(Hopefully my second story will be better than my last. It's far longer than my first, and *hopefully* the characters are a lot more developed and such. PLEASE give constructive criticism. I can't get better without it! Enjoy!)

My sister and I, well, you could say we weren't exactly like two peas in a pod growing up. Don't get me wrong, we loved each other a lot. On the rare occasion that we weren't fighting about something, we would be helping each other with homework, playing a board game together, or just doing things that normal siblings would do. It's just that, aside from times like those, we were always butting heads.

My name's Travis Cordain. I was always a real short kid until, when I was 15, I had a pretty big growth spurt and ended up 6'3. I still maintain about that height at 24 years of age. I've got pretty dark black hair and just about average weight and build. I was always kind of an Average Joe, but that didn't bother me, someone's gotta be average.

Now Anastasia, my sister, was the reason people knew my last name. She was a year older than me and had dark, glitsy brunette hair that she had plenty of red highlights in, and it always seemed to flow ever so elegantly. She had curves in all the right places and a pair of wonderful, perfectly proportioned breasts to complete the ensemble. It was like she hit the gene gold mine and I got stuck with what was left over. Even I freely admitted the fact that she was probably the wet dream of half the guys in my high school.

Including me.

Now, don't get me wrong, I wasn't grabbing her panties and wackin' off in 'em or stalking her or anything, but, like I said she was a bombshell. She was one of those girls who wasn't a complete slut, but I could tell she wasn't gonna wait for marriage, and she most certainly didn't have to.

I fondly remember one friday night at the horny age of 16. I was in my room doing some homework, (I prefer to get it done so I have the rest of the weekened to myself) and my sister was down with her boyfriend, watching some chick flick that was probably boring the crap out of the poor guy. I was starting to get pretty thirsty so I headed downstairs to get a can of soda.

What I witnessed coming down the stairs had me cumming buckets for weeks.

Anastasia was laying back on the couch, her blouse open and her boyfriend fondling her tits while they made out. I quickly made my way to the kitchen and sat there for a minute to process what I had just seen. I shook my head and got my soda then headed back upstairs. They must have heard me because when I went back up they were just sitting there watching the movie.

Now, at 24, I'm in the advertisement business. Sometimes it can be very, very stressful. One particular night I was exhausted, almost about to fall asleep when I came through the door of my apartment. Suddenly the phone rang, and I lazily made my way over, picking it up just before it stopped ringing.

After 3 years of not talking to Anastasia, you can imagine how surprised I was to hear her voice on the other line.

"Hello Travis....How've you been?" She sounded hesitant, which wasn't surprising, the reason we weren't talking was because of the fallout of one particularly heated argument about a day before I left to college. I still remember her last words, 'Go shove a barbed wire dildo up your ass Trav!' My sister always had a gift with words.

"Umm...I've been alright...How about you?"

"Oh, fine...I was just....Look, the reason I called is because...I don't want us to never speak again...We're family Trav..."

"Yeah...I guess..." I wish I had something better to say.

"I also called because...Well, I figured there was nothing better to get us closer than a vacation together. Provided your job allows you to go, of's only a weekend. What do you do now anyways?"

"Oh..I'm in advertisement...It does alright for me...and you?"

I could tell she was embarrassed when she spoke. "Just a model...not much either, really..."

You could hear the amusement in my voice. "Really...Anastasia the superstar model....It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?"

"Oh shut up Travis...Are you gonna come?"

"Well....where would we be going?"

"I found a cabin for a great price up in Washington. It's up in the mountains...I heard the view is breathtaking."

I wasn't surprised she didn't pick somewhere warm like Hawaii or Florida, we grew up in Arizona where it was always hotter than the devil's asshole.

"Sure, that sounds like a great spot, sis."

"Really? You'll come? That's great news Travis!"

We spent the next 2 hours arranging the details and catching up with each other. Apparently we were both unmarried, although she did have a boyfriend here and there. By the time we said our goodbyes and hung up, I was too tired to make my way upstairs, so I collapsed on the couch.

Three weeks later the weather was cold, the trees were bare, and our vacation wait had ended. I packed all that I needed and headed out to the airport. When I met my sister after the plane landed, we didn't jump up and embrace each other or anything like that. We just nodded our heads and said our greetings. I noticed once that her eyes seemed to wander over me and I too was guilty of getting an eyeful of her body once or twice.

