tagFetishReturn to "Weekend School" Ch. 09

Return to "Weekend School" Ch. 09


This story will make more sense if you read the earlier chapters. It does involve bodily functions as well as severe punishments, which may make some uncomfortable. If you are of this mind, read no further. All characters are over 18.


Melody Haynes, a retired schoolteacher in her early 50s, had been a mainstay of Laura Franklin's weekend schools at which grown men and women who enjoyed returning to their school days had the chance to re-enact that part of their life. Laura had hired Melody, as well as a younger schoolteacher named Anne Smithers, and the beautiful and youthful, Diana Prentice, who was all of 19.

Although Laura respected Melody, who had indeed been Laura's teacher some years earlier, Laura, who played the role of a prefect along with Diana at the school to mask the reality that she was actually in charge of the enterprise, felt that Melody had been overreaching. Melody had taken to telling Laura that some pupils had been scheduled for punishment at Assembly. Laura had also found out that Melody was making side arrangements for students to visit her at her home after they all returned from school weekends.

Laura forced herself to think about this some more and it followed naturally that she understood what Melody was up to. The older teacher was figuring she could gradually take over what Laura had created. Once Melody began seeing students at home, she would begin to schedule her own school weekends.

Laura called Melody into her office and told her that she needed to remember that Laura was indeed in charge of the program. Laura gave Melody a careful look-over and saw a well-groomed woman whom the French would une femme d'un certain age. She dressed well and looked attractive with shortish dark hair and a nice figure. Melody usually wore dresses or suits.

"I did organize this school, Melody," she said bluntly, "and I did hire you although you had been let go by Victorine Academy with a bad reference for apparently insubordinate behavior. You know that with that reference, you would be unlikely to be hired by other institutions. I like your classroom manner and would like to continue to have you here at the Weekend School. But you are not to assume any managerial duties here nor are you to recruit clients from our students. If you find this unacceptable, or if you think you can compete with what I've done, go ahead and leave."

Melody was annoyed by her former pupil's taking her over the coals and bringing up the ignominious departure Melody had made from her longtime school position. But she realized that she had to defer to Laura, which was not difficult since they shared so many views in common.

"I'm sorry, Miss Franklin," she said, addressing Laura with the kind of respect she assumed Laura wanted. "You are correct. I'm sorry for making it look like I was betraying your trust. So if you feel I would benefit, please feel free to correct me in whatever way you deem appropriate."

Laura was indeed pleased with Melody's response.

"Thank you for taking that position, Melody," Laura replied calmly, "as we all can benefit from correction when we need it. I will impose some discipline when we have the faculty hour later today. I hope you will appreciate that under these circumstances, it will need to be serious discipline."

Melody was mildly satisfied with the response and a bit worried about what "serious discipline" might encompass, but she smiled and told Laura that she would strive to improve her behavior in all respects.

That afternoon, when the faculty gathered for their afternoon sherry, Laura announced to the others—Anne Smithers, Diana Prentice, and Deirdre Carmody, Laura's aunt—that Melody had earned some disciplining, which would occur now. The other teachers were somewhat surprised, as Melody had been a constant in terms of her long experience as a schoolteacher who was quite expert in disciplining naughty pupils.

Laura then told Melody to stand and lift her skirt above her waist. The others had never seen Melody forced to perform the standard routines of disciplining at school, so they watched with great attention. Then Laura stepped forward and putting her thumbs in the waistband of Melody's full white cotton briefs, pulled the knickers down to Melody's ankles, slipped them off, and picked them up and lay them on the table next to her.

This disclosed Melody's early 50s bottom, which was a bit affected by her age in terms of its showing her years with the crevices and bumps that now appeared on its cheeks. All in all, however, Melody remained a good-looking, middle-aged woman with a nice face and figure.

First, Laura sat down on an armless chair in the faculty room and beckoned to Melody to come lie across her lap. Melody felt very humiliated at being ordered to assume the classic childish position for an over-the-lap spanking. But she did what she was told and the other women couldn't help staring at her broad bottom. Soon Laura was spanking the big cheeks alternately and the women were staring between Melody's legs as she spread them in a vain effort to avoid the increasingly painful spanks.

