tagErotic CouplingsReunion: Charmaine & Danny

Reunion: Charmaine & Danny


This is my 100th submission, and it is the first story that actually describes Charmaine (from the Infidelity Revisited series) with Danny (from the Stacey series - if you haven't read these two, you should!). This is also a true story that happened less than four months ago (obviously the names were changed). Enjoy! X-Factor

Charmaine and Danny had been broken up for just over a month. Both of them had moved on to other relationships, but they still had a bond. She still phoned him occasionally, and had sometimes hinted at getting together in some capacity.

Eventually, she stopped hinting and for the past few days had been outright saying to him that she wanted to come over and make love to him – no strings attached. Nobody would find out.

Charmaine was a beautiful woman – about 5’3, 115 pounds with dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin. She was not all that horny a woman, but she sure was horny now. Once she realized that Danny was no longer hers, she wanted him inside her worse than ever. She had yet to have sex with her new boyfriend, but they were getting closer. She told Danny that she wanted him one more time before she let her new boyfriend enter her.

The temptation was too much for him to resist. He had to fuck her one more time. It would be incredible. He kept picturing his ex-girlfriend in his mind, naked, her sexy legs spread wide for him. He pictured Charmaine’s warm vagina wrapped tightly around his hard penis, his lips pressed against hers. He relented. He told her to be at his place at ten o’clock that night.

They both arrived at his apartment at almost the same time – ten o’clock sharp. Her pussy had been tingling with excitement the entire two-hour drive it took her to get there.

He walked in the door, heart pounding. They smiled at each other. He was wearing black dress pants and a navy dress shirt. She was wearing faded jeans and a tight gray T-shirt. They embraced. Danny squeezed her tight, conscious of her warm body pressed against him. They hugged tighter, clearly missing each other. She looked at him and there were tears in her dark eyes. He kissed her mouth, and she hungrily kissed back. He felt her tongue dart into his mouth and it felt new, yet familiar.

Charmaine could feel his hard member pressing against her stomach through their clothes as they kissed passionately. He sent his tongue into her mouth as his hands slid down her body to her ass over her jeans. He squeezed her soft bum as they kissed even harder. Her tongue rubbed against his as their breathing grew more laboured. His one hand slipped down the back of her loose jeans and over the smooth skin of her ass. As he squeezed her cheek passionately, his other hand slid around to the front of her body and he began to rub her crotch over the denim.

“Mmmmph!” She moaned into his mouth, tongue dancing wildly as tingles shot up her body. She felt the button of her jeans loosen, and her zipper slid down. He slid his hand down the front of her pants, running his fingers through the curls of her bush until they found the soft moistness of her needy slit.

“Unnnh!” She purred, breaking the kiss briefly before kissing him again. He began to run his finger up and down the hot folds of her vagina, sending bolts of pleasure up her body. She desperately needed him inside her again. Danny slipped a finger into her tight, warm hole. She sighed into his mouth again before breaking the kiss.

“Want some lovin’?” She asked, smiling breathlessly. He smiled back, nodding. He wanted nothing more than to be inside this woman all night long.

“Let’s go to the bedroom.” She stated. He pulled his hands out of her pants and she took his hand and led the way to the bedroom. Once there, he lit some candles while she stood waiting. When five candles were lit, he took her in his arms at the foot of the bed and pulled her close. His lips covered hers and they kissed passionately, tongues immediately exploring.

Danny began to push her shirt up her beautiful body, slowly.

Charmaine broke the kiss and raised her arms up, allowing her ex-boyfriend to pull her shirt over her head and off. He dropped it on the floor and stared at the tanned skin that he just exposed, as if for the first time. She was wearing a very tiny black bra, and her breasts were straining against it.

She grabbed his shirt and slid it up his body, pulling it over his head. Her small hands fumbled with his belt, undoing his button and zipper as well. Unable to contain his excitement, he hurriedly pushed his pants down his legs and took his socks off as well. She pushed her jeans down her legs and stepped out of them as well, becoming naked from the waist down, as she was not wearing any panties. The curls of her bush were exposed to him, trimmed in a nice rectangle framing her treasure. She knew she was quite wet down there.

