tagNovels and NovellasReturn To Pleasant Street Ch. 08

Return To Pleasant Street Ch. 08

byD.C. Roi©


I have a new neighbor on Pleasant Street. His name is Hank Silvers. Actually, Hank's not new to Pleasant Street, he grew up on Pleasant Street, but he moved away a long time ago and became very successful in a computer-related business.

Five years ago, Hank came back for his high school class reunion and met one of his old classmates, a girl named Rosalie Burger - she was Rosalie Timmons before she married Ed Burger. If I remember she lived a couple of streets over when she was in high school. Anyhow, what wound up happening is kind of ironic, in a nice way.

Back when they were in high school, Hank, who was kind of a nerd in those days, asked Rosalie to go to the prom with him, but she turned him down for Ed Burger. When they bumped into each other at the reunion five years back, I think Rosalie realized she made a mistake in her choice of prom dates...and husbands.

Well, a couple years ago, Rosalie got divorced. Then Hank, who had also gotten divorced, moved back to town and he and Rosalie started dating.

I saw Hank the other day and he told me he'd bought the Jackson house, a big old home down on the corner at the other end of the street, but Rosalie didn't know it. He wanted to have it all fixed up and ready to live in before he told her about it, he said. I guess, from what Hank told me, that the Jackson place was always Rosalie's dream house, so Hank, who has more money than he knows what to do with, bought it for her. I wonder what Rosalie's reaction will be when she finds out what Hank did.

Hey, I just saw Hank's car go down the street a few minutes ago. And I'm pretty sure Rosalie was with him. Maybe he's going to tell her about the house today...



Hank Silvers was nervous about taking Rosalie to see the house. She'd told him many times that the Jackson house was her dream house when she was growing up, and that she'd always wanted to live there. When a real-estate agent Hank knew told him the house was about to come up for sale, Hank snapped it up before it got on the market.

After he bought the house, he hired a contractors to restore most of it to the condition Rosalie described, with certain concessions to modernization. It killed him not to tell Rosalie what he was up to, but he managed to hold off. He didn't want her to see the house until the work was done and it was furnished and ready to live in.

Rosalie knew something was going on, but wasn't sure what it was. For weeks, she believed there was something Hank wasn't telling her and that concerned her. Part of her was a bit insecure about their relationship, even though they'd been seeing each other for over three years. Then, just before he left her apartment last night, he told her there was something he had to show her, and that he'd pick her up first thing this morning.

Hank arrived early the next morning, still acting oddly. "You ready to go?" he asked when Rosalie greeted him at the door of her apartment.

"I guess so," she replied. "All though I'd be surer if I knew where we were going."

Hank flashed her a nervous grin. "You'll see in about a half an hour," he told her.

They walked to his car and he held the door so she could get in. Then he went around, got behind the wheel, started the engine, and drove off.

"Hank, what's going on?" Rosalie asked as they drove down the street. "You've really been acting strangely for the last month or so. Is...is there something wrong?"

Hank glanced over at his slim, blonde, beautiful former classmate and shook his head. "No, honey, there's nothing wrong, not at all," he told her.

"Then...they why have you been acting so secretive for the past month?" she responded.

"I guess it's because I was trying to keep a secret," Hank replied. He turned onto Pleasant Street and started down the block. "Remember Pleasant Street?" he asked.

"I always wanted to live here," Rosalie said. "You know that. I've told you how I used to dream about living in the Jackson house down on the corner."

"Hank...what...what are you doing?" Rosalie asked, looking at Hank, when he pulled into the driveway of the Jackson house. "Why are you stopping here?"

"Well..." Hank took a deep breath. "I...I thought you might want to see our new home."

Rosalie, not sure she'd heard Hank correctly, stared at him. "Our...our new...new...new home?" she stammered. "Hank, what on earth are you talking about?"

"Mr. and Mrs. Jackson moved to a retirement community in Arizona," Hank said. "I bought their house for us. I had a little work done to it to make it a little more presentable."

Rosalie was stunned. She had no idea. She felt tears welling up in her eyes. Hank was always so good to her, but he'd never, ever done anything like this! "Hank...I...I..." she stammered.

"You want to see if you like it?" Hank asked.

"I...I guess...so," Rosalie stammered.

Hank got out, walked around, and opened the car door for Rosalie, who got out, then stood there, tears rolling down her cheeks, gazing at the house.

"I...I don't...I don't believe this," she whispered.

Hank took her arm and led her into the house. He could feel her trembling as they walked up the walk to the front door.

