The small railway station was almost deserted as she got off the train. As usual there was one British Rail employee manning the gate and a bored looking younger woman in the ticket office. Lacey smiled at both of them as she made her way out into the chill evening air, her suitcase banging against her shins as she walked. Checking her watch she began her journey out towards the main road where, hopefully, he would be waiting for her.

The small, white, sports car was parked just out of sight of the station and she hurried towards it, seeing his arm snake out to open the passenger side door.

"Hi." Her voice, soft and low, filled the car and he smiled back at her.

"Hi, yourself." He climbed out, opened the boot and deposited her suitcase effortlessly within. Once he was back in the car he reached over, running a soft leather covered thumb across her lips before starting the engine and easing out into the empty street.

There were no more words, there never were until they had left the town behind and were speeding along the country roads towards their destination. The hedgerows, full of blossom, and the green fields beyond caught her eye as the dusk claimed them and she watched as they flew by. A man of few words she knew her companion would talk when he was ready and was more than happy to just sit and enjoy his company silently until then.

The email she had received two days before her trip had promised her a long weekend where fantasies would be fulfilled and dreams realized. Her imaginings had been lurid and exciting over the previous nights and she was wet and aroused even though he had said not a word. If previous liaisons were anything to go by there would be at least another half an hour's travelling before they reached the destination he had chosen.

"Have you thought about what I said?" His words shocked her, not because of their content but because he had spoken without moving, his eyes still glued to the road, his hands relaxed against the wheel.

"Oh yes, constantly. I love a mystery as you know and you certainly weren't giving very much away. I've been wracking my brains to try and remember all the things I've told you. Things I've told no one else, I might add."

The smile, as enigmatic as ever, caused her heart to beat a little faster and she reached across to rest her hand on his hard, muscular thigh.

"Can you at least tell me where we're going?"

"Of course. We're going to meet up with a friend of mine for a couple of days, his name's Steve, we've known each other for years."

"I see." She didn't, and for a while the silence returned to the car. "We've never needed anyone else before, is he going to be with us the whole time?"

"Would that worry you?" There was something about his tone, the way he glanced momentarily in her direction, which made her next words catch in her throat.

"I ... I don't know. Can I play it by ear?"

"You know you can. Have I ever forced you to do anything you didn't want to?" The car slowed as he spoke. His voice was serious now and she realized he was actually stopping. Reaching out his hand he cupped her face, pulling her gently towards him and, finally, their lips touched. She felt his fingers in her hair, his tongue against her flesh as she opened her mouth and let him in. The kiss, gentle but passionate, took her breath away and she moved back as she looked into his deep blue eyes and smiled.

"No, you have never forced me. I trust you, implicitly. In many ways I have no choice, but it has never been a problem."

"You are too trusting, I've told you that before, but I won't hurt you, or force you into anything. Now, is it ok if we continue our journey?"

"No, one more kiss, please? I've missed you."

There was no gentleness this time, they let their tongues clash and she reached out, feeling his arousal through his trousers. Whatever was planned had him excited, hard to her touch, and she relaxed against him, certain she would enjoy it, whatever it was.

The house, a small cottage whose garden ran up into a hill behind it, was painted white and had a tiny lawn in front. Lacey looked around as she carefully extricated herself from the car. They had driven through a village large enough only for two pubs, a small supermarket and an infant's school along with old and new houses nestling together. Now, appreciating the isolation around her, she knew why they were going to Steve's house rather than a hotel.

"David, it's good to see you." The voice boomed into her consciousness and she turned. "And you must be Lacey. Come in, both of you, kettle's on, although you'll want beer I expect." Steve slapped his friend on the back as the two of them passed and she laughed.

"He has you well worked out."

"Well, you're wrong, both of you, I would love a cup of tea." She stuck her tongue out at him, laughing as she did so and then watched, dumbstruck, as Steve moved closer to David, his eyes alight with passion as their lips touched.

The difference between the two men, one greying with a beard and the other, dark haired, clean-shaven and a little taller was emphasized as they moved together. Lacey, feeling slightly embarrassed, stepped back to give them room only to see David looking at her over Steve's shoulder. His look stopped her in her tracks and, feeling somewhat voyeuristic, she watched as he closed his eyes and lost himself in the most erotic kiss Lacey thought she had ever seen.