She pulled the sheets aside and crawled into the bed that she shared with him for so long, wearing only that tiny black bra. She looked at him with her dark eyes as she watched him push his boxer shorts down and step out of them. Her eyes locked onto his rock hard cock, standing straight up at attention. Her pussy moistened further with the thought that he was that way because of her. He wanted her and her only – not his girlfriend, but her. Danny was still hers. She watched him crawl into bed with her, his thick manhood swinging back and forth a little as he drew closer. He lay beside her, and she was conscious of his penis touching her thigh. Bolts of pleasure shot up her body at his touch.

He slid his hand across her stomach to the side of her ass as he looked into her amazing eyes. His hand stroked her thigh and ass as he leaned towards her. He kissed her softly, and she put her arms around his neck. Their lips smacked repeatedly as they kissed, their breath coming in gasps. He slowly brought his hand across her soft stomach until his fingers felt the curls of her bush. He reached down and cupped her pussy, his middle finger caressing the moist lips. “Mmmmph…” she moaned into his mouth as her tongue darted inside. He slowly ran his finger up and down her sensitive slit as he shot his tongue far into her mouth. She found herself parting her legs for him, allowing him easier access to her hungry treasure. He suddenly dipped a finger inside her hot tunnel, and she stiffened beneath him, moaning a little. She felt his finger slowly ease out of her, and then slide back in.

Her hand caressed down his body, searching for his manhood. Her small hand grabbed onto his thick penis, and squeezed it lovingly. It was so hard for her! A surge of desire shot through her crotch as she slowly stroked him. At the same time, she was subtly humping her hips upwards, rubbing her pussy against his hand as his finger pleasured her.

He slipped a leg in between hers, and she released his cock. Her legs opened wider for him, needing him to get in between them. His tongue shot far into her mouth as he got on top of her. The length of his shaft was pressed against her moist slit, and he was conscious of the tremendous heat emanating from her there. He desperately wanted to bring his hips back and slide himself inside her. She wanted that as well. She needed that. But he resisted the urge. He broke the kiss, and Charmaine lay helplessly underneath him as she felt him gently kiss down her neck. Her hands caressed his hair as she felt his lips trail over her chest. He pulled the strap of her bra down off her shoulder as he kissed over the swell of her breast.

Slowly he pulled the cup of her bra down, gradually exposing her dark areola. Her nipple was rock hard, and he flecked his tongue over it erotically.

She lay there, panting as she watched him take her sensitive nipple into his mouth. Tingles shot from her breast down to her crotch as her ex-boyfriend sucked on her tit. He slowly released her nipple from his lips, sending more pleasure up her body. He began to kiss down her smooth, tanned stomach, briefly kissing and licking at her belly button. As he kissed closer to her bush, he could smell the intoxicating scent of her arousal. He kissed over her pubic hair, lower and lower until he reached the pink of her slit. Charmaine slid her feet up the bed on either side of him, completely giving herself to him. She was quivering in anticipation as the man she truly loved had her at his mercy. Danny kissed the lips of her vagina for the first time in nearly two months.

“Unh!” She breathed inwardly as bolts of pleasure shot up her body. Her toes curled on either side of him. He kissed just beside her pussy, teasing her. He kissed the other side of her treasure. He kissed the inside of her one thigh, and then the other. He kissed her all over down there – everywhere except where she wanted him! He kissed the swollen lips of her cunt again, watching them quiver at his touch and listening to her gasp yet again. He slid his hands under her ass, holding her in place. His hands squeezed her soft cheeks as his tongue snaked out. He slowly licked from the bottom of his ex-girlfriend’s vagina, up to the top, tasting her wonderful juices for the first time in what seemed an eternity.

“Ohhhhh…” she moaned, closing her eyes. His tongue nudged her clitoris when it reached the top, and she shuddered. He loved Charmaine’s strong taste. It had been so long! Grabbing her ass cheeks harder, he licked at the bottom of her pussy, wanting to take his time with her. He slid his tongue into her needy hole as far as he could, at the same time raising her ass up off the bed. He was forcing his face in her crotch as much as possible as he ate her out. She was gasping for breath, loving every second of this, yet needing him to give her clit some attention.

He eased his tongue out of her cunt, running along the top as he did so and then continuing on up the outside of her slit. He lightly lapped at her little button again and she quivered. He sucked her swollen lips into his mouth, holding them there for a second, sucking them lightly. He could hear her panting as he slowly let the lips of her vagina slide out.

