessly as they cut small branches from nearby trees; some with leaves still clinging to them, some without. As kids, most of us called these switches...used by parents before everybody got all PC to swat us with when we misbehaved. I'd never felt more afraid of a switch than I did at that moment.

Chuck approached me first with his switch, and was taunting me with it....trailing it down my body gently and speaking to me with soft menace.

"Ready Bitch? Stay focused, now..."

His arm raised, and it was a great effort to not flinch away. I bit into the gag and tried to prepare for the pain, but when the blow landed across my thighs it was all I could do to remain still. The fiery sting whipped through my nerves--making me jerk despite the necessity to remain as still as possible. I couldn't help crying out.

When Eric stepped up for his turn I looked him in the eye, but he looked away from my gaze and chose to land his blow across my butt, made bare after he pulled my teddy down further. Again I cried out and shuddered violently, but again I managed somehow to keep my footing. The noose, so tight around my neck was a constant reminder that I had to keep still, no matter what they did to me.

"Asshole, you hit like a girl!," Chuck was laughing. He then whipped his switch across my bare breasts. That hurt so bad I wanted to curl up into a wailing, wounded little ball, but of course all I could do was make my feet stay steady, move as little as possible, and howl my pain into the gag.

This went on for what seemed like forever, and very little of my flesh was spared. When they tired of the switches, they removed their belts and hit me with those. Many times I very nearly overturned the shaky ladder, my feet scrambling madly to keep it from toppling. One of those times was because of a terrible cramp in my right calf. As if I wasn't enduring enough pain, my own body added to it. Having to stay on tiptoes was straining my calf muscles to the limit, so a cramp was inevitable. Hoping my left leg wouldn't cramp up at the same time, I was forced to shift my weight entirely to the ball of my left foot while I flexed my right foot upwards in a desperate attempt to make the clenching muscles loosen up. Luckily it was Eric's turn when the cramp hit, and he waited till it looked like I had the agony in my leg under control before he delivered his blow. To his credit, and Chuck's scorn, he didn't hit me as hard that time. To make up for that, Chuck hit me extra hard when his turn came around.

My whole body felt on fire from the constant beating, and every muscle felt strained to the limit with my efforts to keep from falling. I knew I couldn't last much longer, and once I even considered cheating them by simply stepping off the ladder and ending the unbearable suffering. The only thing stopping me was my will to live. I didn't want to die that way. I didn't want to die at all. Still, there was only so much pain I could stand and still keep myself from writhing enough to fall from my unsteady perch.

"Chuck, I don't think she's gonna fall," said Eric after they'd lashed every part of me that was already stinging from the switches, "why don't we quit, ok? I'm about to burst here."

Chuck was lighting a cigarette as Eric was speaking, and he moved close to me again. Looking up at me with an evil grin, he blew smoke at me and replied.

"Yeah, ok. We'll stop. But first I want to try one more thing..."

With that, he lifted the cigarette to one of my exposed and welted breasts, but slowly...making me flinch back despite the danger. I shook my head frantically, wailing and trying to plead with him wordlessly not to do it. When the smoldering end of the butt finally touched the side of my right breast the explosion of pain was too intense to stay still.

Shrieking madly, my body reacted to the pain of fire by instinctively twisting violently to escape it, despite the frantic warning from what remained of my rational mind. My agony was finally stronger than my body's ability to endure it and remain still. I'm only human.

My screams rose in panic when I felt the ladder finally tip beyond the reach of my feet to retrieve it. Then all cries were cut off cleanly when my tumble was stopped short by the rope snapping around my neck.

I was only dimly aware of my body turning at the end of the rope....of my feet kicking frantically to find some purchase, and of Eric shouting "SHIT!!!" in a high, frightened voice. Mostly what I was aware of was the enourmous pressure in my head, like it would explode, and the horrible pain in my throat and neck from supporting my whole body. It was amazing how swiftly both my screams and breath were cut off. My kicking was only tightening the rope more, but I couldn't stop.

