tagLesbian SexReturning Home: Jodie Ch. 1

Returning Home: Jodie Ch. 1


It was a chance she had taken for love.

Love. She thought it was love when she swallowed his cum on their wedding night. She doubted it as soon as he laughed at her and refused to touch her afterwards.

"Go brush your teeth. I can't kiss you after you've had my boner in your mouth. God. How dumb are you?" She couldn't even remember why she liked him. He had treated her well for a few weeks of their relationship again -- and the history was as addictive as cocaine. You know to avoid it. But then you're living on it again.

After eloping and three months of bullshit from her sailor husband, Jodie was ready to take her bruised ego and starving self-esteem back to the Midwest. To return to Illinois -- to friends and family who thought of her beyond penis-receptical.

Her husband, Jim, had been an on-again, off-again lover. He treated her well for a few months when they reunited. In an effort to advance the relationship, Jodie married Jim and moved into San Diego military housing.

It took only a few days for Jim to change. He didn't want to be a friend or husband, he wanted to be a commander. Demanding her to submit to his wants. Like she was a doting wife of 1955 or a woman in the Mideast.

"Fuck this. I'm too young for this. I'm not his property," she thought

She had just turned 21. She hoped he would give her one night of love. Take her dancing, dance closely with her, make her feel alive, make love to her passionately.

He hadn't. He came home, watched television, and asked why she was pouting midway through JAG.

"It's my birthday," she said.

"I know it's your birthday. Why are you crying? Getting old?"

"I was hoping for a card or a gift or something," she explained.

He threw a couch pillow at her.

"Fuck you. There's your card, Jodie. I married you -- what else do you want? Jesus Christ! Do you know how many girls would loved to be with me? You're just lucky I got you out of Illinois. You couldn't have done it without me. So there, there's your card: 'Be happy I brought your dumb birthday ass with me.'"

"You're an asshole."

"Shut up. Be happy you have me. Your boyfriends were all idiots. I'm the best you could ever do -- and don't every fucking forget that. Be happy I settled for your stupid cunt. Go bake a fucking cake."

Jodie wept in bed that night. Jim walked in their bedroom, pulled off her panties and fucked her as best he could without foreplay, without tenderness. It wasn't rape, but it wasn't much better either. His cock, hardened by watching the JAG officer, pushed into her body a half-dozen times like a malfunctioning piston. Sometimes thrusting inside partially, sometimes completely missing any spot of sense. Always missing the void he needed to fill emotionally and physically. She felt ripped-off that her best sex life after her marriage consisted of her own fingers in the shower. Jodie had hoped those experiences would have been alleviated by a wedding. Instead, she now looked forward to times where she could masturbate alone -- away from Jim.

"Wifely duties," he spoke in her ear. "You really need to grow bigger tits," Jim commented as he slumped into her body. "Either you need to grow them, have your daddy buy them, or deal with the fact that I'm going to go fuck another woman who has bigger tits," he said. He came within a minute, without passion, without love.

She bit her lip in anger, shame and sorrow. Jodie tried to talk with him before in vain. A darkness had settled inside her for six weeks -- but recently she'd received letters from a few old friends that had made her smile. Words on a page made her feel more alive than Jim. Jodie spent an hour at the San Diego Public Library daily chatting with her Illinois friends -- and knew her Cali days were numbered. She'd enjoyed conversations with a friend-of-a-friend. He made her smile. Adam worked as a photojournalist and covered Midwest University football. He thought she could help him. Her older sister offered her a room in Uniden, Illinois -- where the college was located. She worked in the admission's office.

So she had a job waiting and could easily return to college. She hated planes, so she had priced trains back to Illinois.

Her birthday was Jim's last chance. Within a minute of his bland climax, he was snoring like a drunk sailor who just fucked a whore. In the morning, his ship left for a six day cruise -- and she would leave too.

So many of her dreams in the past 12 weeks ended with the sun setting on her -- leaving her cold and feeling alone, stranded. But this night, the sun rose in her dreams -- the warmth enveloping her, and friends surrounded her with hugs and smiles. Midway in her sleep, the frown of her lips was replaced with a grin.


After he left, she began packing her two bags and confirmed a train ticket back to St. Louis. Her emotions rumbled like a train in mountains -- raging through heights of anger and disappointment; then throttling down with inclines of hope and anticipation.

Moments before she was walking out the door, the mailman stopped by -- with two bills and a wrapped package from Adam in Uniden, Illinois.

