tagNovels and NovellasReturn To Pleasant Street Ch. 14

Return To Pleasant Street Ch. 14

byD.C. Roi©


Eric Workman lives on Pleasant Street and, like me, he's a writer. He's a freelancer, and does a lot of "personality" type stories about famous people. He generally writes about people who are prominent in various fields and who are famous because of the contributions they're making to society.

Lynnette Abrams, a prominent feminist, is conducting a seminar at our local college and Eric has an appointment to interview her. He mentioned to me a few weeks ago that he is supposed to do a piece on her for a national magazine and got lucky when she opted for the local speaking engagement.

Lynnette Abrams is a strident feminist, the kind of woman who is the epitome of "feminazi" as a famous radio talk-show host describes them. She's also incredibly attractive. To put it bluntly, Lynnette Abram is, unquestionably, a hot woman. And Eric Workman isn't a bad-looking guy. What do you think will happen when Eric has his interview with Ms. Abrams? Could it be that...?


"There are times..." Eric Workman thought as he sat in the motel room, "being a journalist isn't all it's cracked up to be."

He was scheduled to do an interview with Lynnette Abrams, a noted feminist who was in the area to conduct a seminar on empowering women at a local university.

The woman in questions, who was at that time pacing back and forth in the room, was quite attractive. Although she wore no makeup, her skin was flawless, and her face was incredibly pretty. She had close-cropped black hair and a slim build.

"I should have known they'd send a man to do this interview," she huffed. "I ought to know by now that I have to ask for a female interviewer."

She wore a linen suit, with a long plaid top with padded shoulders and natural colored skirt, which hugged her lower half and ended just above her shapely knees. A hint of lace top showed at the neckline of the jacket.

"I'm a freelancer and I happen to live here in town, that's why I was picked," Eric replied. He kept his voice calm and forced himself to sound apologetic.

"I suppose that means you'll report what I say from the male perspective," the feminist icon huffed. Her gray-green eyes sparkled as she spoke. "You'll write another of those sneering, leering pieces."

"She dresses pretty sexy for a feminist," Eric thought, making notes on his pad. He smiled. "I try to write my stories objectively," he told her. "I don't write biased pieces."

"Hah!" she snorted. "That will be the day that a man covers what I say properly."

Eric was getting exasperated. "Look, why don't you give me a break?" he said. "I'm just trying to do my job, here."

"There were no women who could have done this interview?" Ms. Abrams' tone of voice turned suspicious.

"Probably," Eric said. "But I was the one assigned." "This wasn't an interview, it's a harangue," he thought. He had half a mind to leave. "What she probably needs is a hard cock! Actually, she's pretty damn attractive, that might be fun!" Without realizing it, he smiled.

"Do you think I'm funny, Mr. Workman?" Abrams said, glowering at him.

Eric sighed. "No, I don't," he replied. "I was just thinking about something."

"What?" she asked. "What were you thinking about?"

"Nothing that matters," Eric said. He couldn't tell her he was thinking about fucking her. She'd probably deck him. "Why are you so paranoid about having a man interview you?" he asked. "Are you saying men are not as capable as women?"

The woman stopped pacing and looked at him. Surprise showed on her face. "I...I wasn't implying that," she said.

"Then what were you implying?" Eric asked. He no longer cared whether he pissed her off or not.

Ms. Abrams continued to look puzzled. "It...it's just that, usually, men don't understand my message, they..." she said.

"They what?" Eric asked. "They distort it? They make fun of you?"

"Well, yes," she agreed, looking at him. Her facial expression softened a bit.

"Is it possible I might not be like the other men who've interviewed you?" Eric continued. "Isn't it possible I might be able to conduct a good interview?"

"Ah...I...I suppose," Ms. Abrams said. "I mean...it...you might do...a...a fair job."

"And I suppose the fact that I was smiling might not mean that I'm laughing at you," Eric said.

"Well," Ms. Abrams said. Then she frowned. "I want to be taken seriously," she said. "What I've got to say is important."

"If you'd let me finish the interview, maybe I can find out for myself whether you should be taken seriously or not," Eric said.

Lynnette walked to the chair where Eric was sitting, bent down, put her hands on the arms of the chair, and looked directly into his eyes. "You damn well better take me seriously, mister!" she said. "And you better damn well believe my message is important!"

Eric couldn't help himself. The position she'd assumed allowed her the loose neck of her outfit to fall away, giving him an clear view of her lovely chest. She wasn't wearing a bra and he was able to see that she had very nice breasts, small, firm, and pointy.

