tagNonConsent/ReluctanceReturn of The Vile Gamer Ch. 4

Return of The Vile Gamer Ch. 4


They've finally gone now. I've barely moved from the same spot I awoke in. I need to go home, but the thought of moving right now feels as impossible as disappearing into thin air...which is what I'd like to do more than anything.

Everything hurts...more so now than in the woods. Hard as it is to believe, everything that happened in the woods was only a warm-up. Every goddamn part of me that hadn't been beaten with sticks or belts, rope burned or nearly strangled (and some parts of me that was) was fucked--brutally and without mercy. Every part of me that counts as an entrance into, or even out of my body was plundered and abused beyond anything I've ever endured.

I can't move.....I can't go home, not like this. I want to die. I want to kill. That's pretty funny since I can't even bring myself to walk a few feet to the bathroom.

* * * * *

The drive back to the hotel must have revived them to new heights of sadistic lust. I'd thought surely they had done enough to me in the woods....but every time one of them did something to me it seemed to excite the other one all over again, and it was monkey-see monkey-do back and forth for a long time.

They stripped me again once we were behind the locked door (eagerly pulling their own clothes off again as well), and pulled me into the shower. I'd gotten quite dirty while being raped on the forest floor, not to mention scummy inside and out with their filthy cum.

A shower probably would have made me feel somewhat better if Eric hadn't been holding me while Chuck roughly soaped me down. That done, they both pushed me to my knees on the hard wet porcelain, and Eric continued to hold me while Chuck promptly forced his cock down my throat while the water continued to cascade over us.

I had to endure the pain of his vicious thrusts into a throat already hurting from my brief hanging and the screams that had followed while being brutally sodomized in the dark woods. I did endure....it was all I could do. I couldn't stop what was happening to me. Wishing it away wasn't working, so I somehow lived thru each of Chuck's merciless jabs into my wounded throat. all the while feeling Eric's hardening cock rubbing against my face, and hearing both of their panting and moans and disgusting grunts behind the steady hissing noise of the shower.

When Chuck forced me to swallow his cum, I had barely stopped coughing and retching when Eric stepped up and forced me to do the same for him. Between what I was forced to swallow and the water that kept streaming down my face and getting into my nose, I wondered more than once if I would drown.

They tied me to the bed while I was still naked and mostly still wet from the shower. My wrists were tied together, the rope binding them tied to the bed so my arms were above my head. My legs were splayed apart and my ankles tied to each end of the bed, keeping me helpless and unable to move except for some useless thrashing. Chuck shoved my panties into my mouth and taped them inside again so they could, as he said "have a little more fun with this bitch" and not have to worry about any annoying sounds from me that might bring help.

They amused themselves then by tormenting me with various painful tortures, getting excited again as they watched me squirm and thrash and summon more screams just when I thought I couldn't possibly scream any more.

It was Eric who produced the clothespins. They both laughed when he clipped one to each of my nipples, watching in fascination as my back arched and my arms strained at the rope while I wailed piteously. They started to decorate the rest of my breast flesh with them till there was barely an inch not pinched by one. Both breasts were nothing but two mounds of pain on my chest...the cigarette burn on my right one hurting even worse than before. They pinched more of them onto the lips of my vagina, and one of them even ended up attached to my clitoris. That was the worst of all....I nearly passed out from the pain of that.

I thought I would go insane with the overload of pain, but just when I thought it could get no worse, they removed the clothespins. That may sound strange, but when they were removed, especially from my nipples and clitoris I actually thought they were being tightened instead because of the rush of blood back into them. Unbelievably they hurt worse coming off than they did going on. If not for the gag, my screams would have not only roused most of the hotel guests, but their dead relatives as well.

There were a few more mean and frightening things they did to me before they raped me some more. Chuck terrified me by lighting a tapered red candle and waving it slowly close to my wide panicked eyes, then moving it slower still over my helpless body only inches above my flesh, letting the hot wax leave hardening trails on me as he continued to move it down. When he got to the area between my spread-apart legs, he left it there till the heat became unbearable, then inquired in a mockingly polite voice if I would like him to fuck me with it. My cries became almost demented with hysteria in the extremity of my terror and constant pain. The lousy fuckers laughed but at least spared me the torture of becoming a human candle snuffer.

After peeling bits of red wax from my body, making me jump although the pain of that was mostly just annoying, they both stood on either side of the bed and discussed how best to position me for what they called the "finale' " They were both eager to rape me again-- my enormous suffering had brought their well-used cocks back to raging life.

They were both smoking cigarettes during the conversation, and both of them casually flicked their ashes onto various parts of my body instead of bothering to look for an ashtray. I jerked and twisted, but that wasn't as bad as seeing the butts burn ever closer to the end and wondering where they were planning to put them out.

I don't even want to talk about that....the unimaginable agony that seemed to pierce my very soul.....or think about it....ever ever again.