Now Laura reached down between Melody's spread legs and felt her furrow which had become quite wet.

"This little girl apparently enjoys being spanked," Laura commented drily.

Laura proceeded to pick up a thin cane and curtly told Melody to lean on the wall. She ordered Melody to spread her legs well apart, fully aware that the other teachers could now see Melody's hairy split on full display. Laura then proceeded to apply six stinging strokes to the older teacher's bottom.

The red tramlines appeared promptly and Melody could be seen as affected by the punishment which she had never received over her many years as a teacher. She moved to retrieve her knickers but Laura snapped the cane at her hand and she quickly withdrew it and placed it back on the wall.

"You were not told to recover your clothing yet," Laura intoned, in a voice which belied her years, as she was in her mid-20s.

"I'm sorry, Miss Franklin," Melody whimpered. The others were now quite amazed at how Laura had managed to subdue the sometimes haughty Melody.

"Lie back on the table, Melody," Laura continued as if this were the most regular thing to happen, "and hold your legs apart."

This definitely surprised the other women, as the 50-ish Melody now lay back on the table with her skirt up and panties down, and spread her legs so that the grey-haired pubic hair on her mons appeared as well as her prominent labia.

"You will lift your legs up and hold yourself open for disciplining," Laura said next, and the ferocity of that order made the other teachers tremble if only inside themselves. Melody was now in the most embarrassing disciplinary posture—the diaper position. She had her hands around her upheld legs and grasped her labia majora, holding them open to expose her pink vagina.

This also made the others incredibly wet between their legs, as they anticipated the severe punishment about to be imposed on their senior colleague.

Melody continued to obey the order by holding her prominent labia open. Laura picked up a very small felt whip and proceeded to snap it with a flick of her wrist right between the open labia so that it struck inside Melody's open vagina.

The impact was so intense on the sensitive female genital flesh that Melody could not resist screaming. But Laura proceeded to impose two more such terror-inspiring strokes. Finally she told Melody that she could release her grasp and lie down flat.

Then Melody was permitted to rise, retrieve her knickers, and let her skirt down. Laura then asked Diana to pour all of them schooner glasses of sherry.

Melody quickly dabbed at her face with her handkerchief and then formally thanked Laura for taking the time to discipline her. Laura then whispered in her ear and Melody blanched but proceeded to reach down and lift Laura's skirt. She then carefully lowered the younger woman's stylish pale blue hicut panties and bent over to kiss Laura on her nether lips.

Melody tasted Laura's excitement as well and Laura's wetness was smeared on her mouth when she emerged from paying this last tribute of her discipline.


Later that evening, Melody managed to recover a bit of her self-respect by accepting an invitation from Deirdre to visit her in her room for a touch of cognac. Deirdre had suggested to Laura that it might be nice of Deirdre to invite Melody over so that the veteran teacher, who was close to Deirdre's age, might feel she was still wanted and admired at the school.

Melody put on a new navy skirt and fresh blouse as well as stockings and a garter belt for the occasion. She knocked quietly on Deirdre's door and Laura's aunt welcomed her warmly.

"You know, Melody," she said, "you have so much more experience than I do, so I still feel that even at my age, I can learn from you about teaching. I know you may not wish to discuss it but I felt so much admiration for the way you took that incredible punishment from my niece."

Deirdre's warm words made Melody feel good and that she was still wanted at the school. She knew that Deirdre would not have invited her over had Laura not consented.

"Thank you so much, Deirdre," Melody responded. "I feel that a woman who is so close to me in experience and age would understand how I might feel after this particular experience."

"Melody," Deirdre answered, "I'm not certain I could have held up under what you endured. You are a remarkable person and I confess that your behavior earlier made me even more fond of you."

Deirdre had a very maternal manner. Melody found that the experience she had gone through made her let her guard down and she approached her newest friend, allowing Deirdre to open her arms and embrace Melody in a much-needed hug. Melody exulted in the warmth she now felt.

"Thank you so much for that, dear Deirdre," Melody declared.

"You're so welcome, and please call me Dee," Deirdre answered.

"May I call you Aunt Dee?" Melody gingerly asked, "even though by rights I know I'm not entitled to do that."