Sweat started to bead on Eric's forehead and he shifting position, his slacks were suddenly tight.

Lynnette Abrams realized what he was doing. "Goddammit!" she snapped, "What the hell do you think you're doing? You bastard! You were looking down my blouse!" Her face red, she straightened, stepped back, and glowered at him. "You goddamn men are all the same!"

"I suppose we are," Eric admitted.

"You get a nice eyeful?" she asked. "I suppose you'd like to cop a feel, now?"

Eric had just about had it with her. "As a matter of fact, I wouldn't mind," he replied calmly.

The woman startled him by moving closer to him. "You're sweating," she said, her voice hoarse, "Is it too warm in here for you?"

Eric now had no idea what was going on. He put his pad and pen on the table next to his chair and stood up.

The woman stood there, hugging herself nervously. Eric, knowing he was taking a very large risk, took her in his arms and kissed her. He was shocked when Lynnette, moaning, pressed against him, and her arms locked around him. It wasn't the response he expected, but he liked it. It beat hell out of being slapped. He caressed her lips with his tongue. They parted and her tongue emerged, seeking contact with his. softly, tentatively at first, their tongues lashed. Eric cupped Lynnette's firm bottom and pulled her against the swollen mass at his middle.

Flushed and breathing hard, Lynnette leaned back in his arms after the kiss ended. She looked somewhat vulnerable, which made her even more desirable, and she appeared to be aroused, too.

Eric began to open the buttons of her jacket. She let her arms drop to her sides and the open garment dropped to the floor. The jacket gone, he turned his attentions to her skirt, which quickly puddled at her feet. Lynntte Abrams, noted feminist and advocate for women's rights, now stood in front of him wearing only a lacy camisole top and a pair of lacy thong bikinis.

Lynnette took a deep breath, then began tearing at his clothes. Soon all that was left were his underwear and socks. Eric led her to the bed and, before they laid down, he peeled the lacy top off, exposing her lovely breasts. She stretched out on the bed and raised her hips to help him get her bikinis off.

Stripping his remaining garments off, Eric joined her, and their warm bodies melded together. Eric was highly excited and wasted no time. He rolled atop her and her legs parted to receive him. His rigid penis was slid through her already-wet gash. She moved her lithe body sinuously, sending thrills coursing through Eric's body. Then she slid her hand between them, grasped his rigid pole, and guided it to her opening. Eric thrust into her and heard her exclaim her joy.

"Oh, God! I needed this! How did you know?" Lynnette asked, her eyes wide.

"Because I needed you just as badly!" Eric replied, driving into her, feeling her tight cavern clutching his probing shaft. The sensations were wondrous! Eric knew he couldn't hold back long, but from the way her body was to quivering, he sensed that she, too, was close. Her legs locked behind his and she thrust her pelvis against him urgently. Her arms locked round his neck and she pulled his face to hers. Their lips joined.

Wracking spasms shook her body and Lynnette moaned into Eric's mouth as her cunt walls rippled along his cock sucking his juices from him. He experienced a tremendous rush of pleasure as his fluids shot into her.

Lynnette began crying out ecstatically and her body strained powerfully against his when she felt his hot fluids gushing into her.

When they'd finished, Eric still lay on top of Lynnette, looking into her wide eyes. He bent down kissed her softly.

"My God!" she whispered. "I don't believe this!"

"I agree!" Eric said. "That was unbelievable!"

"What are we going to do now?" she asked softly.

"What would you like to do?"

The woman's reply surprised Eric as much as what had just happened. "I want to fuck and keep fucking until we can't do it any more!" she said and kissed him again.

"Sounds good to me," Eric said.

For a while, they lay in each other's arms, letting their bodies rejuvenate. After a while, Lynnette sat up and made a face. "I'm all sticky, I need a bath." She got off the bed and walked to the bathroom.

Eric watched her go. Though lithe, Lynnette's body was terrific! He lay in bed, thinking about her in the shower, then got off the bed and walked to the bathroom. Inside the bathroom he noticed that steam from the shower had clouded the bathroom, but through the frosted glass of the tub enclosure, he could see Lynnette's body moving as she washed herself. He pushed the shower door open. Her eyes were closed, and she had her head back, letting the hot spray pelt down on her, apparently rinsing or wetting her hair. She turned, opened her eyes, and jumped.

"You startled me," she scolded, grinning.

"I was wondering if you might need help with your bath," Eric said, smiling back at her.

