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Return Visit to the School


This story follows on from 'The Morning After The Open Day' and links from a story written by djt_one called School Open Day. The story begins on the Open Day when Fiona visits a private school in the UK with her partner Tim. While separated from him her inquisitiveness results in a highly erotic caning by his Housemaster which makes her very aroused. Please read that story and others by djt_one which I think you will enjoy.


A few weeks after the weekend of the Open day, Fiona was taking a long, lazy breakfast with the Saturday papers. The doorbell rang and she quickly gathered her dressing gown around her before opening the front door. The postman had her mail together with a special delivery which needed signing for. He handed over a small envelope which was marked 'Private and Personal'. The name and address were handwritten in a clear hand, probably with a fountain pen if she were any judge.

Fiona hardly ever received personal letters, only bills and tax demands. Nearly everyone uses email these days she thought, wondering who it could be from. The postmark only indicated the sorting office from which it came. Tim, her boyfriend, called out asking what it was all about, but for some reason she didn't want to share this. She called back to him, closing the front door and putting the letter in a safe place to read later. Whatever it intrigued her.

Later that morning, having showered and dressed and once Tim had left to watch rugby with one of his friends, she retrieved the letter from where she had secreted it in a bookcase. Why had she done that she wondered? Her private life was still her own, but she let Tim in on most things. What was it about this letter that had her so intrigued?

And then she noticed. Embossed on the envelope was the motto of Celwood School. It was very discreet, with no ink, merely an embossed motto in the laid paper envelope. Tim would certainly have been interested to see that, but why was it addressed to her and not to him? He had been the one who had attended that school and kept in touch with some of his school friends. She took the letter to her desk and for once opened it with a letter opener, withdrawing a single, handwritten page. She sat down to read it.

Dear Ms. Fiona Jones

Forgive my intrusion, but I wanted to write to you following your recent visit to Celwood. You may wonder how I have come to find your name and address. It proved to be quite tricky, but my secretary managed to trace you through the address we hold for your partner. This took some time and I then had to establish your name. When I met you, I was not formally introduced, you may recall.

During your visit I surprised you in my study and was able help explain a little about how we use corporal punishment in this establishment. I recall that you were quite interested and indeed I was able to give you a very preliminary introduction. I know that this triggered something in you and you may wish to learn more and perhaps experience more (in private and with absolute discretion). Should you wish to do so, I should like to invite you to visit again when we can discuss further and I can show you much more. Naturally one has to be very discreet these days.

If you are interested to take this further I suggest that you contact my secretary Mrs. Nicola Page who has my complete confidence in these matters and who can make all the necessary arrangements. She will be expecting your call and is best contacted in the evenings.

Yours sincerely

Mr. G. Davis.

Fiona read the letter and then re-read it, a broad smile breaking over her face. What on earth was he playing at? The man was old enough to be her father. He had taken great liberties when she visited on the Open Day, taking advantage of her natural inquisitiveness. Not only had he shown her his canes, but he had even caned her and then touched her up afterwards! And she had let him, she acknowledged. Now the man had the cheek to invite her down again. Discreetly. The discretion was very interesting. She was grateful for it.

Her first instinct had been to put the letter straight in the bin, but instead she tucked it away again. She would do that tomorrow. It had brought back some powerful memories though and she smiled as she recalled both those events in his study and afterwards at the hotel with Tim. Somehow Mr. Davis had triggered something in her that had heightened her arousal for quite some time. She had become quite a slut she thought, recalling Tim's reaction when she had taken the plunge in the hotel and shown him the stripes that Mr. Davis had inflicted on her. She remembered too, her early morning run the next day and how it had ended up with her ex-army lover Mike. And then making love to Tim only minutes later in their' own room just the other side of the wall. Had all of that behaviour been triggered on that fateful afternoon? Well, in spite of that there was no way she was going back to Celwood she thought. Not with Mr. Davis in charge. He was old and a little fat, if somewhat grey and distinguished. She hadn't really taken to him, although she admitted to herself that the memory of the visit was still very powerful.