"What the?" she questioned aloud, tearing at the corner to see the box of a six inch silver-bullet dildo. Along with it came a note. "--Because we all need our pleasures. Take care of yourself when nobody else will. ;) adam--"

She giggled at the idea, then packed it deep in her luggage. Adam's sense of humor was a bit obnoxious at times, but she wasn't sure if this was from his sense of humor or his sense she needed a sexual outlet.

In her years of masturbation, little more was needed than two fingers running around her clit like long distance runners -- evenly paced and determined. Until she reached her peak -- at which point the two fingers ran over her flesh like they were in a sprint until she climaxed in release. The idea floated around her mind now -- she hadn't experienced one passionate orgasm in California, and that seems to go against everything Californian. But she decided why break tradition.

Jodie put on her sunglasses and stepped into the daylight -- clouds of the coastal morning burning off in the serene warmth of San Diego. As her taxi drove, she rolled down her window and flipped off Naval Station San Diego as her husband's ship drifted away. She took comfort in the burning of the clouds, feeling it was a good omen.


She flipped through an Anne Rice paperback as the train rumbled down the tracks eastbound in the desert of southern California. It was a three day trip during which she would have little opportunity to clean up. She wasn't looking forward to the grudging, but knew that was the price for avoiding jet travel.

A loose T-shirt and loose khaki shorts tried to cling to her porcelain skin. She wore her shoulder length hair in a ponytail to keep from having to deal with it during travel. She wasn't looking for her soul mate. Sex hadn't been on her mind aside from the new toy and book.

Jodie lounged and looked to the brown and white sands. The novel's imagery of sexual abandon left her feeling a desire she hadn't in months. For real sex. Passionate, biting, muscle-stretching sex. Sex where each participant was there for the other. She closed her eyes momentarily, her body rhythmically bouncing with the train, and fell asleep with the book opened on her naked leg.

The warmth of the sun through her shirt and onto her 36A chest, and the steady thrusting against her ass through the railroad to her seat challenged Jodie's subconscious to consider ideas aside from sex. It lost that challenge as the 21-year-old imagined fucking again. Good sex. Passionate sex. She didn't know the person -- she couldn't see the face -- but it was bodies flexing together for pleasure. Hips rolling.

Her eyes rolled open as she neared climax between her legs, gasping for an inhalation of air -- shocked by the moment. The paperback fell to the floor and reawakened her to reality. A train. No sex.

In Jodie's section of chairs sat a girl she'd seen walk aboard but had lost track of since. "You okay?" the girl asked. She appeared to be about her age.

"Yes. Strange dream," she smiled with embarrassment sprinting from her wetness to her chest. Her nipples had hardened due to the adventures of her resting mind.

The girl reached down and picked up the novel, handing it to Jodie.

"Well then, good morning. Good book. Not her most erotic, but that story is a good journey," she said. Her dusty blonde hair was long and curly, draping over her supple breasts. Ocean green eyes looked like they could pierce through the darkness of a winter's night. A silk green blouse covered her chest and a dark skirt of light fabric laid on her legs just to the middle of her thighs. "I'm Danielle, by the way," she continued -- exchanging the paperback for a touch of Jodie's slender hand.


"Nice to meet you. Going to Phoenix?"

"St. Louis, actually."

"Wow. Long trip. What's there?"

"Home. I, um, well. I'm leaving my husband."

"You're married?"

"Technically. I'm going to seek an annulment."

"I'm sorry to hear you've had a bad experience."

"Could be worse. I could have stayed."

Danielle smirked. "You're right. It's good to realize when something isn't working out and ending it. Most crash learning to ride bikes."

Jodie smiled. "Are you heading to Phoenix?"

"No. Farther east than you. Back to Boston -- that's where I'm from. I go to college at Pepperdine but had an internship at a San Diego television station."

"You're going to work for a TV station?"

"I'd like to host a show sometime. Like Oprah or Rosie or Regis and Kelli."

"You have all four of them bested in the looks department," Jodie mentioned.

"Awww. Thank you," she beamed a smile. "Hopefully I'm smart, too."

"Pepperdine is a pretty exclusive school."

"Yeah. But my dad has pretty exclusive money."

"I'm going back to college. Midwest University. To study photography."

"That's awesome. I spent my first semester studying human sexuality and the chemistry of alcoholic substances, but I've tried to settle down a bit now."

