tagLesbian SexReunion Ch. 01

Reunion Ch. 01


Ok, so this is my first shot at a girl/girl story. Constructive criticism would be great. I'm taking a chance with this one...


A goddess. After ten years that one word was what popped into my head at the sight of her. At 5' 5", bewitching blue eyes, a perfect smile, and brown tendrils that always held a particular sweet scent, she was the embodiment of Aphrodite. Yes, she was the only reason why I had said I would attend my high school reunion. The black dress she wore accentuated every luscious curve of her body and I found myself just as captivated by her as I had been back in middle school.

My post in the shadowed corner of the gym allowed me to watch her as she mingled. A smile formed on my lips, remembering the shy and introverted girl I had once known. Dances had never been our forte: We had left the glitz and glam to those better suited for it - the cheerleaders. As she took a seat at an open table I waited to see a 'plus one' join her. I was both shocked and thrilled - Is that petty of me? - When I realized that my goddess had no 'plus one' to join her. Taking advantage of the situation, I finished my drink and began to make my way over to her.

Ten years did a lot to a person. I had dropped 200 pounds, toned up, and changed my look - save for my trademark necklace and rings. Weight loss and exercise had turned my 5' 9" frame into tip-top shape; roaming eyes gave once overs, something I still wasn't used to. A Halle Berry hairstyle, black form fitting pants, a black tank top that dipped precariously low, and black, leather boots with a heel that rivaled a stiletto made up the new me. I knew she wouldn't recognize me...at first, anyway.

"It's true what they say, you never know who you're going to run into at these things," I said as I sat across from her.

She nodded, "I have heard that." Blue orbs met my gaze, clouding slightly as if she were trying to place who I was. I feigned disappointment.

I crossed my arms, "Damn. Ten years have gone by and not even one witty remark. Now who's the pushover, Missy?" Missy. A nickname that I was only allowed to call her. Her eyes widened and jaw dropped. The light bulb just clicked on.

"K-Kalli? Is that you?"

I smiled widely, "Not new, but definitely improved." Before I could say anything Amelia stood and then hugged me. A real hug. Wait a minute, she hated hugs...she hated physical contact period...or at least she use to. "Missed me, huh?"

She nodded then pulled back and returned to her seat. "You look..." A once over. "Great Really Great. I mean...wow..."

I laughed, "And you still manage to put the stars to shame."

A small blush, "I am perfect and you are...well, you're just a mere mortal, remember?"

"It's impossible to forget," I replied sincerely, her blush deepening. The fact that Amelia never knew how truly beautiful she was had always baffled me. Seems like perfection is a bit bashful.

"So who did you drag a long to this thing?" Mia asked, a brow rising.

I laughed, "No one. Flying solo tonight."

"Oh really?" Eyes narrowed. "So who's waiting for you back at the hotel?"

"This really cute pool boy named Chino," I replied, struggling to keep on my poker face.

Her eyes widened before a disbelieving look appeared. "You're making that up."

"Yes I am." We laughed. "There is no one waiting for me at the hotel...there's no one waiting period. I've been flying solo for a year now. Ever since Gina left me for Laura."

"Gina? As in Gina Morales?"

I nodded, "Yes, that would be her." Gina Morales - a girl I had been seeing on and off since we had met the summer before college. I'd become more confident with my bisexuality once I had left high school. With support of family as well as friends, I began to date both men and women. I suddenly began to wonder if Amelia had ever become more comfortable with hers.

"A year of being apart, huh? Any chance of reconciling?"

I shook my head, "Nope." I received a skeptical look. "I'm serious. That chapter is closed."

"Now where have I heard that before?"

I smiled lightly, "Yes, you were right and I was wrong. As usual."

"Perfection always is." Mia suddenly got serious. "Why did you run out on me all those years ago? Were you really that mad at me?"

I knew that was going to come up. Just didn't think it'd be this soon. "C'mon, Mia. That was so long ago. Ancient history. I'm not that pathetic little dork anymore," I said, looking to the table for a moment.

"You were never a dork, Kalli," she mumbled.

"You live alone?" I asked and immediately furrowed my brows at the randomness of the question.

She nodded, "Yes, I do."

"Wow, that's sad. At least I have a cat," I said, smirking and suddenly found myself on the receiving end of a wadded up napkin.

"Be nice."

I laughed then looked to the exit. It is kinda loud in here. "Want to get out of here?"

She nodded lightly, "I'd like that."