The last thing I remember before passing out completely and waking up finally alone was the finale'. They began by untying me from the bed, removing my gag, retying my arms behind my back, then maneuvering me onto Eric's cock, which was fully erect again from his enjoyment of my torture. He was sitting on the bed, one hand on the mattress to support his slightly leaning back position, the other arm firmly circling my waist, guiding my lower body onto him as Chuck held onto me and pushed me from behind till every inch filled my pussy, which was surprisingly wet; a fact they both had a triumphant chuckle over.

Chuck was kneeling behind me, holding me firmly while Eric thrust his hips upward into my impaled groin, his face showing his pleasure. I couldn't help but gasp with surprise...despite all the terror and abuse I'd suffered, the steady jabs deep inside me were igniting tiny sparks of pleasure that I could already tell would slowly build to an intense explosion if continued. I felt my cunt muscles tighten convulsively onto the pistoning invader, and was dismayed to hear my own moans matching Eric's in the tones of their urgency.

Chuck muttered "ok", which was obviously some signal between them, because Eric's steady thrusts reluctantly stopped after a few more quicker ones. Chuck lifted me up enough for Eric's still rock-hard cock to slip out of me, then replaced it with his own new hardness. Holding me by my hips, he fucked me this way briskly for a few minutes as my upper body fell forward onto Eric, my head dropping onto his shoulder. Since my arms were tied behind me I had no way to support myself, and was forced to stay in this awkward position while Chuck pounded into me. Eric's hand that had been holding my waist earlier was now in my hair, clenching a handful of it while he began kissing me, forcing his tongue inside.

Meanwhile, Chuck had suddenly withdrew from me and pushed me back onto Eric's cock which was harder than ever. Instead of resuming his thrusts, Eric's grip on my hair tightened as he held my head against him harder, almost bruising my lips, which were still being smashed against his in a rough kiss. I soon learned the purpose of that when I felt Chuck's hands spreading my asscheeks and his cock pushing at my already-abused hole, demanding entrance. My panicked cry of protest was smothered effectively by Eric's mouth on mine, his tongue further blocking my rising hysteria from voicing itself too loudly.

As Chuck steadily forced himself into my ass, both men's grips tightened on me considerably, both correctly anticipating my violent jerks and thrashes as my body instinctively tried to escape the mounting pain and unreal panic of both holes being filled at the same time. Chuck gripped my hips painfully while Eric held my lips so hard against his that I was sure they would bleed. When my cries became too loud for Eric's mouth to keep them in effectively, his hand released the grip on my hair and snaked around my face where his palm soon found and covered my mouth tightly. When Chuck's cock was far enough inside me where any further struggling would only increase the pain, their grips relaxed a little, and my screams dwindled to pained mewlings and more sobs.

When both cocks were buried inside me at both ends, they held still for awhile, then Chuck began to move...slowly but with rising intensity he reamed my impaled ass while Eric's hand held in my cries of pain. After a few moments, Eric began his upward thrusts again, Chuck's strokes pushing me against him, his cock going even deeper in my pussy than before.

After an initial awkwardness they soon had a steady rhythm going...one would shove into me as the other was pulling back, then the one pulling back would shove forward as the other pulled back. Back and forth, in and out and in and in and in....there wasn't one second where one of my holes wasn't filled....and reamed ....and fucked... harder and harder....

"Stop....ohhh ohplease ohgod stop STOP STOP!!", I begged and pleaded in a voice steadily rising with panic. It wasn't the pain so much that I was begging them to end, although there was plenty, as it was the ever-mounting sensations arising from this double assault on the most secret, sensitive places inside of me. I felt too ...full....too...unnatural...over-stimulated. I feared the steadily building pressure of both sensations, seperate yet melding together.

Their fiendish rhythm inside me was conjuring a force from the deepest pit of untapped sexual energy in my very core, and I felt that force rising within me like an angry beast that had been caged and starved too long. It was rising rapidly to the surface of all those mysterious internal sparks within the body that control orgasms and battering them....tearing thru them....It was too big...too big for my body to hold and I was sure that the sheer untamed intensity of it would tear me apart.

So on and on I begged even as I gasped and moaned, and my pleading only served to make the demons conjuring this beast to increase their pace....speeding the beast's escape and my own doom. Their increasingly brutal pounding into my double-impaled body just wouldn't let up.

Finally my useless pleas were replaced with a high keening wail that I was only half-aware of amid the steady slapping and scuffling noises of all this flesh pounding together at once, my helpless body buffeted between the two madly fucking demons like a rag doll. The noises we all made sped us closer to the conclusion of this finale' ....the harsh brutish panting, groans, grunts and curses of my tormentors....my own wail that rose higher and higher as the beast demanded release. In a blinding bolt of insane intensity, the beast finally tore thru my overloaded senses, stiffening every limb as the explosions began, stealing my breath completely as the last scream ripped through my throat and the world turned first a flashbulb-bright white....then black. The last sound I remember hearing before waking up here alone was the combined triumphant shouts and roars of the two demons as my body thrashed and contorted....and as they rode the waves of their own explosions.....


So here I lay....untied.....mercifully alone...in the middle of this damp and hopelessly messed up bed. Indeed it does look as if an explosion occured here.

