tagNovels and NovellasReturn to Dallas Pt. 01

Return to Dallas Pt. 01


A Paul and Jenny and friends story. Copyright 2001 by Paul. All rights reserved.

As I waited for my suitcase to arrive on the conveyer I found myself looking time after time in the arrivals lounge for my favourite American red head. Strange. She said she'd meet me. Perhaps she had the times wrong. Perhaps she had grown tired of a fifty-year old pawing her twenty-three year old body. That was more likely to be the answer.

At last it arrived and slinging the strap of my laptop over my shoulder I joined the jostling crowd to pass into the main hall. I stopped and looked around. I wasn't due to meet Mike, my business contact, until the following lunchtime which would have meant Michelle and I could have spent a day and night together undisturbed.

Undisturbed that is if she hadn't told her younger sister, Laurie I was coming. It had damm near killed me on my last visit to Dallas spending the night with the two of them. Laurie was even younger then Michelle and they were both very fit.

I looked across to the coffee shop. The hair might not have been the right colour but I'd recognise that ass anywhere. She was leaning against the counter next to another woman. She looked to be perhaps thirty and had the palest yellow hair, it was almost white. It looked even lighter next to the tanned skin of her neck and shoulders. She was watching me as I walked towards them. She had the lightest blue eyes I think I'd ever seen. She was only small, five feet two at most, but everything was in the right place.

She nudged Michelle and whispered in her ear. Did she need her tongue to whisper? I placed my bags on the floor.

Michelle turned, her face breaking into a broad smile.

"Paul." She cried, throwing herself into my arms. "It's great to see you again."

I just couldn't find the words to reply what with her tongue in my mouth.

Finally she let me breathe again.

"It's been so long." She said, resting her head on my chest and slowly rubbing her pubic mound along the length of my hardening prick. She looked up at me. "I can tell you're glad to see me."

She smiled.

There was a gentle cough from behind her.

"Oh yes." Michelle said, stepping back and to one side. "This is Tammy."

Yes she did have the palest blue eyes I'd ever seen. They twinkled at me as she took my hand and gently squeezed it.

"Hi." She said. She had a lovely voice as well.

Up close it was even harder to tell how old she was. She was not a girl she was definitely a woman. I put her down as in her early thirties.

"Tammy had nothing on today."

I wished she hadn't.

"So she decided to come with me to help you unpack." Michelle continued.

"Where's Jenny."

"We had a friend name of Cleo stopping with us over Christmas."

I explained as I hoisted my lap top strap onto my shoulder and picked up my suitcase as we began to make our way to the exit.

"Jenny and her are staying with our friend, Carole, in Washington for a couple of days" I continued. "Then she's joining me tomorrow and we fly home two days later."

"That's a lot of travelling." Tammy observed.

"It has to be like that I'm afraid. Jenny has to be back at school on Monday."

"What's she studying?" Tammy asked.

"Nothing. She's the head teacher."

We crossed the road to the car park and Michelle opened the rear door to her van and I placed my bags inside. Opening the driver's door she climbed in behind the steering wheel and leaned across to unlock the passenger door giving both Tammy and myself a decent view down the front of her top. I noticed Tammy did look. Holding the door open for her I watched her small, firm ass as she climbed in. I realised Michelle was looking at me and turned my head quickly away.

"Don't be shy Paul." She teased. "I've told Tammy all about you. She does have a nice ass doesn't she?"

"I'm sorry." I said sitting next to Tammy on the front seat.

"Don't be." She replied smiling at me and gently squeezing my thigh. "Michelle has told me everything about you."

"Everything?" Women.

"Just about." She answered turning to Michelle and placing her hand on her leg.

I could feel my prick growing.

"You didn't keep anything back. Did you?"

"No." Michelle said; turning the key in the ignition and engaging drive. "You know everything."

Hmm. I was a little worried that would be the case. We drove in silence for a few minutes. I was conscious of Tammy's thigh tight against my own.

"Same hotel as usual?" Michelle as she took the downtown freeway.

"Yes. Please."

Tammy moved her thigh.

"It must be nice to know the owner of a chain of hotels." Michelle said, pulling out to overtake slower moving vehicles.

"It normally means there is always room at the Inn. That's true. I must introduce you to Howie one day. You'd get on well together."

