tagNovels and NovellasReturn To Pleasant Street Ch. 13

Return To Pleasant Street Ch. 13

byD.C. Roi©


Two doors down, on the opposite side of Pleasant Street, is the house that once was the home of Ann and Mike Connors. As of today, I guess it's just Ann Connors' house. At the market earlier today I overheard two of my other female neighbors saying that Mike Connors had left his wife and was living somewhere in New Jersey with his secretary, a skinny young blonde.

Ann Connors is definitely not skinny. I'd say she's the epitome of what some people - mostly on internet porn sites - refer to as a BBW, or a "big, beautiful woman." Ann, who I think is in her early forties, stands probably five-nine or five-ten, probably weighs ten or fifteen pounds over two hundred, and has auburn hair she wears straight and cut ear length. She also has an incredibly attractive, youthful face. She has a great personality, too, and there's something about her I find very sensual, although you have to look to see that aspect of her. I've always had the feeling she's a tiger in bed but, unfortunately, I've never had a chance to find out.

Ann has a brother named Vic who's a few years younger than she is. They're very close. In fact, I just saw his car go by my house. I'm sure he's stopping in to check on his big sister and, perhaps, to provide a little comfort to her during this crisis in her life.


Vic Warfield got two calls that totally changed his day. Both were about his sister, Ann. One was from his mother, the other was from his sister, who was sobbing so hard he could barely understand her. Both calls informed him that his brother-in-law had left his sister and for his secretary. Vic immediately dropped what he was doing and headed for her house. He was worried about how upset his sister sounded and he was furious at his brother-in-law, who he'd never liked anyhow, for hurting his sister, even though Vic was convinced that his sister would be better off without that "lazy no-good asshole." Vic had never been fond of his brother-in-law.

He pulled into the driveway in front of the garage, shut off his car, got out, walked up the steps to his sister's back porch, knocked, then opened the door and went inside his sister's house.

His sister Ann was standing next to the kitchen table. She was dressed in a plain Oxford-style man-tailored pale blue shirt and a pair of chino slacks. Her brown eyes were a red, and her hair was disheveled. It was obvious she was upset and had been crying.

"Annie, are you OK?" he asked. He walked over to his sister, who was almost as tall as he was, and pulled her into his arms. She buried her face in the crook of his neck.

"Oh, God, Vic," his sister sobbed. "He...he left me! Mike left me."

"I know, honey," Vic said. He put his arms around his sister's ample body and rubbed her back. "I heard. Mom called and told me. Then you called. That's why I'm here."

Vic held his sister and let her cry, but as he did, he realized something else, and his discovery troubled him. His body was reacting to having his sister's body pressed against it in ways a brother shouldn't be reacting to his sister. As he rubbed her back, he could feel where her bra crossed it. That didn't help his dilemma at all. He was supposed to be comforting her - and maybe he was - but, unfortunately, he wasn't doing much to comfort himself.

"What am I going to do, Vic?" she said. "I've failed at my marriage. I'm going to be alone now. It's...it's because...I...I'm so fat. I know that's the reason Mike left me for...for...her."

"Did he...did Mike tell you that?" Vic asked. Rage churned up inside him. It wouldn't have surprised him if his jerk of a brother-in-law had been that insensitive. "Did he tell you he was leaving you because of your weight?"

"Well...no...not...not exactly...but...but look at her...that woman he's with now...I mean...why else would he have left me?" his sister sobbed. "I...I've been trying to lose weight, but...but I...I just can't do it. I...I'm a failure. I'm a fat slob."

Vic continued to rub his sister's back and, unfortunately, it continued to have an extremely arousing effect on him. His sister did seem to be calming down. Her sobs didn't seem to be as wracking as they'd been when he first got to her house.

After a few more minutes of crying, she took a deep breath, leaned back in her brother's arms, and looked at him. "Vic...do...do you think I'm...I'm fat?" she asked. "Do you think that's...that's why...why Mike left me?"

"Hell, no, sis," her brother replied. "Ah...no...I, um, I...I don't think...you know...you're too...fat." He noticed that his voice sounded a little funny and hoped his sister wasn't picking up on that.

"You...you don't? Really?" his sister asked. She took a step back and looked at him carefully.