“Ohhhh, God, baby…you’re so good at that!” She gasped. His hands squeezed her beautiful ass again as he drove his tongue into her hot tunnel, gathering her delicious juices. He circled the inside of her pussy with his tongue as her toes curled on either side of him. He pulled it out of her and gave her sensitive lips a kiss. He loved how they shook at his touch. His tongue snaked out and again he slowly licked from the bottom of her wonderful pussy up to the top, lightly brushing against her sensitive clit. He wrapped his lips around her little nub, sucking it into his mouth and trapping it there. He ran his tongue up and down over it rapidly. She began to writhe her crotch against his face as she felt the beginnings of an orgasm stir inside her. Her writhing turned into thrashing as she grew closer and closer.

“UNHH!” She moaned, wincing as an orgasm exploded within her. Her hands pushed his face away from her crotch as the inner walls of her pussy convulsed. She was gasping for breath, as her entire body remained tense.

As she lay before him recovering, Danny kissed Charmaine’s pussy lips one more time, watching them quiver at his touch. He kissed over the fur of her bush, up the soft, tanned skin of her belly. Her legs parted wider for him. She was dying to have him inside her again.

He kissed up to where her areola was exposed, and sucked the nipple back into his mouth briefly. As he sucked her tit, he slid his hands underneath her and she arched up her back. He unsnapped her bra and she pulled her arms out of the straps as he released her nipple. He hovered over her, smiling at her as he had her naked for the first time in nearly two months. He dropped her bra on the floor and bent to lick and suck on her breasts. His hands squeezed and caressed her mounds of flesh as his tongue licked over the sensitive nipple of one breast before moving to the other.

Danny began to kiss up her smooth chest, and then up her neck as Charmaine ran her fingers through his hair. He kissed over to her ear, briefly sucking her lobe into his mouth. He kissed over her cheek until his lips found hers. The two long lost lovers kissed deeply as he rested his hard shaft along her quivering entrance. Her tongue darted into his mouth as she began to hump her hips upwards, grinding herself against him. She was so hot, and he could feel that heat rubbing up against his rock hard penis. He broke the kiss, looking into her eyes. He lifted up a little and she reached down between them with her small hand. Her hand gripped his member, and she slowly ran it down the wet lips of her entrance. It felt so incredible to have that hard cock rubbing against her sensitive lips again. When it reached her hole, she stopped. He could feel her hand gently pull him towards her. He knew what she wanted.

Danny pushed forward and the top of his penis slowly parted the lips of Charmaine’s hungry vagina. They both moaned as her tremendous heat gradually engulfed more and more of his manhood. When he was halfway inside her, he could go no further. He pulled most of the way out of her before easing his cock all the way inside his ex-girlfriend’s welcoming pussy.

“Ohhhhh…” she moaned, closing her eyes. He looked down at her, and gave her a little kiss on the mouth. He was finally back inside her and he felt like that was where he belonged! When she felt his lips touch hers, she opened her eyes. He held his penis deep inside her vagina as the two lovers looked into each other’s eyes. They just wanted to enjoy the feeling – to enjoy each other. She ran her feet up and down his legs, and her hands up and down his back.

“This is where I belong.” He whispered to her, smiling. She smiled back.

“I love you baby.” She said. He seemed to grow even harder at her words.

“I love you, too.” He replied, smiling. He bent to kiss her, this time with passion. He sent his tongue into her mouth and she sent hers back into his. He kissed her hard as their tongues explored each other’s mouths. He began to subtly slide in and out of her, making sweet love to the one woman that mattered most in his life.

Charmaine’s pussy was so hot around him, and her kisses were filled with such love.

He rolled them onto their side, allowing his hands to explore her soft body as he slid in and out of her. Using short, but slow strokes, he thrust in and out of her. He looked into her dark eyes as he gave her little pecks on the mouth. His left hand was underneath her, caressing her back. His right hand was squeezing and caressing her soft ass. Her one foot was caressing up and down his leg as he entered her body over and over. They were breathing heavily as they enjoyed each other. Danny slowly ran his fingers down the crack of her ass until they found her wet pussy. He could feel the point where a part of his body entered Charmaine’s, and for a moment he just enjoyed feeling the lips of her vagina accept his penis.