She was even more stunning than I remember in high school, if that was possible. In high school, she had been the essence of sexual appeal and desire. She was a full on vixen. Now, her appearance was more homey. She still had her illustrious curves and knockout 36C breasts, only now her hair had lost the hightlights, and her face was softer. It was hard to explain it, she just seemed so much more...gentle, and caring.

We rented a car and headed out and up the mountains to the cabin. It was rather secluded, which didn't bother me, but if the weather got bad, we were pretty much screwed.

I pushed that out of my mind and followed Anastasia inside. We took about an hour to get everything set up.

", last should be putting the personal stuff in the bedrooms." A sheepish look suddenly overcame Anastasia's face. I smiled at her, wondering what she wasn't telling me. "What? What's the matter?"

"...There's only one bedroom..." I smiled a little.

"Well that shouldn't be a problem, as long as there's-"

"There's only one bed." I gave her a stern look, with a smile poking through.

She playfully punched my shoulder. "Well I told you it was cheap!"

"Well, there's just one problem."

"Oh? And what would that be?"

"I sleep in the nude."

After another punch in the shoulder, (harder this time) I went upstairs, laughing, to take a quick shower. As I waited for the water to heat up I thought for a little while. I thought about who my ideal woman is, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that my sister had everything I ever wanted. She can be a bitch sometimes, but when it really comes down to it, she's more caring and loving than anyone i've ever met, now especially. And then my thoughts switched to what it would be like to marry her. With this came the thoughts of fucking the shit out of her. "Whoah...." I thought, "Slow down..." I shook my head and stepped into the water.

When I got out I made my way to the room, closed the door and got dressed. I think we were both very very tired from the flight and unpacking, so it was sort of an unspoken agreement that after she took her shower it was nighty night.

I heard her turn the water on and step in and again, the thoughts of her creamy skin unhindered by clothes invaded my mind. I didn't know why I was thinking of her like that so much...Maybe it was because I hadn't seen her in so long that subconsciously I didn't think of her as my sister anymore. Maybe it was because my sex life was burnt up from my stressful job. Either way, I couldn't stop thinking of her.I guess she had already went in there with her clothes because she came into the room and simply flopped down onto the bed.

I woke up the next morning to find Anastasia was gone, and I had gained a raging hard on during the night. I sat straight up and stared down at it. "Shit..." I hoped to god she hadn't seen it, or this vacation would be a lot more embarrassing than I had hoped.

I threw some clothes on and ran downstairs, feigning a smile and cheery step. "Goooood morning lovely sister."

She smiled at my cheesy-ness and lightly punched my shoulder. "Good morning annoying brother." I mentally wiped the sweat off my brow. It didn't seem like she noticed...or if she did, she was hiding it, for both of our sakes.

For the next few hours we lounged around the cabin and had conversation about how our lives had been since college and how our jobs were. I was surprised to learn that the company she had been modelling for at one point had had a close run in with my advertising company, if we had taken the deal I probably would have met her there.

The talking was almost as relaxing as the hiking we did for the rest of the day. Sure, we got a little sweaty and achy while we were out there, but there's nothing more rewarding than falling onto a soft bed after a good, long hike. Anastasia must have shared my sentiments, because when she collapsed next to me we both instantly fell asleep.

I groggily woke up and was surprised to see that it was still dark. I looked to my left and saw Anastasia was still asleep next to me, and then I read the clock over her shoulder. It was 2 in the morning. That was when I realized how cold I was, even under the blanket. I looked outside and saw a snowstorm brewing up.

My fears were realized when I heard a loud bang and the room suddenly got even colder. The heater had shut off. Anastasia woke up at the bang and sleepily asked me what was wrong.

"The heater shut off because there's a nast snowstorm that just rolled in....Don't worry...we'll be fine..." Her eyes bulged. I told her again not to worry and she calmed down a little. I then laid back down next to her and sighed, looking away from her. I thought about that cliché scenario, where one asks the other to hug for body heat, and then it eventually turns into full blown fucking, but then I realized how sick I was being. Fantasies were one thing, but this is my sister, I'm not actually going to do that. I decided I'd rather freeze to death than risk ruining our relationship and be labeled as a pervert.

That's why I was so surprised when Anastasia softly spoke up. "Hey...Trav....I'm getting pretty cold...Can we...Cuddle a little? You know...The body heat will help..." This was different, she was calling to me for help, so I answered. I rolled over and slipped my arms around the small of her back, closing the distance between us.

