She’d been smiling all day long. She couldn’t help it. It had been two months and her on-again, off-again was back in town. She’d gotten the call late last night. The flight would arrive at 5:30. She had been looking at the clock all day long but the minutes had crawled. She’d been so distracted with anticipation that during lunch she had called her best friend by her lover’s name.

“Again?” her best friend had said with obvious disgust. “It’s been two months. I thought it was over for good this time.”

“It’s never been over. We’ve just been on hiatus,” Isabella grumbled.

“Hiatus, my ass,” Molly snapped. “You sat by the phone every night for three weeks. You checked your e-mail every fifteen minutes. How can you put yourself through this again?”

Isabella dropped her eyes, tucking a strand of short light brown hair behind her ear. The silence hung between them for a moment. A wind blew across the patio, rustling her hair. “Because I have to,” she finally answered.

“Dammit, Belle,” Molly hissed. “I have to pick up the pieces every time you do this.”

Belle knew Molly was right, but she had already pushed her friend’s words to the back of her mind. She knew the last two months would fade away into nothing at 5:30. They would behave as if they had never been apart. And perhaps this time, she could convince her lover to stay.

She hadn’t gotten enough sleep last night, either. Not only had excitement kept her awake, but she had spent half the night deciding what to wear. She had finally decided on a black pant suit with a white shift and a tailored jacket. She knew the jacket accented her figure. She wanted to knock her lover for a loop.

She stood outside of the security checkpoint inside the airport, waiting for the truth to be told. She scanned the heads of the people filing out of the terminal, waiting for that familiar mop of blonde hair that made her heart do flips and skip beats.

Her smile was frozen in place, a combination of happiness, excitement, and nervousness, by the time her lover emerged. She waved excitedly, hoping she did not look too eager. Her lover waved back, weaving through the people toward Isabella. Hands circled Isabella’s waist, then warm, firm lips pressed against her own. Bella’s own arms went around her lover’s neck, returning the kiss, parting her lips to allow it to deepen. They stayed locked in their embrace while countless passengers filed by them. Finally, they pulled apart. Soft hands touched Belle’s face. “You look familiar.”

“You look incredible,” Isabella answered. Isabella bent and picked up her lover’s shoulder duffel bag. “Do we need to go to baggage claim?” she asked, sliding her arm around her lover’s slim waist as they walked.

“No,” Liv answered, her voice soft. Isabella’s step faltered a bit, but Liv ignored the hesitation in her lover. “It’s so good to see you, Bella. I have missed you.”

“I’ve missed you, too,” Belle answered, some of the excitement gone from her voice. If Liv was only traveling with a flight bag, she obviously had no intention of staying in town for very long.

Liv leaned close and kissed Belle’s cheek. “Where are we going?”

“I’ve made reservations at Alton’s.” Belle’s eyes swept over Liv in jeans and a long sleeved shirt. She thought Liv looked delicious, but she was not dressed for dinner at Alton’s. “I can cancel them.”

“No,” Liv said, “We’ll just need to stop by my hotel and let me change. I have a skirt in my bag.”

Liv leaned against Belle’s side as they walked out of the airport building and across the parking lot to Belle’s Ford Explorer. Belle held open the door for Liv. She tossed the duffel bag into the backseat. She sat down behind the wheel of the car and started to crank it, but Liv reached out and stilled her lover’s hand. “Kiss me, Bella,” she ordered firmly.

Belle was unable to do anything but comply. She leaned across the car and put her lips to Liv’s, sliding her tongue between them. Her tongue slid into Liv’s warm, wet, eager mouth. Liv’s tongue met Belle’s, rubbing against it. Liv closed her lips around Belle’s tongue, sucking lightly. Belle’s tongue swirled in Liv’s mouth, tasting every deep recess. Her hand came up and cupped Liv’s breast, holding the heavy, familiar weight in her hand. Liv slowly pulled back, their lips pulling apart reluctantly. Liv grinned, her green eyes twinkling. “There’s my darling Bella.”

