tagErotic HorrorReturn to Haskell Street

Return to Haskell Street


It had been years since I left Arkham, and I truly thought I would never return, alas fate had a different plan for me, and I was shaking in sheer dread when I turned from the highway onto the exit ramp into the small college town.

First, introductions, of course. My name is Jonathon Phenning, and I was born in Arkham, Massachusetts, my father was a professor of archaeology, and my mother worked at a local coffee shop. I grew up slightly sheltered, Arkham is a small town after all, and my parents didn't allow television in the house. I spent most of my time reading or hanging out with my friends, although I left maybe a month after my girlfriend at the time, Beth committed suicide by slicing her wrists. The police would never let me know what she had written on the bathroom wall, which the rumors said she did. Her parents killed themselves as well just a few days or weeks after she did.

I wouldn't have come back, I hadn't planned on it at all, except for the fact that my best friend, Brian, had just been found dead in the woods behind my parents house. The way my father described it, he had been dissected. With a scalpel, my dad said.

The funeral was scheduled for that Friday, and I was going to stay a few days before and after with my folks.

I threw my empty cup of Shock coffee in my back seat as I pulled into Main St, amazed at how nothing had changed in the years I had been gone. I drove up Main Street, until it turned off onto Pleasent Street, and then onto Haskell Street.

I screeched to a halt outside number 3. It had burned to the ground, leaving nothing but its foundation. I quickly moved my car over to the side of the road, put it in park, and jumped out of the car.

3 Haskell Street had always been the "haunted house" of Arkham, rumor had it that the last owner had killed his wife and sacrificed his kid to Satan in the basement, kids would dare each other to spend the night alone in the house, and it had been abandoned and condemned since the Fifties, as far as I knew. It was such an enigma, such a dark spot on this otherwise pristine street, that it was disconcerting to see it gone.

I walked to the edge of the foundation, the basement walls were still intact, and there it was: A stone slab against one wall, stained crimson. I sat on the edge of the wall, and dropped down to the floor, and I heard a crunch. I moved my foot and saw that I had flattened a small plastic locket. The same kind Beth had worn. I had won it for her at some street fair in Boston. I picked it up and opened it, my mouth going wide. In it were two pictures on either side. One was of Beth, and the other was me, when I was eighteen.

I sank to my knees. Had she been here before she died? Or had some kid found this and just tossed it down here when they sickened of it?

Memories flooded me, bringing tears to my eyes. Beth. She had been my high school sweetheart, and my first love, and the one I had lost my virginity to. We had spent every waking hour with each other, and it pained me I didn't get to go to the graduation party with her and Brian. That was right before Beth started acting weird, jumping at shadows, and once, when she fell asleep in my arms had started talking in a low guttural voice in words I could not understand. To the best of my memory they were "Tak Sototh, Vindos Nul, Tak Sototh, Cthulu, Nul Vindos Tak Sototh." She would repeat those nonsense words until I would wake her.

I wiped tears from my eyes and looked up to see Beth standing over me, a ceiling above her head, rotting support beams behind her. The stone slab stood outlined in purple, writhing flames.

"My love." She said, but her voice sounded cold, flat.

"Beth?" I asked, my voice catching in my throat.

She smiled, putting her small, delicate hand on my shoulder. "I've missed you, I've been waiting for you." She helped me stand, and kissed me quickly on the lips.

"Beth is it really you?" I was in shock.

She laughed. "Of course it is, Jon."

"Where are we?" I asked.

"Tak Sototh, Vindos Nul, Tak Sototh, Cthulu, Nul Vindos Tak Sototh." She whispered into my ear, then gently bit my earlobe.

Her scent was intoxicating. I was getting an erection just by standing next to her, inhaling her. Even through the utter wrongness of everything in the situation, I was getting turned on. What in the hell was going on?

She kissed my neck, and any resistances I had, if any, were gone. Her kisses were cold and painfully hot at the same time, making me moan with each one. She sank lower until she mouthed my member through my pants. I grabbed the back of her head.

"We can't do this here," I said, pointing my chin at the slab, and looked around the basement.

She smiled up to me, her hand coming up to stroke me through the denim. "Would you like to go up to my room?"