Inside the house, Rosalie and Hank stood in the living room, looking around. Hank let go of her arm, moved behind her, and put his hands on her shoulders.

Rosalie leaned against him, still trembling. "Hank, it looks just like I remember it!" she said softly. "In fact, it's even nicer than I remember it! Oh, God, darling, it's perfect!"

"I'm glad you like it," Hank replied. "It's important that you like it, because I want it to be our home."

Rosalie turned and looked at him, her eyes moist and red. "Hank...is...is that...is that a...a proposal?" she stammered.

Hank nodded. It might not have been the most traditional proposal ever made, but Rosalie didn't seem to mind.

Rosalie turned in Hank's arms so she was facing him and kissed and hugged him fiercely. She loved the way it felt to have his arms around her and was thrilled that he had gone to such lengths to get this house for their home.

She looked up at him and once again their lips met. She felt desire sweeping through her and her tongue slid into Hank's mouth, seeking his. He returned the lingual caress and the sensations effected by the meeting of their tongues rocked Rosalie She felt Hank's embrace tighten.

"Wow!" Rosalie exclaimed when the kiss ended. She was shaking and could feel Hank's erection pressing against her.

Hank, too, was experiencing powerful feelings of need. He tightened his arms and pulled Rosalie into another passionate kiss. Once again their tongues dueled. By the time the kiss ended, Rosalie was flushed and, Hank thought, more beautiful than he'd ever seen her.

"Rosalie, I want you," he said softly. "I want to make love to you here, in our home."

Rosalie gazed at him, her emotions in tumult, hunger flooding her. Hank's kisses, as they always did, had excited her.

Hank cupped her buttocks, pulling her against the swollen bulge of his erection.

Looking directly into his eyes, Rosalie whispered, "I want you, too, darling!" She, too, wanted to make love in their new home for the first time! She shuddered.

Hank scooped Rosalie off her feet and felt her head fall against his shoulder, and her hair tickle his face. He was more excited than he'd ever been!

Rosalie rode in his arms, her arms around his neck, as he carried her up the big staircase and down the hall to the master bedroom. He gently deposited her on the huge four-poster bed, then he stood next to the bed, his chest heaving, his heart pounding, looking down at her as love for her began to overwhelm him. He took a deep breath, sat down on the bed next to her and began to trace her face with his finger.

As always, Hank's gentle touch thrilled Rosalie They'd made love many, many times, yet his tenderness still affected her powerfully.

Hank let his finger roam, exploring Rosalie's neck, and whatever bare skin it could reach. His soft, loving caresses bewitched Rosalie, who lay on the bed moaning softly, a look of delectation on her face. He unbuttoned her blouse and spread the loosened garment apart, then he began trailing his hands her chest.

"Please!" Rosalie murmured. She lay her hand on his. "Please, Hank! Please touch me!"

When Hank covered her mouth with his, Rosalie arched her neck, opened her mouth, and her tongue lashed his, thrilling him. While they kissed he tugged her blouse out of her jeans and slid it all the way off.

When the kiss ended, Rosalie lay on the bed, gazing at Hank, her chest rising and falling rapidly. He sat there staring back at her. The way Hank looked at her still embarrassed Rosalie. Never, in her entire life, had anybody looked at her the way Hank did, as if he was worshipping her.

"I can't get over how beautiful your breasts are!" Hank murmured as he observed the rapid rise and fall of her chest. He stroked one of her breasts lightly, then hand moved out toward her swollen nipples.

"Oh, God!" Rosalie moaned. Her back arched. "God, that feels wonderful!" His touch stoked the fires of lust brighter and brighter.

Hank was, as always, gratified by touching Rosalie. Her skin felt, like warm silk, he thought, and he loved the contrast between the soft skin covering her breasts and firm, her firm, rubbery nipples. The sounds his touch evoked and the way her body moved against his hands gave him immense pleasure. He bent his head and gently drew one of her turgid nipples between his lips.

"Oh, Hank!" Rosalie groaned. Her hands tangled in his hair and she pulled him against her. "Oh, darling, that feels so wonderful!"

Hank's lips traveled from one swollen nipple to the other, then back, and his lover's impassioned moans continued and her movements grew more and more clamorous. At the same time, he slid his hand over her belly and undid the clasp at the waist of her jeans. He slid his hand under the loosened waistband.

"Please!" Rosalie moaned. "Oh, please, Hank! That feels so marvelous! Oh God! It feels so good!"