My hotel wasn't far from the high school and although it was a pleasantly warm August night, we had opted to take a cab. Once inside the cab, my destination given, my usual habit occurred and I placed my arm behind Mia. Looking into the rearview mirror I was met with the curious yet disapproving eye of the cabbie. Mia must've noticed and she pressed closer against me, immediately causing me to look to her with a questioning expression.

A sly grin formed on those tempting lips of hers. "Perhaps we should teach him to mind his own business," she whispered, her warm breath falling gently on my cheek, causing my heart to skip before I winked, signaling my agreement. I moved so that my face was out of the cabby's view and pressed my cheek to hers, lips level with her ear.

"Follow my lead," I whispered then pulled back slowly, letting my lips drag along her skin gingerly, feeling her shudder lightly. Maybe it was the drink I had had that night or the prospect of freaking some guy out, I wasn't sure but I knew that my courage had shot up ten points. A hand moved to rest on Mia's knee and not a moment later did my lips meet hers. Despite how deeply in love I had been - no was -- in love with her, I hadn't been expecting the sudden jolt of electricity between us to be so strong. The sensation had me half expecting Amelia to pull away, instead she pulled me closer.

Only one word is sufficient enough to describe that moment - bliss. Pure bliss. Suddenly the world fell away, the two of us the only people left. My tongue ran along her lower lip, a small moaning sound escaped her, and instantly she granted me access into her mouth, tongue battling with hers. A sudden lurch caused our lip lock to break, a man's voice barely registered in my brain.

"Huh? What?" I asked, trying to shake off the kiss induced haze and slow my pulse.

An irritated noise, "We're here."

"Oh, uh..." I reached down into my pocket and then handed the man a twenty. "Here ya go." I glanced to Amelia, noticing that the starry-eyed look still shown in her extravagant blue eyes and a rosy blush plastered her cheeks. Already I could feel a goofy-happy grin begin to form and so I quickly exited the cab, suddenly wishing it was cold outside. Mia followed suit and then we walked into the hotel in silence.

"I think we got to him," Mia said breaking the silence as we walked into the elevator.

"He's not the only one," I mumbled, pressing the button of my floor. The doors closed.


It's amazing how quick your patience disappears when your will power is waning. As I leaned against the elevator wall, it occurred to me that the machine was moving at a glacial pace -- surely fate couldn't be that mean, could it? My mind was still clouded from the lip lock Mia and I had shared in the cab, the sweet taste of her lips lingering on mine and causing the temptation to grate on the edge of unbearable. For that reason I dared not look at her, having learned long ago that looking at the object of your affection while enduring an awkward silence did only one thing...make things even more awkward. But this is what you've wanted since middle school. She initiated the kiss...you follow through, a voice in my head said, trying to sway me. I had -- no, did -- want this...her. But what if she didn't? What if Mia meant for that kiss to be nothing more than a game? That thought alone was enough to cause that all too familiar cold feeling to creep into my chest, making it fell like a ten-ton brick had replaced my heart. This wasn't a game...not for me anyway.

A light squeeze on my bare arm brought me back from my hectic thoughts. Mia's touch also caused me to look into those oh so blue eyes of my goddess. A lump formed in my throat, words swiftly departing -- save for the string of curses and questions that played through my mind. Why had I come back? Why did I think this would be a good idea? Why did I let myself believe that things could chang...

"Kalli, everything all right?" Mia asked, brows furrowing lightly.

Nodding I squeaked out a, "Yea, everything's great." It was then that I realized that we had reached my floor and the elevator doors were wide open.

"Lead the way," Mia said, flashing a beautiful smile. I complied.


"So what is it that you do now, Kalli? Back when we were kids you always went where the wind took you," Mia said, smirking as she sat down on the plush couch.

I smiled, "As I recall, Missy, the direction I was usually headed in was yours as well." I sat down beside her, having decided that this was one of those times when alcohol wouldn't help. "But we all have to settle sometime."

A brow rose, "And what did you settle for?"

"Lots of money and a new body," I joked, raising both brows only to receive an elbow to the side. "Ok, ok. I settled for a comfy little life as a film historian working for Turner Classic Movies." I couldn't help but smile widely. I was one of the youngest historians on staff and would be the youngest co-host at the network. If I accepted that is....Wait? What!? Of course you're accepting. Why shouldn't you?

"Wow, Kalli. That's great. You're doing what you love. I'm proud of you," Mia said, meeting my gaze. "And even with your paycheck and devilish charm Gina left you?"