"Sorry about that," Steve's voice, husky from the moment sounded anything but apologetic. "It's been too long since we've been together, and you have to admit he is a fabulous kisser."

"Oh yes, I definitely agree with that, and don't worry, it was hot to watch." Steve looked at David for a second before speaking.

"May I?"

David inclined his head and Lacey caught her breath as Steve moved closer to her. His lips, soft and warm, brushed hers as a hand rested lightly on her arse. She leaned against him, the heat of his body spurring her on. A tongue ran across her skin and she opened her mouth, accepting him as readily as David had done, enjoying the different taste, the different sensations and surrendering herself to whatever lay ahead.

For a while they had been sitting in the lounge, a roaring fire taking the chill off the spring evening. The conversation had been easy and relaxed, the music in the background just enough to fill any silences pleasantly. Steve had sat on the sofa first, pulling David down next to him and Lacey had made herself comfortable against the chest of her lover, wondering how things would work as the evening progressed.

David's lips touched fleetingly at her hairline, tiny butterfly kisses designed to entice and enflame. She moved her head, arching her neck and inviting him to do more.

"I want you, Lacey, but I want Steve too, is that alright with you?" He breathed the words into her ear, softly, huskily, and she closed her eyes.

Once she knew he had finished speaking she turned to capture his lips with her own. For a minute or two there were no words, but then, her eyes dark with lust, she smiled again.

"Yes, let me see him take you, David, see him fuck that sweet arse of yours before you do the same to me."

"Are you sure, baby?" His words were still soft against her ear and she nodded.

"Yes, I am so hot for you, I want to see you, feel you, watch you."

"And Steve?" If the other man heard his name he made no sign of it. Lacey knew he was waiting, watching, wondering what would happen and she looked him in the eye as she answered.

"Maybe. The thought of the two of you together excites me, so let's see how it goes, ok?"

David nodded before moving so he could reach out towards Steve. This time it was he who initiated the kiss and Lacey again found herself watching. David's hand covered Steve's cock, the outline of which was easily seen through his jeans. She leant forward so she could do the same to David only to find a hand already there. Between them they began to rub and stroke at David's dick, working together to the sounds of his moaning.

"Fuck, that feels so good, touch me, and let me feel your hands on me."

David leant back on the sofa and Lacey and Steve, one on either side began to undress him. Long red fingernails worked on shirt buttons as sturdier, stronger ones undid the snap on his trousers, lowering the zipper before reaching inside to free the rock hard, eight inches of flesh that they both wanted.

Lifting his hips David pushed down on his clothes before kicking them off onto the carpet. Lacey removed the shirt and leant forward taking a nipple into her mouth, her tongue teasing it back and forth as she saw Steve begin to lick the mushroom head of the now solid cock.

"Oh, God." The words, more a groan in reality, only spurred them on. Lacey, her fingers playing with the nipple she wasn't suckling at, paused in her ministrations to kiss her lover. Their tongues were languid against each other as she felt David's hand reach up to search out her left breast. "Strip for me, baby, let me see you, show Steve what you look like."

She stood up, aware of the audience she had, and listened to the music in the background for a moment before beginning to sway in time with it. Glad she had worn a soft, silky shirt with her jeans Lacey began undoing the buttons before sliding it down her arms and onto the floor. She reached out for Steve, pulling him towards her and dancing with him slowly, grinding herself against the outline of his hard cock before pulling at his t-shirt. She lifted it up and over his head to expose a smooth muscular chest running down to a slightly soft belly and a treasure trail of dark hair, which disappeared into his jeans. His hands teased at the button on her trousers, pushing them down, revealing the tiny thong she had chosen for David, a slip of black lace, which matched the bra she still wore.

David got to his feet his erection bobbing now as he joined them. Reaching behind her his fingers deftly undid her bra, letting her large tits fall free. As he did so she worked on Steve's jeans, anxious now to see him naked. His trousers and boxers disappeared easily to reveal a thick, slightly curved cock already leaking pre-cum.