Over the weekend Fiona had kept herself to herself, even going out for a long walk on her own in the spring sunshine. She kept mulling things over. Even though she had already rejected the invitation in her own mind, she wondered what Mr. Davis had planned. And his secretary -apparently she was in on this too. She must know what was going on and possibly what had happened during the Open Day. That night she couldn't sleep. Although she and Tim had made love several times over the weekend she could not stop thinking about that weekend and how it had liberated her sexuality. She hadn't felt inhibited before, but without a doubt the experience had liberated her mind and her imagination.

By morning she had resolved that she had to call the secretary, if only to reject the invitation. Perhaps if she did she could put it out of her mind. Lay it to rest somehow. She needed to find some time for a private phone call.

It wasn't until the middle of the week that she had been able to get some privacy to make the call. She had poured a large glass of wine for courage and dialled the number Mr. Davis had given her.

'Hello -- is that Mrs. Page?' she asked as her call was answered.

'Yes...Nicola Page speaking. Who is this?'

'My name is Fiona Jones. I believe you may be expecting a call. Is this a convenient time to talk?'

'Yes. Yes of course. Please just wait a moment while I make myself comfortable and we can chat. Mr. Davis has told me a little, but I think it best if you don't mind if you tell me everything. Why you visited us on the Open Day? Why you happened to be in his study and exactly what happened there? And, of course, why you have picked up the phone to me? That must have taken quite a bit of courage.'

Fiona took a deep breath and described how she had come to be there. Her boyfriend Tim was an ex pupil at Celwood and had been telling her about Mr. Davis and the corporal punishment that was meted out from time to time. This had intrigued her. At her own school nothing like that had ever happened. Mrs. Page asked her if she had ever been spanked at school.

'Oh yes. Once or twice. But nothing very serious. That was what I wanted to find out more about. Tim is not really into it and I couldn't get him to spank me to find out. I had hoped this Open Day might act as a trigger. So when I got the chance to go back to Mr. Davis's study I seized the moment. I still don't know why. In fact I was just trying the chair out for size, bending over it, when he came in. I don't know how much he told you, but he was most charming. He showed me his canes. What took me by surprise was when he pushed me back over the chair and clearly intended to demonstrate them on my behind.'

'Did you struggle?' she asked.

'No. I didn't. I could not understand that afterwards. He gave me four strokes altogether and the last one was after he had taken off my knickers. I couldn't find them after so I presume he kept them.'

'And did it hurt Fiona?'

'Well, yes of course. I don't know how hard he caned me, but it hurt alright. And then somehow the pain eased and the situation took over. I found myself becoming aroused. I couldn't help it. Mr. Davis certainly must have noticed. When he had put the cane down he came and stroked my bottom and between my legs. I was soaking wet, leaning over the chair with everything on display. I thought he might fuck me there and then, but nothing else happened.'

'I see Fiona. Did you want something more to happen?'

'I was so confused and aroused I didn't know what was happening. I stayed there until he left the room. Then I began to worry about Tim. What would happen when he saw the stripes? Would I tell him or try to keep it a secret? How long would the marks last?'

'Well Fiona,' Nicola spoke slowly and deliberately. 'It sounds as if you enjoyed the experience. And clearly you were intrigued enough to respond to Mr. Davis's letter. You do realise that if you come down again then you will get more than four strokes? You clearly enjoyed the submissive role. You can expect much more of that if you are to gain from another visit. What I can say is that Mr. Davis is an expert with the cane. You will come to no lasting harm with us I can promise you. I have been working for Mr. Davis for several years now and also have experience. I am sure that if you are really interested then we can help you explore your interest.'

Fiona asked 'Does this happen often? I can't imagine that many women end up like I did'

'You might be surprised. We don't see new people every week, but occasionally former pupils will bring their wives and girlfriends just as Tim brought you. Normally it's because they are both interested. It's a surprise Tim is not interested himself but it doesn't matter. He need not know. I normally make all the arrangements and just leave Mr. Davis to his part. If it helps you reach a decision, I have caned girls myself while he taught me and I have also received the cane.'