I nodded, "Her loss."

"What went wrong?" Mia asked and I watched her for a long moment in silence.

"Laura Simone. Tall, blonde, and pretty. Producer at the network...and she got along great with Gina at the Christmas party." I sighed. "I was pulling late nights because I wanted to get ahead. She couldn't handle it so she went to Laura. Her loss."

"Damn straight," Mia said, placing her hand on my leg in the way that women do...but that didn't help my situation so I stood. Maybe that drink would help. "Kalli, are we ever going to stop pretending that ten years ago you didn't run away?"

I straightened as I poured my drink, "I didn't run away."

"Oh really? Because your back was the last thing I saw ten years ago when you walked out my door."

"Mia, it's ancient history."

"No it's not, Kalli. You could never lie to me back then and you're still terrible at it."

I sighed and turned to face her, "What do you want to hear, Mia?"

"The truth would be nice."

A frustrated noise left me, "I needed to leave. I was going to go crazy if I stayed any longer."

"Why?" she demanded.

"Because I fell in love with you and it killed me to see you with anyone else but me. Call it selfishness or jealousy or whatever you want to, but that's why I left. When I saw you making out with that scumbag you called a boyfriend I couldn't take anymore."

"So you left and changed everything about yourself, thinking...what?" she asked, standing and walking over to me, pulling herself to her full height as looked me square in the eyes.

I shrugged, "I don't know. I guess I hoped that if I got rid of the old me I could forget about the fact that everyone I was ever with was compared to you."

"If you wanted to forget then why did you come back tonight?"

"I've been asking myself that same question," I said. Mia nodded, grabbed her bag and then left, the door slamming behind her. Well that just went splendidly, I thought then downed the Scotch, the burn nothing compared to what I felt in my heart.


After Mia left I found that I probably should've spent some time on how to properly answer questions regarding my sudden disappearance. Then again, spilling my guts and confessing to having been in love with her then and now hadn't been part of my master plan, which had consisted of a simple "Long time, no see". As I began pacing furiously in the living room I knew I had done it this time. I cursed myself for thinking that popping up after ten years would be simple. Hell, simplicity to this whole situation had been thrown out the window when I had agreed to Mia's fake-out-make-out in the cab.

Halting my progression of making a rather large hole in the tile floor, I realized that I had two choices: Stay, grovel, and try to work things out...or turn tail and run. As appealing as the latter sounded, I knew that I didn't want to leave with things on shaky ground and so many unanswered questions...at least not again.

Leaving her ten years ago had left me empty, left me hollow. As cliché as it may have seemed, I had only been whole in her presence. Leaving had taken me from a whole, to that cold feeling of being a half. Despite my better judgment, I went crawling back to Gina, whom I knew wouldn't turn me away in my darkest hour. I blame a lapse in sanity for that decision. I also blame it for my ridiculous decision to push away the "old me" and go on the quest of making me everything I wasn't back in high school (most of which involved the physical). I spent the time I wasn't working on my schoolwork in the gym and whatever time was left over trying to make Gina and I work. Both of us had known it wouldn't, we just ignored it.

Sighing deeply, I plopped down onto the couch and placed my head in my hands. I couldn't keep track of the plethora of emotions that rushed through me. I was staying, I wasn't running, but...

"Now what?" I asked myself.

Wood creaked. "Historically this is the part where Casanova sweeps the girl off her feet," the familiar voice said. Startled, my head shot up and I felt my jaw drop as my eyes came to rest on Mia. I watched her, mouth agape as she leaned against the doorframe. "I thought that you of all people would know that."

"Wait...Wha...How..." My brows furrowed. "How long have you been standing there?" I could just imagine the dumbfounded expression on my face.

"Long enough," she replied.

"And I'm not dreaming or hallucinating right now, correct?" I asked, standing up and taking a tentative step towards her. A bemused smile graced her lips and something sparked in those sapphire eyes; my heart began to beat wildly in my chest.

She shook her head lightly, "No."

"Oh..." I stopped my progression towards her, trying to act cool, calm, and collected. "Good." My attempt failed and I had never moved so fast in my life. In three long strides I closed the distance between our bodies and our lips. My senses drank in everything; the familiar scent of her hair, the heat of her body, the taste of her tongue as we battled for dominance, the sound of a relenting moan escaping her, the feel of her soft skin, just everything. I felt myself becoming lost in the perfection that was Mia and not wanting the feeling to stop, I pressed closer, trapping her between the doorframe and I. When our need for oxygen won out over our lust, the kiss broke. Our breathing, though ragged, fell in sync on each other's lips and was the only sound in the room as our gazes locked.