"Maybe I'll try those majors as well."

"They are fun majors, but not great degrees. Just good 'practical knowledge,'" Danielle smiled as her thoughts drifted to an almost-too-orgasmic experience. Her eyes returned to Jodie's. "Well, welcome back to single life."

"Thanks. Are you single? I mean, I take it you're not married -- but do you have a significant other?"

"Um, I have a friend-with-benefits. But we both play around. It's not serious."

"Think I need one of those," Jodie grinned. The idea swirled around her head. A lover with whom she could laugh and enjoy sex.

"So what's your guyfriend-with-benefit's name?"


Jodie bit the inside of her gum. She glanced away, and then glanced back.

"Annie as in Anakin. Like Skywalker?"

"No," Danielle grinned. "Annie as in Anne. Like Rice."


"Does that offend you?" Danielle pondered.

"No. Not at all. Just ... unexpected."

"That's one reason my parents don't know either. She's just experimenting with me. Annie is just the pepper I'm dining on at Pepperdine," Danielle explained. "I've been with enough guys to know the advantages and disadvantages. Right now, I consider myself very bi. You ever know any bisexuals or lesbians."

"I grew up in the Midwest. Just my gym teacher," Jodie laughed.

"Well, that's a prerequisite. And you are ...?" Danielle wondered allowed.

"Me? I don't know. Haven't really thought about it much. I mean, girls are visually pleasing. And emotionally pleasing. But I've never thought about them sexually."

"So you're straight?"

"Isn't there a 'curious' category?"

"Yes," Danielle grinned, leaning back in her chair. "A very popular, and populated, category."

"That's probably me. I would probably try it. Haven't had the opportunity."

The conversation halted as the two considered their words. Jodie closed her eyes as the thoughts brought forth imagines from her dream. A lover shaking her body through touches of fingers and tongue. She shook her head to awareness and back at Danielle.

"Are you still tired?" Danielle smiled. She hadn't planned on seducing this girl, but she began feeling aches of desire flood her mind. She wet her lips with her tongue.

"Tired? Just a little shaky."

"Would you like to lay down? My dad bought me a room in the sleeping car. It would be much more comfortable than these chairs."

"Yeah. I think so. I just need to walk a little bit."

Danielle laced her fingers into Jodie's. "Okay. We'll walk. We'll talk. If you want, we can lay down. I mean, you can lay down."

As she followed Danielle, Jodie overwhelmed herself. Looking at the shape of Danielle's hips. Her ass. Her legs. Desire for another woman. A new feeling.

Danielle pushed open the key to the room.

"Okay, here's the grand tour. Bunk. Sitting chair. Window. Little washing sink. Pretty lame, but you'd be amazed how much these rooms cost for a four day trip. But It definitely gives more privacy," Danielle said, closing the door. Outside the window, Jodie noticed cacti as the train rumbled. Then she felt a hand on her hip. She placed her palm onto it.

"I've had such a bad week," Jodie said, leaning back to the waiting arms of Danielle.

"Is this going to make it worse?"

"Worse, no. Maybe a bit more strange."

"We don't have to..."

"No. It's okay. I came here. I'm ... curious." She turned and looked at Danielle, her ocean eyes ablaze. Danielle smiled, slowing her movements -- taking Jodie's right hand in her left, and running her hand to the small of the girl's back.

"May I have this dance?" Danielle quizzed, placing her chin to Jodie's.

"Oh my God. That is all the romance I wanted this week."


"My husband was supposed to take me out dancing for my 21st birthday two days ago -- instead he just treated me like shit. I just wanted a dance."

Danielle placed her lips on Jodie's neck and kissed. "Some men don't know how to treat us," she breathed -- her hand progressing up Jodie's spine. Jodie pulled her body harder against Danielle's 34C breasts, feeling their weight against her own, feeling her nipples harden, heart race and legs melt.

Silence enveloped the young women as they slowly spun in the compartment dancing without music. Dancing without worry. Jodie slowly touched Danielle's body, exploring as her fingers trekked up her spine to her bra strap and back down to her hips. Danielle smiled as her first-timer's hand hesitantly touched her body through her shirt. Danielle glazed into Jodie's blue eyes with her ocean green pierce eyes, and leaned in for a first, methodical kiss. Perfect lips encompassed Jodie's mouth, the feel and taste of their lip gloss mixing reminding Jodie she wasn't kissing an overheated, overwanting, overannoying boy. Like the song, she's kissed a girl.