I didn't know what she meant, I just dumbly nodded.

She laughed at my reaction, as the vertigo nearly made me vomit. I was now standing in her old room, in her old house. "This better?" She asked, unzipping my fly.

I sat back on her bed, feeling the familiar quilt with my hand. She engulfed the head of my cock in her mouth, running her tongue down the shaft. With her hands, she played with my balls. I moaned in pleasure, shutting my eyes.

"Johnny," She cooed, looking up at me. "Fuck me."

I stood up and took her in my arms, kissing her neck, while she helped me undress her. Her neck was cool, and her nipples stood out erect as I took each one in turn into my mouth, she gasped. I slid my hand down the front of her pants to find her wet and warm. She moaned into my neck as I fingered her slit, gently pushing her back onto the bed. I pulled her pants down and kissed down her body to her belly button, which I licked a circle around, then brought my tongue lower until it was at the top of her slit. She pushed my head down so I began licking the clit, fingering her hole. She smelled and tasted... odd. Not bad, just odd, like old sweet spices. Like cinnamon and nutmeg with a hint of cloves and something else that I couldn't think of.

The smell was a mixture of those and one that I couldn't place at the time, but now, yeah, there was an undertone of phenylaldehyde, but at that time, I wasn't thinking, I was in a euphoric state, my eyes were half-closed in pleasure, the shock of eating out my dead girlfriend didn't even occur to me.

She pulled me up, and reaching down, placed my dick at her pussy, and moved her hips. I obliged, slowly entering her, then began thrusting, as she tossed her head back and forth, moaning.

She was so warm inside it almost hurt, but I kept thrusting, harder and faster as she commanded. She arched her back and screamed out "Tak Sototh, Vindos Nul, Tak Sototh, Cthulu, Nul Vindos Tak Sototh!"

I put my hand over her mouth and whispered, "your parents will hear."

She raised an eyebrow after letting out a small moan. "My parents are dead."

That threatened to bring reality to bear, but she rolled herself on top of me and began riding me hard, putting her head against my chest as she thrust against my hard member. She started kissing me hard, biting my lip.

"Come in me." She moaned in my ear, "Come in me now."

That did it, I climaxed, filling her with my seed. I collapsed onto the bed


and kissed her deeply. She stood up, pulling her pants back on, but made no move for her shirt. I didn't care.

She sat next to me, gently playing with my softening member, until it began growing rigid in her hand once more. She licked it, and her tongue felt like fire.

Her eyes looked into mine, and they seemed to glow yellow. It was subtle, but the glow was there.

"TAK SOTOTH." She said, as she began sucking me off again, I threw my head back against the pillows


in pleasure.

"VINDOS NUL" She licked up the underside to the head, which she encircled with her tongue.

"I'm gonna come." I said, as she started deep throating me.

"Uh-huh." She nodded, and I blasted a load of semen down her throat. She took every drop, and swallowed with an audible gulping noise. She smiled at me.

As the sexual high left me, I turned to her. "What have you been saying?"

"What do you mean?"

I tried to repeat what she had said, but failed to pronounce it the same.

She laughed, throwing her back, spit flying from her lips, her laugh going from good humored to maniacal in an instant.

"Town secret." She finally said. "Now my pet, it is time for you to return to your car."

I started to protest, but she was gone, and I was lying with my pants down in the burned out basement of 3 Haskell Street. I clutched the locket in my hand, and getting dressed, made my way back to my car. I sat behind the wheel shaking in fear. I had just fucked a ghost. Came inside a ghost. And it had felt so real. Or one of the assholes at that Dunkin Donuts had put acid in my coffee. Beth had come to me as a ghost, sucked me off, and fucked me.

I started my car, pulled into the street, and drove the rest of the way to my parents.

That was seven years ago. My parents are now dead. I killed them in self defense. When I had asked about Tak Sototh, they had come after me with kitchen knives. I didn't mean to kill them, really I didn't.

Beth visits me once and awhile. She says she has been collected, and soon I will be too. I still don't know whats going on, but Beth's pregnant now. With my child.

Tak Sototh, Vindos Nul, Tak Sototh, Cthulu, Nul Vindos Tak Sototh

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