Michelle took the next exit into Dallas proper.

"Why are you here this time?" Michelle asked. "Not that I'm not glad you are."

"We are still finalising the plans to open up a string of Health Centres in Europe. We have agreed half a dozen sites and I am here to sign some of the agreements on behalf of the people I represent. But, of course, the main reason was to see you."

"Flattery will get you anything you want." She looked across at me and smiled.

I noticed Tammy's hand had moved back to rest upon her thigh. I wondered what there relationship was. I knew she had lesbian tendencies from our first visit when she spent the night in the same bed as Jenny and I. But I had always assumed that they were like Jenny's, just an occasional side of her sexuality. And Tammy? She was wearing a wedding ring.

I would have to investigate this.

Michelle pulled into the street that led to my hotel and pulled up outside the front entrance. Thomas, the doorman looked disapprovingly at her van until he saw me climb out then his face broke into a broad smile as he recognised me.

"Ah. Mr Wagstaffe. Good to see you again." He said, eyeing Tammy's legs as she slid from the van. Then he saw Michelle climbing out from behind the driver's seat. "And your personal assistant."

I had told them at the hotel that Michelle worked for me on my trips to the states. Well, I actually said she worked under me, and she did some good work there. I still felt that there might be some objection if I were to say that she was my lover come to service my needs. They probably knew the truth but I felt more comfortable in the pretence they didn't.

Talking about servicing my needs. What were we going to do with Tammy?

"Could you get somebody to park the van for us please, Thomas." I said as he carried my bags into the foyer.

"Certainly, Sir."

Michelle handed him the keys and refused the assistance of the bellboy with the shoulder bag she was carrying as I registered. There were a number of messages for me and I glanced through them as we took the elevator to the Wolfenstein's private penthouse suite.

I had had instructions from Howie Wolfenstein that under no circumstances was I to tip any member of his staff on my visits. He didn't and as I was his guest whenever I stayed he expected them to treat me the same way they treated him.

The bellboy led the way from the elevator to the door to the suite. The girls walked behind him and I followed watching their asses as they moved beneath their thin skirts. Michelle slipped her hand around Tammy's waist and placed it on her hip for a second then moved it down to cup one of her ass cheeks. I don't know if it was meant for Tammy's benefit or mine but it certainly worked for me. I could feel my prick growing inside my trousers and gave it a quick rub. As I lifted my head and hand I saw both Tammy and Michelle looking over their shoulders at me.

I could feel myself blushing.

"Sorry." I stammered softly.

They both smiled and Michelle stepped back and squeezed my hand.

"It still works, then."

I wondered whether she meant her actions or my prick. A gentle cough ahead and we all looked to where the bellboy was holding the door to the suite open for us.

The bellboy placed my bags in the master bedroom and left as the girls explored and I booted up the computer on the desk in the corner. I used Howie's guest password to log on and accessed my files. There was mail from Mike, Jenny and Howie. Jenny's was confirming her flight details for the following day. Cleo would be coming with her. She didn't want to stay in Washington after her break up with Richard and she'd had an offer of a position as a junior surgeon in one of the large hospitals in Dallas and thought this could be a good time to check it out. Mike's was to confirm our meeting time for two thirty in the afternoon.

I'd learnt never to meet him for lunch again before a meeting. Though that first time had lead to my fucking Laurie's ass. In fact, on two of the three occasions she'd joined us in bed I'd fucked her up there. Hadn't done Michelle that way yet. I had enough trouble satisfying her fanny. Howie's mail was to confirm the travel arrangements for the Easter recess when He and Carole were joining Jenny and I on a visit to the Ruby mine in darkest South America my Grandfather had left to me in his will. I remembered when he had taken Jenny and me to see it shortly before he died in the seventies. My father hadn't been interested in it and was glad it had been left to me. He had the cottage and was all for selling it but Mother had stopped him. In the end she had made him sell it to me for a pound. She said that his company had had use of the flat in London His Uncle and Aunt had left to me rent-free for long enough.

He could have had the whole block of flats for all I cared as long as I had the cottage. I loved it and so did Jenny.

"What are you thinking about?"

Michelle breathed into my ear as she folded her arms around my chest and pulled my head back between her breasts. Soft, yet firm. No bra that I could feel. I pulled her onto my lap and we kissed. Her tongue forced its way into mouth pushing against then wrapping itself around my own. Almost like a hand it pulled it into her own mouth. My had automatically closed around one of her breasts feeling the nipple hard beneath the thin cotton of her top.

