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[This story does deal with women who are menstruating as well as with defecation, so those offended by bodily functions should proceed no further.]


Marcia and Linda, now that they were in their late 40s, had decided that it would really be fun to relive their school days. So they were even more excited when they saw the item online that invited women to attend a weekend school out in the country "that will permit you to return to when you were a schoolgirl—in all senses, since we believe in firm discipline."

The two women looked quite good as they neared the half-century mark, Marcia with her dark bangs and short fashionable wedge cut, and Linda, a natural red-head who still liked to wear her hair in a ponytail. Both women dressed as the relatively well-situated suburban wives they were, with both retaining pleasant figures and breasts that were right-sized (34B for Marcia and 34C for Linda) and did not yet sag, even when the women removed their supportive bras.

They had even heard rumors that one of the instructors at this special weekend school was their second-form school-mistress, Miss Haynes.

"My god, Marsh," Linda exclaimed, "if Melody Haynes really is there, you know that the two of us will be getting the cane."

"I'm amazed she's still involved, but I guess she was only a few years older than we were, although it seemed like she was ages old back then. But yes, I'm sure we we'll get it, Linda," Marcia responded with a grin. "How long has it been since your panties came down like she used to pull them off to wallop you?"

Both ladies were married but they explained to their husbands that they were going off for a "girls' weekend" and agreement was readily reached.

The acceptance letter from the school arrived soon thereafter and told them to bring several pairs of bottle-green knickers as well as white cotton ones and a plain white bra, as well as the prescribed school uniform, which each had purchased online.

"I couldn't believe how short the skirt is," Marcia smiled as she conversed in the car with Linda, who was driving them. "I tried it on and Ken came in, took one look, and told me he hadn't figured that the school meant for my knickers to be visible, so I laughed and told him that the school-mistress would likely see much more than just my knicks."

They arrived at the school in mid-morning, by 10 A.M. as directed, and a young blonde woman of about18 or 19 introduced herself as Diana Prentice and told them she would be their prefect for their stay at school. Although she was clearly young, Diana displayed a firm attitude and told both ladies to get up to their room and change into uniform "on the double." She told them to report to Room 204 when they were dressed.

Marcia and Linda giggled as they put on their skimpy uniform blouses and skirts over the white bras and knickers. They had brought the required school shoes as well—brown oxfords with buckles worn with short tan socks.

"Well, sweetie," Marcia said, "I guess we better head downstairs. We don't want to be late for the first class and get it right off on our you know wheres."

They had seen many other women in the hallways of the dorm but were surprised when they reached Room 204 to find about 20 other women, mostly their age or slightly younger and maybe one or two older than they were. And there, seated at the desk in front, was the austere vision they had not seen for decades, but still looking quite trim—and severe in a white blouse, grey skirt, and seamed hose, with pumps—and her dark black hair in an austere chignon—was Miss Haynes.

Miss Haynes stood and motioned to Diana to close the classroom door. She began her welcome.

"I'm delighted to see so many of you here after so many years," she began, as Marcia and Linda realized that these women had undoubtedly all had Melody Haynes as their teacher all those years ago when she had continued to teach at Victorine Academy.

"I will be asking each of you to recite, as we always used to conduct class," Miss Haynes continued, "and I will enter a grade for your recitation. I'm sure you understand that we will impose discipline as needed just as was the case previously."

Marcia whispered to Linda that she saw a thin cane on Miss Haynes's desk.

"Miss White," Miss Haynes said suddenly and sternly to Marcia, "I'm sure you understand that I have never allowed whispering while I was speaking to the class. Please step forward."

Marcia's legs were shaky as she rose with trepidation and found herself feeling like she had been transported back to fourth form.

Before she knew what was happening, Miss Haynes had told her to bend over the desk, which presented her bottom to the class. Then the mistress flipped up the short uniform skirt, exposing Marcia's white cotton panties. She could hear the women in the class take deep breaths as they saw one of their own being readied for an old-fashioned classroom punishment.