Fiona interrupted 'Did you like that?'

'Yes. Yes I did. Like you I was surprised, but I did indeed like it, both giving and taking it. My ex husband did not and in the end we separated when I came home once too often with marks on my bottom. Do you think you will be telling Tim about this?' She asked, changing the subject.

Fiona hesitated. She did not like keeping secrets in a relationship, but this was a little different. She already knew she had strayed into that territory, but now she had picked up the phone she also knew she was going to go ahead with this adventure. She came to a decision.

'No. I don't think I am. Certainly not right now. This is part of something deeper that I need to find out about myself.'

Nicola spoke again, comfortingly 'I understand completely. That is how I began too. You will need to prepare carefully and find a time when Tim is going to be away for a week or so. Mr. Davis will be careful, but there will be marks and they take a little while to fade. Normally most people just come for the afternoon, but since you will be coming a long way I suggest that you stay in my flat with me. I can meet you at the station, we can have a light lunch in a pub and then prepare for Mr. Davis in my flat at the school. Just call me again when you can pick a suitable weekend.'

Once she had hung up, Fiona experienced a rush of emotion. She realised she was trembling and that her face was hot. Any thought that she might have had about not going back to Celwood and Mr.Davis had been dispelled. As she talked with Nicola she had become very aroused and was now was quite wet between her legs. Something about her voice was very involving. How old was she? Her voice was quite deep, husky, certainly sexy. Perhaps early forties she supposed. Fiona herself was now twenty five and she imagined this woman must be a bit older. What would she look like? She had liked talking to her on the phone.

Tim was going to be back later, but in the meantime she had to take matters into her own hands. She was visualising that afternoon at the Open Day as she was bent, helpless over Mr. Davis's brown leather armchair. The raw emotions of the pain, the helpless way in which she was displayed and the possibility that Mr. Davis might have screwed her right there gave her a tremendous buzz. Fiona knew that she was taking a big risk with this, but her decision was made. Her climax was both swift and very explosive.

Tim's job meant that he worked away from home intermittently, but it took a few days before Fiona could establish when he would next be away for more than a week. She realised that this would be important if she were to keep this visit a secret. His reaction when he had seen the stripes Mr. Davis had given her had taken Fiona by surprise. On the one hand he was clearly very turned on by what he could see, but on the other he clearly had no interest in spanking or caning her himself. She thought he would have loved to have watched. Probably would have loved to see Mr. Davis touching her, maybe even fucking her. And in the hotel afterwards it was he who had been very keen to make sure the hotel waiter and the chambermaid saw her naked. She would need to be careful how she managed this to keep it secret.

After checking through Tim's diary, she announced one day at breakfast that she had booked to go to a spa retreat while he was out of the country. Tim was actually quite pleased. It let him off the hook and he didn't have to worry about leaving her alone again. She telephoned Nicola again to make the arrangements for a couple of weeks ahead.

'That will be fine Fiona,' Nicola's voice was soft and reassuring on the phone.

'I'll meet you at the station. No need to pack much. I will discuss what you told me with Mr. Davis. We will make sure that you enjoy the adventure.'

Fiona had flushed at the thought, but the moment it was mentioned she knew she would agree give it a try. She used that as an excuse to herself that she needed something a bit smarter to wear for her 'retreat' anyway. Tim might have been surprised to see the new lingerie she bought and even more surprised that she had taken the plunge and had herself waxed. Normally she just had the bikini line done, but this time she went further, just asking to leave a little strip up the front. In fact she couldn't get things out of her mind. While Tim was out at the pub she had spent an hour on the internet and it didn't take long to bring up images depicting spanked and caned girls and men. Some of them were so extreme she could not bear to look at them. Others were more arousing and intriguing. She recognised that she was taking somewhat of a risk, but Nicola had been very reassuring. She felt she could trust her.