I could sense the air of awkwardness between us but the heat of her perfect breasts pressed against my chest through her rather thin night wear was very welcome. I could sense myself getting a hard on but I was relieved that I had planned ahead, and put one leg over my dick so it was sandwiched between both legs, so that in order to notice it you would have to either look very closely or feel it.

And that's exactly what she did.

I was too busy marvelling at the feel of her wonderful breasts against my chest to notice that her hand was slowly sliding down the bed until it gently, yet quickly, so I couldn't react, slipped it's way in between my legs and grasped my hot rod. The only sound that came out of my mouth as my eyes widened was a low grunt, which, in retrospect, probably sounded very silly. But it was all I could muster as she began to stroke me with all of her sisterly care.

"I love you Trav...I've been holding this urge in ever since I first saw you yesterday...I can't hold it anymore..." She took my right hand and placed it on her right breast. My brain was on autopilot as it began to knead and grope her perfect tit. I could feel her rock hard nipple beneath the fabric of the shirt she was wearing.

My mind screamed a lot of things at me as she stroked me and I caressed her. It screamed thoughts of incest, thoughts of love, and thoughts of pleasure. I couldn't deal with it all, so I pushed it all away and pressed my lips to hers, kissing her roughly. Her eyes widened for a second or two, but they soon closed and she eagerly wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me on top of her. Her hands roamed back down to my waist and pulled my pants down, allowing my shaft to spring out.

My dick was so hot you could probably get a fever just from touching it. She kissed me with an enticing mix of passion and lust before she suddenly broke the kiss and slid further down under me, taking my head into her mouth without warning. I gasped a little, struggling even this early to keep myself from exploding all over her mouth. She grasped both cheeks of my ass and eagerly began to suck up and down my length, travelling farther up with her mouth each time.

Finally, I simply couldn't take it anymore, and she must have sensed it because she quickly popped my dick out of her mouth and began stroking my furiously, sticking her tounge out so it would catch all of my warm product. It didn't go quite as planned, however, because my orgasm was so powerful that my jizz flew all over the place, some of it landing on her cheeks, some on her tongue, some on the bed, and some on her shirt.

She made a contended moan and I could hear the soft lap of her tongue as she licked up all of my jizz. I sighed and weakly rolled over to the right laying down and panting heavily. She turned to look at me with my cum all over her face, grinning ear to ear. The sight was both stunning and amusing.

"Hey Trav...It's my turn now..." She mewed softly as she began pushing her thin pants down, exposing her wonderful, creamy, perfect thighs. The sight was almost enough to make me hard again. I smiled and jumped on top of her, illiciting a high squeaking noise and a spout of laughter from both of us. I quickly tore her shirt off and began by kissing her cheek very softly, moving down to her neck, sucking on it for quite a while until she was softly moaning. I then moved farther down her bodice, kissing and licking my way down until I reached her waist. I slowly and gently licked my way to her inner thighs, moving my tongue dangerously close to her sweet spot.

When I finally made contact with her clit her body spasmed slightly in pleasure as I began to flick my tongue against It as softly as I could. I moved farther down and spread her lower lips, licking the soft, pink flesh that was glistening with her juices, even in the darkness. The more she moaned the faster I licked. I kept this up until she was literally screaming with pleasure, we had no one to worry about hearing us, so we made all the noise we want. I dived my tongue into her and felt her squeezing my tongue for dear life as her muscles contracted and her juices poured out of her love hole. I lapped up the delicious product of my love, making her laugh even as she panted by making a joke about how it tasted like chicken.

Neither of us had to comment on what was next, she simply rolled over so that she was on her hands and knees as I moved closer to her, pressing the head of my shaft against her entrance and rubbing it up and down, getting it slick with her juice. I took her waist into my hands and delved myself into her. She was far tighter than I expected her to be and pushing into her was slow going. I finally buried myself into her as far as my length would allow and began to pull out of her, then suddenly slamming back into her, causing her to rock against the headboard and scream slightly. The love that may had been there earlier was gone, all that remained now was pure primal lust. The desire to mate and impregnate.

"TRAVIS!!! TRAVIS!!! GOD! FUCK! YES!!!" I fucked her until she couldn't take it anymore, I fucked her until she was screaming with every thrust and I was grunting in accord. Finally neither of us could take it anymore and I began to cum a second before her, my warm seed spraying long ropes into her, her muscles clenching around me, as if squeezing every last drop out of me. When we were both done cumming we collapsed together, and positioned ourselves so we could fall asleep with my shaft still inside of her as we held each other softly in the night.

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