Miss Haynes then summoned Diana the prefect to join her. "Diana, please prepare Miss White—you may call her Marcia during her disciplining," she said rather matter-of-factly.

Diana stood behind Marcia's pantied bottom and rather unceremoniously put her thumbs in the waistband and lowered the middle-aged woman's knickers to her knees.

Marcia felt totally ashamed and abashed at being so exposed so soon at her age and in front of the class of her peers, just as she had been all those years ago when Miss Haynes had disciplined her in front of the class. She also felt herself getting very excited and probably was already embarrassingly wet down there.

"Diana," Melody Haynes said with a slight smile, "please see if Marcia has found this process exciting—even at this early stage."

Marcia grimaced as she felt the young prefect's fingers probe between her legs and feel her wetness as it exuded from her vaginal depths.

"Yes, Miss Haynes," Diana reported coolly, "she is quite wet in her crotch."

"Well," Miss Haynes said brightly, "we'll see if we can cure her of her tendency to misbehave. I do recall she was quite incorrigible when I first had her as a pupil way back when."

"Yes, Miss," Diana replied contritely.

With that, Melody Haynes, who was warming to this situation herself, picked up her thin cane from the desk and stood behind Marcia in front of the class.

She lay the cane across Marcia's middle-aged somewhat wide bottom and drew it back, then let fly a stroke right across the exposed cheeks that carried all the power that the veteran school-mistress had possessed from her earliest days back at Victorine. The cane flicked across the cheeks and quickly two tell-tale tram lines appeared on Marcia's bottom as she let out a shriek of both pain and surprise.

"Not sure you bargained for this, did you, Marcia?" Miss Haynes asked with a lilt in her Scots-accented voice.

"No, Miss," Marcia responded in a small tone, reverting instantly back to her fourth-form persona. "I'm sorry I disturbed the class and promise to behave from now on."

"Oh, I'm sure you will," Miss Haynes replied in a rather loud, slightly mocking tone. "That's what you'll hear from all of them, Diana, especially when you get them later down in Detention."

Miss Haynes then proceeded to deliver five more strokes to the top, middle, and base of Marcia's bottom. Marcia somehow held her position and did not jump up, despite the horrid sting of the cane after so many years since last feeling it.

After Miss Haynes was finished, she instructed Marcia to keep her skirt up and knickers down and kneel on the chair next to the teacher's desk, exposing her caned bottom to the class.

Melody Haynes next crooked her finger to summon Linda to the front. Linda was surprised but then heard the mistress intone, "You know that I always punish the girl who listened to the talk as well as the talker, so Miss Grant, you will be punished as well."

Linda was still shocked but quickly reverted to her old self as well. She lifted her skirt and bent over the desk. When Diana again was assigned the pleasant (to her) task of lowering knickers, the prefect was surprised to find a somewhat soiled maxipad in the crotch of Linda's white satin knicks. Diana pointed to the pad and looked questioningly at Miss Haynes. The prefect had some experience both at school herself not so long ago, and at these "weekend schools" where she found she enjoyed the privilege of disciplining women quite a bit older than she was.

Diana had a hard time keeping from smirking as she stared down at the soiled pad in the crotch of Linda's rather traditional pink Cacique panties. She realized that Linda not only should have informed the teacher that she was having her period but she should have changed the pad, since there were rather nasty-looking dark purplish clots on it.

"Ew," the prefect could not restrain herself from commenting.

"Linda, now you know that girls are always supposed to tell the Mistress if it's their time of the month when they are going to be disciplined, now don't you?" Melody Haynes inquired with a curl of her lip that Linda could not see, bent over the desk. Diana marveled at how matter-of-factly Miss Haynes dealt with a situation that even Diana felt must be excruciatingly embarrassing for Linda, a grown woman in her 40s with her own children. The prefect reminded herself not to be too censorious in that she herself was prone to wear a maxipad on the one heavy day she had during each monthly.

"Yes, Miss Haynes, I'm sorry," Linda gurgled in another girlish voice, "but I suppose I forgot that. I'm sorry."