Pulling her top from the waistband of her skirt I lifted it up her back and we broke our kiss long enough for her to lift her arms and me to pull it over her head and off.

"Hmm. Hmm."

I froze in the act of lowering my mouth to her nipple. I'd forgotten Tammy. I tried to stand up, sit down, cover Michelle's breasts and try to appear innocent at the same time. I failed.

"Come on Tammy." Michelle standing up and reaching behind her back for the zip and clasp on her skirt. "Don't be left out."

I swivelled around in the chair and stood up facing Tammy. She looked from Michelle to me then lifted her top over her head. She had lovely breasts. Not big, but very nice. They reminded me of Jenny's. The nipples were already standing up. I could feel my prick growing to greet them. Michelle must have noticed it as well for she gave it a squeeze as she walked by me to stand by Tammy's side and help her finish undressing. She had a nice bush of pubic hairs. It looked all the bushier when I compared it to Michelle's shaven pussy. I'll admit I have always liked a woman to have some hair down there but Michelle's shaven hole did have its own appeal. You didn't have any problems finding your way about and you would never get lost. But there was no mystery. Nothing was hidden.

Michelle whispered something into Tammy's ear and they both descended upon me. Tammy attacked my shirt whilst Michelle undid my trousers. I had to content myself with feeling a tit here and fingering a fanny there. Tammy joined Michelle in kneeling before as I lifted one leg from the ground. Michelle pulled my foot from my sock and shoe then through the leg hole of my underpants and trousers. As I raised my other foot for Tammy Michelle lifted herself up until her head was level with my groin and took the tip of my prick between her lips. Slowly she moved her head forward, taking my foreskin with it, pulling it down the length of my shaft then releasing it to let it slide forward. Then she repeated it. This time with her tongue pressed tight against the underside of my prick. I closed my eyes as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me. This time she released my prick completely and stood up and kissed me. As I returned her kiss I felt another pair of lips engulf my prick and ran my fingers through Tammy's short, curly hair. With my other hand I squeezed Michelle's ass and ran a finger between her cheeks until it came to rest upon her anus. A little moan of pleasure escaped from her lips as I gently rubbed her tiny tight hole. I pulled my lips from hers and looked into her eyes. She seemed a thousand miles away. A half smile touching her lips. She leant her head forward and rested it upon my shoulder. I took my hand from Tammy's hair and ran my finger along Michelle's crack, opening her lips then searching for her clit. The stiffening of her body and her gasp told me I'd found it. Michelle threw back her head as I rubbed her clit and her anus in unison. Her hips started to move as she ground her fanny against my hand. My hips were moving in response to Tammy. My own breathing was shortening as Tammy's mouth moved faster. As I rubbed Michelle faster, Tammy sucked me faster. I heard Michelle moan out loud as she came over the sounds I was making as I shot time after time into the back of Tammy's throat. I think both of us would have fallen to the ground had we not been supporting each other.

We watched Tammy stand, licking her lips. She turned her head to Michelle and kissed her as I reached behind her for her ass cheeks and anus only to find another's hand had beaten me to it. I kissed Tammy when Michelle had finished and tasted the salt of my own come on her lips and tongue.

Together we guided each other into the main bedroom kissing and feeling each other. I tried to keep my finger against Michelle's anus as we crabbed our way across the room, none of us wishing to be the first to release our holds upon the others.

We separated momentarily when we reached the bed then resumed kissing and touching and feeling as we lay together on the bed. Tammy finished up in the middle so Michelle and I took a nipple each to suck. I was conscious of Michelle moving again as I swirled my tongue around Tammy's tit. She moaned loudly and lifted her hips from the bed. I looked down, still sucking, and saw Michelle's head buried between her legs. I could hear the slurping of her tongue as she drove it deep inside Tammy's hole then watched as she lifted it to work upon her clit.