"Of course you can, Melody," Deirdre responded. "In fact, I'd be quite pleased if you did."

Deirdre then asked Melody if she would feel better if Deirdre softly massaged her bottom with some soothing cream.

"I'd like nothing better," the veteran teacher answered with alacrity.

She unzipped her stylish skirt and unhooked her stockings from her garter belt. Then she slowly pulled down her silky panties and lay across Deirdre's full lap. This was so different from when her punishment began across Laura's lap, she thought. She loved how warm and welcoming Laura's aunt was.

Deirdre positioned Melody so her bottom was right in front of her and dabbing her fingers in the cream container, started to rub the cream very, very softly into Melody's fiery bottom. Laura had inflicted a severe spanking as well as caning on the bottom and Deirdre needed to soothe it, especially with a light-fingered touch on the angry red tramlines left by Laura's cane.

Soon Melody was uttering little mewling sounds of pleasure from Deirdre's able massage talents. Deirdre decided that she might just provide a bit more solace. She let her fingers linger and move down between Melody's legs, with cream on the tips so that the fingers could very lightly touch Melody's sore introitus, the entrance to her vagina where Laura's whip had inflicted the scorching pain on the delicate internal flesh.

"Oh, Aunt Dee," Melody exclaimed, "that does feel good. Please keep doing that and yes, you can move your fingers around too."

Deirdre took that as liberty to let her fingers graze the very tip and only that of Melody's now very aroused and expanded clitoris. The fingers also softly and slowly moved further into Melody's warm and spreading vagina. Melody started moving her hips in rhythm with Deirdre's soft stimulation.

It did not take long before she experienced a powerful orgasm, something she had not known for quite some time. Melody was no stranger to vibrators and dildos, but this was different and she wanted to express her appreciation to Deirdre for it.

She managed to stand and then slowly crawled under the seated Deirdre's skirt. Deirdre rose and reached under her own skirt and pulled her white cotton panties down and off. Then when she sat down, Melody went back under the skirt and started licking Deirdre on her hairy mons and Melody's tongue moved down to probe at Deirdre's vulva, laving the lips and pressing for entry into the older woman's vagina.

Deirdre felt she was lucky to have been made love to recently by the much younger and gorgeous Diana, so she welcomed Melody's attentions, aware that she could enjoy and respond to them much as she would have when she was younger.

Melody now felt Dee moving her lower body and she responded by lifting Deirdre's stockinged legs up so that her bottom moved forward and Melody could now approach Dee's bottom-hole with her mouth. She lovingly licked around the anal rosette and finally teased Dee with her tongue poking in the middle of the small opening.

Soon Dee's anal opening began to blossom and open a bit and Melody inserted her tongue to rim her and then a finger followed. Dee felt herself about to explode deep inside from the anal stimulation. Melody was surprised at how good she felt tasting the older woman's anus. Dee obviously was a bit sloppy in wiping herself after she had her bowel movement but Melody was still in a strange place, following Laura's severe punishment and Dee's charming welcome, so she reveled in licking Dee's darkly-shaded bottom-hole.

The unusual anal stimulation took Dee over the top and she exploded inside and squirted from her vagina so that Melody's face was now soaked. As Dee came down from her delightful cum, she quietly assured Melody that she hadn't peed on her.

"You could've and I would've loved it," Melody confessed with a grin. Dee smiled in return and sat up on the edge of her bed. She pointed between her legs to her hairy quim. Melody understood at once and crawled between Dee's spread legs and fastened her mouth on Dee's muff.

Soon Melody felt a hot blast of pee out of Dee's little peephole and she savored it in her own mouth before swallowing. Now Dee followed with a long stream of hot urine that Melody continued to ingest. Finally it slowed and stopped so Melody proceeded to lick her friend's pussy nice and clean and dry.

Dee invited her to join her in the commodious bed that Laura had installed in her aunt's room. Melody shed the rest of her clothes as Dee also shed hers. They crawled into the bed together, held each other in their arms, and kissed deeply. It was so nice, Melody thought, to be with these women in general and this one in particular. She regretted having tried to undermine Laura and promised herself that she would prove her loyalty in the future as she lay happily in Aun Dee's arms. Soon both were asleep in a happy frame of mind.

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