His sister's sudden movement caught Vic off guard. She only moved backward about a half-step, but it was far enough so that his hands, which had been on her back, wound up resting on the sides of her generously sized breasts. He pulled his hands away quickly. Ann turned bright red and his face got very hot. "I...I'm sorry, honey," he stammered, "I...I didn't mean to..."

"Oh, Vic, don't be silly. That was an accident," Ann said softly. She stepped toward him. "Please don't be embarrassed. What...what you were doing felt nice." Her face got even redder. "Rubbing my back, I mean."

Vic had no idea how to handle his situation. His sister was clearly upset because her asshole husband had dumped her. He'd come over to offer comfort, but wound up with a raging hard-on and no idea what to do about it. Ann said she liked it when he rubbed her back, but he was afraid to get close enough to her to do that again out of fear she'd feel his erection and hate him. Instead, he began stroking her arm. Her blouse was made of a satiny-feeling material. Touching her through it felt wonderful.

Ann smiled, closed her eyes, and sighed softly. "God, that feels nice," she murmured.

"Come here," Vic said softly, holding his arms open.

Ann took a step forward and Vic put his arms around her again. She nestled into his arms and he could feel her large breasts pressing into his chest. His throat tightened and his erection jerked in his pants. He kept holding her, but he held his hips back, not wanting her to know how his body was reacting to being against hers. The last thing she needed was to find out that he was some kind of sicko pervert.

Ann tilted her head back, looked up at him, and her lips parted ever so slightly. Without thinking, Vic covered her lips with his.

At first his sister stiffened in his arms, then she uttered a soft moan, relaxed and began kissing him back with a fervor that startled him. Their kiss grew more ardent and passionate the longer it continued. Vic's tongue caressed Ann's lips and, tentatively, her tongue came out, seeking his. Her arms slid around his neck and she pressed against him even more tightly, uttering a muffled groan into his mouth. Her reaction was totally unexpected to him.

When the kiss ended, Ann leaned back in his arms and gazed at him wide-eyed. Her more than ample chest was heaving and she was trembling as he held her. "What...what's happening, Vic?" she whispered. "We...we shouldn't be...I...I shouldn't be... Not...not with...with you..."

"I love you, Ann," Vic said. He caressed her face lightly with his fingers.

Ann continued gazing into his eyes, looking confused.

Vic leaned forward and covered his sister's mouth with his again. She uttered another soft moan and burrowed back into his arms. Once more their tongues lashed. Thrills shot through him. There were so many reasons they shouldn't be doing this, but that didn't stop it from feeling better than anything he could ever recall feeling.

Needing to breathe, they pulled their lips apart a second time and stood there, staring into each other's eyes, gasping for breath. After a few seconds, Ann moved against him and again their lips met in a kiss every bit as passionate as the other kisses they'd shared had been.

Vic was married at one point, but five years earlier his marriage of ten years had ended in a divorce. For various reasons he hadn't dated much and, in fact, he had not had sex with a woman for a little over a year. But he wasn't a novice at sex, either. Except for the past year, he'd always led a very active sex life. Just the same, it startled him to realize that no woman he'd ever kissed made him feel the way his sister's kisses made him feel. He gave up trying to conceal the fact that he had an erection, mainly because his sister was grinding her body against his while they kissed.

Gently, while they kept on kissing, Vic began urging his sister Ann out of the kitchen and into the hallway that led to the master bedroom located at the far end of the ranch-type house she lived in.

Ann stopped and broke their kiss. "Vic...what...what are you doing?" she asked.

"I don't want to talk about it, do you?" Vic responded. He was so turned on he could barely think and it seemed to him his sister was almost as aroused. He hoped she wouldn't snap out of her lustful state and tell him to stop.

She didn't. "Ah...no...I...I don't," Ann replied softly.

His heart thudded like a pile driver while, on shaky legs, he clutched his sister's hand and led her down the hallway and into the bedroom. Inside the room, they stopped and stood facing each other. Ann's eyes were closed, her breath rasped, and her chest was rising and falling rapidly. She didn't say a word Vic began to unbutton his sister's blouse. She didn't try to stop him, but she didn't help him. She kept her eyes closed, but continued to gulp air through her open mouth. He got the blouse open, peeled it down her arms, and dropped it to the floor. Then he ran his fingers lightly over the skin he'd exposed. Goose-bumps rose where he touched her.

"Vic...we...we shouldn't be doing this...we...we shouldn't," Ann whispered. "This...this is wrong...so wrong."