Lacey pulled at the nipples she knew David loved, watching his reaction before licking her fingers and running them across the now tightened nubs. Steve lowered his head and took the right tit into his mouth. His tongue, warm against her skin, was suddenly joined by David's and for the first time she felt both her nipples being sucked at the same time.

David bent her at the waist, pushing her over before he penetrated her; she felt her thong being moved to one side as he thrust inside. His thick, long cock taking her closer and closer to her first orgasm. Steve, his mouth no longer working her hard nipple, raised a hand and slapped it down on her arse cheek. Jerking her forward as David pushed deeper inside and she felt herself begin to shake.

"Oh, fuck, I'm cumming, David, Steve, oh, don't ... don't stop ..." her head fell forward as she leant against her new lover, now sitting in front of her on the sofa. Lacey felt David move quicker inside her and tightened her muscles around him. She pushed back hard against him as her breath came in deep pants.

"Yes ... oh ... ohhhh." Words stopped as her body reached its peak. Her cunt tightened once more before suddenly she was soaking David's prick, again and again as she came in pulse after pulse before collapsing onto the sofa, her body flushed and her eyes closed.

The sight that met her when Lacey had the energy to rejoin the party almost had her cumming again instantly. David was on his knees in front of her sucking Steve's cock. As she watched his head bob up and down on it she could see that although it was as long as her lover's it wasn't as thick. The head, moving in and out of David's mouth with a satisfying slurp each time was a shiny red, hard and tight, and she longed to touch it.

Reaching out she grasped David's cock in her right hand causing him to move back, leaving Steve's dick at her mercy. Once again she reached out and when she had both hands full she slowly moved them up and down, keeping in time as the two men in front of her began to kiss again.

As their bodies moved closer she wrapped one hand around both shafts leaning forward to catch the heads with her lips on each downward stroke. The sound of their kissing intensified and Lacey realized they were rubbing against each other and stopped the movement of her hand. The two hard cocks forced their way through her open fist and she wrapped the other hand around, encasing both of them as she enjoyed the show.

It was Steve who moved back first, his hand still in David's hair as he spoke.

"Fuck me, want that meat in me again." David just nodded, his eyes darting from his friend to his lover as he did so.

"Go for it, baby, let me watch you." Lacey lowered her mouth onto David's cock, sucking it in until she gagged against it. Her head bobbed up and down as she lubricated the entire length, wanting to feel him before he took his male lover.

"Let's move upstairs, where we can get more comfortable." Steve, his hand now jerking his own cock got to his feet and headed out of the lounge. Lacey watched David follow without a word and did the same. The bedroom was large, with white walls and black beams. In the middle of the room was a king sized bed with dark blue bedding and lots of pillows. Steve pulled back the covers before lying face down on the mattress. He raised himself up just high enough to slip one of the discarded cushions underneath and then moaned as David knelt behind him, his lips grazing the soft skin of his arse, as he began to kiss and suck at him.

"Oh yes, yesss, I've missed this so much." Steve reached back opening himself up to the talented tongue of his lover and Lacey watched as David, whom she knew was anxious to reacquaint himself with his friend, moved so his tongue was licking down the crack towards the tight entrance to Steve's body.

"Watch me, baby, watch me take him and then he'll take me. Do you want to see that too?"

"Oh, God, yes." Her fingers were in her pussy now, moving in and out as she took herself higher and higher before stopping, not wanting to cum and miss anything that was going on.

"Suck me, Lacey, let me feel your lips on me." Steve's voice broke into her pleasure and she looked up. David had his hands full with his own cock and she moved over, lowering her lips to Steve's arse and repeating the actions she had seen and knew he loved.

Her tongue found its way into the tight portal, pressing just hard enough to get a response before moving back to watch it pulse before her. Leaning forward she held her fingers in front of Steve.

"Suck on one and I'll use it."

