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Returning Home


As Emily disembarked her train, she stood there looking around amazed at how her town had changed so much in the four years she had been away at Catholic school. Her parents had sent her away for fear of having her get pregnant or running around with the wrong crowd and getting mixed up with drugs or drinking. How naive they were Emily thought as she remembered night of her friends sneaking boys back into the dorm and also the liquor they had kept hidden above their ceiling panel in their common room.

Emily had been a shy girl with braces when left, her hair had been tangled all the time and she had been 14 years old. She had worn glasses that she swore made her look stupid and not been allowed to pierce her ears or use any make-up whatsoever. Times had changed she thought as she walked through the train terminal. It was really nice to come home but sad as well.

Her parents had been on a plane that had gone down over the ocean earlier this year right after their holiday visit and she was now left with her older brother to take care of her. Well that and the huge trust fund her parents had set up for her and Chad. The only difference now was the trust funds they both had were four times the size they had been before if not more after their death. They had no outstanding bills or debts and had been able to save most of their lives and they had just sold their company, a sporting goods manufacturer when their plane had gone down.

Emily looked around and spotted her brother, he was tall, dark haired and handsome, just as she had remembered, only a bit more refined and mature now that he had been on his own for six months. Chad had been extremely intelligent and helped his father work the deal that had allowed their parents to retire with a golden parachute before they had both hit fifty.

Chad watched as the passengers stepped off the train, his sister had grown up tremendously he knew that from her pictures but he still hadn't seen her in nearly four years. She had been sent to Catholic school by their parents in hopes that she wouldn't get into the same trouble her mother and brother both had. Their parents had also hoped that once she had weathered these tough years she would come back prepared for college, that and the prayer that when she returned she wouldn't be as mousy and fearful of her outward appearance.

As Emily stepped off and looked around Chad wasn't quite sure this was the same plain girl that had left home four years ago. She hadn't returned since her parents had forced her to go to the Academy, resenting being sent she made her time there to the best and spent all her holidays either on campus or going home with various friends. She had vowed to Chad and her parents that she wouldn't come home until she was done with school and that was just what she had done. She hadn't even returned home for the ceremony and burial of the caskets that didn't hold her parents remains, she had just stayed in school and worked even harder striving to be the best she could be and not giving in to the grief she felt.

Chad walked towards her reaching out to embrace her, "Emily, my little ugly duckling sister has come back a beautiful swan princess," he teased.

"Oh Chad," she giggled, hugging him, "I missed you so much and was tempted to give in and come home so many times over holidays in spite of that silly vow I made to our parents, you and myself."

"Well, none of it matters now honey, you're home, what you do from here on out is your choice," he told her.

Emily smiled and gave him one final big squeeze before heading off with him to his car. Once they got in he informed her he was having a welcome home party tonight in her honor. He told her how their would be numerous old school friends that had just graduated a few days ago as well and how she would be the center of attention.

"Fine, brother of mine, but don't start going overboard, we need to remember that I'm not an adult yet and I don't need to begin going crazy now that school is over and we are on our own with gigantic trust funds. I can't believe that I never will have to work a day in my life if I don't want to, it really hasn't sunk in yet."

"I know sis, me either, the house mom and dad bought a few years ago is much to large now, it was even when they bought it but having only myself and a few servants in the house just makes it seem unbearable."

They talked on the way home about life in general and all the changes she had gone through. She had blossomed early on the summer she had been sent to school, her breasts larger than most girls her age and her hips gained that womanly swell that seemed to excite all the boys. She had gotten contacts and highlighted her hair, which was at the moment swept up in a ponytail and her bangs feathered just a bit. Her ears were pierced as well and she had gotten the braces taken off. Not to mention the self confidence she gained while she had been at the academy. It was all a matter of personal choice she had learned, it just depended on how you chose to present yourself to those around you.

Chad told her about his life in college and how he had gone to work for their parents the last two years before showing their father that if he sold when the company was at it's peak he and their mother could retire and not have anything to worry about ever. Their father had taken a look at the proposal that Chad had drawn up and immediately decided to sell and get out before the market decided to change abruptly as it had before.

They also briefly talked about their sex life or lack there of on Emily's part, "Well Chad, you see being in an all girl school and looking like I used to up until the beginning of this year, I didn't date at all. I didn't even date when I got all that stuff taken off and fixed. It just never appealed to me. I mean if none of the guys around there noticed me before when I was plain then I wouldn't let them have the pleasure of enjoying the new me."