These things happened in only a few split seconds I suppose. Before my body had turned in a complete circle, the pressure from my neck and head lifted somewhat when I felt strong arms about my waist lifting me quickly. I could hear my rescuer shouting but his voice sounded very far away because of the dull roaring in my ears as the blood trapped there tried to flow again.

"Chuck HELP me Goddammit!! Give me your knife!"

Eric was holding me aloft awkwardly, shouting for Chuck to help after he'd tried unsuccessfully to loosen the noose with one panicky hand. His other arm was around me to keep me from hanging again. The noose had become terribly tight when I'd briefly swung from it. The worst of the pressure was off my neck, but I still felt like I was strangling.

I could hear Chuck laughing....the bastard.

"Hey check it out....I won."

"CHUCK!," Eric sounded desperate.

"Why don't you just let her hang? It would be less trouble"

Fuck you, I thought. God how I hated him. I was wishing I'd just killed him while I had the chance. But despite his cruel jokes he responded quickly enough, cutting the rope himself while Eric was still frantically reaching for the knife and trying to keep me aloft with one arm.

Because of Eric's awkward hold on me, when the rope was suddenly cut I fell to the ground, my sudden plummet causing him to lose his grip on me.

"Ohgod! Oh shit!!...Oh Heather, I'm sorry....oh MAN!!"

Eric was babbling with the fervor of an unbeliever who suddenly bursts into prayer when faced with danger as he knelt beside me and removed the gag. I barely felt the pain of the tape being pulled from my face with panicky swiftness. He yanked at the noose still around my neck until the knots finally began to give. I was gasping precious air as deeply as I could, though it hurt my throat, then coughing which hurt it even worse. I had turned onto my side, coughing painfully and sobbing with a mixture of lingering terror from my brush with death, and relief that I was still alive. The fact that every bit of my body felt afire with pain from the many welts and recent burn didn't slow my tears down either.

Eric untied my wrists, still babbling apologies. Despite his excitement at my peril, he'd obviously been scared badly. Not quite as much as me, but I suppose it's a good thing he was. I didn't doubt that Chuck would have just let me hang till my frantic kicking and all other motion stopped. I couldn't see Chuck from where I was laying at the moment, and couldn't hear him either. But I could feel him silently watching, and I could still feel his malevolence toward me, only somewhat quelled by my torture so far.

While I was still on the ground, Eric suddenly gripped me and turned me onto my back. His hands moved further down and pulled my skimpy garment the rest of the way off me. He was breathing heavily and moaning, and incredibly, still saying he was sorry over and over even as he was undoing his pants.

Although I was no longer tied, I didn't try to fight or even offer a token resistance when his hands pulled my knees apart. When his body lowered onto mine, and his hardness plunged into me, I only kept sobbing...no less than before, but no more either. I had almost died, and was still reeling from that. So being violated on the cold and dirty ground, although rude, wasn't the worst thing to have happened this night. At least I was alive.

Chuck dropped to his knees beside my head then and growled at Eric to "move back some, motherfucker." Eric complied by grasping each of my legs on either side of him and pulling my lower body up as he sat up on his knees, leaving me with my shoulders and head on the ground. This new position allowed deeper penetration, and he resumed pumping into me with even more enthusiasm.

Before I could barely adjust, Chuck picked up my head, sliding one knee under my neck and began shoving his hard, hateful cock between my lips, still parted by my steady sobbing.

I started to resist then--to fight. I knew it wouldn't do any good, but I had to try. I couldn't stop thinking that he would have killed me--after all, he made me fall. His determination to fuck my mouth, to me, meant only that he was going to finish the job by choking me to death with his cock instead of hanging me.

My head twisted violently away from him. I was screaming then, my unbound arms and hands lashing out to slap, scratch, pinch....anything to keep him from doing that to me. Chuck put down the rebellion quickly--he was much stronger and my position wasn't a very good one for fighting anyway. After a volley of fresh slaps and curses, he held my arms easily even as he held my head in place and filled my mouth with his hardness as I knew he would eventually. Soon, both men were pumping into me at both ends with urgent abandon.