"Well," Miss Haynes remarked rather off-handedly, "you know that it will not excuse you from your punishment of course. But I will allow you to insert a tampon so you will not be unduly embarrassed during your disciplining."

Linda's face turned red but she reached into her pocketbook and extracted a Tampax slender regular, realizing that the roomful of women was watching as she peeled open the wrapper and in truly full embarrassment took the tampon applicator and slipped it as quietly as she could into her very wet vagina. She then dropped the used applicator into her pocketbook.

Melody Haynes continued with the ritual of discipline without missing a beat.

"Now bend back over the desk, Linda," she said. Then the school-mistress stepped back, lay her cane on Linda's rather broad bottom, and let the whippy implement flick smartly across the exposed white cheeks.

Linda somehow kept her scream retained so it emerged orally as a loud moan. She was finding it harder as Miss Haynes kept striking lower on her bottom, aiming the fifth and sixth strokes right into the sensitive crease between the bottom and her thighs.

Finally, it was over and Linda was directed by Diana to get up on the chair on the other side of Melody Haynes's desk as Marcia had been, her knees on the seat and her frame bent over the chair back, exposing her striped bottom to the class, as well as the hairs poking out from between her legs and even around her crinkled anal rosette, besides, of course, the protruding string of the recently-inserted tampon.

Miss Haynes began covering the subject matter of her class, which happened to be British and American literature, while Marcia and Linda remained in the utterly exposed humiliating position of kneeling on the chairs with their bare bottoms facing the class.

Before long, there was a knock at the door, and a man of average height and sandy hair in his 30s wearing a boy's school uniform—complete with short pants—stood there and said he had a note for Miss Haynes.

Melody Haynes invited him into the classroom full of women only and bade him stand right inside the door, knowing he could see the two women's bare bottoms facing him from the chairs at the front of the class.

Marcia and Linda could not see that he was inside but their faces were already red as they realized a man was able to stare at their bare bottoms and possibly see between their legs, too.

Miss Haynes took the note, opened the envelope, and read it aloud:

"Dear Miss Haynes,

"The bearer of this note, William Morton, has misbehaved in my class, and as I believe he will benefit from being disciplined before a class of women, I am asking you to punish him appropriately. As for his offense, I caught him staring up my skirt as I bent over and he admitted to me that he had caught a glimpse of my panties.


"Anne Smithers (Miss)"

Melody Haynes looked up at William and told him to follow her to the front of the class. She quietly told Marcia and Linda that they could pull up their panties, drop their uniform skirts, and return to their seats, which they did.

She then crisply ordered William to unbuckle and lower his trousers and stand facing the desk. When he had complied, she stood behind him, pulled down his undershorts and told him to bend over the desk.

With that, she retrieved her thin cane, which was already getting quite a good bit of use, and laid it across his bare white bottom. She told him she would give him six of the best. Diana the prefect stood nearby, awaiting any instructions.

Miss Haynes gave the abject man six cutting strokes on his bottom with her cane. He was unable to resist crying out after the third. The women in the class were fascinated as he moved his legs and exposed his dangling scrotum and penis. They were also amazed at the ferocious strokes Miss Haynes applied to his bottom with the thin cane; she seemed to put quite a bit more force into the strokes than she had for the women.

When she was finished, she ordered him to kneel up on the chair next to her desk just as she had directed Marcia and Linda. William was barely able to restrain himself from bursting into tears so he quickly did what she told him.

"Diana," Miss Haynes added, "please check to see if William has spurted or is sporting an erection from this discipline."

When the girl reached around to feel William's cock, she felt that it was quite hard and had to stop herself from imagining it inside her now very wet vagina. She advised Miss Haynes that the man had an erection but had apparently not orgasmed.

"Good," Miss Haynes said. "I will not have boys misbehaving that way in this class."


Later that afternoon Marcia and Linda, as well as William, followed the instruction on the yellow discipline slips they had been given by Miss Haynes, and reported to the Detention room for further discipline. None of the three had much idea of what was in store, for they did not recall that there had been a detention punishment when they had been in school.

Soon after they entered the room, Diana Prentice appeared by herself. She told all three to stand, which they did.