Hank stopped kissing her breasts and, thanks to Rosalie's helping by raising her hips, managed to slide the jeans down over her hips. He slid them all the way down her legs, then tossed them on the floor. "I know I've said this before, but I think you are the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen!" he whispered, as he surveyed her unclad body.

Rosalie, elated by his comment, almost jumped off the bed when he kissed her navel. At the same time, his hand began sliding up and down over her legs. Thrills continued to course through her.

Hank continued to keep his pace slow and deliberate. Even though he wanted Rosalie desperately, he forced himself to slow down. He wanted to make this experience, their first in their home, last as long as possible!

Between Hank's kisses and gentle caresses, Rosalie was soon aquiver with passion. Every gentle caress, every soft kiss, added to her excitement! She felt his lips coasting over her belly, then his hand touched the silken, dampened lips of her vagina and the sudden jolt of excitement that caused sent her hips arching off the bed.

"Oh! That feels fantastic!" she groaned and pressed herself even harder against his hand. Thrills continued to roil through her. Her body arched and twisted as ever-wilder sensations rumbled through her. It felt as if he was touching her everywhere! "Oh! Oh God, Hank! Oh!" she mewled.

Hank was acutely aware of how turned on Rosalie was and began probing her juicy opening with his tongue.

Rosalie's groans got louder and her middle, pressed against his mouth, writhed frantically. "So good!" she groaned, "Oh, God, Hank! That feels so good!"

Hank's finger twirled and thrust and Rosalie's hips began a rhythmic response. She was totally overwhelmed by the exquisite sensations he was giving her! Her stomach churned as explosions of delight began to flash in her overheated mind. "God! God! Agghh!" Rosalie babbled. "Oh, Hank! Oh, Hank! Oh, Hank!" She was going to come soon, she couldn't help herself, she couldn't remember ever being this turned on!

Hank knew exactly how aroused Rosalie was and took her to the verge of coming, then he backed off and caressed her gently as she calmed down. Then he resumed exciting her again. Each time he did that, he could see her need rising to higher and higher and higher levels.

"Oh, God!" Rosalie moaned, twisting and turning, "Please! Hank! Hank! Oh, please! I have to come! Please make me come! Please!"

Hank bent and, while thrusting his finger into her, sucked her clit between his lips.

More exquisite sensations flashed through Rosalie. "Oh! Ohh!" she howled. Her insides felt as if they were going to melt and rush out of her. "Yes! Yes! Agghh! Agghh!" she cried, her body twisting and writhing. "That's it! Oh, God, Hank! Oh, God! I'm coming! Coming! Yes! Yes! Oh, God, yes!"

Hank kept working on Rosalie with his lips and fingers her until she lay still. When he knew he'd done all he could for her, he stood up, peeled his clothes off, then he laid back down, stretched out on the bed next to her and gazed into her eyes.

Rosalie smiled at him. "That was so lovely, darling, but what about you?" she asked.

Hank smiled. "I figured that would be the appetizer," he said, licked her juices off his lips. "I'm ready for the main course now. Unless, that is, you want to quit."

"You know I don't want to quit!" Rosalie said, reaching for him. "I want to have you in me!"

"I'm glad we're in agreement," Hank said.

Rosalie looked down between them, spotted his erection, then grasped it. It was so hard! And hot! It was throbbing, too!

A wild rush of pleasure raced up Hank's spine. "You better be careful," he said, his voice sounding strained. "It's cocked and loaded. It's liable to go off if you keep doing that!"

"Oh!" Rosalie giggled. "What's the matter? Aren't you always bragging about how much control you have?"

"If you knew how... turned on...I..." Hank gasped, "...am, you...you'd...Ahh!...you'd...Ahh!...you'd understand!"

"I want this in me!" Rosalie tugged on his cock. "I need to have it in me!"

Hank rolled onto her, his bulk pushing her against the bed, his hard shaft sliding between her legs. He raised his hips, reached between them, and guided the head of his swollen organ to her moist portal, then he lowered himself and felt his erection begin to slide into her.

"Oh, God, you're tight!" he groaned.

"Oh, Hank!" Rosalie moaned, "It feels so good! Oh God, does it feel good when you're in me!"

Wonderful sensations billowed through Hank as he slid slowly into Rosalie's cozy aperture. When he was fully embedded, he lay still, allowing himself to experience the delight rippling through him. Being in her was more wonderful every time it happened!

"Oh, God, honey, I'm so turned on I'm afraid if I move, I'll come," he exclaimed, and remained still, his cock deep inside her. After enjoying her exquisite grip on his erect penis for as long as he could, he began thrusting slowly again. He knew he wouldn't be able to keep this up much longer.