Finally regaining my voice, I said, "This could complicate things."

Her gaze dropped momentarily as she bit her lower lip and her cheeks flushed as she looked into my eyes once again. "So be it," she whispered.

The smile that tugged at my lips didn't have time to form as I found myself being pulled down for another oxygen depriving kiss. I couldn't believe this was happening -- maybe that Scotch I slammed down after her exit was the cause...Nah. My arms wrapped around her waist and I soon felt hers wrap around my neck. The bedroom wasn't far and judging by how quick the temperature was rising, I began to maneuver us in that direction.

Mia smiled into the kiss then broke it. "In a hurry?" she asked, but that husky, lust-filled voice held no objection.

I smiled playfully. "Oh well, if you're objec..." I was met with a brief kiss as her slender digits laced with mine. Breaking the kiss once again, she led me into the bedroom. Once there, Mia gave me a smoldering look that caused my blood to boil, hardly noticing that she was pushing me back towards the bed. Hypnotized by her body, my legs connected with the side of the bed and I didn't complain when she motioned me to sit.

Her hands reached behind her, the metallic whir of a zipper sounded, and that little black dress she wore slide to the floor. Heart pounding, lust becoming almost unbearable, my eyes slowly moved up her legs and as they continued their journey upwards, my brain had noted the dampness on the light blue panties she wore. Standing, I let a hand reach out and run along her thigh, raising Goosebumps. I held so much love and adoration for her that by the look in Mia's eyes, I knew she saw it in mine.

"You are so beautiful," I whispered, lips just hovering over hers. The dress she wore had been strapless and she hadn't worn a bra underneath. The hand that moved along her thigh changed course, traveling precariously close to her sex and I heard a small gasp leave her. I had never been big on patience, but I had no desire to rush our lovemaking...even though my own body called to me to touch it. If there was one thing that could be sure, women had a common weak spot...the neck. I pressed my lips to the side of her neck and made my way slowly down it as my fingers pressed against her sex. She gasped and I knew I had her.

As my lips moved along her flesh and my fingers plied a certain nub on her lower body, I felt her nails move under my shirt before dragging them back down. The sensation caused a shiver to run down my spine. I loved the feeling of that and she picked up on it, hands making their way upwards and nails dragging down slowly. My lips pressed to hers, the kiss becoming frantic and passionate quick. I knew I had to change the course and in a smoothness that had taken a few years to get down, moved her so that she was the one against the bed and lowered her down onto it gently.

With the tables turned and lips locked, I pinned her hands above her and broke the kiss. Dragging my lips over her chin, my tongue traced along the curve of her neck and all the way down to a full breast. Hearing her breathing increase slightly and feeling her shift against my leg that was between hers, I took the nipple into my mouth.

"Mmmm, oh...Don't s-stop," Mia moaned. Complying, I continued to tease her nipple with my teeth and tongue. Releasing her hands that I held captive, I moved lower, tongue making a path down to those panties she wore. My nostrils flared as the scent of her sex filled my senses, the scent intoxicating. Fingers hooking on the edge of her panties, I pulled them down and they quickly found their way onto the floor behind me. Glancing up to Mia, I noticed her chest rising and falling heavily in anticipation. Despite the voice in my head that said to continue on, I pulled back and figured that I had to level the playing field. I removed my clothing and couldn't help the feeling of satisfaction as a look of utter awe and admiration formed in her eyes.

Moving back to my previous position, I slipped both her legs over my shoulders and placed my tongue on her clit. Her body seemed to convulse at the action, her hips bucking a bit. I stroked my tongue over her, the scent of her driving me on, making my desire to pleasure her that much stronger. Her hands tangled in the sheets and as I stroked harder, her moans grew louder. Just when I thought that they couldn't get any louder, she proved me wrong. I pushed my tongue into her core, probing deep, tasting her juices and wanting more. My restraint had left me. Moving my tongue back to her clit, I inserted one of my fingers and then another. I heard her repeat my name in between moans and pants; I pumped my fingers harder and faster inside of her as I flicked my tongue against her. Mia's hips bucked harder than before, her inner walls tightened, I removed my fingers, and then tasted her sweet cum.

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