At last, the planned Saturday arrived. Tim had left for the States the previous evening and she had had plenty of time to get ready. The sunlight flooding through the curtains had woken her early. Fiona sipped her coffee as she tried to choose what to wear. She had already packed and unpacked her bag a couple of times. In the end, since the weather was warm she opted for a light summer dress. Since she was waxed smooth she didn't wear stockings. A little make up and a gentle scent were all she needed as she hurried out to the taxi on the way to the station.


Fiona had been preoccupied and could not concentrate to read her novel on the train. She had been trying to imagine what was going to happen, telling herself that she could still back out, still change her mind if she wanted to. Nicola had sent her a text to confirm that she was on the train and she had instinctively responded. She was going to go through with it if she could.


Nicola waved as she spotted her protégé coming back from the toilet. They were in the sunny garden of a pub, not far from the small town where Celwood School had been built. She's nervous she thought. Probably she's still trembling. When she had picked her up at the station she could see the young brunette hesitating as she made her way through the barrier to where she was waiting in her car. She hoped a chilled glass of wine might calm her down.

'You're very pretty Fiona.' She said, indicating the chardonnay waiting on the table.

'Dutch courage!'

'Thankyou! I'm going to need that.'

Fiona smiled and swung her legs over the bench to sit opposite. She sipped her wine enjoying it's steadying effect.'

'Nonsense Fiona. I will be looking after you and nothing will happen you are not comfortable with. As I mentioned, Mr. Davis is very experienced and we will make sure you enjoy today's adventure'.

Nicola took hold of Fiona's hand, stroking the back gently.

'Tell me more about yourself. I'd like to hear about what happened after you left Mr. Davis's study'.

Fiona blushed. 'It's all a bit personal Nicola.' She hesitated.

'I know. But I need to know more about you. I insist that you tell me.'

'Well. OK then. I suppose.' She took a sip of wine feeling a little nervous. Nicola had taken command and she felt compelled to do as she was told.

'After I left I was so embarrassed. I went and found a toilet and cleaned myself up a bit and then went to find Tim. I thought he'd be mad at me wondering where I'd been but he'd been chatting with someone and hadn't noticed. I was wondering what he'd say when he saw the four red stripes I had on my bottom. Anyway, eventually we finished up at the school and went back to the hotel. Tim didn't want to eat in the restaurant and I was quite happy with that. I took a shower and could still see the stripes, so I wanted to distract him a bit. I put on some panties and a negligee and came out of the bathroom to find room service setting up the dinner. Sure gave him an eyeful, practically naked with my boobs on show .

When we had eaten dinner and the room service guy had gone I got Tim in the middle of the room and gave him a blow job. I was teasing him about Mr. Davis and how he had shown me the canes. Then I said 'What if he did cane me then Tim?' and I turned round to show him my stripes. I don't know how I did that. It's not like me to be so daring, but his reaction was pretty positive. He bent me over and spanked me, quite hard, for a few minutes. I've never managed to get him to do that before or since. Someone knocks on the door and I'm thinking they've heard us. He lets the housekeeping woman in while I am there, practically naked in front of her. That almost made me come right then. He sent her for more towels and then started fucking me right there, knowing she would come back and see us. It made me so hot that I was waiting for her to come back so I could show off. I wanted her to see me fucked. I wanted a voyeur. It was crazy but I came and came again. And then Tim pulled out and came all over my face and hair. He's never done that before and it just seemed so slutty and dirty. I loved it.

Nicola interrupted her while their lunch was served and poured Fiona another big glass of wine.

'You liked that did you? Go on then Fiona. Don't tell me the night ended there.'

'Well. No. Not exactly. Tim seemed to be in overdrive. He seemed to have amazing energy and instead of being done after one or two goes, he came four times. It was amazing. I was a bit sore when we eventually got to sleep, but that was probably the best sex we've ever had.'

Fiona blushed as she paused again. 'It seemed to do something to me. Liberating something in me. I still can't believe how it happened, but the next morning while Tim was still in bed, I ended up getting fucked by someone else in the next room. He had heard Tim and I at it the night before. And that's not all. When I had finished with him I went back and fucked Tim again. I've never been so slutty, but it was delicious.'

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