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Imagine my surprise as I exited the men's room at our local grocery store only to be set upon by an attractive young lady frantic for someone to help her. "Please," she asked, "will you take my son to the restroom?" I glanced down at the youngster whose hand she was holding.

She explained that he was five and old enough to know the difference in the signage on public restroom doors and he now refuses to let her take him into the ladies room with her. The boy was standing cross legged and obviously about to wet his trousers.

Not wanting to take another person's kid to perform such an intimate function, I made a suggestion. "How about I stand out here by the door and keep watch so no other man goes in until you're finished with him?" I asked her hoping this was a good enough solution.

"Oh God, yes, thank you" she replied and scurried into the men's room with the boy in tow.

A few minutes of standing idle outside the door and the pair emerged. The boy was no longer dancing with the urge to pee and the mother was relieved an accident had been avoided. She introduced herself to me as Emma and her son as Henry. She thanked me genuinely and shook my hand.

Emma was a fine looking woman in what appeared to be her very early twenties. I figured she was a tad young to have a son of five but who am I to judge. She was average height, around five feet five inches tall and a proportioned weight. I'd guess she was one hundred thirty pounds or so.

Her hair and skin was gorgeous- there was nothing average about that. She had strawberry blonde curls that were shoulder-length and framed her face. Her skin tone was pale, almost milky white, with a dash of faint freckles across the bridge of her nose and tops of her cheeks.

She was dressed in sneakers, sweat pants, and a loose top that was too large for her frame. She looked overly casual, more dressed for working in the yard more than for shopping. Her natural beauty was a sharp contrast to her frumpy attire.

So, with a handshake, we went our separate ways. I was off to find a frozen dinner for my supper and she pushed her cart off with Henry at her side. I saw Emma again at checkout time. She was a few registers over and had her purchase loaded up in bags. She exited the store as I was paying for my frozen dinner.

I watched her as she walked outside, curious to see what kind of car she'd be driving but my voyeurism was halted when my cashier asked for payment. I completed my sale and glanced up but Emma and Henry were nowhere in sight.

Needing some stain and wood glue for a current project, I walked over to the local hardware store that was in the same strip mall as the grocery store and browsed the aisles for a few minutes. Being in no hurry since it was Friday night and as a bachelor, I had no place to be and no one waiting for me.

Once I had completed my self-appointed chores, I jumped into my truck and headed out of our small town store and toward the road leading home. Our town was small, about five thousand residents. It was a nice place to live and a bedroom community for most of the people and myself included.

The spring sky had turned cloudy while I had been shopping and it began to rain as I drove out of the parking lot. I was only a mile or so from the store when once again saw the young lady and her child walking at the side of the road. Both of them were drenched from the sudden downpour and Emma was struggling to keep her bags in one hand and Henry in the other.

I felt compelled to help them out so I pulled up beside them and asked if I could give them a ride. Emma looked most grateful. Her eyes spoke volumes about how miserable she felt walking in the rain. She was wet through and her clothing hung heavily on her figure. The shirt she wore sagged and stretched on her shoulders from the weight of the rain water it had absorbed.

I reached across and opened the door for her. Like a good mother, she got her son out of the rain and seated first, then put her bags in the floor board before she climbed into the cab. Wiping her sons face dry with her hands, she thanked me for the ride.

She jokingly called me her guardian angel and started to rattle of directions to her house. I knew the location in general terms and we started a polite conversation as I drove. I said to her that I knew most of the people in town but didn't recognize her. That began what turned into a very one sided conversation for the rest of the ride.

She explained how she had lived in Minnesota until about six weeks ago. That her online girlfriend had found her a job nearby and she had coaxed her to move south to Georgia. Emma explained she wasn't working at the time and had ended a bad marriage with her child's father six months ago so it seemed like a good time for a change. She confessed she had been wild as a teenager but now as a mother, she was more careful and made better choices for her and Henry.