"Fuck, yeah." He took the middle finger into his mouth, sucking on it and running his tongue around and over it. Lacey moved back and after licking once again she pressed the digit against the pulsating skin. "Oh, ohhh, yes." Steve pushed back as she moved forward and she felt herself being accepted. Gently she waggled the finger inside him enjoying the feel of the muscles tightening around her before catching his prostate with her nail. Mindless grunts came from Steve as he pushed back harder and she withdrew before entering again with two fingers.

The scissor action had Steve getting up onto all fours to increase the sensations and Lacey grasped his softening cock in her other hand, running her fingers over its length before moving back so David could take over.

"God, that was hot, do me next." He kissed her hard on the lips and Lacey realized not only were her fantasies coming true but his as well. He wanted to see her with another man, but only if he was there too. She wound her fingers into his hair, holding him close.

"Fuck him, show me what you like, I want to see you cum with Steve."

He nodded, his eyes dark with lust now and moving away from her he grasped the bottle of lube from the nightstand and began to prepare both himself and Steve for what lay ahead.

"Turn over, it's better that way."

Steve did as he was told without a word, laying on his back and throwing the cushion on the floor. He placed his hands behind his head as he watched but as soon as David raised his legs up against his chest and placed his cock head at the entrance to Steve's body he reached down grasping his nipples and pulling at them.

"Oh, fuck, yeah."

Carefully, slowly, Lacey saw David push forward. She felt herself tighten, her body tingling as she watched the scene unfold before her. David's cock was about eight inches long, thick and she loved it. He fucked her once or twice a month when their busy schedules allowed and the memories kept her wet and ready during their time apart.

Now she knew she would have something else, a vision of what her lover looked like when he took and was taken, to add to her dreams and she pulled at her tight nipples, wanting him to speed up but enjoying the tentative beginnings as well.

Steve had reached down and grasped his thighs opening himself up for David and she could see the cock head resting against the tight hole she had licked and kissed.

"Ready?" David leant forward, the movement just enough for him to enter the tight outer ring of muscle. Steve's body lifted from the bed as he nodded and then David pushed.

"Tell me." Lacey whispered the words, but David heard. He nodded, his reply almost grunts as he spoke.

"Tight, so fucking tight and hot. God, Steve, I need this so bad." Pumping forwards the rhythm was instantly hard and fast. Steve had grasped his soft cock and already it was hardening visibly in his fist. David bent over the body of his lover pulling at both nipples as he kissed him.

"Yes, harder, David, fuck me harder." Steve, his words muffled by David's mouth, was meeting every thrust of the older man's body. David's balls slapped against the soft skin Lacey had so recently kissed and then Steve reached up, pushing his friend back.

"Gonna cum, don't want to. Let me fuck you, David, take that arse again."

David pulled back, his body covered in a sheen of sweat that showed his tight muscles off even more than usual. He took Steve's place on the bed and looked over to Lacey. Moving forward she kissed him, her hands running into his chest hair and finding the nipples she loved.

"Do it to me, like you did Steve, fuck my arse with your fingers, open me up, baby, get me ready."

She only nodded, words seemed superfluous. Looking over at Steve who was standing, breathing heavily, while his left hand grasped the base of his cock tightly, she smiled.

"Come here." He moved almost in a trance and Lacey captured his lips pulling him towards her, kissing and touching him, running her hands down over his back and kneading his tight cheeks.

"Want you to fuck me, take my cunt while David takes my arse, do you like the sound of that, lover?"

"Shit, yes." Steve ground against her. "But later, want to cum in his sweet arse, Lacey, please, let me have him."

She knelt before Stevve, looking up subserviently before taking his hard cock into her mouth for the first time. Slowly she moved up and down, bringing him back to the boil before stopping again.

"Take him, take him hard, but not all your cum in his arse, I want to see."

She moved away, not waiting for an answer, he could work out what to do without her help. Instead she again knelt, this time on the mattress before leaning forward to begin preparing David for his arse fucking.

Her lips began to kiss, to lick, the skin she was so familiar with. His chest was so hairy and she loved it but his butt cheeks were smooth, almost hairless and that too turned her on. Gently her fingers pulled at him, exposing his deep crack to her eyes and she feasted on the sight for a moment before licking her lips and then running her tongue down the usually hidden skin, touching the puckered ring before moving on.

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