I need to get up.....I need to go home....try to fix all this somehow, like last time. I feel a derisive laugh bubbling up and escaping from me. The sound of it frightens me....it's too loud and too harsh and there's neither humor nor sanity in it. The godawful shrieking laughter soon dissolves into sobs....more tears are falling, just when I thought I'd surely spent them all. My body is racked with them, and I can't stop.....can't get up....won't get up.

I know suddenly where my new home is going to be....well maybe not the exact location, but I'm sure of what the interiors will be like.. A room with lots of beds, another room with lots of people...most with haunted eyes that see beyond the walls. Lots of people wearing white maybe. I'll probably spend most of my time in one single white room with soft cushy walls.....where my screams won't upset the others so badly....

Something has broken inside me. I can feel it, and I almost welcome the sensation. I start singing some Marilyn Manson song in a dull shaky monotone....Disposable Teens maybe...I dunno. Yeah, something definitely broke in my attic....but fuck it, they're going to have to come get me. I WON'T MOVE!! I can almost feel the comfort of the drugs, and when the drugs won't work the soft walls will prevent me from beating my own brains out...

It feels so real....the ache...ohGOD the ache in my shoulders driving me mad....well, madder. I can almost feel a scratchy canvas material I can't escape from as I shriek out my rage and protest of being helpless again...my arms crossed in front of me and pulled around me as they're tied yet again, only this time.......


....... with this fucking straitjacket instead of rope. I can almost....Oh wait.....OH SHIT!! OH JESUS!!!! Have I gotten confused again? I must have because I'm in this lousy room again, in this lousy coat again....Goddammit, my FUCKING SHOULDERS HURRRT!!! Won't anybody GET ME OUT OF HERE???

My throat feels really raw this time. How long have I been screaming? It doesn't matter really, because I can't stop. I must have been thinking of that night again. The night that just goes on forever....

I'm not always like this. I'm NOT!!

Most times I'm just quiet. I don't like to talk to anyone and I don't want them talking to me. I'm trying to figure out how to make them or myself invisible at will. Sometimes I think I've almost got it.

Sometimes I'm just sad and cry a lot--for my lost and wasted life...for the family and friends that I miss...for a time that I didn't always feel this pain.

Then sometimes....well, sometimes I get....confused. For instance, I think somebody told me that the men who hurt me are locked up now....that they can't hurt me anymore...I'm pretty sure somebody told me these things....but who? I dunno, maybe I dreamed it. Sometimes I have trouble telling the difference. If it's true I hope they're both getting a nice ass fuck every night....and I hope they're thinking of me while it happens.

Sometimes my confusion just dissolves into terror. Then I'm sure they were not caught! I'm sure they're both waiting for me...or even worse, on their way to see me here. Sometimes I really do see them in here with me....but nobody believes me. I never seem to remember much after one of my....anxiety attacks....but I know I've screamed some crazy shit. I scream about the Vile Gamer...about Officer Friendly... and sometimes I get really confused and scream about Patrick Bateman.


I get so scared....then I get FUCKING PISSED OFF and try to destroy anybody who comes near me....especially the fuckers in the white coats and the asshole orderlies who rush to restrain me when I can't stop screaming. They don't understand that I CAN'T be restrained!!! I can't stand that!!! It always makes me worse! Like now....DAMMIT LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!

I'm startled from my screams and useless kamikazee attacks on the walls when the door opens...one of the asshole orderlies I mentioned comes in and I'm wondering why he's alone as I pant from my exertions and try to catch my breath. I'm almost proud to remember that there's times when four or five were needed to bring me down, many of them walking away with scratches, bruises or wiping spit from their eyes for their trouble. I don't think I've ever been tended to by just one before....not while I was in this room anyway.

I recognize this one...and I hate him the most. He's a fat slob with a perpetual leer on his ugly face who always manages to get a quick squeeze of my ass or one of my breasts while he helps restrain me.

"GET OUT OF HERE!!!", I scream as he locks the door he just came thru.

He grins at me and says, "So little Heather is having the screaming mimis again I see."

"FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!!" I fling the curse without really wondering why he called me Heather. Like I say, I get confused a lot and sometimes believe that's my real name after all.

He's walking toward me with a wide grin to match the leer on his face.

"I knew I recognized you....I remember your pictures from the web. You're DedHeather! DedHeather94, wasn't it? Damn I loved your stories! I have every one of them. I still read 'em too."

His leer deepens as he shortens the distance between us..I feel frozen....I've backed as far into this corner as I can, and still he gets closer...

"GO AWAY!!!"

"You're making way too much noise in here....gotta quiet you down, girl"

With absolute horror I see him unzip his pants and pull out a dick as ugly as he is. I'm squatting on the floor in this corner...unable to move my fucking arms...unable to scramble away from him because he's only inches away now...what the hell is going ON???

"I got something to keep you quiet for a while Bitch..."

In one swift move, this disgusting pig snatches a handful of my hair, yanking me from my crouching position to my knees.

When I begin screaming again, nobody comes to my rescue or even pays attention.....

- The End -

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