He kissed her hard, sliding deep inside her. He was so hard! His tongue explored her mouth as his hand caressed around to the front of her body, squeezing the soft mounds of her breasts. He broke the kiss and then kissed down her cheek to her neck, still sliding his dick in and out of her warm treasure. He kissed down her chest, and down the slope of her breast, sucking a nipple into his mouth. He could hear her panting above him, and her hand began to stroke his hair. He looked up at his ex-girlfriend’s beautiful eyes, and he could not help but to kiss her hard again, sending his tongue far into her mouth. At the same time, he slid his rock-hard member all the way inside her and held it there as they kissed passionately. He broke the kiss, and slowly, reluctantly, slid his penis out of the comforting warmth of her vagina.

“I want to do the sixty-niner.” He breathed, rolling onto his back. Charmaine looked at that hard, familiar cock standing at attention for her. God, she missed that! Her hand grabbed it as she turned her body around, swinging a leg over his head. In the candlelight, he watched as she swung her sexy leg over his head, putting her ass and pussy just inches from his face. Danny grabbed an ass cheek in each hand, and she slowly lowered her tingling cunt down on his face. He kissed her swollen lips, and felt her tense up above him.

She held his penis straight up in the air and lowered her mouth on him, slowly sliding his pole inside. At the same time she felt his tongue slowly lick up the sensitive lips of her vagina.

“Mmmm…” she moaned as she slid her lips up and down his thick pole. She sucked hard on him, subtly writhing her crotch down on his face. She felt him suck her pussy lips into his mouth, and the sensation was incredible. She went down on him even faster, slurping hungrily on his manhood. ‘Slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp’ she slobbered all over his cock as he ate her horny cunt.

He slid his tongue as far into his lover’s vagina as he could, tasting her. He slowly pulled it out of her, and kissed each of her ass cheeks again. He pulled her pussy up even higher on his face and was able to suck her clitoris into his mouth. He sucked on it lightly as his tongue teased over it. He felt her moan around his cock again, and she began to writhe her crotch down on his face. Danny sucked more of her pussy into his mouth, his tongue continuing to lap at her sensitive button. She pulled him out of her mouth, moaning as she felt the stirrings of another orgasm well up inside her. He held her clit trapped in his mouth, running his tongue up and down on it as fast as he could. She began to hump his face a little more urgently as the tingling grew more intense. Her hand held his hard manhood loosely as her orgasm approached.

“OHHHHHH Gawwwd…” She moaned, cumming. She pressed her crotch hard against his face as the inner walls of her vagina pulsated. He continued lapping at her as her orgasm grew in power. She gasped, falling forward and letting go of his cock. Charmaine collapsed on him, catching her breath and trying to recover. He looked down his chest to where her beautiful, naked ass was, and he could stand no more. He had to be inside her!

“I need to be in you, Char.” He said quietly. His words made her smile, and she suddenly found the energy to raise herself up off of him and spin her body around until she straddled him.

She lifted up, reaching underneath her and grabbing his rampant cock in her small hand. She raised it straight up in the air, pressing its swollen head against the quivering petals of her entrance. Her dark eyes were looking at him, as she pressed downward. She closed her eyes as she felt herself open up for him. Charmaine slowly eased her pussy down the entire length of Danny’s cock until he was entirely inside her.

“Ohhhhh…” they moaned in unison. Her hot tunnel gripped the length of his pole snugly. She leaned down to him, lips searching. His lips found hers and they kissed deeply, tongues exploring as he remained inside her. His hands slid down her back until they reached the soft cheeks of her ass. He grabbed onto them, squeezing them lightly as he kissed her. She began to slowly slide up and down his manhood, feeling every inch of him glide along the inner walls of her sensitive pussy. She broke the kiss, looking down at him into his eyes as she continued to slide herself up and down on his hard penis.

He looked back into her beautiful dark eyes, his fingers caressing along the crack of her ass as her warm pussy slid smoothly along his throbbing cock. He humped his hips upwards, meeting each of her thrusts as he continued to look upon the beautiful face of his ex-girlfriend. He lifted up, lips searching. She kissed him eagerly, her tongue darting into his mouth. He broke the kiss and began to kiss over her cheek to her neck. He kissed softly down her neck to her chest as Charmaine continued to ride him at a steady pace. He slowly kissed down the slope of her breast, his lips finding her hard nipple and sucking it into his mouth. He ran his tongue over her nipple as he held it between his lips.

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