"You have been sent to Detention because you misbehaved in class, you two—Marcia and Linda—in Miss Haynes's class, and you, William, in Miss Smithers's class," she said. "I have been given the responsibility of imposing further correction for your misbehavior."

With that, the tall blonde prefect pointed to the wall behind them where there were several places indicated for pupils who were to be punished to stand. She told each one which slot to stand in and then buckled the hand straps as each was facing the wall. Then she lifted the women's skirts and lowered their panties, while unbuckling William's trousers and lowering his undershorts.

She made a point of checking between Linda's legs to ascertain whether Linda still was wearing her tampon that Miss Haynes had allowed her to insert in front of the class that morning.

"I'm glad you have internal protection, Linda," she said as Linda grimaced. "It would be unpleasant were you to drip on the floor here."

Then Diana went to the closet and brought back a large martinet, with about ten leather tails. She began addressing the business end to the three striped bottoms facing her as each let out screams, in each instance because at least one of the tails had swept between the recipient's open legs and struck either the man's scrotum or the women's open labia.

Diana was already a very competent dominatrix in her own right and she prided herself on giving anyone she disciplined quite a going-over. She opened a console drawer and extracted three ginger figs and carefully inserted each into the three anal openings of the man and women being punished. It did not take long for each to begin to moan from the sting as the warmth inside their anuses brought out the stinging juices of the ginger root.

One by one, she released each of the three pupils and took each across her lap for a session with her trusty hairbrush. Marcia and Linda started to cry rather than scream at the sheer embarrassment of being placed across this girl's lap and given a childish hairbrushing punishment. They did appreciate the fact that William had been told to face the wall so could not see them so humiliated, although he could hear the hairbrush hit their bottoms and their moans.

Soon Diana had given each about 30 hard strokes with her brush and both women were nursing very mottled bottoms. Diana ordered them to pull up their panties and face the wall while she summoned William and applied the hairbrush to his less-padded posterior. The two punished women smiled to themselves, not daring to look at one another in the face for fear of incurring more punishment.

William realized that he needed to be very compliant because anything that he said would get him into more trouble and he would be even more humiliated in front of the women. He did wish he could have watched them get hairbrushed on their bare bottoms, but wisely decided that the glimpse he had gained of Miss Smithers's hicut undies was something he was paying for now with his bottom.

After William had been directed to return to the wall and retrieve his shorts and trousers, Diana came behind each and embarrassingly reached down into the anal cavities of each of the three and retrieved the ginger figs. All gave a collective sigh of relief yet each was horridly embarrassed to have anything removed by hand from their anal openings.

Diana carefully examined the figs and told Linda to come back and stand in front of her.

"Your fig emerged with some major smudging on it, Linda," she said quite openly as Linda cringed. "Do you need to use the potty?"

Linda hated to confess but her impending need to defecate made her come out with a truthful answer.

"Yes, Miss," she muttered quietly, "I'm afraid I do."

"Well, then," Diana continued, as if this were the most usual event she had to deal with, "we will have to let you resolve this little situation. You may lift your skirt, pull down your panties, and sit on that seat over there," she pointed to a toilet seat that was no placed as one might expect atop a toilet but was on legs and had a pottery bowl beneath it.

"Yes, "she added with a stern tone to her voice now, "you will use that seat and bowl and do your business right now if you want to be permitted to do so and please be quick about it."

Linda realized she had better comply with the girl's humiliating instructions and did just that, sitting on the toilet seat and straining to excrete her bowel movement. Finally she succeeded and she winced as she reddened yet again as she heard the long thick turd plop into the bowl. There was a toilet roll next to the seat and she used a few sheets, wiped herself, and put the soiled tissue in the bowl.

Then she retrieved her panties and let her skirt down and returned to face the wall.

This was the moment when Miss Haynes determined to survey the Detention and see that Diana had matters under control.

The prefect quietly reported to her all that had occurred, and Miss Haynes told the women that they could return to their dorm. She had William wait while she sat the desk in the corner and penned a reply to her colleague:

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