"Oh..." she smiled. "Why not?"

Eric stepped into the shower, took the washcloth, lathered it thoroughly, then began washing her. Lynnette giggled softly when he slid the lathery cloth over her.

"Nobody's given me a bath since I was a little girl," she gurgled.

"You aren't a little girl any more," Eric said, his throat tightening. He still wasn't sure how they'd gone from her haranguing him about being a man to this.

Lynnette's giggles turned to moans when Eric began lathering her breasts. Her rigid nipples jutted through the foamy suds covering her perfect breasts. Eric slid the cloth down her flat belly, between her legs.

"Oh!" she cooed. "Oh, Lord! That feels so wonderful!"

Before long, Lynnette was shaking and grabbing at his arms for support. Her legs were trembling and she was breathing hard. Eric was "washing" her vagina, and her hips rocked as he did.

"You...if...if...you keep that up," she panted, "You'll make me come again!"

"So?" Eric asked, continuing the actions that were driving her wild.

"Mmmm!" Lynnette murmured, her hips rocking more and more urgently.

Eric paused to re-soap the washcloth. Lynnette moved her hands over her body. "Don't stop! Wash me more!" she said, her voice sultry, "Please! Wash me more!"

The soap squirted out of Eric's hand and fell to the floor of the shower directly in front of Lynnette.

"Oops," he said, "Darn, I dropped the soap."

"I'll get it." Lynnette bent down and reached for the soap. When she did that, her splendid bottom was offered to him. Eric slid his erection into her lathery cavern.

"Oh!" Lynnette gasped, "Oh, God!"

As hot water pelted them Eric grabbed hold of her lean hips and began lunging into her.

"This...is...Ah!...so...incredible!" Lynnette gasped, "I...I...oh!...don't stop! Oh, God! Don't stop!"

Eric had no intention of stopping. An orgasm was building inside him, tightening his insides like a spring waiting to uncoil in ecstasy.

"I...I...oh, God! I'm going to come!" Lynnette cried. Her body began to quiver and her moans reached a peak while another orgasm swept over her.

When his partner came, sod did Eric. Powerful, wonderful spasms deep inside him sent his hot fluids gushing into Lynnette's slim body.

Afterward, they stood under the pelting spray, clinging to each other until their strength returned. Then they got out of the shower, toweled each other dry, and returned to bed.

"I can't believe I'm doing this!" Lynnette whispered, clinging to Eric. She kissed him. "Lay still," she said. "I want to do something very special for you."

Seconds later, she was giving Eric one of the most extraordinary blow-jobs he'd ever had. His cock disappeared and reappeared in Lynnette's mouth as her head moved up and down. Shock-waves of delight coursed through him. His hips began moving in response to what she was doing. Her hands slid up and down his legs, adding to the excitement he was receiving. If she kept doing what she was doing, he'd soon he'd fill her mouth with hot, sticky fluids.

"Lynnette, I'm going to come if you keep that up!" he croaked. He shuddered as her hand moving onto his balls and massaged them, adding to the wild sensations about to overwhelm him. "Can't...wait!" he moaned, "I...can't...wait! Too good! It feels too good!" Unable to control himself any longer, he exploded, his penis pulsing, his fluids gushing out of it like water out of a fire hose.

When he began coming, Lynnette took her mouth from his cock, but continued to milk and massage the pulsing organ, evoking sensations so fantastic, so intense, that the pleasure Eric experienced verged on pain. She continued until his cock lay limp in her hand, then she looked at him, smiling, traces of sticky white goo on her chin. "Was that good for you?" she asked tentatively.

Unable to talk, Eric nodded.

"I don't know why I did that," she whispered, "I'm sorry, I thought I could...you know...go all the way, but I couldn't."

"It was wonderful," Eric told her. He pulled her on top of him. She kissed him and he tasted himself on her lips. He held her until his strength returned, then his hands began moving over her smooth, warm body.

Lynnette purred with delight. "Can a person die from having excessive sex?" she asked.

"Want to find out?" Eric asked.

She giggled. "That sounds heavenly!"

Eric's explorations of her form became more intense. She writhed when he took a nipple between his lips and sucked on it hard. Her hands clutched his head, pulling his mouth against her. His roving hands finally delved between her legs, feeling the wetness in her crinkly black pubic hair. Her hips rose, seeking his touch. Eric's fingers parted the silken lips of her labia and drove inside. Lynnette moaned passionately and her hips squirmed. She fucked his fingers while his lips alternated between her straining nipples.

