tagNovels and NovellasReturn To Pleasant Street Ch. 04

Return To Pleasant Street Ch. 04

byD.C. Roi©


The Thomas family lives on Pleasant Street, a few doors down from my house, on the corner. Their kids, Ronni and Al, Jr., have turned out pretty well. I wrote about them in my last collection of stories about Pleasant Street, remember? The kids are both good-looking and they've always been close, even for brother and sister. A few years back, I wondered if something might not be going on between them.

Ronni's married, now, and has a little boy, but she's still as slim and lovely as she ever was. Actually, what made me think about the Thomas kids is that I heard Ronni and her family are visiting her parents for a few days. Al, Jr., is home, too. Now I'm not sure anything was ever going on between Ronni and Al, Jr., but if there was, will they keep it up now that they have a chance to be together again?



Al Thomas, Jr., was headed for the bathroom to brush his teeth and get ready for bed. Getting in the bathroom had been a problem ever since his sister, Ronni, her husband Ken, and their son, Noah, arrived for a visit the day before. Wearing his bathrobe, Al headed down the hallway for the bathroom.

Just as Al got to the bathroom, his sister Ronni emerged, wearing a blue and white striped silk nightshirt and, he was sure, very little else. His sister was quite attractive. Her medium sized breasts, even though she'd nursed her son, were still beautifully shaped. He knew her nipples - when she was aroused - were large and protuberant. Her waist was trim, her belly still flat, and her hips curved nicely into well-shaped legs. Ronni also had fine, long, straight brown hair that fell almost to her waist and an extremely pert face.

Ronni glanced down the hall, then gave Al a kiss that curled his toes. "How are you doing, brother?" she whispered after the kiss ended, grinning at her brother's flushed face and heaving chest. "We haven't had a chance to get together like I hoped."

"Ah...no...I...I guess we haven't," Al croaked in reply. As a result of Ronni's kiss he had the start of a hard-on and his hormones were in turmoil.

"You getting ready for bed?" Ronni asked.

"What do you think I'm doing?" Al retorted.

Ronni leaned closer to him and tickled the part of his chest exposed by the open neck of his robe with her long fingernails. Her teasing caress caused Al more stimulation, something he didn't need, since he wouldn't be able to do anything about it any time soon.

"Well, I guess I better get to bed," Ronni said. She stretched and Al's eyes bugged out. God, she was gorgeous! It was too bad her husband and son had come with her, otherwise...

"See you later," Ronni whispered. Another quick kiss and she was off down the hall.

Al watched her go, turned to go into the bathroom, and walked into the doorjamb. He was going to have to watch himself. Ronni was acting as if she didn't care whether their folks and her husband found out what they were doing!

After finishing up in the bathroom, Al left the bathroom and walked to his room. He took off his bathrobe in the darkened room, then, naked, he slid into bed and got a big surprise. Somebody, a naked somebody, a naked female somebody it felt like, was in his bed!

"I didn't think you'd ever get finished," Ronni whispered. "What the hell takes so long in the bathroom? I was just about to go back to my room." Her hand slid down his belly and found his cock, which was still half-hard from the effects of her kiss a little while earlier. "Oh, yeah!" Ronni purred, "I like the way this feels! You're all ready, aren't you?"

Al was hesitant, but what Ronni was doing to his cock felt so good...

"I bet it's been quite a while since anyone's done this to you..." Ronni said. She threw back the covers and, before Al realized what she had in mind, had his cock in her mouth.

Fear of discovery was swept aside by onrushing passion as his sister's mouth began to slide up and down his rapidly stiffening pole. "God, I love how big your cock gets!" Ronni groaned, sliding atop him. She had his cock gripped in her hand and began lowering herself on it.

All Al could think about was how wonderful it was going to be to be deep inside his sister's hot cunt once again. His hips surged powerfully off the bed and he grabbed his sister's lean hips and held her against him as his hips rocked, causing his cock to lunge into her.