"Are...are you...are you sure?" Vic whispered in response. He wasn't. He continued running his fingers lightly over his sister's arms, shoulders, and bra-covered chest.

"Oh, Vic, you're...you're touch feels so nice," she whispered. "You're so gentle. So gentle..."

He opened the belt encircling her waist, then the clasp at the waist of her slacks and the loosened garment slid down her legs. He heard his sister whispered sigh. That left her wearing only bra and panties. She was wearing white utilitarian undergarments and looked extremely vulnerable, and that served to make her more desirable to her brother.

"Mike...he's the...the only man who's ever seen me this way," she murmured as her brother began to caress her trembling body. "Don't...don't you think I'm...my...my body's gross?" A soft moan escaped from her. "My...my body...it's...it's ugly..."

"That's not true," Vic responded. He slipped his hands behind her and undid the clasps of her bra.

Ann raised her hands to her chest and held the garment in place, looking at him uncertainly. "How...how can you...how can you...anybody...want me?"

"I can prove it," Vic said. He took hold of his sister's hand and moved it to his erection.

"Oh, God!" Ann moaned when her fingers touched her brother's erect organ.

Vic coasted his fingers down her sides, hooked the waist of her panties, and dragged them down. Then began caressing her bared bottom. Ann opened her mouth as if she were going to say something, but only a soft moan came out. He clutched her ample butt in his hands and pulled her against him while soft murmurs continued issuing from her. He could feel her trembling as he held her against him.

"I...I'm scared," Ann said, her voice very soft. "What...what we're doing...it's...it's wrong...isn't it?"

Vic kissed her. "Do you really think so?" he asked. "Do you really want to stop?"

"Oh, God, Vic...I...I don't know...I'm...I'm so confused," Ann murmured. "I don't know...what..."

Vic stepped back. She was still holding onto her bra with one hand, and clutching his erection with the other. He gently lifted the hand that was holding her bra away and her bra slid down her arms, baring her breasts. Vic studied his sister, who he hadn't seen naked since they were little kids and was pleased by what he saw. Her generous breasts did sag, but he couldn't tear his eyes from them. The nipples - surrounded by large, dark areolas - were thick and swollen. The skin covering her rounded belly showed stretch marks but that didn't detract from her appeal as far as Vic was concerned. Her hips were wide and her legs were thick. Ann's body was far from the kind of woman seen in "Playboy" but Vic was aroused by it just the same. He couldn't wait to explore it, touch it, and see what his sister's reaction was when he did.

He urged her to lie down on the bed, knelt on the mattress next to her, bent over her, and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth.

"Oh, God, Vic! Oh, God!" Ann groaned. She reached up, grasped his head clutched him against her. He moved his lips from one breast to the other, sucking and lashing each nipple while he massaged the other breast with his hand. Her body began to twist and turn and the intensity of her moans increased.

Without warning, her back arched and she began to wail. Her hands, tangled in Vic's hair, pulled at him so hard he was afraid she'd pull his hair out. His face was mashed into one soft breast while she quivered and moaned for what seemed like an eternity, then she went limp on the bed and her grip on his head relaxed.

Vic lifted his head and gazed down at his sister. Her face was flushed and here eyes were wide. She gazed up at him, looking bewildered. "Vic....you...you made me...I came...I came...just from you sucking on my nipples...I came..." she gasped. "That...that never...ever...happened to me...before. Not ever!"

"That never happened before?" he asked, surprised.

Ann shook her head. "Never," she replied. "Not from just having my nipples sucked."

"Did you like it?" Vic asked.

"Oh, yes!" his sister murmured happily. "It felt wonderful!"

Vic leaned down and began kissing her breasts again, while his hands began to explore the rest of her body. She arched her back, pressing her body against his caresses, then began to moan when his lips began moving down across her voluptuous body, onto her round belly.

"You...you really don't...don't think I'm too heavy?" she asked, her voice a whisper.

"I think you're the sexiest woman I've ever made love with," Vic whispered. He slid his hand between her thighs, onto her vagina. Her clit was hard and swollen and, as his finger brushed over it, her body jolted, as if she'd been given an electric shock.