"I understand," Chad said with a sly grin having evil thoughts of his sister and her little Catholic schoolgirl friends, "I know that you were shy before and then if you didn't get all that stuff fixed until this year your not giving in to guys wanting dates is understandable. Besides that proves that they only wanted one thing honey, and that's what's between your legs."

Emily was amazed that her brother sympathized with her but also relieved that she didn't have to pretend for him or be something she no longer was. She was confident now knowing that she was attractive and capable of pulling the boys looks whenever she wanted. Chad told her to make sure she was careful that night when the party started because undoubtedly there would be boys trying to get into her panties.

"Whose to say I might not let them," Emily chuckled.

"Emily you better just be on your best behavior I don't want to have to beat someone up for molesting my little sister tonight."

When they arrived home Emily headed followed Chad up to her new room and there she unpacked her few belongings and lay down to catch a few hours sleep before the party was to start. Emily slipped out of her clothes and into a new pair of little silk pajamas she had bought herself as a graduation present.

Chad stood just outside her door watching as she disrobed and saw his little sister naked for the first time, he was going to go in and just tell her how nice it was to see her but he didn't want to disturb her or let her know now that he had seen her nude. As Chad turned around he looked down and could feel and see the bulge in his shorts. He would have to get laid tonight and not think about his sexy sister down the hall.

As the party started up all the friends that Emily had during her junior high years in school and even a few friends from her Catholic school that Chad had contacted started arriving. One in particular that caught Emily's eye was James, a boy that lived down the street from her when her parents had still had the old house. He wasn't the thin rail of a boy he had been then though, now he had seemed to fill out in all the right places. His shoulders broad and his hair thick and wavy. His arms thick and muscular and she could see that his legs resembled tree trunks beneath his slacks.

James had made his way over and small talked with Emily telling her about the scholarship he got to go to the local university and play football and how he had done in school. He also asked her about her years at the Catholic school and how she had faired and why she had never come home or called or written to him. He wanted to know everything and she didn't fail to notice that his eyes every so often wondered down to her breasts.

Although Emily had put on a pretty dress and toned down some of her usual flare, she knew that the top of her dress revealed quite a bit of cleavage and it was just a little too short if she would decide to sit down or bend over.

"James, I just never figured any of you really missed me," she told him as they slid away from a big group of people, "I never got one letter or anything from anyone at home and I guess I just reckoned if no one wanted to get in touch with me it was going to be mutual."

"Emily," James began, "I wrote you at least twice a month the whole time you were gone, I always sent them here to your house in a large envelope sealed and asking your parents to forward it to you."

"Now, James there's no reason to lie, my parents never sent me any letters the whole time I was gone from anyone here."

Chad hearing this stepped in and interjected, "Emily maybe I should have told you this earlier, mom and dad did receive numerous letters from friends and girlfriends of yours and stashed them all away. I didn't find them until about two weeks ago when I was going through dad's desk. They are up in your room in the wooden chest at the end of your bed if you'd like to run up and take a look."

Emily's heart nearly broke as Chad told her this, for so long she had felt like no one missed her or cared about her and she had just retreated into her own little world and her friends in Catholic school forgetting about all the people back here that she thought had done the same with her. Grabbing James by the hand, she asked him to accompany her to her bedroom while she looked through the letters. "I may need a friend if I start crying or bawling my eyes out James, and since I accused you of lying to me I suppose you should be the one there with me."

Up in her bedroom Emily raced through the door to open the chest at the end of the bed and ripped through the mound of letters that were inside. Most were from James and her friends here. A few were just from colleges and other silly things but she went through each and every letter carefully. James had written her diligently over the fours years she was gone, just as he had said. Many of the letters were silly and just keeping her up to date on the local highschool gossip while a few included the feelings he had for her. The one she sat to the side as James sat on the bed watching her was one dated about a month before her parents had died.

Inside the letter had the words her eyes kept going back to, love, miss, always here, breaking heart, yours forever. Emily had tears streaming down her face as she looked up at James after sorting through most of the letters. "James...I ...don't know what to say."

"I understand now as you do that neither of us writing or receiving the letters was your fault Emily, I wouldn't have cared if you came back looking just the way you did when you left, I have had a crush on you since we were in the first grade and when you left it devastated me. I never dated, never wanted too, I was planning on coming to find you at school before I went to college before your brother called me a few weeks ago and told me about your returning home."