She prattled on about her new job and the people she worked for and how much she liked the town and how she had a car but it was in the shop so she had walked to the store today. Before you knew it, I was turning onto the street where she lived. I stopped the truck in the middle of the side street but she continued talking about her life. She didn't notice at first that we were no longer moving.

It dawned on her where we were and that I was patiently waiting to know which house was hers. She looked up and said how sorry she was to have rambled on. She worried I would think she was a dingbat. She quickly pointed to the end of the street and said the last house on the left was hers.

I drove on and pulled into her drive way and under the carport. It still was raining and during the short drive, her son had fallen asleep. Emma asked if I could be a help one last time and bring in her bags while she dried off Henry and put him to bed.

She explained that he had missed his nap and the walk to and from the store must have worn him out. If she could get him in bed now, he would sleep the rest of the night. Before I could say yes or no, she had hopped out and lifted her boy from the seat. Off she went to the carport door and unlocked it with her keys, carefully holding Henry so as not to wake him. She disappeared inside without looking back at me.

I wondered to myself if this girl was always so trusting to let a strange man just walk into her home. I gathered up the few bags and followed through the open doorway. Inside, the home was small and the furnishing were plain and modest. It was decorated with a few pictures of herself and Henry. I found the kitchen and set the bags on her counter tops. Her kitchen was spotless. I had to give her credit, she might be a bit ditzy but she kept an immaculate home.

I stood in her kitchen waiting for her to come back and say thanks for the ride and goodbye but it was taking quite bit longer than I thought it should. I began to feel uncomfortable, like I was an intruder or something. I could not even hear her moving around in the small house which made the feeling even stronger.

I had decided at this point to see myself out the door without saying goodbye and I was almost to the carport when I heard Emma speak.

"Hey, where are you going," she asked? "That's no way to leave after you have been so kind to me today. I don't even remember if you told me your name," she said.

Emma had taken the time to change out of her wet clothing and towel dry her hair. This is the reason it seemed like it was taking too long. As I turned to face her after hearing her voice from behind me, my mouth must have been hanging open slightly. It was what she had changed into that caught me off guard.

Emma stood in the short hallway between the kitchen and the living room with her hand on her hip staring up at me with a slight wounded expression. She was wearing a Minnesota Twins baseball jersey, the official kind that the players wore in games. Under that, it appeared she was wearing only panties, if anything, as only her bare legs protruded from under the hem of the shirt tail with just a pair of cheap sandals on her feet.

"What's your name?" she asked me as she walked toward me and took my hand.

"Uh, Stan," I replied in a flat tone as she turned and led me by the hand back into the kitchen. I was trying hard not to stare at her bare legs and the curve of her ass while I walked behind her.

Emma was not just lovely in face but under that frumpy sweatshirt and pants, she had been hiding a stunning body. Her legs were long and shapely and the fitted jersey reveled an ample bosom and curvy hips.

In the kitchen Emma faced me and put a hand on my shoulder as she opened the door to the fridge.

"Beer or Bourbon?' she asked me.

She went on to explain that all the men she'd ever known since her teen years could be divided into two groups. Beer men and Bourbon men. A guy might drink both but if given a choice, he would always select one before the other she explained further.

So she asked again, "Beer or Bourbon, Stan?"

"Beer, please," I answered.

"Beer men are uncomplicated and I like that. They tend to be very honest and loyal," she said as she took a cold bottle from the fridge, opened the cap and led me into the living room.

I followed her to the sofa, turned and took a seat as she motioned for me to sit down. Emma sat beside me but not on the sofa. She sat in the floor at my legs and handed me the bottle. She began to talk like she had before on the ride here. Very casual topics and dominating the conversation.

She asked me about my job, how long had I lived here, what my hobbies were, you know the general chit chat one makes in polite company. Each time I answered a question, she would comment back about some aspect of my answer that she liked or what not.

I drank the beer as we talked for a half hour or so and as I hoisted the bottle to drain the last swig, Emma rose to fetch another one. I had figured I would just drink the one beer and leave politely but when Emma returned from the kitchen that thought changed to something else.