"God! You always make me feel so fucking good!" Ronni groaned softly, her breasts bobbing, her body quaking, as Al thrust into her repeatedly. "Damn! Oh, Damn! You have no idea how bad I needed this! I've been thinking about your hard cock ever since we got here yesterday!"

Al continued to ram his erect organ into his sister. All his pent up emotions were about to be released. He knew he would have a hard time coming without yelling and so would Ronni, so he pulled his gorgeous sister's face down to his and locked his lips to hers.

"Mmpphh! Mmpphh!" Ronni groaned into his mouth as her body went into a rictus of delight, her hips writhing wildly. "Mmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmm!"

Al moaned into her mouth, too, as his quivering body released a hot, surging flood, filling

Ronni's quavering hole to overflowing. His fingers dug into her soft flesh as he spewed his need.

Sated, Ronni lay in his arms after they finished and kissed him softly. "I really miss having you fuck me," she whispered, "You're the best! The absolute fucking best!" She kissed him again. "I better get back to my room. We don't want Ken to wake up and come looking for me, do we?"

"Ah...I guess not," Al admitted. He was satisfied, but he felt a little guilty. He liked his sister's husband, but he couldn't resist a chance to make love with her.

Ronni kissed him again. "See you in the morning, stud," she whispered. She slipped out of bed, put on her nightshirt, and left the room.

Al rolled over, turned off the lights, and fell asleep.


Al awoke the next morning looking forward to spending the day with his family. He slipped out of bed, put on his bathrobe, and went down the hall to the bathroom to take his shower. As he stood in the shower, he thought about what Ronni had done to him the night before. God, his sister sure was one hot chick!

As he stood under the hot spray, his head back, his eyes closed, he felt a warm hand slide around his hip, then down onto his cock. "Wha?" Al muttered and stiffened. It had to be Ronni. Nobody else would be this crazy! But where was her husband. It was Sunday, so he knew his parents were probably in church.

"K..." Al stammered. He turned and saw his sister's flushed face. "K...keep doing that, don't stop." Her hand continued to move, massaging his cock to full erection.

"I couldn't resist," Ronni murmured, letting her free hand roam over her brother's soap-slick body while the other one continued to pump his now-hard cock. "I saw you going down the hall. You don't mind, do you?"

"No!" Al groaned, his legs getting rubbery. "Not...not if...if you don't!"

His sister's lean, lovely body glistened with droplets of water. Her nipples were already hard and she rubbed them against his arm while her hand stroked him. It made Al feel incredibly good. "I...I love what...what you do to me!" he gasped.

"I'm glad. You know how I love taking showers with you," Ronni murmured. The contact with his body, especially that wonderful cock of his, was getting her very aroused, too!

Al had the soapy washcloth in his hand and used it to caress his sister's body. It wasn't long before she was gasping just as passionately as he was.

"God, Al!" Ronni moaned and squeezed his cock. "Nobody washes me like t...that! I...I love it!" Al's hand, moving insistently between her legs, had her about to melt.

Despite the pleasure she'd shared with her brother the night before, Ronni woke up horny. Since she knew her folks went to church, she begged off accompanying her son to his folk's house, claiming she had a headache. She was hoping Al would stay home, too, and she'd get an opportunity do something about the need gnawing her insides. She was in her bedroom when her brother walked down the hall. When she heard the shower start, she knew the opportunity she had hoped for was there. She slipped on her bathrobe, followed Al to the bathroom, then slipped off her robe and joined her brother in the shower. Things had gone more wonderfully than she hoped, and now...

Al liked this. He felt his sister trembling and knew she was close to coming.

"Le...let's get out of here, dry off and...go to your room," Ronni gasped, quivering. "I have to have you!"

"What about Ken?" Al asked. He still had some presence of mind and couldn't believe his sister was doing this with her husband in the house.

