tagLesbian SexReturn to Dallas Pt. 04

Return to Dallas Pt. 04


Copyright 2001 by Paul. All rights reserved.

* * * * *


I must have dropped off. It was Paul stirring beside me that had awakened me. He grunted and moaned in his sleep. Lifting his wrist I looked at his watch. It was after five. I needed the toilet. I climb slowly from the bed so as not to wake Paul. Not that there was much chance of that, what with the amount he'd had to drink that lunchtime. I unhooked his bathrobe from behind the door a slipped it on. I could hear sounds from the lounge. I slowly opened the door and peered inside.

Michelle was on her knees behind Cleo's raised ass pulling her smaller, white Dildo from her. From her anus it appeared. From the flushed look on Cleo's face she'd enjoyed it. So had I, earlier. I slowly edged towards the bathroom as Michelle said something about a drink.

"Hallo," she said, "sleep well."


"Fine thanks." I replied.

Cleo seemed to be trying to shrink into a little ball on the carpet. Tammy placed her arm around her shoulder.

"I need the toilet." I continued, opening the bathroom door and slipping inside. I sat on the seat. Poor Cleo. She looked so embarrassed. I suppose it has been a bit of an afternoon for her. First she finds me being fucked by Michelle then ends up being fucked up the ass herself. I wondered what happened in between? I finished on the toilet and wiped myself. I think a quick shower was in order and, opening the cubical door switched on the faucet. What was this on the floor? As I bent over to pick it up I heard the door open behind me. Looking over my shoulder I saw Michelle standing there, her eyes fixed on my ass, unfastening her strap on.

I picked up what seemed to be half a roll of toilet roll and stood upright.

"What's that?" She asked.

"I can guess." I said. Paul.

I placed the paper in the bin beneath the sink and stood waiting for Michelle.

"I've come to wash this." She said holding up the Dildo.

I nodded and waited.

"I also need this." She nodded in turn at the toilet.


I waited. I think she wanted me to turn away. But I didn't.

She looked at me, the Dildo then the toilet seat then sat down with her legs tight together.

I moved towards her and touched her hair.

"Open your legs." I ordered.

I don't know why. I usually tried to keep my own toilet activities away from Paul's gaze. Occasionally, on special occasions like his saving my life, I'd let him watch me piss. Twice he'd seen me do the other. But now I wanted to watch Michelle.

Slowly she opened her legs. I could see the start of her crack, the mound of her clit. She turned her head away as she released her stream. It hissed and slashed.

Turning her head to face me I looked down into her eyes. The tension in her face eased as she smiled.

"I've never let anybody." She started.

"I know." I said. "It was just for me. I'm going for a shower."

I helped her stand, stopping her hand as it reached for the toilet roll.

"I'll do that for you." I said, leading her towards the cubical.

I turned on the taps and we stood under the flowing water together. We both looked down at the Dildo she held in her hand. Messy. It did need a wash. Paul's body shampoo was on the soap stand so I opened the top and squirted some of the contents onto the Dildo and our hands. I rubbed mine together to work up a lather then Michelle's and finally we both worked on the Dildo. Rubbing our hands up and down its length, rinsing it and repeating it. I rubbed Michelle's back, down to her ass cheeks which I held apart to let the running water rinse between them. She leaned her head upon my shoulder. I kissed her. Holding the Dildo in one hand she started to wash me. Across my breasts, over my stomach, down, through my mass of wet, pubic hairs. Her finger slipped between my legs and along my slit then back to my clit. I threw back my head as she rubbed it. She applied pressure to my back, turning me away from her. I could feel the full force of the spray between my shoulder blades, then something else. The tip of the Dildo pressing against the small, sensitive area between my two holes, then sliding forward, between my legs. I could feel it opening my pussy lips.

Michelle slowed her rubbing of my clit as I arched my back and pushed backwards. I felt it slid inside me. Then it was pulled back and worked inside me again. It slipped in easier this time as my lubrication increased. Michelle picked up her pace on my clit as she fucked me and fucked me. I lifted one leg up, pressing the side of my foot against the wall of the shower to open myself further. I could feel Michelle's fingers hitting the lips of my pussy as she pushed the Dildo as far inside me as it would go. I was panting. My nipples felt as if they were about to burst. I was there.

I turned to Michelle and threw my arms around her neck and kissed her, the Dildo still inside me. I could feel it slowly sliding out as Michelle released it and my clit to hold me tight. It fell out of my hole and hit the floor with a clatter. We broke our kiss and, smiling at one another, both looked down.


The Champagne was flat so I took a can of coke from the fridge and shared it with Tammy. My bum felt sore.

"What's wrong?" Tammy asked as I grimaced climbing onto a stool.

"A bit sore." I said, then took a sip from the can.

"Yes." She said, smiling. "It can take a bit of getting used too. It takes a while before you can fully relax. Did you like it, though?"

"Yes." Had I? "Yes, I think I did."

"I'm glad." She said squeezing my hand.

I examined her face in detail. The palest of blue eyes. A natural blond. She was beautiful. I could feel myself becoming wet.

Tammy turned her head away. She was blushing.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Sometimes it hits me."


"I'm thirty eight and married and here I am doing this."

"Don't you like it?"

"That's the problem." She looked upset. I placed my arm around her shoulders. "I really like it. More than anything else."

That made me pause. I liked it. Would I ever feel the same about going to bed with a man again? Would I ever want to?