Emily got up and went to James, her lips brushed his as she pressed against him trembling, their first kiss was tentative and meek, but then James put his hand behind her head and pulled her closer for a deep embrace. Their lips met fully and Emily allowed her lips to part and ran her tongue over James lips until he parted his own and pressed his tongue against hers.

"James, I never dated either, this is all so new I haven't even kissed a boy," she whispered embarrassed.

"We'll find our way together when the time is right Emily, we don't have to do anything right now more than we're doing."

Hearing that made Emily want James even more, he wasn't rushing her, he wasn't just trying to get into her panties like she had heard all the boys would. He wanted her at her pace, luckily for him, her pace tonight was she was intent on losing her virginity, what better welcome home gift could she receive than to find out a boy she had also had a crush on was in love with her, even the old plain her.

Emily stood up breaking their kiss and went to the door, she locked it, reached up and flicked the light switch off and made her way back to the bed. "James, make love to me, here and now, tonight, I don't need more time."

James was scared and unsure as he reached out in the darkness and felt for Emily, his hands went around her back as he reached up to lower the zipper in the back of her dress. He was shaking nearly as bad as Emily was and as he pushed down the top of her dress he knew that getting her bra off was going to be as big a test as not coming before he got his excited cock inside her.

"James," Emily whispered, "you just take off your clothes and let me remove mine, I promise you lots of practice in the future to conquering my bra and clothing."

He knew she was teasing him and he gave a soft chuckle, "Alright Em, but I hope I don't disappoint you tonight, I know how this is supposed to work from sex ed and seeing my brothers porno movies but I haven't even touched a girl before, so please don't be mad if I do something wrong, as you said if I practice with your bra and clothing then surely practicing sex will make us both better."

They both shed their clothes and then lie down on the bed, their hands slowly running up and down each others bodies and yet missing those most aroused parts. Emily decided she was not going to be afraid or jittery any longer and she reached down and grabbed James cock and started to stroke it as her other hand guided his fingers between her legs. His lips caressed her breasts and she found his sucking on her nipples made her even more wet between her legs and in turn made it much easier for James' large fingers to slip inside her.

James was fighting the urge to cum when Emily pulled away and kissed her way down his neck, she stopped to suck on each nipple to see if it would make his cock jerk as it had made her wet. When she started to go lower James gasped as he felt her start to lick his penis.

"Emily you don't have, oh god that feels good, you don't have to do this Em."

Emily didn't stop in fact she wrapped her lips around the tip of his prick and sucked gently careful to not scrape him with her teeth. Soon though that wasn't enough and she knew that she wanted to feel his hardness inside her.

Sliding up his body Emily straddled his hips and rubbed the tip of his cock against her clit and slit before pressing the head just inside her pussy.

"James," she pleaded, "make me a woman."

James was just trying to not cum, and realized that they hadn't any protection around to prevent pregnancy but decided that Emily was a smart girl and if she had wanted him to use it she would have brought it up. Just then he felt Emily drop down her weight on his hips and his cock hit her hymen and then broke through in one forceful shove.

"Oh god," Emily cried out, "it hurts, don't move for just a moment James."

"Honey, you don't have to worry because if I moved right now I'd cum, this feels to good to end yet so take your time."

Emily leaned over and kissed James and finally as the pain subsided she began to work her hips up and down taking more of his cock inside her. Emily could feel the head of his cock brushing against that spot she had heard about inside her, the g spot and as she rode him she made sure to force his prick head to hit that spot on every up and down bounce.

They made slow love, switching to the missionary position when Emily was starting to feel her hips get sore, James slid back inside her and as he started to pump he moaned that he was going to cum in her ear. "Do it inside me," Emily whispered back to him running her nails up and down his back and shoulders.

James held her head and kissed her as his hips pumped his cock in and out of Emily with fierce speed and purpose. Emily felt the tingling sensation in her belly as James started to spurt his seed inside her and she had her first coital orgasm of her life. She shut her eyes tightly and kept her hips rotating as James pumped shot after shot inside her.

Finally James stopped and collapsed over her holding her tight and still shaking. "I love you Em, I always have."

"I love you too James, I think I always have just didn't realize it until tonight."

A few moments later they went out and downstairs to continue the party. As they left her bedroom, Chad was sitting at his computer in his room watching the tape of what had just happened behind Emily's locked door. The camera that was installed in every room of the house needed very little light to record good images and he was happy now that he had installed a night vision one in Emily's room.

Now just what he would do with it would soon be discovered.

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