"He...he took Noah to see his parents," Ronni gasped. She tugged his cock. "Please, Al, come on, I need you!"

"Let's do it in here," Al said.

Ronni was thrilled by her brother's suggestion. She really didn't care where they made love, just so they did it, and soon! Al had her so close! She wanted his cock! She needed it inside her! She turned around and bent over, clutching the soap dish and one of the faucets for support.

Al moved behind her, grabbed his cock, and slid the tip up and down between the soapy lips of her gash.

"In me! Please, Al! I need you!" Ronni begged, pushing her lovely ass back at him. If he'd just stick that big, hard cock in her...

Al heard his sister's pleas and knew she wanted him desperately, but didn't comply...not yet. His fingers probed between her firm buttocks and her body continued to buck and quiver. He poked one finger at her tight little anus.

"Oh! God! Damn, Al, that feels so good!" Ronni groaned. She pressed back at him and felt his soap-slippery finger slide slowly into her snug nether opening. She couldn't get over how wonderful it felt!

Al was about as turned on as he'd ever been! He was finger-fucking his sister's ass! His cock got still harder. This was too much!

"Al! Oh, God! That really feels good! So good!" Ronni groaned, her body twisting and turning as her brother explored her nether opening. The lovely woman was ecstatic. She loved having her ass played with!

Getting his finger in his sister's bottom increased Al's level of passion to the point where he could no longer hold back. Keeping his finger in her anus, he guided his cock to her pussy, then slammed it home, his thighs slapping against hers. Powerfully, he drove into her, his cock plunging wildly, his finger matching the pace in her ass.

"Al! Gggaahh! Now! Now! Ohh! Ohhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!" Ronni cried as her body went wild. Her brother's dual invasion of her body gave her incredibly delightful sensations. All else was swept from her mind by overwhelming ecstasy effected by her brother's hard cock and probing finger.

"Uhh! Oh, yeah!" Al groaned as he hosed his sister's insides with powerful spurts of sticky cream. It was one of the most intense sexual experiences he'd ever had!

As their passion waned, the two siblings sank to their knees on the floor of the shower, warm water pelting them. They clung to each other until their strength returned.

"God, Al, that was incredible!" Ronni sister breathed as his cock slipped from her and his finger left her. "You remembered how much I love that, didn't you?"

"I sure did," Al replied. "You should have seen the way you came! Boy!"

Ronni turned and kissed him passionately. "God, you made me feel so wonderful! I...I've never felt anything as good!" she exclaimed. "You are quite a stud, little brother!"

Al grinned at his sister. "Are you sure it's 'little' brother?" he asked.

"You know what I mean," Ronni said and kissed him again. "Come on, let's get out of the shower, dry off, and go back to your bedroom, we still have at least a couple of hours before Mom and Dad get home. And I'm not sure we'll get time alone again."


Ronni had already left the bathroom by the time Al finished. He walked into his room and found her, still in her bathrobe, lying on his bed. He sat down on the bed and began to caress his sister's arm through her robe.

Ronni shifted position, moving closer to him. "Oh, Al," she whispered, "you're the only one who can really satisfy me, do you know that?" Even though she'd had a delicious orgasm moments before in the shower, she wanted him again. She found herself thinking about how it felt to have his big, hard cock spewing hot juices into her and got a funny feeling in her stomach.

"You always satisfy me, too," her brother replied, "Making love with you is better than it is with anyone else." He slid his hand into the neck of the robe.

"Oh, Al! Do you have any idea how good that feels?" Ronni crooned, her voice low. His touch always made her feel so wild, like nobody else could. He was so gentle, so careful, so concerned about her and what she needed!

"I think I do," Al told her. "Don't move." He got off the bed, shed his bathrobe, then he got back in bed, lying so his naked body was pressed, spoon-fashion, against his sister's. His hand

again stole inside her robe, found her breast, and moved to an already-erect nipple.