Emma sauntered back into the living room and while she had been in the kitchen, she had unbuttoned her Twins jersey. I mean she had undid every button from the neck down. She stood in front of me with her shirt opened and parted through the middle. I could see her deep cleavage and the curve of her breasts. I could see her flat tummy and navel. I could see the white cotton bikini undies she was wearing.

It was, by far, the sexiest thing I had ever seen. It was so simple and yet so damn hot. She revealed nothing really. I'd seen more skin on vacation at the beach. Yet it was how she carried herself that was so alluring. I was getting so excited by her that I was slightly embarrassed.

I stood up and stammered that I should probably go. That I was nearly fifty and old enough to be her dad. That I didn't want her neighbors to talk about a man being in her house alone with her. Emma stood quietly, listening to me rattle off excuses, handed me the beer and told me to sit down. I did as I was told like a naughty school boy caught by the principal.

This time, Emma sat beside me on the sofa. She sat very close to me and leaned in slightly as she spoke. I could not help but notice as she leaned in, her shirt front separated and opened wider. Emma's left breast was exposed to the point that half of her areola peeked out and her hardening nipple was visible.

"Listen to me, Stan," Emma began," We have been talking for nearly an hour now and not once have you mentioned a wife or girlfriend. You have been very kind to me today. If that was not enough to tell me you were a nice guy, you proved it when I came in from the bedroom after putting Henry to bed. I knew I was dressed very scantily when I put the jersey on and I did it on purpose."

Emma felt secure alone with me when I had not tried to force myself on her. That I didn't automatically assume the way she dressed meant she wanted to fuck. She went on to say she had been here in Georgia without a man's companionship since leaving Minnesota. She said Henry would be fast asleep for the rest of the night and she didn't want to waste this opportunity to get some cock any longer than we already had. With that, Emma leaned in and kissed me.

Her kiss was soft and firm. Her tender lips moved over mine slowly. She kissed my neck and then resumed French kissing me, her tongue explored mine and my cock became stiffer than I believe it had ever been in my life. Emma stopped kissing me long enough to slide her legs over my lap and face me on the sofa. Her firm young legs straddled my lap as she leaned in for another round of deep, wet kisses.

I slipped my hands along her waist beneath the open jersey and slid one hand along her ass and the other up her back. I pulled her closer and tighter against me as we kissed forever. When she pulled away from my mouth to catch her breath, I slid the shirt off her shoulders and buried my mouth on her tits. I suckled each of her nipples into my lips. Pulling and sucking firmly on one, while I kneaded the other soft breast in my hand, Emma moaned with pleasure as I attacked her large soft breasts with my mouth.

"How could such a small framed girl have such a large set of jugs," I thought to myself as I pleasured her breasts?

As if she was reading my mind, Emma leaned forward and whispered, "I am a thirty-four C cup. Do you like them?" I mumbled an answer the best I could with my mouth stuffed full of her flesh.

She rubbed her hands through my hair and grasped the back of my head in both her hands, arching her back she pulled my face firmly against her soft fleshy melons. She guided my mouth back and forth alternating between her left and right side nipples.

I couldn't believe what was happening or believe my luck. This beautiful young girl wanted me. She had been the one to initiate the sex, she desired me, and I had thought I was long past the days of such attractive young girls being within my reach. I couldn't believe how fucking hard my dick was at this moment. She gyrated her pelvis against my pants front. Rubbing herself on my stiff cock through the denim as I devoured her tits.

"Enough of this," Emma said out loud as she pulled my face from her breasts, "I want to see that big cock you're hiding down there."

Rising off me, she stood up and extended her hand. "Let's go to my bedroom," she said as she pulled me forward from my seat. I followed her to the back of the house. She peered in at Henry as she passed his doorway to make positive he was sleeping.

"Out like a light," she whispered as she shut his door.

"There's a bathroom and a hall closet between his room and mine, so you don't have to worry about being quiet. You can fuck the shit out of me and it won't wake him up. As a matter of fact, I want the shit fucked out me, I need it bad," Emma exclaimed as we entered her bedroom!