Eric started kissing down her body, and she squealed with joy. Her hips continued thrusting onto his fingers.

"Yes! Yes!" she hissed as her body began quaking.

Eric found her swollen clit and sucked it deep into his mouth.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Lynnette's shrieks of delight reached a crescendo, her thighs locked around Eric's hand, and her hips gyrated in wild circles. After a while, her cries of ecstasy waned and she relaxed. Eric, his face smeared with her juices, slid up and embraced her.

Lynnette turned in his arms and snuggled against him, her firm breasts pressing against his chest. She smiled weakly. "Oh...my...God!" she exulted, "That was incredible! Everything you've done to me is incredible!"

Eric kissed her and their tongues dueled. After the kiss ended, Lynnette began kissing his chest, her soft lips stiffening his nipples. Her soft hands explored his body, sliding over his ass, making it tighten with involuntary spasms.

"Feel good?" she asked.

"Does it ever!" Eric croaked. His cock, risen again, pressed against her belly.

Lynnette rolled atop him, trapping his erection between their hot flesh. She began moving her hips, caressing his cock with her wet gash. "I need you! God help me! I need you again!" she gasped, grabbed him, and got him buried inside her. She began moving. "Oh, God!" she cooed, "I love this! I love it!"

Faster and faster her hips moved, whipping his cock whip around her insides. Judging from the flush spreading over her body, Lynnette was enjoying herself tremendously. Her moans grew more fervent and her body began trembling. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, yes!" Her slender hips went wild and her body began jerking.

Eric spewed hot jets of sticky cream into her, filling her to overflowing.

"Oh!" Lynnette murmured happily as they lay in a tight embrace afterward. "That was even more wonderful than the other times!"

"It sure was!" Eric agreed.

She snuggled against him. After a while she stirred, got to her knees, and took out his cock in her shaking hands. She caressed it, then, smiling at Eric, said, "I'm going to do

it! I'm going to do it all the way!" Bending, she took his cock in her mouth and began sucking, lashing his cock with her tongue as she did. Her hands milked his swollen balls.

Eric couldn't stop himself. Experiencing unbearably sweet spasms, he erupted into her mouth, groaning.

Afterward, Lynnette came into his arms and pushed him onto his back. They began exploring each other and soon Eric found himself growing hard again.

"Get on your knees," he groaned while his need rose once more to fever pitch. Lynnette rolled over and presented her lovely rounded bottom to him. He got to his knees and moved close, his cock slapping against her buttocks. He guided the tip between the finely shaped globes and rubbed the tip up and down through her swampy wetness.

"Put it in me! I want it in me!" she begged.

Eric once again buried his cock in her superb body.

"Yes! Yes! Oh, yes!" she hissed. "It feels fantastic, so fantastic!" She rocked back against him and his thighs smacked her lovely buttocks as he rammed into her. He could see their reflection in the mirror over the dresser, as if they were performing in an adult movie. Lynnette's body shook from the force of his thrusts.

"Oh, Jesus!" she exclaimed, "I think I'm going to come again!" Having said that, her body began to jolt, her moans turned to wails, and she again experienced yet another powerful orgasm. "Yes! Oh, yes! Now! Now!" she screamed.

With an incredibly sweet rush Eric's fluids coursed into the quaking woman.

"I...I think I'm...I'm fucked out," Lynnette said languidly as she lay in Eric's arms afterward.

"Me, too," he agreed, tightening his embrace, pulling her closer.

Exhausted, they dozed off. After a while, Eric awakened. Lynnette's back was to him. She stirred and her buttocks caressed his slumbering penis, which immediately began swelling against the lush, lovely cheeks. As it stiffened, it insinuated itself between them.

Eric wrapped his hand gently around one of her breasts began to massage the nipple. The motion of her hips grew more urgent. Before long, Lynnette was purring with delight and her buttocks were caressing his erect cock.

"Oh, Eric, this is wonderful!" she murmured.

Eric hooked her leg back over his. His hand slid over her belly, through her pubic hair, onto her clit. His cock protruded between her legs, so he grasped it and rubbed it against her slit.

Lynnette groaned and begged him to take her. Eric did, once more feeling the delightful grasp of her tight vaginal walls around his invading cock.

Their bodies began the ritual motions of love, thrills shooting through them from the point where their bodies were connected. Eric gently mauled Lynnette's breasts as he lunged into her, and quickly their passion rose to the bursting point.

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