"Oh, darling! That feels so wonderful!" Rosalie moaned. "Oh, God! Yes!" She locked her legs around him and began thrusting against him feverishly, seeking the release she desperately needed.

"God!" Hank wailed suddenly, "Oh, God! Oh, my God!" Pulses of joy boomed through him as he exploded gob after gob of his hot cream into her.

"You're coming! I...I can feel you! Oh, God! It's so hot! It feels so good!" Rosalie cried when Hank's torrid sauce began splattering into her. "Agghh! Agghh! Agghh! I'm coming! Oh! Ohh! Ohhh! My God! My God! My God!" she cried as her body bucked against his.

Afterward, they snuggled in each other's arms, basking in the warmth and wonder of their shared experience.

"I can't get over it!" Rosalie whispered. "I...I don't know how you do it, but you always manage to make me feel so fabulous!"

Hank kissed her forehead. "You make me feel pretty fabulous, too," he told her.

Rosalie recalled something he'd said earlier, pushed herself up on an elbow, and looked down at him. He began to caress one of her breasts and she felt a delightful shudder race through her. "Did...did what you said when we first got here mean what I think it meant?" she asked. It wasn't the first time Hank had mentioned marriage, but he'd never been specific before.

"I said a lot of things. What part of it are you asking about?" Hank asked. He knew exactly what Rosalie was asking about, but wanted to tease her a little.

Rosalie looked at him. She wasn't sure if she was being teased or not. "I mean what you said about...about the house," she said.

"I said I bought it, I think," Hank said, and grinned at her.

"Hank! Come on!" Rosalie said. She shuddered. His hand, still sliding lightly over her breasts, was making it very hard for her to concentrate! "You know what I mean!"

"I'm not sure," Hank replied, keeping his face solemn. "What, exactly, did I say about the house that you didn't understand?"

"Hank!" Rosalie exclaimed, frustrated by his teasing. "You said something about it being our home, didn't you?"

"Is that what I said?" Hank asked. He realized maybe it was time to get serious. "If I did

say that, would you like that?"

Rosalie nodded. "Yes!" she said. "Of course I would!" She moaned unable to keep talking, because Hank, because of his insistent manipulation of her breasts, had wildfires of need burning in her again! She reached between them. "You're hard again!" she exclaimed.

"Ah, yeah, I guess I am," Hank replied. He leaned closer to her and began suckling her nipples, which quickly grew rigid and began to tingle.

Rosalie couldn't talk. What Hank was doing felt too good! He kept suckling her nipples and one of his hands slid between her legs and began to explore her there. Soon she was once again writhing and bucking beset by powerful feelings of hunger.

"Hank, I...I'm ready again!" she murmured. "Please, darling! I...I need you again!"

Hank rolled onto his back, pulling her atop him. "You can do the work this time," he said.

Rosalie could feel his rigid shaft, sandwiched between them, pressing against her belly. She bent down, kissed him, then raised her hips. When she did, his erection slid up her belly, snapped to attention between her legs, and smacked against her opening. Sighing, she guided him into her and lowered herself. As Hank slid into her stretching her and filling her, she murmured with joy. "Oh God, darling! I...I think you're in me farther than you were last time!"

"Could be, you don't mind, do you?" Han replied.

"No, not at all!" Rosalie replied. She started rocking her hips and felt his fleshy invader lashing her insides and exciting her. It felt so wonderful! "My God! Oh, Hank! Oh, Hank!" she exclaimed. Wondrous feelings boiled up from the point of their joining, thrilling her. She sat up

and, when Hank's engulfed her breasts and his thumbs began rubbing over her rigid nipples, she experienced even more thrills. More and more fervently she rocked her hips. Each thrust, each movement bestowed new levels of rapture on her.

Then she felt it beginning! She was going to come! She was coming! "Oh, Hank! Yes! Again! Oh! Again!" she cried, "Oh, I'm coming! Again! Yes! Yes! Oh! Yes! Yes! Oh, God! Oh, God! God! Yes!"

When Rosalie came Hank's orgasm boiled up inside him and his hips rose off the bed. "Unnhh! Unnhh! Take it, baby! Take itttt!" he groaned as his hot juices gushed into her.

Rosalie, more gratified than she'd ever been, collapsed on top of Hank lay on his warm bulk, and felt his arms encircle her. She rolled off him and stretched sensuously. "Ohhh, darling! God!" she murmured. "That was incredible! I've never been this satisfied!"

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