My prick was rock hard again so I released Tammy's nipple and moved down the bed to kneel behind Michelle's raised up ass. Pulling her ass cheeks apart as Tammy came I looked down at her holes. One thing for being hairless. You certainly could see everything. Holding her ass cheeks wide apart I lowered my head and licked her anus gently with the tip of my tongue. I think she tried to say something but it was lost somewhere inside Tammy's fanny. I lifted myself upright and positioned my prick against the opening to her pussy. It briefly crossed my mind to take the Vaseline I always travelled with from my wash bag but I think both our needs were too pressing for that so I pushed my prick inside her. It felt like she had an extra hand inside there. She gripped me so hard I could hardly move. But I could move and did. In until my pubic hairs touched her ass cheeks then out until I'd almost left her. I slammed back in. And again and again. She gasped. Tammy gasped and I cried out. It felt so good. Again and again and again. I felt her come as I started moving faster in and out of her. Tammy cries told me she was there as well. I moved faster. Lifting her head from Tammy's fanny Michelle sucked in huge lungs full of air as if she were running in a race. I could feel my prick swelling and balls lifting. Michelle came again as I shot inside her. And again as I pulled from her. I lay on my back by their sides panting for breath.

Michelle sat back on her heels and looked down on me.

"You're out of condition." She said as she started to slowly finger Tammy. "You need more exercise."

She ran her hand up the inside of my thigh.

"I'm an old man." I pleaded. "Have pity on me."

"Alright. You can sit this one out."

She said, pulling her finger from Tammy's hole and climbing off the end of the bed, walking into the lounge. I put my arm around Tammy's shoulders and kissed her gently. She responded. Her tongue darting into my mouth to touch mine and leave. Then to come back again. I felt her breast. The nipple was still wet with my saliva. I ran my hand over her stomach and had just reached her mound of thick, light blond pubic hairs when Michelle returned. Strapped around her waist was a large, black, dildo. I felt Tammy trembling in anticipation and looked down at my own shrivelled up little member.

Tammy opened her legs wide and bent her knees as Michelle climbed onto the bed. I watched as she opened her lips with the fingers of one hand and guided the huge black cock inside her with the other. She arched her back as Michelle pushed the dildo into her. Then she pulled back as I had done to her and pushed again. This time Tammy cried out as the whole of the monster disappeared inside her.

I'd never seen a woman fuck another woman like this so I moved down to the foot of the bed where I would get a better view of the action. And what action. Until you see a woman being fucked up real close you don't realise the contortions their pussies have to go through. Tammy's was stretched wide open then allowed to close slightly as Michelle pulled the dildo back only to be stretched wide open again as it was thrust back inside her.

Other things were happening as well. Michelle's ass hole was winking at me. Inviting me to come closer. I lowered my head again and touched it with my tongue. She gasped. I licked it each time it came within range until I heard her breathing change and knew she was nearly there and pushed it deep inside her hole to help bring her off. She stopped moving for a second then rolled over onto her back pulling Tammy over on top of her. The dildo never left her fanny. I wondered how often they had practised that.

Leaning forward so that her breasts rubbed against Michelle's Tammy slid her pussy up and down the length of the dildo. I could hear the slurping sounds it made. Her ass hole was winking at me as well.

Michelle lifted her head and looked over Tammy's shoulder at me.

"Got your breath back yet." She panted.

"I'm fine thanks." I replied and tested my prick with a couple of quick strokes of my hand. "Everything is working fine."

"Glad to hear it."

Michelle whispered into Tammy's ear and received a nod in response.

"Tammy loves it up the ass." She continued. "Don't you love?"

She kissed Tammy's cheek as Tammy slowed her movements on the dildo and nodded her head with out looking at me.

She must be shy, I thought.

I climbed from the bed and quickly opened my suitcase and took my jar of Vaseline from my washing bag. Kneeling on the bed I removed the top of the jar and applied some of the contents to my prick. I shuffled forward to where Michelle was holding wide Tammy's ass cheeks and anointed her anus, pushing a finger inside her to open her up. Then placing the Vaseline on the bed I positioned my prick against Tammy's impossibly tight looking hole and pushed. It wouldn't go in.

"Relax." Michelle whispered into her ear. "You know you like it."

I pushed again. This time her anus opened and I was inside her. I gave her half the length of my prick then stopped to give her time to adjust. She let go a deep breath and I felt her hole relaxing around me. Michelle moved beneath us sending the dildo deep inside her. I could feel it as it ran along the length of my prick inside her separated from me only by the two thin walls of her bowel and vagina.

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