She closed the door behind us and flicked on the light overhead. Emma shed the baseball shirt as she stepped closer to the bed and it fell to the floor in a lump at her feet. Next, she slipped her panties over her ass and down her thighs. Lifting one leg then the other, she took the underwear off. Emma, now completely naked, did a little pirouette showing me the total package.

"You like," turning to face me she held her hands upwards in a questioning manner?

"My God, yes, you're amazing," I spoke back to her.

She was amazing too. Her body was perfect. She had a great ass, it was plump but not fat. Muscular and nicely shaped with a deep crevice between her cheeks. The curve of her smooth round bum flowed beautifully into the backs of her thighs.

Standing now instead of leaning against me, I could see her breasts were full and soft. Each puckered areola was dusky pink hued with a firm half inch nipple protruding erect from the center. Her fleshy melons pointed downward slightly facing the floor. Her tits dangled heavily, separating now where before they had formed a deep cleavage.

Emma stepped toward me. Reaching forward, she slipped my belt through the buckle and unbuttoned the waist of my denim pants. Pulling the zipper down, Emma peeled open the fly of my jeans and slid them downwards. I stepped out of the pant legs and freed myself of them. Emma took hold of my shirt and ripped open the front. I was thankful that I was wearing a cowboy shirt with snaps instead of buttons or else she'd have ruined the garment.

I wrestled the shirt off my torso while she jerked my boxers down my legs. My eager cock sprung loose and bounced up and down as she snatched the waistband over my stiff member.

"Sit on the bed," she said pointing to the neatly made up mattress and frame.

Emma took to her knees at the side of her bed and massaged my stiff prick in her hands. She admired my length and girth as she fondled me. I said to her I had always considered myself average in the penis department but Emma informed me that was not the case.

Emma began to speak in her rambling manner again as she stroked my meat. She claimed to have had her cherry busted when she was fourteen and she'd sucked and fucked a lot of cocks ever since. She assured me she knew a big dick from a small one and that mine was large.

She said she didn't consider herself a slut or a whore because she liked to fuck. She considered herself as just being honest with her needs. I'm sure other women like to fuck as much as I do they just don't have the guts to act on their own passions.

With those words said, Emma plunged her mouth over my cock and began to suck the life out of it. Her head bobbed up and down furiously. She twisted her head left and right alternating in direction as she pumped her mouth up and down my shaft.

Her mouth was warm and soft and her tongue firmly pressed against the large vein along the underneath of my shaft. Her skills were the best I'd ever experienced. It had been a while since I had scored with a woman and Emma was quickly getting me to the point of orgasm.

"Oh God, Emma, I'm gonna cum" I said out loud, "Can I cum in your mouth?"

Emma responded to me by answering with what felt like humming from her throat, "uhhh huhhh."

Her pace was so fast I couldn't hold out for very long. I didn't want to cum so quickly but it was inevitable. My cock began to throb in her mouth and then my nuts erupted. I dumped a big load of my semen into her mouth and she swallowed every drop. My orgasm was so intense it made me light headed.

Even as my cock withered flaccid, she kept licking and sucking. Trying to get one more morsel of my seed, she pulled her fingers along my limp shaft like she was milking it. Emma licked her lips and described how much she loved the taste of semen. She rambled on about the first cock she sucked and how awkward it was but after her boyfriend blew a load in her mouth, she was hooked on giving head.

She went onto talk for a bit about how she could understand about a guy being gay cause if they loved sucking cock the way she did, it would be a damn shame to waste that skill. I lay back on her bed exhausted from my orgasm as she talked. Without breaking conversation, she climbed up beside me on her bed and began to pull and jerk my cock back to life.

Emma lay her head on my chest as she fondled my slowly growing penis. Stroking and pulling on my cock, she began to speak, imitating a little girl's voice, as she did. She told me that there was much more of that sticky candy to come out of my big cock and she wanted it all. Laying her head on my chest she tongued my nipples when she wasn't speaking. The feeling was overwhelming and quickened my cock's erection.

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