Belle panted softly, her mouth suddenly dry. Her breasts heaved slightly and she could feel her nipples pressing against the cloth of the shift. Liv’s hand rested on Belle’s knee, sliding slowly up and down her strong thigh. Belle took a deep breath and cranked the car. She didn’t look at Liv again until they reached a red light. She turned to say something to her lover, but was frozen in her words. Liv had unbuttoned two of the buttons from her shirt and had her own hand on her breast. Belle leaned her head against the back of her seat, closing her eyes and exhaling slowly.

“I’ve been thinking of being with you for weeks,” Liv moaned. “I lie in my bed, alone, at night, and think about you. I touch myself and scream your name.”

Belle was breathing harder. The light turned green and she accidentally gunned the engine. She swerved to avoid hitting the car in front of her and continued the drive. “Why did you call?”

“Because you were so angry when I left last time that I wasn’t sure you would ever want to hear from me again.” Liv’s warm, roaming hand slid around Belle’s thigh and brushed the apex of her legs.

Belle jerked, the tires squealing as she steered the car into the nearest parking lot. She parked and turned in her chair, grabbing Liv’s arms. She pulled Liv onto her lap, eager fingers working on the shirt. At least one button popped off the blouse, ricocheting off the windshield. Belle pulled the cup of the bra covering Liv’s right breast down and put her mouth to the globe, biting Liv’s nipple.

Liv groaned in pleasure, wrapping her arms around Belle’s head. “Oh, baby,” she groaned in pleasure. She straddled Isabella’s waist with her knees, holding her lover’s head in place.

Belle’s assault softened, suckling tenderly now. Her tongue massaged Liv’s nipple as he fingers pried open the fly of Liv’s jeans. Liv’s voice was gentle and her breath warm on Belle’s cheek and ear as she encouraged her lover.

Belle’s fingers pushed passed the Liv’s fly, pleased not to find underwear. She pushed them easily into Liv’s wetness. Belle found her lover’s bud and pressed it. She rolled it. Liv bucked into Belle’s hand.

Belle’s fingers concentrated on Liv’s bud, wiggling her fingers against it and watching Liv climb higher and higher. Liv’s hands here curled over Belle’s shoulder, and her entire body was arched upward. Her moans were continuous now as she rode the waves that Belle’s hand created. Her fingers flexed and relaxed, massaging Belle’s shoulders. Liv’s neck was arched and she was groaned. Between her cries of pleasure, she mumbled words. She said Belle’s name and gave encouragement and said words that in polite conversation would have made them both blush.

Isabella loved to watch Liv peak. Her body would quiver. The veins on her neck would stand out. Her face would flush red and the red would creep to the peaks of Liv’s breasts. She would arch, her breasts thrust toward her lover in offering. Belle’s favorite thing about Liv’s orgasm was the sound of her voice. Liv’s moans would get louder and louder until she was screaming. When she hit her stride, the scream sounded like music to Belle.

She heard Liv’s song and quivered herself, rising up to wrap her free arm around Liv’s waist. She hugged Liv to her, feeling the orgasm rush through Liv’s body. She tenderly kissed Liv’s breast and neck, making her way slowly back to lips that had haunted her dreams for two months.

They were both breathing hard as Liv came back to herself. She embraced Belle tightly. “Why did I stay away for so long?”

“Just don’t let it happen again,” Belle laughed, pulling back. She watched as Liv buttoned her shirt, though she did not replace her bra. She didn’t fasten the fly of her jeans, either. Belle untangled herself and got her legs beneath the wheel of the car again. She was acutely aware of the throbbing between her legs. She squeezed the wheel in her fists. Her legs felt like jelly. It took her three times to guide her hands to the ignition.

Liv’s smell permeated the car. Her perfume had already filled Belle’s senses, but now the sweet scent of after sex hung on both of them. Belle tried to focus on Molly, thinking what her best friend would say. It at least allowed her to concentrate on her driving.

She did not look at Liv again.

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