So much different from the kisses she'd received from a dozen guys in the last five years. Caring. Tender. Walls inside Jodie's mind crashed down as Danielle's tongue wetly slipped along Jodie's mouth. Slowly the kissing increased in intensity and Danielle began taking over Jodie's body with her hands touching all over her almost in an order. Unlike the dozen guys who had touched her randomly. Guys went straight for her small breasts, butt or tried to quickly dig into her pussy. Not this girl. Sapphic loving was different. Danielle's arms wrapped around Jodie's and up her back, caressing her neck, collarbone and ribcage.

Jodie basked in the high as her hormones elevated inside. No wine satisfied her need for relaxation as much as this kiss from Danielle. Their mouths splashed with moisture and passions grew. Danielle's lips moved to Jodie's neck and collarbone, and slight moans deep from Jodie's escaped her throat.

Danielle's hand snaked up the back of Jodie's loose T-shirt, unhinging her lace white bra. Teeth carefully glided against her porcelain skin as Danielle's hands reached around to lovingly cup Jodie's breasts in her palms. Her mouth returned to Jodie's -- as they looked at each other tenderly. Danielle felt hesitation in Jodie's movement when Danielle first attempted to pull the T-shirt from the girl.

"Too far, too fast?"

"No. Yes. No. Just feeling ... shy," Jodie confessed.

"Would you like to see and touch me first?" Danielle suggested. Jodie nodded her chin slowly. Danielle stepped back and brought two of Jodie's fingers to her mouth. Danielle took Jodie's hand in her other hand and slowly put the hands on her 32C breasts through the green silk fabric. After the first touch of her full orbs, Jodie smiled as she broke a moral code she never did quite understand. Danielle continued the girl's exploration, lacing her hand with Jodie's and unbuttoning her blouse until it hung loosely around her torso like drapes, her cleavage hiding under the sides. Her black bra held her breasts -- her nipples hardening to the cool air of the train compartment. As she put Jodie's hand on her body, she wasn't sure how much of the shaking in her hand was because of the girl's nervousness and how much was due to the motion of the locomotive.

"Kiss me, here," Danielle coached Jodie, running a finger along her collarbone. As she obeyed, Danielle let the blouse fall from her shoulders. Jodie returned her hands to Danielle's breasts -- looking as she ran her fingernails along her left nipple. Jodie took the initiative and wrapped her hands around Danielle's back to unclip the bra. Her fingers struggled with the hook.

"I've only removed my own," she explained smiling, looking up to Danielle's eyes. As she said it, she felt the catch slip and the bra loosened, slowly dropping and joining the floor with Danielle's shirt and her own bra. Her body was beautiful. A body Jodie often found herself jealous of while in high school and college lockerrooms -- but now a body she found herself lusting for -- to touch, to kiss.

And she did. Slowly exploring. Kissing every inch of Danielle's round breasts. Shyly licking across Danielle's nipples. She was drunk with her craziness. This was not like Jodie.

But she realized she hardly knew who she really was anymore. Maybe exploring was exactly what she needed to be doing.

"Mmm, sweetie, that feels really nice," Danielle commended running her hands through Jodie's hair, pulling out her scrunchie and letting her ponytail fall free. Jodie fell to her knees to angle her licks and kisses easier, and kissed Danielle's taunt belly. Her hands massaged Danielle's body -- from her breasts to the small of her back to her ass down her thighs and legs. Apprehension quelled Jodie as Danielle thrust her hips lower. She wasn't ready to taste another girl there. Maybe soon, but not yet. Jodie stood, running her tongue along Danielle's skin until it again reached her mouth.

"You're wonderful to kiss," Danielle sighed.

"You are as well," Jodie responded.

"May I kiss your body now? Or are you still uncomfortable."

"Not uncomfortable. Very horny. Just nervous."

"Let's keep you comfortable and horny, and let's help you through your nervousness." Danielle pulled Jodie's shirt over her body, slipping her arms through. Jodie crossed her arms over her breasts as she had the first time a boy saw her naked. Danielle returned her body to Jodie's and lightly bussed her lips. Her fingers tangled into Jodie's fingers and slowly pulled her arms away -- her own breasts covering Jodie's hardening nipples. Goosepimples rose from her body awakened by the lust and chill. Danielle ran her thumbs along the bottom of Jodie's rising breasts -- then up along her pink nipples.

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