"I'm sorry." Tammy turned my face to hers and kissed me gently. "Now you look worried."

I felt her breasts and she felt mine. I kissed her. Open mouthed, my tongue searching for hers. I could smell aroused woman. Her or me or both I didn't know.

I winced again as I stood up. She took my hand.

"I can do something for that." She said, squeezing one of my ass cheeks.

We walked into my bedroom hand in hand and lay down on the bed. We put our arms around each other and kissed again. Deep and slow. Relaxing yet arousing. I could feel her nipples pressing hard against my own. I ran my fingers down her spine extracting a moan of pleasure from her. We broke our kiss and I moved my head down until my lips captured one of her nipples and I sucked it gently into my mouth, swirling my tongue around its hard, throbbing bud. She arched her back and I felt her legs open. I moved to her other nipple, then down. With little flicks of my tongue I moved to her navel and sucked and licked it. Then down again. I kissed her pubic hairs, sucking on them. Pulling them taught. She ran her fingers through my hair and bent her knees as I moved between her thighs. I kissed the inside of each thigh from her knees to her groin. She lifted her hips from the bed in response. Finally I reached her pussy and sucked open her lips. I could see inside her. Pink and moist and inviting. Holding her open with my thumbs I licked inside her. I heard her gasp then groan then mumble something incomprehensible.

"Yes. Yes."

I did understand that and moved so slowly up to her clit, pushing one of my fingers inside her as I sucked it from cover. Working my finger slowly in and out of her hole I flicked her clit, gently, with the tip of my tongue. I heard a strangled cry. Then her breathing changed, becoming heavier. Increasing the pressure of my tongue on her clit I worked a second finger then a third inside her. She was grinding her pussy against my mouth, running her fingers through my hair. She stooped breathing for a moment then tightened her thighs around my head before releasing it with a sigh. Her thighs flopped wide open as her body relaxed. Lifting my head I looked down at her open hole, glistening in its coating of saliva then up to her face. Little beads of sweat had popped out on her forehead and I moved up the bed to lick them off.

Placing her hands upon my hips she pulled on them. I followed her lead and straddled her head, lowering my pussy to her waiting mouth. She kissed it then pushed her tongue inside me. It felt so good. Her hands were on my buttocks, squeezing them pulling them apart, running her fingers along my crevice. I cried out as one touched my tender anus. She said something that was lost inside my pussy then she moved, sliding down the bed. Licking my pussy, then the 'oh so sensitive' divide between my holes, then she paused.

I tensed involuntarily as I felt the tip of her tongue touch the tight folds of skin that comprised my anus. Touched and left. To return, wet with saliva. Soothing. Then again. I closed my eyes and breathed deep. These were sensations I had never felt before. Her tongue moved slowly around my hole. Exploring me, then leaving me to return with yet more saliva. My clit was throbbing. It needed relief so I pushed down with my pussy until I could rub on Tammy's forehead. Oh. That was so good. I could feel it building inside me as I humped Tammy's face and head. I felt my anus open and her tongue push up inside me bringing me off. I stopped moving as Tammy's tongue slipped from my hole. I climbed off and lay down by her side.

"How do you feel now?" She asked as we wrapped our arms around each other.

"Wonderful." I replied.


We stepped from the shower and dried each other's bodies, sharing a large white towel. We kissed, twice then walked hand in hand into the lounge. Michelle placed the small Dildo and its holster onto the coffee table beside the large , black one. I picked it up and turned it over and over in my hands. She'd gotten all that inside me? I'd taken it all! One of the benefits of having given birth I supposed.

Michelle moved closer to me and started to adjust the straps.

The straps were leather and the base of the dildo was also leather and triangular in shape. I'll just call the base the triangle. Two straps extended out from each point of the top line of the triangle. These two straps each have a double d-ring dangling from the end. There was a belt, so to speak that attached to the d-rings at each end and looped through them and then back through to tighten down.

From the middle of the belt, there hung down another short strap also with double d-rings. The strap attached to the bottom of the triangle was looped up through the double d-rings on the strap hanging from the middle of the belt. G-string panties with a cock attached to the front was what it looked most like.

I stepped through the straps the way I would panties and Michelle positioned everything so that it was comfortable and then tightened down the straps so that there is as little play as possible. The middle strap rode in the crack of my ass while the top ones wrap around my hips.

We held each other tight, the Dildo sticking up between us likes Paul's cock did.

A final kiss and Michelle turned and knelt down with her breasts on the seat of the sofa. I knelt behind her and eased her ass cheeks apart until I could see both her holes. The one tight and brown the other a long, pink slash. I pulled the lips of her pussy apart, heard her sigh, then placed the tip of the Dildo inside them and pushed. She arched her back and pushed back to meet me as the Dildo slowly disappeared from view inside her.

I pulled back and the Dildo reappeared glistening with her juices. She adjusted her position, opening her legs wider then I pushed back in again. She moaned her approval so I started moving in and out of her. Slowly at first, then faster as she became wetter and her hole opened even more. I could hear her breathing change and mine. I hadn't realised that the base of the strap-on was designed to give the wearer maximum clitoral stimulation when she moved. I liked this. Oh yes. I moved faster, as much for my own benefit as Michelle's. It felt wonderful. I could feel myself starting to come. I had to move faster. Faster still. I heard Michelle crying out as I came. My whole body went tight then relaxed as this marvellous glow spread out from the base of the Dildo.

Pulling out of Michelle I collapsed in a heap, panting.

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