Eric came first--the speed of his eager plunges building to a frantic pace till I felt him throbbing inside me and the unmistakable sticky wetness as his ejaculate filled me. Chuck had been thrusting cruelly into my already aching throat, and I was praying he would finish soon. Since Eric was making no secret of his orgasm, with his loud groans and shouts of "Oh Christ I'm cumming," I figured surely Chuck wouldn't be far behind. They were both wildly excited by my earlier torture and peril.

Eric withdrew and collapsed on the ground next to me, panting. Chuck pulled out of my mouth some and and asked,

"What's wrong bitch? Your throat hurt?"

I managed a small nod, although I didn't expect he'd show me any mercy--I knew he'd probably just laugh before plunging in even deeper. He surprised me by pulling out completely.

"Ok! I won't fuck it anymore....for now."

I gasped then with horror when he turned me over roughly, cackling wildly. I cried out in horror when I felt his still swollen cock shoving against my ass.


"Eric just fucked your pussy, slut. I don't want sloppy seconds!"

With that, he shoved forward with a beastly grunt, forcing himself into my ass brutally, and forcing the loudest and longest scream from me yet. The pain was so sudden and so huge that after that first agonized scream I couldn't even draw in enough breath to breathe or even scream again for what felt like an eternity.

He began fucking me then, increasing his brutal stabs as I shrieked in wrenching agony, clawed at the ground and begged him to stop.

Through a haze of pain and shock I was dimly aware of Eric's face close to mine. He lay next to me, his eyes darting from Chuck's brutal performance to the contortions of suffering on my face. He was getting excited again and started kissing me, muffling my screams with his mouth.

It didn't take Chuck that long to finish with me, although it felt like forever. I felt my insides flooded with his foul jism a few moments before he finally pulled out of me. As I lay sobbing with pain and relief that it was over, I was horrified when Eric took his place behind me.

"NO!!! Oh NO!!! DON'T!!! OH PLEASE NO MORE!!!," I screamed hysterically. But Eric, who apparently didn't mind sloppy seconds at all, quickly forced his own still-hard cock into my stretched and wounded rectum.

Although not quite as brutal as Chuck had been, his arousal at having just witnessed my last anal rape made him quite deaf to my pleas. Soon he was carried away and fucking my ass with painful pounding strokes as my sobs and screams rang out into the dark night. My face scraped back and forth across the ground...my tears were turning the dirt there to mud.

I could hear Chuck laughing and making encouraging remarks to his pal as he doused the small fire and walked back and forth, gathering up the lanterns, ladder and rope and putting them in the car.

It took Eric much longer to cum this time, and his thrusts were picking up a speed every bit as brutal as Chuck's had been. Somewhere along the way, carried away by his lust and fulfillment of what was likely a lifetime of a forbidden wish to rape a woman, Eric had dropped whatever concern he'd had for me at first, and now seemed bent on making every second of this rare opportunity count. I was sure I would die of the pain before he was finally finished with me.

Finally he did finish, and withdrew from me silently. He left me there still sobbing, and walked back to the car, where I heard him get inside and close the door, still without saying a word. Chuck walked back over to where I lay, still shell-shocked, dropped my clothes on the ground next to me, and told me to get dressed. He'd even found my missing sweater.

I was cold and shivering, but couldn't move. I just kept crying. Chuck squatted next to me and I winced, fully expecting a new torrent of abuse, but he just sighed and said, "Oh, Heather...." in an odd voice that sounded like a mixture of exasperation, pity and maybe even a touch of remorse, but I doubt it. He hauled me into a sitting position and helped me into my clothes almost tenderly, as if I were a doll or a small child, and I winced and cried out in fresh pain when the material touched my many welts.

Nobody said much on the ride back into town. Instead of the trunk, they put me in the back seat where I lay silent and still as if dead. As much as I hadn't wanted to die when the noose had been around my neck, I wished for death now. Actually, I just wanted out of my own abused body...being inside it was hurting too much. Every part of me hurt.

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