"Oh, Al!" Ronni moaned. She wriggled her wonderfully formed bottom against him. "You do know how to make me feel wonderful, don't you?" It felt so wonderful to have his hard cock, pressing between her buttocks!

As Al fondled his sister's breasts, he could feel her responding more and more ardently. His cock, once again feeling hard as steel, pressed harder and harder against her buttocks as she wriggled her butt against him. He managed to get Ronni's robe off and his nakedness came in contact with hers.

When she felt her brother's naked penis stabbing between her buttocks, Ronni murmured with delight. "Oh, Al!" She continued to rock her hips, making her bottom move seductively. "That feels so Goddamn wonderful!"

"Glad you like it," Al said. He slid his hand over her body and between her legs.

Ronni gasped. "Oh, God, yes, Al! I love the way you touch me," she purred. "You're so gentle!" She gasped again when his hand probed between her legs and found her clit. "Al! My God!" she groaned. Her body began moving insistently as her brother's fingers began to stroke her swollen, nerve-filled clit. "Oh! Ohh!"

His sister's frenetic movements did wild things to Al's cock, which remained delightfully entrapped by her firm buttocks. What they were doing might not be fucking, but it was damn exciting just the same! Al was pretty sure if they kept it up for long, he'd come that way and, actually, he wouldn't have minded if he did. From the way Ronni's body was moving, it was clear

to him that he was really turning her on! Then he knew for sure.

"Al! Oh, God! Oh, God!" Ronni's body went wild. "You're making me come! Oh, God! Oh, God! I'm cuming! Ah! Ahh! Ahhh!"

Ronni's wildly quivering body did wonderful things to Al's trapped cock, but he managed, somehow, not to come. He continued caressing his sister until her wild movements calmed, then he held her tight against him, his cock still lodged between her buttocks.

"God, Al, did I ever need that!" Ronni murmured, putting her hand on Al's, which was cupping her breast. "You're always so good for me." She tightened her buttocks around his cock. "What are we going to do about that?"

"I thought maybe you might have an idea," Al said and squeezed her breast gently.

"Well..." Ronni said. She laid one leg back over Al's, reached between her legs, and gripped his cock. "Let's see what we can do..." She guided his swollen organ to her sopping quim.

Al thrust forward and groaned with delight as his distended wand burrowed into his sister's quavering grotto. Heat and thrills swept through him.

"Yes! Oh, Yes!" Ronni purred, pressing back against him. Pleasure began to ripple through her when her brother's cock began plunging into her over and over.

Al thrust into her forcefully. One thing he liked about this position was that it let him do things with his hands. He squeezed his sister's breast, and his fingers toyed with the nipple.

"Take me! Oh, God, Al, take me!" Ronni groaned. Her body shook under her

brother's delightful assault. She felt his hand cover her pussy, then he began rubbing his thumb over her clit. "Al! Oh, God, Al! Yes, do it! Yes!"

"Oh, God, Ronni, I'm gonna come! Oh, God! This feels too good, I'm gonna come!" Al cried, feeling the launch of his orgasm. "Ahh! Ronni! Ahh! Ahh!" Powerful jets of his warm juices erupted into her.

"God! Al! Yes! Take me! Oh, God! Ah! Ahh! Ahhh!" Ronni cried as uncontrollable ecstasy roared through her.

"Do you have any idea how much I needed that?" Ronni crooned afterward, hugging Al against her. "God, you always make me feel so good!" She kissed him tenderly.

"I'm glad," Al said.

She patted his bare hip. "Much as I'd like to spend the rest of the day in bed with you, that's something we can't do, is it?" Ronni said. "Mom and Dad are going to be home soon." She kissed him, then got out of bed. "Are you going to come visit Ken and me this fall?" she asked. She grinned. "Noah's starting in a pre-school in September."

"September, huh?" Al said, smiling. "I think, maybe, I might be able to work something out."

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