"Ah!" she cried. "Oh, God, Vic! That feels incredible!" Her legs fell open when Vic began tracing the outline of her wet opening. He gently worked his finger between her silky-soft and her hips rolled upward, drawing his finger deeper into her. The deeper his finger went, the more powerfully her body responded. She was clearly seeking more of the penetration that was giving her so much pleasure.

"Yes! Do it! Oh, God, Vic, yes!" she cried as her body once again began to fill with passion and need.

Vic's lips traveled across her belly and arrived at the dense mat of dark pubic hair covering her middle. He continued kissing and licking her. He wanted to taste her, to know what it felt like to have his tongue inside her. He wanted to use his tongue to give her as much pleasure as he could. From the way she was responding, he had an idea that she'd never been properly made love to. It excited him beyond belief to think that he would be the first man and he wanted to show her how wonderful love making could be. He wanted to give her as much pleasure as he possible could.

She must have suddenly realized what he planned to do because she stiffened and put her hand on his head. "Vic! Oh, God, Vic! What...what are you doing?" she asked. There was a trace of trepidation in her voice. "Don't...oh, please, Vic, don't...do that...it isn't natural...it's, it's..." Her legs stiffened and she tried to bring them together, bit Vic wasn't about to be deterred from doing what he desperately wanted to do. Before she could stop him, he captured her erect clit with his lips and sucked on it firmly.

"Ah! My God, Vic!" Ann cried. Her back arched and her hips rose off the bed. Her clawed hands raked at the bed covers, then her body went rigid and she again began to quiver and wail. The sound of his sister's high, keening wail filled Vic's ears and he felt her vagina clasping his finger as another orgasm exploded through her body.

After his sister's second orgasm ended, he left her lying on the bed while he got up and stripped off his clothes. Naked, he laid down on the bed on his side, looking at her.

Ann rolled on her side so she was facing him and gazed at him, her eyes large and fluid. "I...I never knew...I never knew anything could...could feel like...that," she said. "But...but what about you?"

Vic put his hand behind her head, tugged her fact toward hers, and they shared yet another long, fervent kiss. After the kiss ended, he gently pushed her over onto her back, then he slid on top of her.

"Now," he said, "now we're going to share pleasure."

Ann had spread her legs when her brother rolled onto her lush body. Vic lifted his hips, grasped his rigid penis and swept the tip up and down between her slippery, warm labia. Then he centered it on her opening and slowly lowered himself, forcing the blood-engorged tube of flesh into her incredibly tight channel.

"Oh, yes, Vic! Oh, darling, please! Oh, God!" Ann whimpered. Her hands clutched his shoulders and her hips rose to meet his invasion, drawing him into her. The thrills he felt as he sank into her were incredible.

Ann's arms went around Vic and she pulled his face down, covering his lips with hers. "I didn't know making love could feel this good!" she exclaimed. She began to move her hips, trying to keep pace with her brother's hips as he thrust into her.

Vic thrust deep. He was super-excited and knew he wouldn't be able to stand the delectable grip of her tight channel for long. It thrilled him when he felt her body begin to quiver. He could feel her vaginal walls rippling along his erection. Those sensations, coupled with how wild he already felt, swept away what little control he had left. With a loud groan he felt his body spewing jet after powerful jet of his hot juices into her while waves of pleasure swept over him. His moans of pleasure and ecstasy combined with his sister's wails of bliss and filled the bedroom.

Afterward, more sated than either of them had ever been before they rested, snuggled in each other's arms. Ann began stroking her brother's back and she smiled at him. "I...I know what we...what we did...it's wrong," she said softly. "But..."

"Did it feel wrong?" Vic asked.

Ann shook her head. "It felt perfect," she replied, and kissed him gently. "Nothing has ever felt more perfect."

"Then is it really wrong?" Vic asked.

Ann kept caressing her brother's body. "I'm not sure there's any way I'll ever be able to return the pleasure you've given me?" she murmured.

"You're doing fine doing what you're doing," Vic told her. He rolled onto his back to give her better access to his body. What she was doing to him with her hands very felt nice. Her hand slid across his belly, into his pubic hair, matted and damp from the juices of their recent joining. She grasped his limp penis and Vic felt a pleasurable stirring deep inside his body.

Ann kept toying with his gradually stiffening penis and giggled softly. "It's seems smaller than I thought it was," she whispered, kissing his ear. "It...it felt so big when it was in me."

"Ah! You keep doing what you're doing and you'll find out how big it can get," Vic replied.

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